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Hot Shot: Jennifer Hudson Graces ‘Good Housekeeping’

Published: Wednesday 4th Jan 2012 by Rashad

Amidst speculation of a split, ‘And I Am Telling You’ belter Jennifer Hudson has seen her name atop many-a-headline for recently (re)confirming wedding plans to professional wrestler David Otunga.  Besides confirming that the wedding is indeed still on, Hudson hasn’t been telling much else.  But, while keeping mum on that topic, there’s info on one subject, as evidenced by February 2012’s ‘Good Housekeeping’, no one can keep the singer from humming about – her weight loss.

As the promo continues for her forthcoming memoir release ‘I Got This’ (January 10), fans get to catch JHud afront ‘Good Housekeeping’ magazine where she dishes on her weight loss, details on her latest happenings, and new book.  Check after the jump for a few excerpts:

On how her son encouraged her weight loss:

‘Everything changed the day my son was born,’ she says. ‘Motherhood brought tremendous responsibilities – none greater than the obligation I felt to get healthy and be there for my son. David [my son] deserved to have a mama who could run after him without getting wounded or tired, to have a role model who could teach him to make healthy food choices.

On how her weight loss encouraged family members to follow suit:

‘Over 75 of them are on Weight Watchers, and they’ve lost over 2,000 pounds altogether,’ she says proudly. ‘My cousin beat me – she’s lost 112 pounds!’


You can read all of this and more in the February 2012 edition of ‘Good Housekeeping’.  Click here to find out how you can win your free copy.

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  1. CURLY SUE January 4, 2012


  2. Geezy January 5, 2012

    I’m glad to see Jennifer is in a happy place. But we all heard the weight loss story and personally I’m over it. Now its time to get back on the big screen or make an album that the public actually wants to buy. Other then Weight watchers commericals this chick hasn’t done anything worth talking about lately.

  3. norma January 5, 2012

    I love it! Jennifer Hudson is doing it for all to see. Certainly, a woman among many. Weather it be a true fan are a small minded hater, truth stands alone and does not need a defense. Jhud is making waves like nobody business.

  4. dmac January 5, 2012

    horrible WIG

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