Watch: ‘Dear Homophobic Black Men’

Published: Thursday 21st Sep 2017 by David

The YouTuber Tre Melvin has set social media on fire with a video he shot to lambast the black men he feels are weighing the Black Lives Matter movement down.

Named ‘Dear Homophobic Black Men’, the video sees Melvin slam members of the movement who refuse to acknowledge the selfless efforts made by its openly gay leader DeRay Mckesson.

18 or over?

Watch Melvin’s explicit rant and weigh in on what you see below…

Very interesting.

Do you think it possible to be pro BLM and anti-LGBT?

If so, how and why?

We’d love to hear your thoughts!

Weigh in below!

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  1. China September 21, 2017

    Beyonce actually looks pretty here, she needs to leave the DRAG QUEEN weaves and make-up alone. She looks young here with the tired gays

    • ? + ✈ = ? September 21, 2017

      I agree she needs to leave that lion mane weave alone

    • Halsey September 21, 2017


    • BHYISI September 21, 2017

      Y’all be looking like everything that can go wrong and are always talking about looks. Girl have several, I guarantee she and the guy in the picture looks WAY better than you.

    • Dev September 21, 2017

      You read my mind, took the words outta my mouth and then typed them. She looks nice but that wig (especially the ends and the colour so close to her skin) is horrible

  2. RICHIE_RICH September 21, 2017

    Very interesting, but so true!!!

  3. The Wig Snatcher September 21, 2017

    There was nothing wrong with that tweet. As a gay man, I don’t support Black Lives Matter people because of their contradictions towards Black men. They want to cry injustice when Black men are killed by police but have an agenda within their organization to discriminate against Black heterosexual men and favor Black women and q**** people for the white gay male dollar.

    • D September 21, 2017


    • Jasmine September 21, 2017

      @The Wig Snatcher I agree 100%.

    • Melanie September 21, 2017

      You do realize that three black women created Black Lives Matter and two of them identify as gay. Nowhere in the creation of the BLM organization were straight black men, even though the organization and subsequent movement was largely focused on injustices against them. So if anything, they should be thanking BLM and anyone gay or straight that has helped to bring national attention to their plight. You should ask yourself when straight black men will start a organization for black women or gays that face injustices.

      • Jasmine September 21, 2017

        @Melanie Obviously you are unfamiliar with the many black fraternity and sorority organizations that have done tremendous work in charity, economic development, job placement, fighting socioeconomic injustices, and education initiatives. You think because you are gay you deserve special “thanks”. FOH

  4. The Wig Snatcher September 21, 2017

    Slow news day? This isn’t typical TGJ content. We don’t need to see YouTube videos of people crying for attention by spewing white supremacy rhetoric to further divide the Black race.

    • Belladonna September 21, 2017

      You may not know this but not all white people are bad & not all black people are good. This video is 100% right you Ignorant fool.

  5. Cbeylive September 21, 2017

    Black ppl are also LGBT dumbass

  6. Jasmine September 21, 2017

    That video was disgusting. I could not watch the whole thing. I do not care to know what two gay men do together sexually. Furthermore, if you are asking people to accept you then why do you feel the need to disgust them with overly sexual discussion? What the person in the video fails to realize is that sexuality, gender, or masculinity have nothing to do with being a leader. Leaders have to be strong and the strength has to be NATURALLY recognized and transparent. Nobody can tell other people how to recognize whether or not someone is a leader to them. Recognizing strength in someone is a natural feeling. Obama, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Bill Clinton, etc were considered leaders by their supporters NOT because of their sexuality but because their supporters felt the individual was a leader. I could care less about someone’s sexuality. There are plenty of gay people in Congress and the Senate and they are voted in for their leadership abilities.

    • Melanie September 21, 2017

      You may feel “disgusted” by homosexuality or conversation about homosexual acts, but not everyone feels that way, babe. Just like you’re always on here to check white “racists,” you must also check your own bigotry. Otherwise, it appears very hypocritical.

      • Jasmine September 21, 2017

        @Melanie Do not put words in my mouth. I never said I was disgusted by homosexuality. I have every right to be disgusted by perverted homosexual discussion, especially when I click to watch a video advertised as a BLM political discussion. The video is on youtube where children can watch and here that disgusting perversion. I could understand if the video was on pornhub but putting it on youtube should come with a disclaimer or at least a “Not suitable for children or work” tag! Furthermore, I am NOT bigot. It is perfectly normal and natural for me to be offended by racism and call racist people out on their horrible behavior / comments. You are trying to twist my words to fit your gays are victims agenda but I refuse to let you play that with my words. I have yet to see a video advertised as a black political clip that is all about the intricate details on straight s** so why should I have to be subjected to that from this gay man? We are all human. Gays are no better than straight people and vice versa so you are not owed any special privilege for being gay.

    • JOHNVIDAL September 21, 2017

      Jasmine are you serious? And then you go on these comments section giving lessons about respect? LOL

  7. Belladonna September 21, 2017

    Black straight men are a hot a*s mess & there the reason why the black community is taking so long with bettering its self we need to stop giving passes to there sexist views & outdated ways Fem people of all types are the back bone of the black race.

    • Jasmine September 21, 2017

      Girl bye. All of your comments are ALWAYS an attack on black straight men or praise of white celebrities only. Uncle Tom much or should I say Auntie Tomi?

  8. Paulo September 21, 2017

    this seems interesting. I just wanna know, while I watch this… who will commit the ultimate sacrifice and actually sleep with Jasmine the bitter ass homophobe… we get it, b****, you’re a hater. this is a blog run by gays and visited mostly by gays. so you can go back to hating us yet secretly envying us in silence. xoxo

    • Jasmine September 21, 2017

      B|tch I don’t hate gay people. Don’t try that nonsense with me. Some of my best friends are gay and I have had them in my life well over 15 years b|tch. You just want to twist my words. How dare you call me a “homophobe” b|tch. Your mama is a homophobe and you wish you were me b|tch. Never the other way around. Now you can go back to hating me in silence.

      • Paulo September 21, 2017

        ooh yes I wish I was a backwards pressed ass dumb f*** spewing hate on the Internet like you LMAO shut up and log off, b****

      • Jasmine September 21, 2017

        Your mama is a backwards crack-head homophobic ugly b|tch that spewed out the ugly rodent looking thing you are. My life is just fine and my man is happy with me and my thoughts the way I am and vice versa. You are the ugly troll b|tch that thinks you can twist my words and talk slick to me for no reason but I’m not having it. Now go crawl back in the toilet you slithered out of and don’t forget to flush b|tch!

      • D September 21, 2017

        Yes and I’m sure Donald Trump has Hispanic friends

  9. Tom Johnson September 21, 2017

    I am a straight black man and I despise BLM. They don’t know what they are doing and are making things worse for black people. What have they done that has made the lives of black people better? Black homicides are up, black children are still lagging well behind every racial group in reading and math, Trump got elected partly due to white fatigue of senseless violent riots, NFL is losing ratings and got ruined with the injection of BLM protests.

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