Mariah Carey Signs On To Produce 3 New Hallmark Movies

Published: Tuesday 12th Jan 2016 by Sam

Mariah Carey is making major moves. Indeed, forget being an elusive chanteuse, Mimi is cementing herself as the 360 money-maker.

Away from her music ventures (which recently included a Las Vegas residency), the 45-year-old is expanding her brand into both endorsements and TV.

The latter, especially, is proving particularly lucrative for the diva.

Find out why below…

The Hallmark Channel has announced at the Television Critics Tour that it has tapped Carey to direct and executively produce three original movies.

It’s as good as guaranteed that the move was made following the ratings success of Mariah’s two holiday specials – ‘A Christmas Melody’ and ‘Mariah Carey’s Merriest Christmas.’


It’s anyone’s guess what the catalyst for the singer’s new-found hunger, but we are not complaining. She’s making moves and making money. So, more power to her.

Slay dahling.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Weezy Tha Goat January 12, 2016

    Come thru MiMi, although I don’t watch Hallmark I’m happy for Mariah.

    • brokenheartsheal January 12, 2016

      that Xmas special concert was excellent. She is iconic.

      FADED i agree should have gotten some love.

      • Alisa January 12, 2016


  2. Minajesty January 12, 2016

    Has been

    • brokenheartsheal January 12, 2016

      Take the time you spend hating on THE BIGGEST SELLING FEMALE IN HISTORY and pray for NIKKI.

      Nikki’s skin bleaching is destroying her skin trying to be a WHITE WOMAN and her brother is on trial for RAPING a child.

      Honey, the woman needs your support.

    • Alisa January 12, 2016

      why do the gay fans of this has been RAPPER always hate on everyone else.

      gay guys wonder why they end up single cuz they made at the world.

      Leave Mariah alone.

      • Kayla C January 12, 2016

        I wouldn’t generalize and say “gay guys”, it’s more so the fem “queens” that are miserable and hate on everyone

      • Sean January 12, 2016

        @Kayla C thank yoooouu…cuz i was bout to let that heaux have it lol…and its mad not “made”…and i happen to be happily married so not all gay guys are what u claim.

      • JOHNVIDAL January 12, 2016

        @Kayla C
        I wouldn´t generalizing with that feminine guys rule either. Ther are all kinds of people everywhere.

  3. Gee January 12, 2016

    Kudos Mariah for continuing to build your empire make that money I’m not mad at ya.

  4. Alisa January 12, 2016

    yesssssssss Ms. Carey is now a film director. werkkkkkkk

  5. justarymes January 12, 2016

    More than 25 years on Mariah continues to RULE. Bow down

  6. Leah January 12, 2016

    Love her music it’s a little pop, a little rnb and a little gospel

  7. MUSICHEAD January 12, 2016

    Mimi looks amazing since she took the weight off. Then again, she’s always been a beautiful woman. One of my favorite female vocalists and a dynamic businesswoman as well. Congrats Mimi!

  8. Terny January 12, 2016

    She continues to grow and get better, adding new titles to her already extensive list. Singer, songwriter, producer etc. And now film Director. Wow! Now that’s a true winner.

  9. ???Chile, leave my weave at the door and don’t steal it like those broke ass barb stans??? January 12, 2016

    Congrats to Mariah, but I’m still a little pressed that there wasn’t enough black people in the movie. Maybe I can forgive her with the other two movies.

    • glenchimi January 15, 2016

      why all black ppl always saying there should be some blacks ?

      what about asians ? they don’t care they only care blacks

  10. Ciah’s Turtle January 12, 2016

    A Snooze

    • Naw January 12, 2016

      Like Minajs bland ass, forgettable music.

      • Ciah’s Turtle January 12, 2016

        I’m confused as to why you’re bringing another b**** up ? Stay on topic sis. <3

  11. JOHNVIDAL January 12, 2016

    Yes her special last Xmas was great. She sounded amazing and we finally got to hear God Rest ye Merry Gentlemen live for the first time ever.

  12. OMG Logic!!! January 12, 2016

    Sam you should cover Mariah’s hot new body. B1tch is snatching weaves with that bod. She’s on some J.H** level of fitness right now.

  13. FC/JC January 12, 2016

    Hallmark is for our parents and grandparents, Mimi knows what she is doing! Very smart woman, Im happy for her bank accounts.
    Get those Hallmark Senior Citizen and Social Security coins!

  14. another taken day something ain’t wrong January 14, 2016

    Good for her

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