Apryl Jones Attacks Omarion’s Performance As A Father

Published: Wednesday 6th May 2020 by David

Apryl Jones wants the world to see a side of Omarion she suggests he is determined to hide. Full story below…

Ms. Jones spent much of last year battling criticism following her decision to enter a romantic relationship with Lil Fizz. Fizz’s former B2K bandmate is Omarion….the father of her children.

Today she explains that she only ran into Fizz’s arms after she and her children were abandoned by the ‘Ice Box’ singer.

She told ‘Voyage LA’:

I was in a really terrible space 2016, where I had just had my second child, and my son was only one at the time, and I was going through a terrible breakup with their father. He decided to leave without explanation and I was forced to have to pick up the pieces of my life. I went back to work doing what I graduated school with which was radiation science…I was presented with a great opportunity to start my own wine by branding with a winery in Temecula, CA.

It def hasn’t been a smooth road. There have been many challenges as I stated before that I feel could have set me back but it pushed me to wanna be better for me and my kids. I had numerous amounts of days where I wanted to give up going through court stuff, dealing with being the only one here in Los Angeles with no family or support, being forced to have to move into a space with two little kids with no explanation because my partner decided he didn’t want his family anymore. Having to do all these things that created anxiety, fear, etc. But again I pushed through I didn’t play victim. I didn’t make excuses. I put my wit into creating and motivating myself.

Omarion is yet to respond to the claim that he fled from his responsibilities.

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  1. Tyty May 6, 2020

    Girl let it go the man don’t want you 😂😭🗣

  2. 2bad2bme May 6, 2020

    This woman will say and do anything to clean her image and make Omarion look bad. Like, B!tc# you can’t tell us anything when we see your actions on video fool. #WeHaveTheFootage. The reason you were able to get a check on Love and Hip Hop is because of him. He left YOU (not his kids) because you are a h** and you show it every chance you get.

    • High Price May 6, 2020


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