TV News: John Legend Launches ‘Get Lifted’ Productions / Announces New Show ‘Underground’

Published: Thursday 30th Jul 2015 by That Grape Juice

These days it as important to build a brand on all platforms.

John Legend has mastered the art of hit making music, and is now about to take the small screen by storm, sealing the deal for a new series on WGN America titled ‘Underground’ under his Get Lifted production banner.

Details below…

WGN America announced:

“We are thrilled that John Legend will lend his impressive talents to ‘Underground,’ a story that chronicles the compelling journey of brave individuals whose fight for freedom still inspires us today, we look forward to John, Mike and Ty’s creative imprint on this series that we believe will be both provocative and captivating.”

Underground will star Jurnee Smollett-Bell, Jessica de Gouw, Christopher Meloni, Aldis Hodge, and Aloni Miller. The show will follow a group of slaves who plot to escape from a plantation in Georgia travelling 600 miles to their freedom, who is guided by an abolitionist duo who run a station on the Underground Railroad.

The show is set to air in 2016.


Hats off to John for building beyond the music.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Lilsa July 30, 2015

    Do you think his wife would still be with him if he wasn’t successful. HELL NO. She would not give his short but a second look.

    I’m constantly amazed how these black men meet these goal diggers and marry them. BUT WON’T TOUCH A BLACK WOMAN.

    Singers, Sports Celebs, Corp Black men, won’t love or cherish black women, but can’t wait to get a white woman on there arm. Sad Sad Sad

    Can’t stand him.

  2. mike July 30, 2015

    dude a typical black man when put on go get yaself a white woman who will cook clean and put down in the bedroom.

    aint do black dude in power gonna wife no black woman

    Puff Daddy – Left his black baby momma for Cassie
    Ice tea – white woman
    Nick Cannon – spanish woman
    John Legend – married a poodle
    Kobe Bryant – white woman or whatever she is
    Ghost – from empire – white woman
    99.9% of the NBA – white women

    sisters cant get a break

  3. Jay July 30, 2015


  4. CLIFF July 30, 2015

    so true about black men now

  5. Karen July 30, 2015

    Be for real, If he was ray ray on the corner that corny chick would not touch him. We know this thou

  6. Stacy July 30, 2015

    this corny clown does not have to think black women are beautiful most of us think hes gay anyway

  7. AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig July 30, 2015

    Why does the colour of his wife’s skin matter to you? Why do people automatically call someone a ‘sell-out’ for marrying outside of their race, like come on, this is 2015, for fvcksake. Did it occur to you that maybe he loves her? Women complain about men being scrubs; not making their own money, being unfaithful, not having a successful career, etc…. And then when we come across a great guy who has talent and success, the only thing people can say is ‘why didn’t he marry a black woman?’, when most of you bum b*tches can’t even trap a dude.

  8. shakira stan July 30, 2015

    When is this f** jumping out of that closet?

  9. Stacy July 31, 2015

    This punk like most closet black men, marry white women because white women have NO clue there men are gay.

    Soft ass black men love white women, they can be in touch with there soft side and white women don’t question it.

    A black woman will call a man out quick if he starting to act soft or fruit.

  10. Edmund Saniger August 30, 2015

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