Watch: Mary J. Blige Weighs In On Nicki Minaj Vs Lil Kim

Published: Wednesday 14th Dec 2011 by David


As one music’s more outspoken characters, Mary J. Blige has never been once to mind her words when it comes to the sharing her thoughts on her fellow divas.

Now peep what she has to say about the ever pressing issue that is Lil Kim’s problem with Rap’s reigning Queen Nicki Minaj  during an interview with WGCI’s Tony Sculfield and the Morning Riot below…

While we agree with Mary’s call for peace, we highly doubt Kim is interested in ‘reconciling’ with Nicki since her their spat is the only thing she’s really got going for her.

Your thoughts?

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  1. MaZ December 14, 2011

    Good interview!

    She discusses everything (her new album, new movie, Husband/ manager, Beyoncé, media, fans…) not only the Lil’Kim/ N. Minaj my ass beef.

    Love her. Can’t wait for may and june for the release of My Life II – The Journey Continues (Act 2) and new movie.

  2. Kc December 14, 2011

    Kim got more going on than we think. She got a record deal and she is working with big names like timbaland so I am going to hold off and not judge til I see what’s up with the album next year. Anyway , nice interview . Always nice to hear from mary.

  3. ChrisBBeliever2 December 14, 2011

    Why does this site kiss Nicki’s ass so much, when it was Kim that gave you all an interview? All this worship still hasn’t convinced Nicki to give TGJ the time of day. No one likes an ass-kisser. Not even the ass you all boost up to tear others down….

    Now the interview, Mary talked about things more important like her album and the other projects she has coming up. The Queen of Hip-Hop/Soul never disappoints.

  4. MaZ December 14, 2011

    @ Chrisbbeliever2

    You said it all!

  5. NYC-Superstar December 14, 2011

    YEah I do think Kim has a lot going on for her. She is an icon in her own right. If you sit here and say that she did not infuence Nicki Minaj or any female rapper that came onto the scene after her then you are delusional. Mary gave a great interview.

  6. TWITTER.COM/ESSENCE_OF_SEAN December 14, 2011





  7. Nikki December 14, 2011

    Yo! I f#cks w/ MJB! For real! She is the realest b**** in the game, the realest artist in the game, she is an inspiration to all us little brown girls!

    I love that she keeps reinventing herself, and just when you think she can’t get no higher BOOM! Next Level!!!

    Love you Mary, you always keep it 100 w/ your fans and we love you for that! Don’t ever change!

  8. MRB December 14, 2011

    Mary will always be in a lane all by herself! Much luv and respect!

  9. WHITNEY December 14, 2011

    This site is pure garbage…to even think KIM need beef with Nicki to stay relevant. Quick Quiz; Hardcore sold 2million copies within a year; Nicki’s PF has sold 1.6 within a year…now u tell me who is the winner. KIM is one of the best selling female rappers of all time…where as Nicki isnt even in the Top10 yet among female rapper sales. TGJ Sit the f*ck down because KIM IS THE REIGNING QUEEN OF RAP AND HIP HOP not no damn Nicki! The bish cant even rap..sounding like daffy duck rapping. KIM will eat the bish for breakfast, dinner and lunch! U guys got so much info, go and look the records up h*** and u will see its KIM >>>> Nicki bishes

  10. WHITNEY December 14, 2011

    By the way…If there was no KIM there wouldnt be no Nicki…just saying BISHES! KIM will always b the Head B**** N Charger n RAP! Cant no bish f*ck with bish! Nicki probably wont ever see a third and fourth album but KIM is a Legend and Icon n Rap..something little miss Nicki is trying to reach. All these rap female rappers like Trina, Diamond, Missy, Da Brat, MC Lyte, Foxy Brown and many more will tell u its KIM over Nicki…KIM basically influence most of these female rappers out now…not Nicki..hell Nicki idolize KIM H***!

  11. Brandonce (Brandy and Beyonce lover) December 14, 2011

    You Kimmy fans make me laugh.
    Hardcore sold 2 million after 15 years, not one.

  12. Very Funny December 14, 2011


  13. Cyrstal December 14, 2011

    Nicki will be gone in 3 years.That’s all I have to say.

  14. Maylashia December 14, 2011

    Nicki Minaj is a joke.Every female rapper I can think of will eat her up alive.

  15. Seirra December 14, 2011

    I need another Kim and Mary collaboration.

  16. boo December 14, 2011

    This blog site is stupid as f***!! What the f*** are yall talking about Nicki talks more about kim than she does. So that is the only thing she got going on. People are starting to realize nicki is fake, copycat and cant rap!! The only thing she can do in the future is jump on a hot track cause her time is up.

  17. SunshineHaze December 14, 2011

    We still on this? Oh

    People still think Kim is relevant? Oh

    People really believe Nicki Minaj is losing? Oh.

  18. D. Scott December 14, 2011

    The Queen stays classy as usual. That would be a crazy collaboration, though…

  19. Poison December 14, 2011

    “The Only Thing She Can Do In The Future Is Hop On A Hot Track, Bc Her Time Is Up.” A Walking Contradiction, Have A Seat.

  20. antertain December 14, 2011

    Awww Bless Mary
    Love her raw tone when she speaks.
    She’s looking GREAT!!!


