Meow! Kenya Moore & Michael Rapaport Stage Real Shade-Off On ‘WWHL’

Published: Monday 2nd Apr 2018 by Sam

Has Kenya Moore found her match in Michael Rapaport?

The former beauty queen is more renown these days for being a professional shade-thrower on ‘The Real Housewives Of Atlanta’ – and she was sure to let comedian Michael Rapaport know not to try her.

Last night on Watch What Happens Live, the appeared together to discuss the penultimate episode of season 10 of the Bravo hit.

However, things took a turn when Rapaport tried to get Moore to admit to being the show’s “villain.”

What transpired next…well…must be seen to be believed.

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#KenyaMoore and #MichaelRapaport drag each other for filth on #WWHL💥… thoughts??😳

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We literally laughed out loud!

Peep the full segment below…

Your thoughts?

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  1. Achooo! April 2, 2018

    I love Kenya. She is gorgeous, articulate, educated, funny and can roll in the mud with pigs. She is the star of RHOA. Many uglyy fatt poor uneducated people don’t like her because of her beauty and pedigree. #TeamGorgeous

    • Jasmine (The Original Princess) April 2, 2018

      Yes. A person who’s doing a housewife franchise show must REALLY be educated lmao. Gtfo

    • gina April 2, 2018

      Facts lol.

    • Jasmine April 2, 2018

      Nene is the star! Kenya needs more air time. Most people would rather her than Kim so I don’t know what you are talking about. If Kenya had more air time they would have not needed Kim or Eva on the show. The reason Kenya got less air time was cause she was not doing her job this season.

      • ??? April 2, 2018

        lmao and where is moose nene now tho? kenya is the star and has been for a while now lmfaoooo

      • Jasmine April 2, 2018

        Moose is the highest paid though. “Stars” are not cut out of episodes by producers and that is what happened to Kenya. She is a star to you but is not valed as high as Nene is to producers. I like Kenya more too but I am realistic.

      • Jasmine April 2, 2018

        Even Porshia gets more air time and money than Kenya now plus she has checks from Dish Nation, acting roles, and a few endorsements. That means the stars are in this order: Nene, Porshia, Kandi, and then Kenya. Kim would be number 3 based on bravo checks but she is only a star of her own show and a part time employee of housewives.

  2. Girlbye April 2, 2018

    Nah, Michael is trash. Kenya was getting him together in a classy way and he couldn’t take. Clearly not true but hella disrespectful to be saying to a black woman.

    • Jasmine April 2, 2018

      I agree but I think producers set them up. I thought they were both funny. I would have rather see Kim and Kenya go at it. Kenya been reading Kim for filth and all Kim has os redneck jokes to give her. Also, I thought Kenya looked pregnant in the reunion clip but now she does not so maybe it was just weight gain or too much drinking which caused her face to temporarily look bloated in the reunion clip. I like Kenya’s glow. She seems happy so I hope she continues being happy. In the words of Nene, “men should stay out of women business.” So what if Kenya has a glam squad. All the housewives do.

  3. China April 2, 2018

    Kenya is so shady…. She got him “RIGHT” together. FIERCE.

  4. erica April 2, 2018

    I love me some Kenya

  5. Alex April 2, 2018

    “Look at me” I wish she didn’t. That oppressor s***. F that guy, she handled him well. Trash.

  6. SMH April 2, 2018

    Who is Michael Rapaport?

  7. gina April 2, 2018

    Kenya collected his raggedy ass very well. He clearly has an issue with black women; he made a shady comment about Janet Jackson on twitter once, and twitter dragged his ass to filth & beyond. He should have known better than to try Kenya Moore, of all people, to her face lol.

  8. stan April 2, 2018

    and to think he’s a “comedian” lol. kenya got his ass together.

    • Jeans April 2, 2018

      I thought he married a black woman.

      • SMH April 2, 2018

        And that means what exactly? Plenty of massas had affairs with the black help.

      • gina April 2, 2018

        No, you’re thinking about Gary Owen, the modern day version of what this guy wishes he was, except Gary is actually funny.

  9. cocobutta April 3, 2018

    Sent him his “you got served papers”.
    He tried it though.

    Wants Peters peach. Since “he needs a job”

  10. Yvette H April 3, 2018

    She is always on what people shouldn’t do to her but will always vome after someone else. Snatching Kim Fields’ chair out if jealousy. But had it been her she’d still be talking about it. Sheree insinuated Marc might be gay, Kenya did the same to Chris Kim’s husband. But I’m sure she’ll beat tjis to death as well.
    She certainly wishes she had Michael REAL acting career. Her and all those straight to DVD C-list movies. Please I can’t name one.

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