Steve Harvey Slammed By Mayor of Flint, MI After Insensitive Water Crisis Joke

Published: Thursday 15th Jun 2017 by Rashad

Another L for our boy Steve Harvey.

The actor/comic – whose 2017 has already been rocked by slams from critics of his support of President Donald Trump, commentary on women, jokes about Asians, and more – is adding a new set of enemies to that growing list:  Flint, MI residents.

As readers know, the city gained global attention after battling a water crisis that’s severely and negatively impacted the health of its residents – namely its children.  A sensitive situation for all involved, Harvey took time to make a joke about the matter, much to the chagrin of…umm…everybody!

See inside:

Needless to say, the commentary didn’t bode well with social media users – many of whom took to various platforms to roast the embattled comic.

In fact, even the mayor called for a public apology from Harvey.


Your thoughts?

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  1. Meteorite June 15, 2017

    I lost respect for Steve Harvey when he started rubbing elbows with Trump. This doesn’t even surprise me.

  2. Ajax June 15, 2017

    Get over it. Bigger fish to fry stop with all this PC bullcrap, people need to cut it out. Don’t like him don’t listen to him. We will all not agree with everyone or everything such is life move on or life is going to slap you in the face constantly.

  3. Biting Truth June 15, 2017

    Enough with this SJW b*******. This mayor presides over a city with poisonous water, and yet he has time to fret about a joke some celebrity told. These PC idiots need to learn to pick their battles.

    • Lol June 15, 2017

      So you think it’s cute to make a joke about that? U just as f***** up as he is.

    • Dreazy Baby June 15, 2017

      It’s not the mayors fault ya damn fool! It’s the government officials who ignored the warnings about those pipes being cheap and negligent

      • Caleb June 15, 2017

        This guy is literally a white supremacist alt right member. That’s the only people who use terms like “SJW”.

  4. Pat June 15, 2017

    Can’t even be a comedian now days, smh. Yall where is this world going with this sensitive stuff?!

  5. Junior in Jamaica June 15, 2017

    Maybe it is time he takes several seats and call it a day.

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