Malik Yoba Accuser Steps Forward With New Allegations / Claims He Was One Of Many Celebrities Who Targeted Trans Teens

Published: Wednesday 25th Sep 2019 by David

Mariah Lopez, the trans woman who has accused Malik Yoba of her molesting her when she was a teen, has given any other celebrities who may be linked to similar activities cause for concern.

For, she claims that Malik is just one of many who used their power, wealth and privilege to take advantage of trans teenagers.

Watch below…

In a video she shot to detail her allegedly harrowing experiences with the actor, Lopez stunned viewers by claiming that the practice of seeking out trans teens for the purpose of sexual exploitation is far more common than many realise…and is a practice carried out by some of the world’s most recognisable names in Hollywood and the gay ballroom scene.


Hit the 5 minute mark.

He happens to be making these statements as New York has new child sex abuse laws.

At this time in New York City history you couldn’t go on app. You had to physically go out and look for it. We had a lot of celebrity “clients”. He’s not the only one.


She claims that Yoba stood on the lower end of the celebrity scale when it came to stars who frequented her neighbourhood looking for sex.

There were a lot of celebrity hotspots.  We weren’t even impressed because we saw a lot of celebrities. It was “here he goes with those ashy ass lips riding around.”



He’s not even the biggest celebrity I messed with.


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  1. Caleb September 26, 2019

    If he’s not the biggest celebrity you messed with why are you only targeting him? Is it because he publicly admitted to liking trans women you saw him as an easy target? Plus this person looks 20 years older than their age so I’m sure you didn’t even look like no damn teenager back then.

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