Drama! R. Kelly’s Ex-Wife Amplifies Lifetime Legal War

Published: Friday 13th Dec 2019 by David

Drea Kelly, R. Kelly’s ex-wife, may have participated in the first chapter of ‘Surviving R.Kelly’ but that doesn’t mean she is interested in being tied to its follow-up.

Unfortunately, it seems Lifetime didn’t get the memo. Drama below…

Kelly contributed to the first ‘Surviving’ story but says she made it clear that she was not interested in taking part in its follow-up which is why she was enraged to see that her image had been used to advertise it!

 She now plans to sue the company because her participation in the first release impacted her life negatively and saw her children face some of the heat the general public has been storing up for their predatory father.

Lifetime is yet to respond and is ready to unleash its latest visual beast in the coming weeks.

Learn more about it here.



                                                             Do you think they should?

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  1. only facts December 13, 2019

    I mean, respectfully, did she think anything positive was going to come from this aside from R. Kelly getting arrest and hopefully thrown in prison? I mean, she’s the one who married with him and stayed with him for YEARS and had MULTIPLE children by him. Sorry, but can someone explain to me why it’s Lifetime’s responsibility to offer her security for tell her story? If they offer it to her, they’d have to offer it to ALL of his accusers…and Lifetime doesn’t have $ like that…no shade. The clip of her in the preview was clearly from the same interview she did for part 1, so they probably just used footage they left on the cutting room floor. Now, lifetime should remove her from part 2 if she doesn’t want to be associated with it…but it all depends on what kind of contract she signed with them too. JUST A MESS!

    • Clarks0oñ December 13, 2019

      U said u were gonna stop visiting this blog but ur still here, why?

      A fùcking clown

  2. Addiction December 13, 2019

    This blog supports racists let’s get out celebrity news elsewhere and stop giving th traffic

    • Clarks0oñ December 13, 2019

      Gurl bye.

      Ur jealous cause Camila is slaying and normani is nowhere to be found

      Remember when u accused me of being racist cause I dodnt support that flop normani? Lol
      Even tho I’m black.

      gurl playing the race card is such a bìtch as move.

      Camila never called normani the n word
      Those screen shots are fake

      Normani was caught on camera mocking the way asain women speak.
      The video is on twitter.

      • Really? December 13, 2019

        Just because I agree with another commenter does not mean we are the same person. This is detruth but since I was telling ppl to stop supporting a blog that supports racists they are blocking my screen names and or emails that I use to comment. I have used the names addiction and really? Today in order to comment. I have never used the screen name only facts.

      • Ghetto Housewife Has Spoken December 13, 2019

        im black and i too cannot grasp the fandom of normani’s mediocrity. she aint revolutionizing sh!t and i cant understand why people outchea crying for her performances as is she’s MJ in the 80s. normal aint sh!L

  3. Just Sayin’ December 13, 2019

    Drea Kelly is such a money hungry w****. If R. Kelly treated u so bad as u claim why the fucxx u still using his last name even after u got remarried when u divorced him. The child support cheques stop coming so I guess now u have to secure the 💰💰💰 another how.

  4. Only Facts December 13, 2019

    Someone on this blog is obsessed with me and I don’t even talk to them…

    • You Tried December 13, 2019

      Please continue to ignore it will lose its mind

    • Clarks0oñ December 13, 2019

      Ur replying ur self

      A Camila post will pop up and u will be the first talking to me.

      U said ur gonna leave this blog but ur still here, why?

    • Really? December 13, 2019

      They are even accusing us of being the same person because I dont like racist camilla or ppl that support this racist. Lmao clowns!

  5. IHATE ALL YALL December 13, 2019

    Lifetime needs to do a documentary on his defense. Not Guilty.

    • Ghetto Housewife Has Spoken December 13, 2019

      or a dating show with him so you can send you underage daughtah… my god the nerve of the uneducated runnin around here dragging our community down with this nonsense. who tf raised people like you, for real?

  6. Ghetto Housewife Has Spoken December 13, 2019

    i guess a bish has never heard of a release- nor does she remember fkn signing it. also, guess what- you knew damn well what was gonna happened when you made yo bed with that fkn pedo; and you said it in part 1 so BLOOP.. sit tf down ma’am. worry about your edges and not the life you CHOSE to ruin yo [email protected] self.

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