Janet Jackson continues the promo for her forthcoming album ‘Discipline’ (due February 26th) by doing a photoshoot for Parade Magazine. She’s looking youthful as ever.

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Cassie At The 'Step Up 2' Premiere Cassie At The 'Step Up 2' Premiere
‘Me & U’ singer, Cassie, made an appearance at the premiere for her new movie ‘Step Up 2: The Streets’ last night in Hollywood. Sure, she’s vocally challenged, but she looks near-flawless.

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Pussycat Dolls front-woman Nicole Scherzinger features in the latest issue of GIANT magazine. She opened up about, among other things, her solo journey and her portrayal by the media:

On going solo:
“It’s just one continuous journey. I started out just making music that showed the other sides of me. I am still exploring that. I don’t think I have found any definite number of songs that says, ‘This is it; this says who I am as a solo artist coming out.’ I haven’t found that yet. I am continuously being challenged and inspired. It’s safe because it’s not out yet, but it’s also scary because you really want to challenge yourself as an artist, to take risks. You want to do things that you’re not used to doing. I got to work with a lot of people that I wouldn’t have expected to work with. I was in the studio the other night, and I was like, ‘I didn’t even know I could do this. This is great!’”

On media portrayal:
“I don’t think they show my story. I don’t think they show who I am. Sometimes, when I read my stories, I am not interested So why are other people going to be interested? I know that here is more stuff in here. There are more stories and more interesting things to talk about than what lies on the surface. When I read stories about myself, it just seems so one-dimensional, kind of shallow, I think.”

You can read the full interview by clicking here.

Though I’ve not always had the kindest of words about Nicole, I actually respect her a little more after reading this; she’s being real to herself, which is what makes people connect with an artist. If only her awful songs weren’t so…well…awful.

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During a recent interview on ‘The Morning Mess’ on Atlanta’s Star 94 radio station, hit-maker Timbaland revealed that he has ended his ‘beef’ with fellow producer Scott Storch . See excerpts from the SOHH report below:

“I reached out to Scott just a couple days ago,” he said. “Cause all this stuff I been hearing in the press about him, I just called him and said look man we been friends for so long and I’m here for you. All that stuff that I’ve done I’m sorry, I just know that you need a friend. And I just wanna be there for you cause I know people turn their backs on you.”

“I reached out to him and went over to his house and he was almost in tears cause he thought I would be the last person that would call him,” he added. “When he went against me he said that that shut a lot of doors for him.”

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It’s good to see the both of them getting their ‘grown man’ on.

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Sonja Norwood, the mother of R&B singer and brother Ray J, filed a lawsuit against Kim Kardashian Monday accusing her of credit card fraud. Check out the report below via PEOPLE.com:

The suit, which also names Kardashian’s siblings Khloe, Kourtney and Robert Jr., alleges they ran up the charges on the mother’s card in 2006 and 2007. It seeks the return of the money plus 10 percent interest. Kim Kardashian denied the allegations, telling PEOPLE she and her siblings had Norwood’s permission to make the purchases.

“We have her signature on all items,” Kardashian says.

In the lawsuit, Norwood’s mother, Sonja Norwood, who is also her manager, alleges Kim Kardashian had only been authorized in 2004 to make one purchase on the Norwood American Express card in Kim’s then-capacity as a stylist for Brandy (Brandy’s brother, Ray J, also appeared in the infamous sex tape with Kim).

But later, Kardashian, now starring in the E! reality show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, made unauthorized purchases and passed on Norwood’s card number to her siblings, who also then made unauthorized purchases, including for items in two Kardashian family-owned clothing stores, Dash and Smooch, for a total of $120,636.

I can see that this whole Ray-J and Kim Kardashian mess is getting worse. I’m thinking Sonja should check her son, who is pretty much a joke thesedays, before suing anyone though.

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That Grape Juice, once again, wants to see what you guys are listening to. Which 5 tracks have you got on constant rotation at the moment? Remember, it doesn’t have to be limited to R&B or Hip-Hop; could be something new, throwback, even something you made yourself lol. Drop a comment in the comments section. Mine are – in no particular order:

1) LUV – Janet
2) Too Hot – Fya
3) Don’t Speak – No Doubt
4) How It Used To Be – Kirk Franklin
5) When Loving You Was Easy – Amerie

What are your ‘Top 5 Songs Of The Moment’?

Since hearing the video for Missy’s ‘Ching-A-Ling’ was set to debut today, I’ve been anticipating it. Missy didn’t disappoint. Though she’s served up better efforts in the past, I’m really liking this. Directed by famed director Dave Meyers, the vid is being billed as the first ever 3D video – which may explain certain things about the way it looks. In an industry that likes to rehash the same ol same ol, Missy’s innovativeness is welcomed. ‘Ching-A-Ling’ is one of many singles to be released from the ‘Step Up 2’ soundtrack – which is out tomorrow (February 5th).

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Mariah - 'That Chick' Pushed Back Again? According to respected UK industry publication ‘Music Week’, Mariah Carey’s hotly-anticipated ‘That Chick’ album (ughh at that title) will now be released it June. The LP was originally confirmed to drop late last year, then February this year, and more recently April.

This is quickly shaping up to be a hot mess. Too many release dates have been thrown out there, only to be changed later. Mariah needs to be bringing her ‘A’ game and no less, if all these delays are to be justified. I’m starting to think the arrival of a certain Ms. Jackson over at Def Jam – who is of equal or even more a priority – could have something to do with all of this.

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The King of Pop, Michael Jackson, has teamed up once again (kinda) with Pepsi for their Superbowl ad – to promote their new SoBe water. The Thriller-themed ad, starring supermodel Naomi Campbell aired yesterday during the Superbowl. Ms Campbell was getting it. Check it out:

MJ’s ‘Thriller 25’ is set to be released here in the UK on February 11th and February 12th in the US. See the star-studded promo vid below:

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With Christina Aguilera’s ‘Back To Basics: Live From Down Under’ tour DVD set to hit shelves in the US tomorrow, this new performance of her club smash ‘Dirrty’ (from the tour) has hit the net. Aside from the unnecessarily long intro, it was a great performance. It really highlighted that not (m)any of the females out today could compete (or come close) on the vocal side of things. Kinda random, but I think she should revisit this sound on her next LP because that ‘Back To Basics’ album was a mess.

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Ciara At New York Giants PartyFollowing the New York Giant’s upset win last night at the Superbowl, Ciara joined a host of other stars to celebrate with the them at their official after-party. She was looking gooooood.
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Ciara At New York Giants Party Ciara At New York Giants Party

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50 Cent Covers VIBE's Hollywood Issue 50 Cent and screen legend Robert De Niro feature on the cover of the latest issue of VIBE magazine. The pair came together to do a joint interview with the magazine, speaking about their new movie ‘Righteous Kill’ – due in the fall – as well as their new-found friendship.

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