Hot Shot: Rita Ora & Calvin Harris Share ‘Dior Driven’ Instagram Snap

Published: Saturday 20th Jul 2013 by David


Peep this pic of Roc Nation stars Rita Ora & Calvin Harris, snapped on what appears to be a shopping trip minutes ago.

Uploaded to Ora’s personal Instagram page, the snap sees Harris play photographer as Rita browses a shelf dedicated to Dior Cosmetics, shortly before the pair continue to craft the star’s debut US album.

This pic comes shortly after UK debut ‘ORA’ was certified Platinum in the market for sales of over 300,000 units while its single sales brought the entire campaign to sales of 1.3 million.

Eight minutes after the above snap was posted, it scored a whopping 3,719 likes and 47 retweets from the ‘Radioactive’ belle, who now boasts a Twitter audience of 3,175,883 followers!

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  1. rih rox July 20, 2013

    Why do they look pissed off?

    • zxcbereru July 20, 2013

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  2. RitasLipstick July 20, 2013

    She JUST posted this.

  3. the real cake like lady gaga July 20, 2013

    I guess Rita is now f****** Calvin as well? If she’s not careful she might just get A*** like Riherpes.

  4. janet1814 July 20, 2013

    Everybody say it together….THISSSS BITCHHHHH

  5. Jen July 20, 2013

    LMFAO. This post is all types of struggle. Rita f***** for tracks I see.

  6. IM A FREE B*TCH July 20, 2013

    slow news day for sureeee

  7. Rosie July 20, 2013

    Someone loves Rih’s sloppy seconds. To bad it still won’t result in a hit outside of England!

  8. Rita and beyonce scared of rihanna July 20, 2013

    Did u hear? That model, Cara Delvihgne, the one she called, ‘ wifey ‘ has ditched to rock with Rih. LOL, LOL, LOL. Cara and Rih went clubbing last nite and the SHUT london town down; rih looked amazing wearing a MEN’S roberto cavalli jacket. LOL her and cara hired and yacht and were livin it up in Monaco; they plan to take summer off and cruise the MED, then go on to Barbados.

    Poor rita whora – left looking in, once again. Where is her new single and album? This time by now, Rih was on to unfaithful; the demand was there for rih. There is no demand for Rita whora. All she does is f*** for fame and follow Calvin harris around europe like groupie. Why is she following Calvin harris to Ibiza, Majorca and Barcelona? Roc nation wasting their money of this groupie? One, who is not even serious about her own career?

    When Rih 1st came out, she was focused on bidness – CB came during GGGB, when she was established. This b**** does not have a single hit, yet she chasing men all over the world.

  9. stacey July 20, 2013

    Too bad likes and retweets don’t transfer to album sales…#UTRIEDITTHO

    • Monstarebel July 20, 2013


    • Rita Slays July 20, 2013

      ORA is certified platinum though.

  10. Monstarebel July 20, 2013

    F****** Calvin for tracks boo? Hoping he can give you a WFL type of single huh b****.

    • Rita Slays July 20, 2013

      Don’t you ever get tired of hating? Wasn’t Rihanna the one who tried to f*** Calvin but was denied?

  11. NANA July 20, 2013

    Her album was on full price only for the 1st week and then they discounted it selling for 50% less. They are trying to make Rita look like a star when they have to discount her album. Rita does Nightclub tours that hold 300 people and her management GIVES away tickets days before. FOH What a basic local flop. Lmao, this flop b**** can’t even sell 300 tickets. They have invested heavily in her, she will be dropped. She has NO charisma. No IT factor. NOTHING. Rita Ora is supposed to be the new Rihanna but couldn’t break the top 60, why cant she be the new Keri hilson if she is gonna do that much promo and still flop.

  12. Kay July 20, 2013

    Let the girl live, remember when rih came in the scene everyone compared her to bey, it took time for rih to pave her own way rita’s paving hers

    • Tee Hee July 20, 2013

      How the f*** is she paving her way when she has to f*** her way into the industry & copy every single thing other artists have already done? She is a world wide flop with s***** music. She can’t even make it out of the UK

      • Kay July 20, 2013

        All artists flop at some point, too bad she did on her first album let her redeem herself what goes on in another woman’s virgina shouldn’t have anyone so pressed and damned upset

  13. Leiana July 20, 2013

    This flop h** will do anything to stay relevant. Too bad no one is checking for her music so all she has to do is f*** for tracks & promotion.

  14. Rita Slays July 20, 2013

    Haters can stay mad. The numbers don’t lie. It doesn’t matter how many times you call her a flop or say no one is checking for her, she is winning. Certified platinum can’t be argued with.

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