Jennifer Lopez – ‘Do It Well’ Video

Published: Thursday 6th Sep 2007 by Sam

The video for Jennifer Lopez’s new single ‘Do It Well’ debuted today on Yahoo Launch. Though directed by the critically acclaimed David LaChapelle (Christina’s ‘Dirrty’, Gwen’s ‘Rich Girl’ etc), the video doesn’t live up to either his or Jennifer’s past efforts. The main issue here is that the song and video concept don’t match…at all. As I type, I still don’t have the slightest idea what the vid was supposed to be about; it just seemed like she was randomly punching guys out. Also, I was expecting Jennifer to bring ‘it’ with the choreography, yet she didn’t deliver. A good song ruined by a sub-par video; she definitely dropped the ball with this one.

What do you think of the video?

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  1. Elegantmiss September 6, 2007

    complete mess, i totally agree with u Sam…no point of the vid…just full of freaks…lol

  2. Anonymous September 6, 2007

    what the hell is this crap? just when i was starting to like the song as well.

  3. Anonymous September 6, 2007

    Stupid video but she’s fierce nonetheless.

  4. Chardae September 6, 2007

    It just wasn’t done well. SMH…

  5. Anonymous September 6, 2007

    ok so the video was not really up to standards however, i like the song.

  6. Anonymous September 6, 2007

    to me she can’t sing but she can dance

  7. Anonymous September 6, 2007

    HAted it! i dont know whats going on? she tried to come hard but feel flat on her face. album cover sucks, and the song kicks ass but the video is hella weak. oh well. try harder.

  8. Anonymous September 6, 2007

    hot song, but I agree with everyone the video doesn’t match. Awful everything about, it’s like a very (emphasis on very) bad twist on MJ Smooth Criminal Video.

  9. Anonymous September 6, 2007

    The video isn’t all that. But the damce moves are hott I think. I think the song has a lot of potential though.

  10. Anonymous September 6, 2007

    what a wack ass video lol…a waste of money and time…im sure mtv will love it

  11. Anonymous September 6, 2007

    crazy concepts take a while 2 catch on , but the vids grown on me , its different 2 wats out now , im liking it

  12. OLW September 6, 2007

    OK… I was the behind the scene and I have to say… WHAT THE HELL DID U DO DAVID ?!!!! I’m mean ok you wanted Lopez to dance… so why did you try to put a story on it… Maybe Lopez try to be a spy (like finally her last videos) but please…

    So I saw a live performance of Do It Well and the choreagraphy include a fight with men… But in that video it’s totally confused by all the outfit and the story…
    I think that qhe should wear 1 outfit for her searching on the club and she should dance with people during chorus… And if she wanted to wear something else then she could do that in a different place (a king of base)..

    WELL It’s just a mess… without any “story” (een if it’s short) it will probably great…
    Britney is coming J’, you have to do better to be focused !

  13. Anonymous September 6, 2007

    I saw this video in the morning and didn’t like it. However, as the day went by I saw it again and something about it is appealing…I don’t know if it’s the colors, the fact that she’s beautiful, or the dancing….but it’s unique but the direction SUCKS….What happened DAvid Lachapelle?

  14. Dwayne September 6, 2007

    it simply seems to highlight an alternate sexual lifestyle but the song talks about some guy that does it well even though she comes through like some kinda vigilante “super”hero to save this little boy…I dunno… was all over the place.

    I couldn’t help but notice how much the stage (during the bridge/dancebreak) reminded me of when I visited Cristenia in Denmark two summers ago. hmmm maybe….LaChapelle was on some stuff?

  15. Anonymous September 6, 2007

    Dag, ya’ll really ain’t like it? I like it! The song is catchy too. I love J.lo.

  16. Anonymous September 6, 2007

    I dint lik the song at first i thought it was ok….n still do BUT the video itself is very interestin, it might have been badly directed n doesn’t make sense but ya’ll gotta admit it wasnt a boring video it was sooo unusual that u watched thee whole thing…even tho it waz a mess.

    At first I thought she was searchin for the guy who does it so well n no other guy can satisfy her so she rejectes ALL the other guys (by fighting)…dats wat i thought…till the end wer she ends up rescuing sum boy DAT really threw me off

  17. Anonymous September 6, 2007

    okay i like the vid and the song. the vid was definitely different.

  18. Anonymous September 6, 2007

    1st you see it just ok but after you see if a 2nd and 3rd time you see and understand the video more….I do like it…I’m feelin…Kudos to coming out with a unique concept even though it’s still wierd. :0)

  19. Anonymous September 6, 2007

    I LOVE Jennifer, but WTF was that?! 🙁

  20. David September 6, 2007

    Ya’ll crazy, the video is HOTT!!

  21. Anonymous September 7, 2007

    Man i was SOOO Excited about this song haha i thought the exact samething it looks like dirtty but i thought scissor sisters with the freaky lookin ppl in that weird song lol i forgot wat its called i hate them anyway lol mmm great song WEIRD film clip too much like britney spears back in the old day lol


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