Katy Perry On Beyonce Controversy: “Get A Life”

Published: Wednesday 21st Mar 2012 by David

On Monday, Katy Perry set the net alight with controversial remarks aimed at Beyonce‘s  Shakira assisted ‘Beautiful Liar‘.

Labeling the cut ‘un-iconic‘, she came under fire from Knowles’ fans, who took to Twitter to air our their frustration with her comments.

Now, Perry has hit back.

Juice below…

She tweeted:

F*ck all y’all (press) dat thinks I dissed anyone, puhlez, u havin a slow news day or what?! Get a life, cuz it’s not mine! #hoodratcominout

To be fair, Katy’s only crime was to share an opinion- which proved to be unpopular.

However, we do find it funny that she thinks she and Rihanna’s duet would be any more iconic than that of Beyonce’s and Shakira’s.

For, unless they’re planning to serve up a heartfelt power ballad, their ‘tag team’ is set to be more generic than iconic.

Because, with less talent than a little bit and  track record of dance #1s, it’d be foolish to expect anything more than the Microwave Pop trash they has taken them to the top, time and time again.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Josu March 21, 2012

    I don’t like her songs… I don’t know why her voice sounds so terrible for me.

  2. Slick Rick March 21, 2012

    hahahahahaha love this…

  3. F*** you Katy March 21, 2012

    Why did she have to go there? She should have taken a higher road and let her opinion be her opinion if she really didnt mean negative by it. Do you ever see Beyonce respond to foolishness? No because she cares to maintain a positive image. These celebrities go way too far and the twitter gangsta in her looks really ignorant and stupid… She needs to be back in a classroom lol never thought she was that talented anyway

  4. Keith Jones March 21, 2012

    It’s true though, she didn’t explicitly discount “Beautiful Liar.” *Katy-ridiculously-dressed-as Kanye Shrug*

  5. gistre1097 March 21, 2012

    I can’t do anything but laugh at Katy Perry for putting her & Rihanna’s name in the same sentence with the word “iconic” & actually believing the bulls*t she typed.LMFAO Poor that! As far as America’s favorite Bajan shaft shiner she already knows her place notice she has nothing to say, that or either she somewhere with a d*ck hung in her throat.

  6. kimberly March 21, 2012

    well said sam! nothing from these two can be iconic, only if it is a ballad and their voices are nothing special. Out of all uniconic songs produced in the history of music Katy chose to use beautiful liar from shikira and Beyonce and say it is not iconic. what’s about referencing the many songs she and rihanna have as uniconic and try to better it. You can only grow as an artist if you challenge your own work.
    Katty please stick to your generic crap. You cannot come close to shikira or hell nor Beyonce.

    And to those ignorants coming on this post. Nobody said beautiful liar was perfection but to referrence it as inconic out of music’s HISTORY? SPECIAL. Katy must have been really digging Beyonce’s work like rihanna was on Bey’s naughty girl video.

    Next time chose your words wisely kATY

  7. BC March 21, 2012

    Agreed, she really didn’t have to respond

  8. Baby March 21, 2012

    I’m pretty sure Rihanna & Katy Perry has more number one’s than Beyonce & Shakira, whether or not they’re microwave pop or dance #1

  9. Dannii March 21, 2012

    Ermmmm… Beyonce and Shakira’s duet was not iconic in the first place.

  10. jjenn March 21, 2012

    shut the f*** up grape juice how pathetic are u

  11. Wide Awake March 21, 2012

    Anything she says or any celebrity says will make headlines today, by writing this comment it demonstrates it works! Katy makes great pop music as does the others for their respective fanbases! With sagging music sales, people buy what they like! All three singers do well!

  12. BC March 21, 2012

    Truth is Beyonce and Shakira r much more talented, still neither is likely to reply or care so everything’s fine by me

  13. Rockstarr March 21, 2012

    rihanna has sold way more records than beyonce ever did at her age (ALONE) and Katy Perry is breaking all kinds of records so all you Beyonce obsessed idiots need to know it wouldnt be impossible if Rih & Katy made a smash hit, bigger than beautiful liar . they’re the front runners in the game now.

  14. kimberly March 21, 2012

    Katy should try to reference the b******* she calls music and try to make it iconic her next era. She should use the UNICONIC MARRIAGE she had and write breakup songs like adele so they can be iconic. Scary looking b****. You need a life Katy cause damn your marriage is 12 feet deep.
    Hope the iconic song you choose to record crop a grammy and more awards and nominations than BL

  15. kimberly March 21, 2012

    @ rockstar are you talking about sales with six albums back to back with all hype and no rest? Are you talking about the struggle they call rihanna. I bet you talking about the newbees in the industry than only use controversy and gimmicks? I am sure you are. sorry. btw we don’t need a smash we need an iconic song from them because that is what they are aiming for. you miss the point. AN ICONIC SONG. DOES NOT EQUAL SMASH. A SMASH SINGLE DOES NOT EQUAL ICONIC.

