‘Get Out’ Breaks Box Office With $189 Million Earnings

Published: Monday 24th Apr 2017 by David


For Jordan Peele, the brains behind the thriller ‘Get Out‘, that number will be of great significance as it’s the number of dollars the movie has earned at the box office.

As of this week, the project-which stars Daniel Kaluuya, Alison Williams, Betty Gabriel and Marcus Henderson– the release has generated $170,330,885 domestically and $18,700,000 outside of the US to bringing its total to $189,030,855.

The reason this movie is working and resonating with the black audiences is that it gives its audience credit. It doesn’t presume that people are going to watch this film and go out and attack people. It presumes that people are going to be engaged intellectually and thematically. I knew it would do more to allow us to face our fears and address our horror than it would be a divisive movie.

Why do you think the movie is soaring as high it is?

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  1. Chile Please!!! April 24, 2017

    I don’t care what ANYONE say…..but this movie TO ME was not all that. It was barely scary like everyone that’s Chicken Sh*t said it was. If anything this movie was funny, the best part was the ending.

    • Chasin Time April 24, 2017

      You must be white.

      You clearly missed all the messages in the movie then. Was it a thriller, yes, but the real thrill were the Easter eggs that were scattered in the movie. It’s scary to KNOW that we live in a world where as blacks, we are killed, amused and hated but deep down white people really want to be us.

      It let me know how superior blacks really are, and that we need to own it and live in the actual TRUTH, and revolt against white supremisty.

      • Tay April 24, 2017

        The movie wasn’t only good because of the (brilliantly) added messages throughout the movie.
        It was a good movie beyond those reasons.
        And please don’t tarnish the movie with stupid ass comments like “It let me know how superior blacks really are”. Like seriously, how are you different to those “white supremacist” !?

        It was a FUN movie. The subtle messages in the movie was to exemplify how traces of racism still exist. It showed it in a pretty amazing way – and makes you think that it’s something that still needs to be worked on in todays society.

      • Chile Please!!! April 25, 2017

        FOH! I’m black all day….I got the whole movie! Just didn’t do anything for me AT ALL like I said! Ya’ll some soft a** p*ssies up here! Get OUT ya feelings…..it’s my opinion & I didn’t think this movie was ALL THAT!

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