Kanye West – Can’t Tell me Nothing

This DJ Toomp produced track is scheduled to be the first single from Kanye’s upcoming third album ‘Graduation’. ‘Can’t Tell Me Nothing’ is a decent mid-tempo song, which sounds a lot like a typical Kanye track i.e. sample-laden. Having said this, I’m unsure why they would select this as the first single; it doesn’t strike me as first-single material. I feel that he needs to come harder than this. It’ll be interesting to hear what the other material from ‘Graduation’ sounds like.

LISTEN: Can’t Tell Me Nothing

Cassie – Sometimes (ft. Ryan Leslie)
After the flopping of Cassie’s 2nd single ‘Long Way 2 Go’ and the backlash she received from her terrible live performances, I assumed she had disappeared into music obscurity. However, she has posted this new song ‘Sometimes’ on her Myspace page, stating that it’s the first completed track from her current studio sessions with producer Ryan Leslie. To my surprise, I’m actually feeling the track. It’s well-known that Cassie has very little vocal ability, but her delivery on this is better than I’ve heard from her before; Ryan Leslie’s production is on-point too. I doubt the track is likely to gain her anymore fans, but it’s still good nonetheless.

LISTEN: Sometimes (ft. Ryan Leslie)
Jennifer Hudson – Special (ft. Papoose)
I’m not entirely sure whether this new Jennifer Hudson track is from her upcoming album or a mixtape; either way it’s good to hear some new material from the Oscar winner. ‘Special’ is a well-produced mid-tempo track, in which Hudson really showcases her power-house vocals. I do expect better from her, though, and hope that her album has more to offer.

LISTEN: Special (ft. Papoose)

What do you think of the New Songs?
Some of you may remember Kiley Dean from her time as Timbaland’s protégé back in 2003/04. After releasing two singles on the producer’s label – Beat Club Records/Interscope, Dean seemingly disappeared when it went bankrupt – having not released an album. However, she has recently been signed to Matthew Knowles’ Music World label and will be releasing an album later this year. Producers set to feature on the CD include Bryan-Michael Cox and Tanya ‘Freckles’ White (Janet Jackson etc).
It’s great to see Kiley making a return to the music scene. I was really feeling alot of her material such as ‘Kiss Me Like That’ and ‘Who Will I Run To’. I’m hoping that Music World handle her properly as she is a true talent. Check out a few of her songs:

LISTEN: Kiss Me Like That

LISTEN: Who Will I Run To {Updated Link}
LISTEN: Make Me A Song (Samples Aaliyah’s ‘Rock Tha Boat’)
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While Kelly Rowland preps the release of her sophomore CD ‘Ms Kelly, more promotional shots for the album have surfaced. I’m really feeling these; as has been the case for a while now, Kelly is looking near-flawless. ‘Ms Kelly’ drops July 3rd.
This remix to Amy Winehouse’s cross-over hit ‘Rehab’ has been anticipated by many ever since Jay-Z expressed his desire to work with the British singer. After listening to the track, however, I feel kinda underwhelmed. The original version is a great song, yet neither Jay-Z or Pharoache Monch do anything to add to it. It’s great for Amy though; the more mainstream attention she gets, the better.
What do you think?

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T.I.’s video for his new single ‘Big Things Poppin’ debuted last night on BET. I’m really feeling the song and the video is pretty cool too. The concept is simple, yet effective – with only some parts coming across kinda cheap-looking. T.I.’s latest album ‘T.I. vs T.I.P.’ drops July 3rd.

What do you think?

The video for 50 Cent’s new single ‘Amusement Park’ debuted yesterday. I’m liking the track more than I originally did when I first heard it. However the video -as expected- isn’t anything special; it simply serves its purpose. Also, I must say that I think 50 is kinda slacking by releasing this as the first single from his new ‘Curtis’ album (due June 26th). He usually delivers with his first singles e.g. ‘In Da Club’ and ‘Candy Shop’ but this just ain’t doing it for me.

What do you think?