  16. Olly Murrs March 21, 2012

    It’s been said before but I’ll say it again. Katy Perry and Rihanna really do think they’re the mean girls of the music industry. They really think they can say and do what the f*** they like to whom ever and come back with an attitude like they bad b******. Take note from the ones still doing it 10, 20, 30yrs on and evolve into a woman with more grace substance than mouth and attitude.

    Sit the f*** down and write a better song, something people will play in 10yrs time and not wonder what the f*** people were smoking to think that s*** was great.

  17. thman March 21, 2012

    Katy Perry actually makes some great pop records. She doesn’t really make typical dance records. She has a couple really great songs. Look at Sam panties all i a bunch. Looooooool…. She should’t have used Beyonce as a reference though.

  18. Rockstarr March 21, 2012

    @Kimberley Im not here to counteract or go back & forth. state your opinion and go about your day. DONT DONT NEED YOU TO TELL ME ABOUT A SMASH OR ICONIC SONG. its obvious you lack knowledge of musical terms

  19. Ass March 21, 2012

    I think she could have given her opinion without calling anyone one out, but she didn’t.
    She was right about the songs she described and I think? That’s why people got so hot.

    She never said Bey and shakira, never did ANY iconic music! She didn’t say she hated them(quite the opposite), but certain stans act like rabid dogs, without looking at the big picture.

    An opinion is an opinion. We all have a right to express ours.

    As long as the person states their opinion without hateful words and such, I don’t get why an opinion is so bad.

    This is the problem with “stanning”. People go off the deep end about s*** that ain’t that serious.

    She’s right get a f***** life.

  20. MISHKA March 21, 2012


    Falls so hard ’cause laughs tryna kill me !!!! Hahahahaha

    Rihanna, talk to your girl okay? That’s what she gets for being all up in Queen Bey’s sh!t.

    She flies to Kanye’s runway in Paris, she calls herself Katy-Z, she covers N*ggas in Paris and on top of that she disses Bey. What part of a whacky game is that?

    Titty Perry, \__________ !

  21. Ass March 21, 2012

    @Truth is Beyonce and Shakira r much more talented, still neither is likely to reply or care so everything’s fine by me
    I agree! On the other hand the other two are bonifide hit makers.

    This is not a talent contest. Katy just gave her opinion on ONE SONG!

    She was not in anyway saying she and RIh are better than B and S.

    I think people need something to do! LMAO!

  22. MISHKA March 21, 2012

    People, there’s no need to come at TGJ, her comments made the headlines on a lot of major blogs, mainstream and urban.

  23. nikoyuki March 21, 2012

    I love BL , but both woman have done better. I actually like the Spanish one better. But anything that Katy or Riri does will never in history be better then Bey or Shakira because when you look at the work that those two have put in you see their impact. Shakira and Beyonce voices are very powerful, their great live performers plus Beyonce and Shakira want respond because they are professionals. Katy and ’em could learn something from them.

  24. Onyx March 21, 2012

    Slap in the face

  25. M March 21, 2012


  26. DareToDeal March 21, 2012

    Awwww…she mad?!? LOL! Katy perry got dragged mercilessly by bey stans on twitter. Dead @ her referring herself as a hoodrat. Is that supposed to make her seem tough?!? What an ignorant dumb h**! Then again, can you blame her for using such language? Look at who she hangs out with and calls best friend(Rihanna).

    That’s the thing with these 2face b******, when they were on come-up, they were praising Beyonce and chase her down at award shows for pics. The minute they get some 99cent success, they wanna take shots at her. Stupid h** needs to keep Beyonce’s name out her mouth.

  27. xxx March 21, 2012

    i love her for saying this!

  28. DareToDeal March 21, 2012

    YES Katy FakePerry, Backtrack and plead your case to the queen. She knows she has to maintain her good grace with the queen.

  29. Hot! March 21, 2012

    am i the only one disturbed by her saying HOODRATTWEET when has she ever been a hoodrat or known anyone from the hood. So corny i tell you people are ridiculous these days just syaing anything that comes to mind. Her and all of those Beyonce fans who overreact to everything…. Sad World we live in but tommorow could be a better day

  30. KAT DELUNA FAN March 21, 2012

    H** got the attention she get a life,

    smelly Kat,smelly kat *phoebevoice*

  31. Ass March 21, 2012

    ** @BC
    I agree

  32. Os March 21, 2012

    ya f-ck all them crows they be taking this out of context,fringing anything on the wall in hopes of something sticking,and you up there talking about she should have taken the high road,you think being civil all the times works,some times you have to go in.

  33. QueenBeyzus4Ever March 21, 2012

    Beyonce is the queen! Katy Perry is a good song writer but she can’t sing a note.

