Gossip Blogger Responds To Cardi B Lawsuit Drama After Kevin Hunter Shocker

Published: Wednesday 24th Apr 2019 by David

With millions of followers and an army of subscribers in her arsenal Tasha K of ‘Unwine with Tasha K‘ has risen to the top of the “gossip realm.”

Alas, her notoriety (powered by startling exclusives) has seen her find an enemy in Cardi B…who has been targeted by a series of Tasha’s tell-alls. Tell-alls, which claimed the performer slept with multiple strangers for money, is plagued by sexually transmitted diseases and pays rival bloggers to share flattering stories about her and disparaging tales about those she deems foes.

Libellous to say the least.

Enraged, Cardi took matters into her own hands with legal action she hopes will silence the powerful Tasha and other entertainment entities like hers once and for all.

How Tasha feels about it all? Find out below…

The drama between the ladies intensified as Tasha receives praise from some Wendy Williams fans for lifting the lid on the talkshow host’s alleged affair with his former friend, the singer Aveon.

Learn more here.

Tasha feels that Cardi is attempting to use systems designed to put black entertainment sites/ writers at a disadvantage to silence them with hopes doing so will protect the public image she believes they are determined to malign.

Your thoughts?

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  1. GiGi April 24, 2019

    I cant stand CardiB. The BIH profits off of the black community and then try to stop our people from eating….Bish you worry about the wrong dayuum things lil miss want us to think shes perfect….not….youve been exposed like Cosby BIH….CardiB is pettiana.

  2. Ty April 24, 2019

    If tasha didn’t want to lick cardi b p**** and was objective when it comes to blogging about cardi she wouldn’t be in this mess she reminds me of Sandra rose obsession with Beyonce. She needs to get a grip stop being an obsessed lunatic.

    • D Block April 24, 2019

      TK only report on the s*** Cardi says and does. If she dont want negative press, dont do negative s***. Period. Especially in public and especially not out your own mouth on a Instagram live. She stupid!

      • Ty April 24, 2019

        Cardi b is will always do ratchet foolishness nothing new. Tasha has an obsession and has been caught several times fabricating or outright lying on her stories about cardi. Like I said she is very similar to Sandra rose looney ass.

  3. Barb-wire April 24, 2019

    YES! Tasha dragged that beady eyed delusional baffoon Stanky B all the way to the welfare where it comes. She thought Tasha could be one of those bloggers that she buys to post about her but no, she met a real one. F*** that H**, her no talent ass is fading quicker than Offset’s fidelity.

    Anyway there’s someone new and exciting on the scene, no one cares about Beady eye Knotti B anymore but her delusional cult followers.

    Megan thee Stallion is taking ovah. Big Ole Freak climbing from #99 to #84 and still going strong. Nicki co-signs too!!! 😍😍😍

  4. Dumb Ass H*** April 24, 2019

    Smh and this is exactly what Cardi was talking about. The Black blogs capitalize off black drama. And y’all trolls love every bit of it. Like how obsessed can you be. All these blogs set people up to get dragged. Then get mad when the artist retaliates like girl bye. Even when they do post a positive post they throw shade in it. Especially here and on the shade room like this is what they do. TMZ is all black hip hop now why?

    • Suga Plum April 24, 2019

      😂😂 Perez Hilton doesn’t do the same thing? TMZ doesn’t pay hospital staff to expose confidential information about patients? Just admit that you want black bloggers to turn a blind eye to the disgusting mess these celebs do behind closed doors.

  5. Lana Del Fan April 24, 2019

    I FW Tasha heavy becuase she’s unapologetic. LovelyTi used to be my fav, but she’s boring now, and Tasha already exposed her for being fake af. Go Tasha!

  6. Xedos April 24, 2019

    She better have reciept ir else she will be paying cardi for a long time

    • Bey Sting April 24, 2019

      Not if she subpoenas Cardi sexual health records. 😉

  7. 2bad2bme April 24, 2019

    Tasha K is a messy liar and ya’ll like that? Stupidity is at an all time high these days!

  8. Ratedxxx April 24, 2019

    Bish please instead following your husband wherever he goes…sit take take. of your baby….

    She thinks she’s going to win.. .the girl only repeated everything youve said youve done so on.

  9. LUCKI April 24, 2019

    Cardi, girl STOP!!! You are not immune to gossip. Her rants have become both tiring & alarming. Her fixation on the blogs will drive her to insanity. She needs to focus on making bops & her family life. This is not a good look. Megan Thee Stallion got next!

  10. RCW April 24, 2019

    I can’t stand Cardi B! Go away ratchet Thotiana 🤦🏽‍♂️

  11. Jez April 24, 2019

    When she is going to learn. Whether she likes it or not she is a celebrity and gossip blog are a part of the package. She needs to do like other celebs and ignore the gossip. Damn she should focous on her family and her craft, but since she get everything handed to her she has ample time to study the gossip blog….

  12. My third eye April 24, 2019

    Imma need Tasha to drop that baby first cuz you know Cardi like to fight. Cardi need to just go on ahead and be a blogger if she so worried about what the bloggers are doing. At least then she won’t have to use money that she had to take by druggggging men to build her rap career in which she writes none of her raps. I love Cardi don’t get me wrong, but she just need to leave that alone, if you don’t give it attention it won’t get traction.

  13. Beam Me Up Scotty April 24, 2019

    lol I almost died laughing when she suggested Cardi B get some Pangea Wash for her foul smelling p u s s y. Blueface on Cardi B: “It was cool but Cardi B’s twerk wind had the whole set smelling like dead raccoons. I know she a Blood but shorty smell like blood too. It was sad because she too fine and real for that.”

  14. jack April 24, 2019

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  15. Xoxo April 24, 2019

    I don’t like Tasha whatever

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