Billboard is reporting that Mariah Carey is currently hard at work on her as-yet-untitled new album. The R&B diva is in the British Virgin Islands writing and recording for the follow-up to her 2005 comeback smash ‘The Emancipation of Mimi’- which has sold 10 million copies worldwide. Producers confirmed for the project include Bryan-Michael Cox and Jermaine Dupri – who were both instrumental in creating some of the big hits from the ‘Mimi’ album. The CD is expected to drop toward the end of the year.

I’m anxious to hear her new material. Although, I’m doubtful as to whether she can top her fantastic last album.

Akon has apologized for ‘dry-humping’ a 14 year old girl (preacher’s daughter) on stage in Trinidad last month. As some of you know, the public backlash has been pretty heavy and Verizon have pulled their sponsorship of Gwen Stefani’s tour due to Akon being the opening act. In a statement today, the Senegalese singer apologized and insisted he didn’t know the girl’s age:

“It was never my intention to embarrass or take advantage of my fans in any way, especially those under the age of 18. That is why we tried to make sure that the club did not admit anyone under 18 in the audience. Somehow, that standard was not met.”

I don’t see why all the blame is being laid on Akon. The event was a strictly over 18’s show and she wasn’t supposed to be there. Plus, this chick DOES NOT look or dress like a 14 year old (click here to see pics). I’m not condoning his actions but one has to wonder about the sanity of her parents. Her idiotic preacher father defended his daughter saying ‘They are innocent to the wicked ways of the world and it is our responsibility as elders to keep them safe’. Isn’t it his responsibility to keep her out of the clubs?

What do you think?

‘Shut Up & Drive’ is apparently the second single from Rihanna’s ‘Good Girl Gone Bad’ album. I am not feeling this one at all; I can see what they were trying to do with the Rock/Pop/R&B fusion, but her voice doesn’t do it any justice. If this is an indicator of the rest of her album, I will be passing on it.

Hit or Miss?

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Beyonce’s younger sister, Solange, is once again bidding for music stardom. After the disappointment that was her first album ‘Solo Star’ back in 2003, Solange has now re-emerged with a much more mature sound. These two new tracks- ‘ChampagneChronicNightcap‘ and ‘White Picket Dreams’ show Solange’s departure from the R&B/Pop sound on her last album to a more adult-contemporary R&B sound. I didn’t expect to like the songs, but I really do. Solange’s currently-untitled album is scheduled to drop later this year.

What do you think?

LISTEN: ChampagneChronicNightcap

LISTEN: White Picket Dreams
Hit-maker Jermaine Dupri has told MTV News that his Pop superstar girlfriend Janet Jackson is in talks to join him over at Island Def Jam. Durpi, who was appointed President of Urban Music by label chief L.A Reid in February, had the following to say:

‘Definitely Janet will end up at Island…That’s without a doubt. L.A. always wanted to sign her regardless [of whether] I was there or not. I don’t know where that deal is — I left that in the hands of L.A. and Janet’s people — but more than likely, he’ll get what he wants.”
If handled right, I’m sure this will be a good thing for Janet. She is in need of a career resuscitation after the Superbowl incident and poor sales of her albums since. L.A Reid was part of the team that delivered Mariah’s incredible comeback album, so it’ll be interesting to see if the the same can be done for Janet.
Our friends over at have posted what has been confirmed as the Official album cover for Kelly Rowland’s sophomore CD ‘Ms Kelly’. I’m liking it alot; from the pose to the overall look…it’s on-point. The album, which features production from the likes of Polow Da Don, Rockwilder and Scott Storch, drops June 26th.

What do you think?
In the last couple of weeks, rumours have been swirling that Usher had fired his mother, Jonnetta Patton, as his manager – the role which she has held since the start of his career. The reason being due her conflict with his fiancee, Tameka Foster (38). Some even reported that she was given her marching orders on Mothers Day. In a statement made to The Associated Press yesterday, the ‘Confessions’ singer confirmed that he is no longer managed by his mother, however denied that it was as a result of any rift. Instead he claims ‘She and I are on great terms and support each other in our life’s endeavors’; he believes by separating his ‘business and personal life’ that he can have his mother strictly as his mother, ‘with no added pressure’.
It is well-known that there is a common dislike between Jonnetta and Tameka, so you just know that had something to do with this. I’m guessing there’s only room for one ‘old chick’ is Usher’s life.
According to hit-maker Jermaine Dupri, Nelly is hard at work on his new album and has a few surprises in store. JD tells MTV News:
“Nelly’s got a crazy collaboration he’s trying to put together, which is him, Janet and Mariah Carey all on one song,” JD said. “That’s what he wants. If he could convince them to do it, it would be crazy. He wants Janet to rap a 16-bar verse, he wants Mariah to sing the hook and he’s gonna do two verses. He has it all planned out. You ask him about it! This is what he wants; he’s 100-percent deadlocked into it. My two records [that J.D. has produced for Nelly so far], he’s gonna have some people on them – I won’t tell it yet. I don’t want to jinx the record”.
I’ve been hearing about a possible Mariah / Janet collaboration for some time now, but now Nelly has been thrown into the mix. For some reason, the concept seems more appealing than just the two of them. Janet rapping, though…?
Prior to now, I haven’t been feeling much of Amerie’s material. However, after hearing her latest album ‘Because I Love It’, I must say that she really delivered. Many have questioned how good the album would be, seeing as she didn’t work with longtime collaborator Rich Harrison (‘1 Thing’, Why Don’t We Fall In Love’ etc). Yet, by switching things up, Amerie has managed to carve out a great new sound for herself.


Ne-Yo performed on the Jay Leno Show a couple of nights ago to promote his new album. He sang the album’s title track ‘Because of You’ with live instrumentation. I really enjoyed the performance; he’s a great live singer. The band were a nice touch too and enhanced the performance overall.

In more Ne-Yo news, his single ‘Because of You’ rockets from #39-#5 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart, giving the singer his third top ten on the chart and his biggest hit since ‘So Sick’. Hits Daily are also reporting the singer’s latest album, also called ‘Because of You’, is on course to sell 250,000+ in its first week out- making it a likely contender for the #1 spot.

Some of you may remember Raz-B as the member who never sang in teen R&B group B2K. I’m pretty sure the only B2K track I ever heard him on was ‘Girlfriend’ and even that was a measly two lines. Like many, I just assumed that he couldn’t sing and was simply there to make up the number. However, his new solo track ‘Fire’ has proven me wrong. The mid-tempo track, which debuted at #89 on the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip Hop chart, is actually decent and proves that the guy CAN sing. Raz-B’s voice sounds alot like Marques Houston; it kinda makes me wonder why we never heard him sing before. Check it out…

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According to reports, Beyonce’s younger sister, Solange, is to take over as her manager once their father, Matthew Knowles, steps down in five years. The singer/songwriter has revealed that she is the heiress to her dad’s Music World empire – which also includes a music label. She has been quoted as saying “In five years I’ll be answering those calls. I’ll be the president and CEO.”
I can imagine most of you are thinking ‘what the hell has Solange ever done?’…me too LOL. However, I can’t knock her hustle; she’s kept her name out there doing movies, presenting and songwriting. She’s probably more successful than she’s given credit for. Maybe it will work. I don’t get it though; isn’t she still trying to make it as an artist?