  34. KAT DELUNA FAN March 21, 2012

    Thanks,when you dont do well,you see people true colors.

    Bey stans should calm down,Bey doesnt give a f*** about shade towards her as long as you lick his husband feet.Jay will probably be seen partying with Katy like he did with Keri hilson.

  35. Jayla March 21, 2012

    She so right yall need a life… I never cared for her or Rihanna’s music, but i love them as people because they dont give a F*** about maintaing no image to u no life people lol, She banking money while yall tweeting her… #TeamKaty

  36. E11 March 21, 2012

    Haha, Katy Perry’s tweet was aimed at TGJ, lol DEATH

  37. christinasalmosthere March 21, 2012

    She’s only doing this because she has this damn Confection CD s*** to promote and she needs publicity for herself.

  38. grammy dammy sammy March 21, 2012

    i already said it here that Katy wasn’t dissing the song nor the artists. i think she meant she dint wanna try and redo the theme on beautiful liar; girls teaming up against a cheating man. if u ask me Katy is a bigger fan of Bey than Rihanna. i reallty wish people dint come at her neck like that. she loves the Queen. the Beyhive does the most atimes but in this case the media def helped fuel the fire

  39. BitchIcantevenspellwelfare March 21, 2012

    & at the end of the day she will NEVER be on Beyonce’s level.

  40. MissImpartial March 21, 2012

    Truht hurts sometimes. Beyonce and Shakira”s duet was underwhelming and not even close to iconic status. Seriously and the Beyonce stans who think Beyonce she is iconic. The most iconic material of hers was the Single Ladies video and that was a cabon copy. What does that say about your fave??

  41. likane March 21, 2012

    What is girls feel obliged to criticize Beyonce makes her 15 years in what is the hard work she never critquer persone but people feel the force whenever nomer has been criticized throughout the year 2011 2012 have you seen the answer on twitter even when we pay close correlation has jay’z rihanna and never know it rule on the issue is a distinguished woman does not give to f*** that you can think of it as caty pery he continues to advertise that’s his problem

  42. likane March 21, 2012

    katy responds and what is criticized because of all I live in France and the people here do not think the song by beyonce iconic but what am better than all the s*** katy pery has hatched this year

  43. grammy dammy sammy March 21, 2012


    March 21, 2012 at 2:51 pm

    Truht hurts sometimes. Beyonce and Shakira”s duet was underwhelming and not even close to iconic status. Seriously and the Beyonce stans who think Beyonce she is iconic. The most iconic material of hers was the Single Ladies video and that was a cabon copy. What does that say about your fave??


    em what kinda standpoint is that? u dont need music videos to be iconic! it’s all about your impact and footprint in the industry. Beyonce is iconic because of the reputation she has garnered for herself. when u think the most relevant popstars of the past 20 years, no way Bey’s name wont come up. that u would use music videos to belittle her status is just <<<<<<<<<

  44. JP March 21, 2012

    What? A celebrity that isn’t totally kissing Beyonce’s ass? This is what I’m here for. Katy gets respect from me.

  45. Stop Hating IT is what IT is March 21, 2012

    Well, although there song is likely to be trash, she has got a point. I mean, Beautiful Liar is hardly The Boy is Mine.
    Personally I don’t see how their voices will compliment each other.
    Isn’t Rihanna suppose to be doing a song with Cheryl Cole?
    These non singers really won’t rest.

  46. KAT DELUNA FAN March 21, 2012

    The song wasnt a stellar song but the collabo between 2 HUGE STARS like BEYONCE AND SHAKIRA IS ICONIC itself.

    Katy working with rih aint nothing less and more than another collabo added on their respective lists of forced features for relevancy.She is trying to gain attention for the song,l bet it’s goat & her idea.

    The comparaison was just direspectful and ruined her image for me (nothing to do with bey or shakira)

  47. grammy dammy sammy March 21, 2012

    and what was the truth that needed to be told? katy doesnt have a single iconic song herself, neither does rihanna, majority of music that has been released over the years arent iconic. are we gonna expect every pop star to pull a random name out now whenever they’ve a future single to hype? i dont even believe Katy was coming for BL but some of the comments here are nonsensical. BL may not be iconic, it’s listenable and decent and performed very well on the charts. it wasnt overhyped or even promoted. it’s just a random reference lol but Katy loves her some Beyonce, this wont be the first time she makes reference to Beyonce, only difference is this time her words were miscontrued #stansohard #m’efferswannafindher

  48. grammy dammy sammy March 21, 2012

    so you need an artist to be “anti-Beyonce” to respect them? that’s P-A-T-H-E-T-I-C!

