Keith Powers Movie Pulls In $14 Million…Worldwide

Published: Sunday 9th Jul 2017 by David

Keith Powers‘ star is on the rise.

Lauded for his performance in BET’s delivery of the New Edition story, the actor now finds himself standing as one of Hollywood’s more sought-after fresh faces thanks to numbers pulled in by his swelling fan base.

This month, before he rocks theatres by way of ‘Maximum Impact’, the African-American star has been cheered by execs at Awesomeness Films for the part he played in placing $14 million in their pockets.


Powers portrays Patrick in the big screen adaptation of Lauren Oliver’s ‘Before I Fall’ and signed on to do so even after learning it was to be armed with a modest budget of $5 million.

This month, thanks to positive word-of-mouth reviews, a leading performance by Zoey Deutch and Power’s bourgeoning box office pull, the movie has generated $14,100,000 worldwide.

Why do you think Powers is so popular?


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  1. Mateo July 9, 2017

    Because he’s cute. He the latest heartthrob scoring major films. He will have his run, just like Colin Ferrell, Ashton Kutcher, Freddie Prince jr., Leonardo dicapri…talent is forever, looks fade.

    • Mace July 9, 2017

      Yeah you’re comparing him to 4 white actors lol, completely the same.

  2. Jj July 9, 2017

    He’s not even on the official trailer of the movie all lying making it seem like he’s the star or the reason why stop making stuff up for a story

    • TheOne July 9, 2017


  3. Meme July 9, 2017

    Been following this young man before he became “popular”. And I’m always so shock by how pleasant and positive he is. He’s a projectionist and is a hard critic on himself. With that kind of drive he will be a front running in the upcoming years. It’s beautiful to see.

  4. Jay July 9, 2017

    When yall gon report the other New Edition actors????? Hmmmm

  5. Starxavi July 10, 2017

    I just watched this movie this weekend and no shade to Keith but he was literally in this movie for 3 seconds. He had nothing to do with the success of the film ultimately. But more power to him…its always good to see young black talent making it.

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