‘Love Is Blind’: Hit Netflix Show Sparks Debate On Bisexuality In The Black Community

Published: Monday 2nd Mar 2020 by David

The hit Netflix series ‘Love is Blind’ has sparked an intense debate on bisexuality and its place in the African-American community.

Full story, and spoilers, below…

The Reality TV series is an experiment designed to see if lonely singletons are able to find love without society’s superficial barriers.

So, men and women are separated from each and only allowed to speak to the opposite sex via a pod and are tasked with finding someone they love and trust enough to marry by the time the competition wraps.

The series has already delivered several highlights but the one raging in the black community is the case of Carlton Morton…an African-American man who only told his partner that he had engaged in intimate relationships with other men…after he proposed to her.

Morton once appeared in an episode of ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta‘ where he clashed with ‘Housewife’ Kenya Moore at a casting call.


Today, Diamond Jack finds herself at the heart of a conversation about black women and their supposed refusal to date men who sleep with both men and women.

See below…

What would you have done if you were in Diamond’s shoes?

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  1. Alfalfa March 2, 2020

    Wow I have to see this show. I think there is a double standard whereas women who are bi sexual are praised and sought out more so by men and when men are bi sexual they are told that it is not a thing. They are either gay or straight. Women say they won’t date a “bisexual” man because of the competition as well as the fear they may contract H**/A*** or even feel inadequate about their feelings about protection by the societal standard of a man. I have also heard bi sexual men are the best lovers. It’s also interesting because there was a study done that found that women were the largest demographic that viewed man on man (gay) p***.

    • Tori March 2, 2020

      Not entirely true. Women, ALOT of women actually, also have a fear of speaking out on being bisexual or homosexual. They’re not always praised, they get Ridiculed and shamed too, their family let out jokes and insults to them and they’re look down upon in the work place. If a woman looks nice but doesn’t have a significant other or a child by a certain age, she’s automatically gay/bi among other things. They’re just often looked over because bisexual and homosexual men are growing at a rapid rate so the women get overlooked. You’ll be surprised at the number of down low woman.

      • Kwikwi March 2, 2020

        Good info. Goes to show everybody gets picked on for something. Does the opposite gender have a disdain for them though? I’ve never heard men say they won’t date a bi sexual female.

      • Alfalfa March 2, 2020

        Good info. Goes to show everybody gets picked on for something. Does the opposite gender have a disdain for them though? I’ve never heard men say they won’t date a bi sexual female.

  2. Jasmine March 2, 2020

    I don’t think the black community is ready to embrace this. You already have a target on your back being black and to have something else is just too much.

  3. Mo March 2, 2020

    He was only messing with men before he proposed. Maybe he should just stick to men. How does he know he actually is sexually attracted to her?

    • High Price March 2, 2020

      I’m guessing the same way he knows he’s attracted to men as well.

  4. TeeZ March 2, 2020

    They say once gay, always gay!

  5. Only Facts March 2, 2020

    First off, this is the most ridiculous show I’ve ever seen (although Cameron and Lauren are adorable). Second, Carlton is a piece of sh*t. He should have been up-f*cking-front that he likes men and women. You withheld valuable information! And then you got angry at Diamond just because she was asking you questions about it for clarity?! And then you call her a b*tch and attack her wig?! Now, granted, her wig was a mess and she needs to be fined for wearing it on national television, but still, Carlton is a b*tch. #TeamDiamond

  6. Swirly March 2, 2020

    No one should be made to feel bad for not wanting to date a bisexual male or female. It does not make one homophobic. There are plenty of people who ARE open to it. Why focus on the ones who aren’t?

    • Kwikwi March 2, 2020

      it becomes homophobic when someone disrespects it by making statements that generalize and stigmatize an entire community. It’s ok to not be into it though.

      • Only Facts March 2, 2020

        Diamond did not make any derogatory statements on the show. She was simply asking questions for clarification. I am a member of the LGBTQ community and I am 100% on Diamond’s side. You cannot mislead people and withhold important information only to reveal it AFTER you proposed. He was beyond disrespectful to Diamond…calling her a b*tch, and this and that. Carlton isn’t sh*t

  7. MUSIC HEAD March 2, 2020

    He lied to her and misled her then got mad when she questioned him. He’s trash.

  8. Pat March 2, 2020

    There is def a double standard. But his delivery of it to her was horrible. He was also super insecure and looked to try and sabotage things

  9. Only Facts March 2, 2020

    I am DEAD at b*tchass Carlton going after Kenya. He’s a queen and just wants fame. He’s no victim. He mislead Diamond and was beyond disrespectful to her (and her bad wig). #TeamDiamond

  10. The f*** would whitney say March 2, 2020

    This is because of Robyn. Whitney Houston best friend said that about her being bisexual.. …now the closest is open

  11. Franklin March 3, 2020

    I watched the show and thought initially that Carlton was a complete ass but then quickly realized that he was covering up for something. It was evident that he was acting the way he was during the show because he wanted to put a wedge between him and Diamond. I turned to my wife and told her that he swings both ways. She didn’t believe me and then he told Diamond that he had something to tell her. I was spot on. I asked me wife what would be her response to someone like Carlton and she clearly said that she could never date a man that had dated other men. The double standard is real. Society (especially in the black community) has engrained ideas of maculinity and what it means to be a man into Black women’s minds. A black woman accepting someone that is gay/bisexual/fluid as a friend is one thing, accepting a black man as a dating partner with those tendancies is another. Carlton should have been up front about it from the jump and not acted like an ass to Diamond

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