  21. Kimmi December 14, 2011

    LOL! Right hardcore has SHIPPED double platinum after 15 years. As of Dec. 2011 she has not officially sold 2 Million off that album. Sorry.

  22. RHI RHI IS QUEEN December 14, 2011


  23. VFB December 14, 2011

    I think Lil Kim and Nicki are two beautiful Black Women who are doing there thing…..PERIOD! Hopefully, these ladies can come to the meeting of the minds and look beyond hurt and harsh words and make some money together.


  24. eddie December 14, 2011

    yall r a bunch of ass kissers we;’ll see if you’ll still be talking s*** when Kim does her come back. Nicki is wrong on so many levels,u guys talk about peace between them but yet r always talking s*** about Kim. I hope u guys realize real talent someday,Kim is and always will be the QUEEN,and not u or Nicki Gar-bage can ever take that away from her.

  25. lax December 14, 2011

    I bet ya lil kim will never get another #1 album and I bet you its going to flop harder then ever…

    the h** is done….Look at her face…..looks like plastic she a disgrace!!!!

  26. TWITTER.COM/ESSENCE_OF_SEAN December 14, 2011

    and naturally you look ugly! lol

    at least Kim was born as a beautiful giurl

  27. Jessica December 14, 2011

    @LAX: And your artist is doing any better?? LMAO!!! Anyways MJB is real, fake Nicki is in the wrong and I don’t respect her, SHE’S FAKE POINT BLANK. I agree with one of the people who said other female rappers will eat Nicki alive, Nicki can’t rap for s***!!! Nicki can’t work with real artist because she sucks!! lol!!! S*** if Left Eye was alive, she will murder Nicki point blank. LOL. Nicki is a guest artist, she’s a gimmick, KIM IS THE REAL DEAL, EVE IS THE REAL DEAL, MISSY IS THE REAL DEAL, DA BRAT IS THE REAL DEAL… I can go on. Nicki is just a fad and will be gone just now. KIM is still here 16 years later- 2012. LOL!!!

  28. mobwife December 14, 2011

    Mary is looking good these days. A Kimmy Blanco – NM record would have been nice at one point but I don’t see it happening at this point. NM has gone way too far with her commnts. Kim is warrior from way back, she wont be forgiving NM anytime soon!

  29. trulo December 14, 2011

    this site is always saying some b******* about lil kim…. kim has wayyyyyyyyyyy more and bigger things that are about to surface up at the top of the year then to worry about minaj ass… as each day goes by im convienced this WEBSITE is YOUNG MONEY SPONSERED.this is how the industry works.. slide money to these backwood blog sites and they trash every other artist for you.. this site always have something NEGATIVE to say about OTHER female rappers that are not nicki minaj. a damn shame… on any note.. Good interview MJB… besides MJB did discuss IMPORTANT things that had NOTHING to do with kim on minaj… this site is pure garabage…

  30. chris December 15, 2011

    I agree with Mary 100% I think there are people adding fuel to it. Nicki is hot right now, so she probably got her people in her ear like “U gotta prove to people u hot & u not to be f***** with” and u got Lil Kims people in her ear like “U been our for like 15 years, dont let this b**** come out & disrespect u”. I think the beef is stupid tho & they should just make a hit together & just get over it

  31. stbaby December 15, 2011

    These delusional dragged raggedy ann fans have seriouly l ost their mind,kim is doing big things which is recording a wack mixtape so that you stupid idiots will sheepishly buy it and give her small change so that she can pay off her loans.Even with all the buffornary she put out still she couldnt get a record deal.i think am done with this nonsense ,how i wish i can see any of you so that i can knock back his or her senses.And Nicki Minaj will forever remain in your shadows cos you know what her second album is about to drop plus other things after this third album.stay pressed.And honestly Nicki ,i think its time you turn off the life support of this latoya copycat.Stop reply her with this disses so that the media will stop bringing your name up with hers.if you want to diss ,pls do it with foxy she deserves to be put back to the limelight and i want a joint with her and mc lyte together with trina and queen latifa.Girls that are still living.And pls dont ever have anything with that walking white ghost.LONG LIVE MINAJESTY.THE FOREVER QUEEN OF HIPHOP.

  32. stbaby December 15, 2011

    And lastly it seems as if we are not dealing with only raggedy fans but with a couple female who think cos they can rhyme two words ,thgey are now female rappers.And for your info roman in moscow want just for raggedy but for whomsoever the cap can fit should come out and wear with NICKI MINAJ.Hardcord which was raggedy biggest selling album sold 1445,000 in US and arond 1.6 worldwide while it shipped 2mill and this is after 15years.PINK FRIDAY sold 1.6 US and more than 2mill worldwide after a year who is the champion ?you decide.Go Nicki, we are solidly behind you and i for once cannot wait for 14/02/ that we can do it all over again.YOU REIGN SUPREME GIRL.

  33. YOOSONDALOOSE December 16, 2011

    Go Mary, she gave the right response.
    Really respect that.

  34. arob December 17, 2011

    I wish Mary and Beyonce would release that song they got man.

    I really wished that Nicki would have acknowledged being inspired by Kim, and I wish Kim would get over it. and just make good music like she use to.

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