It appears that Kelly Rowland’s team have stepped up their promotional campaign. Many have been wondering why the singer has made so few appearances to support the release of her sophomore album ‘Ms Kelly’; some even speculating that her manager Matthew Knowles was deliberately trying to sabotage the project. Nonetheless, Urban Bridgez have confirmed that Kelly will be making the following appearances:

Upcoming TV Performances:

The Today Show – 6/25
BET Awards – 6/26
Jimmy Kimmel Live – 6/27

Upcoming Album Press:

King (Cover)
Entertainment Weekly


AOL Sessions – June

It’s good to see that she is in line for alot of exposure in the upcoming weeks. I’m keen to see her perform live, considering that hasn’t done any televised performances; the King magazine cover should be interesting too. ‘Ms Kelly’ hits stores July 3rd.
This new track,’Gliding’, is slated to be the official first single from former TLC member Chilli’s upcoming album. While, the song is better than any of the other solo material I’ve heard from Chilli , it’s still not up-to-par. The production is mediocre at best, sounding like a recycled beat from Ciara’s first album. We all know that Chilli doesn’t have the strongest voice, but she shouldn’t be talking her way through the song like she’s doing on this. I know she is talented, but if she keeps putting out disposable tracks like this then she should throw in the towel and call it a day.

Hit or Miss

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Following the success of her self-titled debut album – which has been certified Platinum, LeToya has revealed that she is hard at work on her sophomore CD. The currently untitled project has yet to be given a release date, however rumored producers are set to include Jermaine Dupri and Teddy Bishop. Speaking in this months edition of Grip Magazine, the Houston beauty also outlined her plans to start a clothing line. On top of this, Warner Chapel Music (WMC) – a part of Warner Music Group – put out a press release yesterday stating that they have signed LeToya to a publishing (songwriting) contract. Can’t knock her hustle.
I’m looking forward to her new album; the first was a solid effort and I felt it was consistent all the way through.

Are you waiting on LeToya?
Pop superstar, Janet Jackson held a mini-concert at the grand opening of the $1 billion dollar Cove Atlantis resort in the Bahamas. Jackson performed a string of her hits including ‘Rhythm Nation’, What Have You Done For Me Lately’, ‘Nasty’, ‘That’s The Way Love Goes’ and ‘All For You’. Her spectacular set ended with a never-before-seen fireworks display that lit up the 171 acre resort. The event, which took place on Friday night, attracted a number of high profile celebrities including Usher (along with fiancée Tameka Foster), Diddy, Michael Jordan, Kanye West, Tyra Banks and Ashanti. {Thanks Cleo for some of the pics}

The Jackson family females were also present to show their support. Rare appearances were made by mother Katherine Jackson and eldest sister Rebbie (in the orange) – who looks real good to be in her 50’s.

This was definitely the place to be; by all accounts, Janet tore the house down. I’m guessing that after seeing these, many will be calling for Janet to tour. However, she has reportedly stated that she is to start recording a new album this summer. I say she should pop out a few solid hits and then hit the tour circuit.

Does Janet Still Have ‘It’?
Bow Wow has revealed that he is in the process of making a joint ‘Best of Both Worlds’ type album with R&B singer Omarion. There is no set release date for the currently untitled CD, however it is slated to drop later this year. The ‘Outta My System’ rapper had the following to say regarding the project:

“Me and O have been trying to put this together for so many years, and now we’ve got the opportunity to do it. We’re in the creative process right now, still trying to come up with a title and everything. Me and him are coming up with ideas daily, so the process is gonna go real smooth. We’re anxious to get in the studio together and make this whole thing happen.”

“I’m not even calling it an album; It’s gonna be a special event. It’s gonna be crazy, something the people have been waiting on — the girls have been waiting on –for years.”

…Ok then. I’m guessing the real reason for this ‘special event’ is that neither Bow Wow or Omarion can manage to actually sell well with their individual albums. This seems like a disaster waiting to happen. The way I see it, Omarion should to try make an album that lives up to the hype of his singles and Bow Wow should attempt to make a hit without a feature artist.

After the news of Kelly Rowland’s album being pushed back again, many were disappointed – myself included. However, this new Scott Storch-produced album track has amped me up for the release again. ‘Comeback’ is unlike any Kelly track I’ve heard before. The beat is on-point and the song is a definite club-banger. I’m feeling the lyrical content too; Kelly is singing about how she’s got that ‘Comeback… guarantee you’ll never leave’. The song really picks up after the first verse and Kelly delivers vocally throughout..she’s not holding back. ‘Ms Kelly’ now drops July 3rd. {Thanks ‘D’ for this one }

Hit or Miss?

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