Kentucky AG Says It’s ‘Disgusting’ Megan Thee Stallion Labeled Him a ‘Sellout Negro’ [Watch]

Published: Tuesday 6th Oct 2020 by Rashad

As we reported here, Megan Thee Stallion rocked headlines when she took to ‘SNL’ to deliver a performance of her #1 hit, ‘Savage,’ chock full of moving messages to support the protection of Black women.

While taking a “moment of silence” (as powerful quotes about social justice played in the background), Stallion stood in front of a screen that specifically called out Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron for his role in assisting the policemen responsible for the death of Louisville healthcare worker Breonna Taylor go minimally punished (click here to read).

As the explosive TV moment took over social media, word of her showing managed to land on his desk.

Look inside to see what he said about the hoopla.

Taking to FOX News, Cameron stated:

“…the fact that someone would get on national television and make disparaging comments about me because I’m simply trying to do my job is disgusting,’’ Cameron told TV’s “Fox & Friends.”

Elsewhere in the conversation, he said:

“Let me just say that I agree that we need to love and protect our black women. There’s no question about that. It’s a tragedy what happened to [Breonna],” added the AG. “[But] at the end of the day, my responsibility is to provide facts and truth and represent and stand up for justice.”

(Start at the 5 min mark)

Megan has yet to respond to his comments.

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  1. Perfection is so mhph… 💅🏾 October 6, 2020

    So much to discuss. 1. Black republican, that’s oxymoronic. It literally stands for grand old party. You were never invited to the party and the party will never support you. 2. Someone cop or not has the right to shoot any intruder. Don’t blame a victim for their death. Especially when you were at the WRONG HOUSE. 3. You just lied about the facts of her death to create your own narrative. You’re a double hypocrite. 4. Don’t talk about “we should love and protect our black women” when you married to a whole white woman. This is interview was disgusting.

    • Gworl Bye October 7, 2020

      Exactly, Mr. C00Neron was just reassuring massa that he hasn’t stepped out of his place. He’ll learn when he gets the same treatment Herman Cain got from the repubes when he died. Those sellout types ALWAYS have their day of reckoning.

  2. Mikns October 6, 2020

    Woooowww!!! Really man? U thought that by going on FOX NEWS to plead your case that would clean this up!? The news for old whites racists?!?! Disgusting isn’t even the word. He IS a sellout and a c o o n for how he handles this entire process. He had the opportunity to take a stance on all of this and he gave into his white peers. This man is a tan white man for all I care. Megan called that a s s out and so should all of us! The coonage is too real!

    • Jean October 6, 2020

      What part freed the slaves and what party created the KKK??

      • Gworl Bye October 7, 2020

        What party CURRENTLY runs the kkk, and what party CURRENTLY wants slavery back in effect? Dont try it, we’re not talking about 60 years ago, we’re talking about RIGHT NOW.

  3. #WAP October 6, 2020

    But that’s exactly what he is. I’m sure his fiancé’s family will eventually remind him that he’s black one day…clearly he’s forgotten. Wonder what his prenatal think of him and his actions

  4. BIGGESTAALIYAHFAN October 6, 2020

    So of all the people who said he was you’re mad a Meg. Not only are you a sellout, but you’re also a coward. All our skin folk, ain’t our kin folk.

    • Jean October 6, 2020

      MEgan is the one shot in the feet by a black man who is quoted as telling her “to dance b****” and then she covered for him so he could violate other women in the future . Then she comes on TV talking about protect black women when she won’t even press charges on a SOB that shot her? GTFOH

      • tyty October 7, 2020

        A pathetic attempt at false equivalence tory lanez is a violent midget who has a record of abusing women. You really think him pulling out a gun was the first time he was violent to Meg? You’re going to sit here on the internet with a plethora of information and act ignorant to the fact that most DV Victims protect their abusers and it takes statistically 7 times before a victim leaves? Didn’t Rihanna want to protect Chris despite everything. She openly admitted she wanted to protect tory which im sure she regrets now like many black women who’ve suffered DV. Do yourself a favour and brush up on your knowledge of DV lest you embarrass yourself again.

  5. Misty Knight October 6, 2020

    He’s tap-dancing for the white man. Just another COOOON, like Herman “Dead from C****” Cain, or that Candace chick. Their grind is to sell-out their own people.

  6. tyty October 6, 2020

    Address the ballistics report that doesn’t support the lie that the boyfriend shot at the cop? You botched this case, facilitated the tampering of evidence and now 12 million out of taxpayers money was used to hush the family. And we have irresponsible killer cops running around with no accountability. You will soon be reminded that you’re nothing but a n**** to these people.

  7. WRTW? October 6, 2020

    The fact that he went to fox and friends explains it all

  8. Ropeburn October 6, 2020

    This house nukka is skinfolk, not kinfolk! Giving off strong ass Stephen in Django vibes.

  9. Jean October 6, 2020

    Wow, so ignorant of the facts of this case. This chick was deep in the drug game, stayed on calls with all the drug dealing homies including her ex, she’s on tape talking about holding their money, she bailed em out of jail, and received packages. They were not at the wrong house and she WAS on the warrant because that is the address they were busting as the stash house not the trap house , look it up. Cops pursuing drug felons with a warrant have the right to bust in your door if the warrant says you are involved in felony crimes where delicate evidence is to be collected for the prosecution of drug dealers in the black community. Now their will be a ton of black drug dealers that will run amok as cops will not arrest them because of backlash from a community that loves and protects criminals over law abiding citizens just as in the classroom, we love the class clown and despise the nerd, our values are Fd up and that’s why our communities are mf ghettos, not because of the white man but because our fd up dysfunctional view of right and wrong , we have had plenty of time to get our sh!t together for the 30+ years I have been preaching and we still doing dumb sh!t, who are foolin with that c*** talk. You know this niggah telling the truth, Cfump is a black charlatan money grabber, the new Al Sharpton, Don King a straight up race hustler.

    • Gworl Bye October 7, 2020

      Sit down, they wouldn’t have offered to pay the family $12 million in hush money if any of this was the case. Sit down and stop getting your facts from twitter.

  10. Cruz October 7, 2020

    I can only sympathize (can’t empathize) as a white man for people of color – primarily women of color, but what AG Daniel Cameron seems to be missing here is the fact that “trying to do his job” is not good enough when there is crystal clear abuse of power.

    A $12 Million settlement for wrongful death. Who is responsible for the WRONG-doing in this case? Your job, sir, is to determine that. It is clear you have obstructed justice and the details will surface.

    Props to Megan for using her platform in a powerful performance.

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