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Published: Thursday 6th Sep 2007 by Sam
With any news of Kelly Rowland’s project becoming scarcer by the day, it’s good to know things are moving ahead (albeit very slowly). It has been confirmed that Kelly’s video for ‘Ghetto’, due next week Monday (September 10th), will premiere on BET’s ‘making the video’ show, Access Granted – not 106 & Park as first reported. Be sure to keep it locked on That Grape Juice on Monday for the vid.

In the meanwhile, check out the vid (kinda low quality) for Kelly’s ESPN collabo with 50 Cent and Perry Farrell:

The song is a mess, but Kelly was getting it in the video. I doubt her album sales will pick up, so promo like this – and getting her name out there in general – is her best bet.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Anonymous September 6, 2007

    you mean “ridiculously slow” sam! her promotion is non existent at this point, but i love this song! kelly did her thing!

  2. Anonymous September 6, 2007

    dang im not a kelly fan but i respect everything she does but dang she is so pretty(beautiful) im dieing 2 see her new video thanxs 4 the info

  3. Anonymous September 6, 2007

    i love kelly i really think people shouldn’t put all the blame on her album not doing well on her her album was num 6 on the bill board chart with one song and video out if she had more than 1 song out you already know what number she would have been i love her to death cause if she was as big as all the other stars she would be the most down to earth super star ever all i can do is wait and support her that’s all i can do i hope she makes it she has all the potential in there world iam like ye yall can’t tell me nothing cuz i know she has it but if only she could show it to the haters who thro dirt on her name . but like beanie sigel said you don’t judge a man by who his friends are you judge em by who his enimies are i apply that to women also kelendria all the way

    sincerely yalls lol *ashley*

  4. Anonymous September 6, 2007

    after ghetto i feel like still in love with my ex is the only song that can help her cd out. i hope they make that her next single and final video or something cuz it has the potential to really help her out.

  5. Anonymous September 6, 2007

    at this poict i really dont care what any hater has 2 say cause we all know she is talented i mean look at her in the destiny’s child videos she is amazing and one of the most beautiful women in the world i hope her the best and ghetto got 2 be hot for sure

  6. OLW September 7, 2007

    The problem with kelly is not that no one know that she’s talented, beautiful and nice person… EVERYBODY KNOWS THAT ! But everybody doesn’t know that her next album was out on July 3rd… The video of like this came out in March… the single was available in June !!! What the hell is that ! I mean WHY they didn’t pick an other single out to promote Ms Kelly at the end of June. It was a pity and silly maketting problem. I don’t know if her label believe in her BUT I think that Ms Kelly is too good not to be known…

    So I’m a big fan of that Ms. i wish her the best but I don’t wanna wait one more time ! In RnB she was the only this summer I mean : no Ashanti comeback, no Mya comeback, no Brandy comeback ! keishya is for September, Nicole from PCD too and of course Alicia too. The same in pop : JLo, Britney… and In Rap 50 and kanye albums are coming soon : KELLY STAFF SHOULD DO BETTER FOR HER COMEBACK !!!!!!!

    Now the video of Ghetto will be out on Monday… cool and JLo vid too and Brtney too ! I hop that her upcoming single promotion will be strong enough to have the success that it deserves

  7. Anonymous September 7, 2007

    i agree with all of you…it’s a sad situation! but ghetto deserves to be promoted right!

  8. Keino September 7, 2007

    video was cool n everything. Kelly fit right in, wasnt like anyone was overshadowing her. 50 was great too

  9. Anonymous September 7, 2007

    I don’t mind Ghetto I hope it does well but Work was the best track on the album along with Still In Love With My Ex, I’m sure she filmed a video for Work cos there were captions of it, Kelly ain’t getting no love from her label and management that’s the problem all Matthew Knowles cares about is Beyonce,I’m not a hater i’m her fan but it’s a fact I feel sorry for Kelly and Michelle but more so for Solange imagine living in your sisters shadow knwoign your parents think she’s better and they do,

    Look at Jon B yall he’s got mad skills but didn’t get no love why cos Matthew is all about Beyonce, no wonder Jon B left, Kelly needs to leave to it’s about her career she doesn’t have to cut them off as she considers them her family but they don’t have to manage her,

    B Day sucked and it was promoted to death it came out a year ago and we’ve had constant Beyonce, Ms Kelly is a good album 10x better than B Day and where was Kelly’s promotion? what promotion and some may say which is bull that Matthew realised they weren’t promoting Kelly just before her album dropped that why she started being everywhere for a bit but that’s stupid, you think that mess could go on with Beyonce hellto tha naw andit’s a fact Matthew reads the blogs and n doubt saw the negative things people were saying and stepped it up,

    I’m for equal treatment and until Music World learn that, then fans like me are gonna say something about it

  10. Anonymous September 7, 2007

    personally i think matthew sucks and kelly needs to stop mentioning dc and beyonce everywhere i think her next album will be even better, now that she is finally realizing her reality.

  11. OLW September 8, 2007

    – first WORK (official 2nd UK single)
    – secondly COMEBACK (supposed to be the second single)
    – and then GHETTO (official 2nd single right now)


    So now I wanna see what’s going on… maybe ghetto will be only a US single and Work a worldwide one. Maybe those vids will figre on the re-release of Ms. KELLY but I don’t think so…

  12. Anonymous September 8, 2007

    I’m sorry but Bday is 100000000 times better than Miss Kelly. I like Kelly but she is boring as hell which is why no one cares. Say what u want about Beyonce but that girl gets the party started like no other. Can’t nobody touch this girl especially when it comes to performing. To me Kelly doesn’t have enough confidence. Then again if Bey was my best friend and I was in her shadow I would lack some confidence too. Get it together Kelly!

  13. Anonymous September 8, 2007

    ^^^^^ you crazy B Day was a boring screamfeast with songs with no meaning it sucked Ms Kelly is better and you know what’s better than both of them Letoya’s album tell me i’m wrong hell naw Beyonce is probably going back in the studio because the critics and real fans not the stans said B Day sucked her first album was the sh*t B Day was just Sh*t so crap that she re-released with Beautiful Liar which was a good song but as i had the original I weren’t spending no more money on it and let’s not forget her stealing that woman’s song and renaming it, LOL

    You can be a Beyonce fan but keep it real if you loved B Day good for you but I think it sucked and that’s my opinion don’t like it well I don’t give a F

  14. Anonymous September 8, 2007

    yeah B-DAY was the worst album i ever bought im sory but it sucked bad…do yall remember when it came out everyone was saying it sucked it may have sold millions but it sucked nothing good 2 it but MS.Kelly anyone could relate to the album its like a story about love/life thats why that album is so amazing it may have floped but the album is a masterpiece i never thought kelly had that in her but B-DAY has stupid ass songs like what the hell is kitty kat beyonce gotta get serious when making songs thats why alot are saying it sucked but not that many say Ms.kelly sucked kelly has true talent as much as beyonce i love them hope them the best

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