Lee Daniels: “You Haven’t Seen The Last Of ‘Star'”

Published: Saturday 8th Jun 2019 by David

The demise of the show ‘Star‘ came as troubling news to the many who supported the series, its stars and its leader Lee Daniels.

Today, he has promised to do right by those supporters by fighting to give the show the ending he believes it deserves.

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Lee saw two of his shows obliterated by his friends at Fox earlier this year but has vowed to honour his commitment to the millions who tuned into them by way of the following statement…


We will have something with some closure.You ain’t seen the last of Star.We will have something that will make you happy



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We will have some closure to #star ⭐️ ?? … don’t want to confuse people but it ain’t over till it’s over!!!???????????

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His fans rejoiced…

Others weren’t convinced.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Brent Christopher June 8, 2019

    LET IT GO!! Lee Daniels is a sub par creator and this series is yet another Stem of his very limited talents. People are not clamming for any closure of this little series. It’s way too melodramatic and beyond reason. AWFUL.

  2. Jasmine June 8, 2019

    People like Queen Latifah stay booked. No way to get her back. The 3 new stars will be doing other things soon like singing or acting too so it’s a wrap.

    • High Price June 8, 2019

      Right! Queen got something in the works with Will Smith as we speak. As for the other girls, I’d REALLY like to see SOMETHING from them in the near future. They are very talented..

  3. Clarkson June 8, 2019

    Girl keep it

  4. Dev June 9, 2019

    Look, i enjoyed STAR for what it was, I loved Cassie and Queen Latifah’s wigs, but it’s now over, I just think Lee is doing this to keep his name out there a keep some relevancy, buy i don’t think people care about him or even like him.
    When he said about keeping the show for “the cause” i knew he was full of it because he’s never been about the cause and he’s just riding the wave of black people wanting to see the show with an ending. If it was Empire he’d be doing the same thing, and if there was no uproar he’d be saying nothing.

  5. Ariana Grande June 9, 2019

    Yaaaaaaas Queen Daniels… she slays again.

  6. Jessica June 11, 2019

    I love the show. I looked forward every week to watch it. It hit on every day issues and stuggles normal ppl have. Bring it back please. The kidd now dayd need shows like this.

  7. Cali June 17, 2019

    Star ought to move to Hulu or something, cuz sorry fox network I always watched it on hulu..no in fact I had to start watching it on Hulu cuz I couldn’t get every Wednesday night off work every spring and fall, not for lack of trying

  8. Sacelliah October 16, 2019

    star is one of my favorite shows that I love to watch I was very disappointed that it has not been yet another season but keep on pushing for the next season or a movie however you want to do it but bring start back

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