Watch: Tiffany Haddish Rocks ‘SNL’ As 1st Black Female Comedian To Host

Published: Sunday 12th Nov 2017 by Sam

Tiffany Haddish made history this evening as the first Black female comedian to host Saturday Night Live. 

And the ‘Girls Trip’ breakout star sure seized the (long overdue) moment.

Starring in a slew of skits, the 37-year-old brought the funny and then some.

From the onset, she had the audience in her palm with her hilarious opening monologue and then proceeded on to star in almost every sketch of the night.

Watch all right here on TGJ after the jump…

The SNL gig will no doubt go along away in cementing her name in the minds of the masses, who’ll no doubt be seeing a lot of her in the coming year. Indeed, she has new movie ‘Night School’ with Kevin Hart on the way, as well as a starring role in Tracy Morgan‘s upcoming sitcom.


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  1. Ocean November 12, 2017

    So no one is gonna talk about why Maya Rudolph is not considered Black or a Comedian.

    • ?? + ✈ = ? November 12, 2017

      Your forgetting this site don’t do any research

    • Gavin Gavalli November 12, 2017

      I think she is considered apart of the cast so she doesn’t host

    • BOOBIE November 12, 2017

      Maya Rudolph is a former cast member, she doesn’t count

    • Achooo! November 12, 2017

      Maya is not black she is BIRACIAL!

      • Starxavi November 13, 2017

        The fact of the matter is Maya Rudolph is a comedic actress and Tiffany Haddish is a stand-up comedian. There lies the difference. It has nothing to do with Maya being bi-racial or formerly a part of the cast.

  2. Fancy BISH November 12, 2017

    Black girl magic! Tiffany is so awesome

  3. Jay November 12, 2017

    Why can’t we call ourselves what we are? She is African. 1st African. Thats we are messed up now. Asians always get to stay Asians. Just because you live in another country does not erase your DNA! Thats why white people have robbed our Continent smh

  4. MessyJessy November 18, 2017

    This was terrible. So because she’s black, every skit has to be the “black version” of something they already did, in order to be funny? I really hate SNL. They will never be great like they were before.

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