Watch: ‘Grown-ish’ Tributes ‘A Different World’ With Season 2 Promo

Published: Saturday 1st Dec 2018 by Rashad

Just one month separates fans of Freeform’s ‘Grown-ish’ from its season 2 premiere.

In the weeks ahead of its long-awaited arrival, expect to see its stars pound the promo pavement in its support.  Kicking off the first of those efforts with a unique homage to the groundbreaking show its drawn so many comparisons to, ‘A Different World,’ look inside for the Chloe x Halle-harmonized theme song set to the backdrop of a very familiar intro.

It awaits inside:

Look for ‘Grown-ish’s season 2 premiere on January 2nd only on Freeform.

Keen to see where they got the inspiration for this promo stint from?  Relive the original here:

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  1. Jeans December 1, 2018

    A Different World needs the entire series on a box set! Pronto!

  2. Jj December 1, 2018

    Tribute A Different World when this cast does not reflect an HBCU. Technically one black college kid? Not even a dark skinned female actress? No thank u. Hollywood can kick rocks. Stop using black shows and claiming they are paying homage but slapping us in the face with ambiguous and white kids.

    • Ughhh December 1, 2018

      Majority of the cast is minority though. This is a win. Don’t knock a step in the right direction. This is why black television series don’t win because black people always have to reject the smallest things with out seeing the bigger picture. Majority of the cast is black. And other races need representation too not just black people. Wanted to be treated equal means you want that applied to everyone. If you’re just seeking for your own race, you’re just looking to be privileged and above the “other” as well. This show touches on so many topics. Go be negative on a show that lacks diversity. You probably don’t do that though

      • Rasputia Latimore Is ANNOYED by GUTTER TRASH F.AGGOT ‘JasMAN Da Bi Asian’ Talking to her every day! December 1, 2018

        Shup up. Latinos got hundreds of hispanic channels (cable and antannae) that strictly HIRE light skin latinos! No blacks are on their shows so why the f.uck should I watch or support a “black” show that has then on our shows! We don’t have hundreds of black channels so get the f.uck lost with your fake inclusion agenda b|tch!

    • Yesmame December 1, 2018

      EXACTLY! Not one dark skinned black kid on the show and its not even majority black students so they need to rethink what theyre doing when tributing an all black cast show like A Different World!

  3. Venus December 1, 2018

    Umm a Different World was set on a Proud Historically Black College campus soooo ummm this cant even come close to a tribute lol

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