Tamar Braxton’s Boyfriend David Adefeso Denies Abuse Claims, Says Singer Struck His Neck While He Was Driving

Published: Thursday 10th Sep 2020 by Sam

Tamar Braxton‘s private life is once again playing out oh so publicly.

As reported, the singer’s boyfriend David Adefeso filed a domestic violence order of protection against her. And now he’s expounding on why.

In a rebuttal to Braxton’s counter-claims that he (allegedly) abused her  and threatened a murder-suicide (allegedly), the Nigerian entrepreneur unpacked in great detail the moments that led up to their relationship imploding.

Full story below…

Speaking live on Instagram, Adefeso alleged that Braxton punched him in his neck (specifically his jugular) while he was driving.

He went on to add that she recorded the aftermath of him writhing in pain and sent it to his family – intimating that she did so as a means of embarrassing him.

Becoming tearful, 50-year-old Adefeso says he instinctively called  his Mom in Nigeria who began praying for his safety given the high-risk circumstances (see: being attacked while driving his now ruined car). He added that the matter is now a criminal investigation.

The drama is quite the turn of events.

For, it comes on heels of Braxton’s reported suicide attempt in July.

At the time, the ‘Love & War’ singer suggested it was the negative edit both she and Adefeso received on her upcoming reality show that bothered her to the point of feeling she had no control of her life and thus wanted to end it.

Upon her release from hospital, she shared an open letter in which she hinted that she was engaged to Adefeso – who she called “an angel on earth.”

Suffice to say, how times (and tides) have changed.

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