Jennifer Williams Suspects Ex-Boyfriend Slept With Another Man To Steal His Car

Published: Thursday 7th May 2020 by David

Jennifer Williams of ‘Basketball Wives’ made headlines when she urged the general public to locate her car after it was allegedly stolen by her ex-boyfriend.

Now she is revealing that her plea caught the attention of a man who says that he was in a relationship with the same gentleman.

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Williams claims that one of her vehicles was stolen by her latest boyfriend and urged the public to help her find the car after the outbreak of COVID-19 delayed the police’s investigation into the matter.

In an interview with Nene Leakes she explained that the days following her announcement saw her meet a man who says that he has been paying for car he hasn’t seen in one year because he was bamboozled by the same brother.

Jennifer says that the man gave her reason to believe that the pair were in a sexual relationship and revealed that the alleged con man is in close contact with Leakes’ ‘Real Housewives’ co-star Sheree Whitfield.


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Jennifer also stunned viewers when she explained that she was contacted by the gentleman’s relatives who say that he stole a car from his father (who has learning difficulties) and conned him out of the $50,000 settlement he received after the legal case surrounding that very vehicle went to court.

This man is a professional. My attorney has been talking to the FBI. I think this man is like the devil. You have to be mentally ill to continue to do this.

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  1. Lana Del Slay May 7, 2020

    Nobody. Gives. A. Flying. F***.

  2. Pat May 7, 2020

    That’s all y’all got out of that interview I watched yesterday?

    • Chileplease May 7, 2020

      Right. That’s all they want to hear. Gay tea. Straight women and gay men love it.

      • J May 7, 2020

        They made you click and comment right?

  3. J May 7, 2020

    Yall a lil late but it was interesting nonetheless

  4. Bravo!! May 7, 2020

    It will never happen, Nene Leakes! I can’t, and I won’t watch your ratchet show if you get one. The boat has sailed sweetie!!

  5. Kim May 7, 2020

    I dont believe her. I think she just want attention. She has lied so much in the past. And the man she accuse posted conversation between the both of them. And if the FBI is involve how come they haven’t arrested him since he been all on fb and Instagram. Jennifer mouth isn’t a pray book.

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