  49. Ass March 21, 2012


    I think you make alot of sense. Instead of the female vs. male(beautiful liar), Katy wants the duet she does with Rih to be a female empowerment song…

    @ least someone is thinking about the context of the statement, instead of assuming the worst. 😉

  50. MissImpartial March 21, 2012

    @grammy dammy sammy
    My point is Beyonce is a recycled artist and so what ever impact she made was through other artists ideas and performances. She did well for herself. Beautiful Liar is not iconic and Katy can say her opinion. Most Shakira and Beyonce fans wouldn’t even list it among their fave songs.

  51. likane March 21, 2012

    ho stop one second to lower the song beautiful liar Beyonce is a hot song who spends all day on TV as recently as yesterday here in France it is to pass the song on TV any day you want to minimize the Beyonce song to raise your artist that’s all. caty sense to go grow because of its success this year but time will tell how everything will end its not because the album of Beyonce did not walk this year that she and von bif believe that his career is complete

  52. grammy dammy sammy March 21, 2012


    Beyonce is not a recycled artist.

    her 16 grammys were for her own vocals, songs and albums
    she was top radio artist of the decade with her own songs not covers
    everytime she gets up on that stage, she is the one performing not anyone else
    75 million records off 3 albums is from her own sales via her own fanbase
    making history at glastonbury was via her own sweat not anyone elses
    the praise she gets for her work ethic, musicianship, personality is her own credit
    she inputs her own ideas and contribution to the material she puts out

  53. The G-List Society March 21, 2012


    The loose bottom Bey-stans are mad because Katy ain’t no punk. She has the same amount of #1 hits as Beyonce, and Beyonce has been around 10 years ahead of Katy.

    Rihanna has more #1 hits than Beyonce and Shakira combined and she arrived YEARS after both of them. So that makes Rihanna iconic and the Bey-stans sh*t in their diapers. Especially @grammy dammy sammy

  54. grammy dammy sammy March 21, 2012


    i really dont wanna arguee, that’s your opinion of Beyonce, all well and good. you’r’e entitled to it. i can see this debate going on all day and i have other stuff to do. at the end of the day, it’s all subjective. take care

  55. mabs March 21, 2012

    Miss impartial, would you stfu for once. Always barking, with a silent woof.. Point is ur favs riri and katy, they dont have talent, and bey does, so she shouldn’t say s*** about anyone’s material when hers is utter s*** generic. Point blank period…… Its clear you have a problem with beyonce, but don’t sit there and type nonsense, pay credit when its due(which is something you’ll never do)!

  56. jay March 21, 2012

    first off rhianna only gets reconized for her dumb ass song that have no meaning to them anyways and her career might be down the drain for f****** with chris again and second who the F*** is katty perry i mean come on now does she even have a grammy the first album she put out flopped so wtf is she talking about iconic rih and katty need to sit down somewhere and let the queen b and shakira do there jobs

  57. ANTHONY March 21, 2012


  58. queen bee March 21, 2012

    Omg Beyonce is so much better than Katy perry ugly b****

  59. lapd March 21, 2012

    i think what katy meant was that when she does a collabo with rihanna, its going to be genuine as opposed to beautiful liar…good song but it seems like bey and shakira did a song just because it sounds good on paper…but we already know if katy and rihanna work together the song will debut at number one!

  60. likane March 21, 2012

    Puah rihanna fans make me laugh all day is not emblematic beyoncé is a hearty but rihanna did what in your opinion since it’s beginning it has copied beyonce you croyer its cut the Care fefe dobson she invent the had done it before victoria beckham had done so and beyonce in one of these clips and looking at the girl on video only see right away the clips already seen what my name beyonce halo and the list goes on eto you how someone who has not a hearty mark its time for ideas for your idol truth is that you beyoncé jealous because you know your artist no ue no talent that is all

  61. Perryperryperry March 21, 2012

    Katy s songs r great and quality pop songs….not trashy or generic at all….she has her own pop rock style

  62. Perryperryperry March 21, 2012

    I’m sorry but I kissed a girl and firework are 2 of the most iconic songs in pop…..not only Katy..but in the whhhoooolleeeee genre..beautiful liar is NOT iconic compared to other beyonce songs like crazy in love or single ladies

  63. I’mjustsayin March 21, 2012

    Riri and Katy fan should be the last ones calling someone else recycled. TTT is full of recycled music, beats etc…Katy is still milking the hell out of TD, she’s done the tour the whole promo thing, let it go!!! It is two years later time for a new album, new era. After her failed attempt to cheat her way and break MJ’s record the girl is still trying with this CD. And for saying she has the same number 1’s as Bey. Her number 1’s were earned hence the reason they spent multiple weeks at that spot. Not a remix to the remix and sold for 2 for 1 specials to get there.

  64. Gilbert0 March 21, 2012

    In the end of the day, the basic b****** like Katy Perry and Rihanna are still under Beyoncé’s shadow. You don’t see Beyoncé saying any BS about these ho, but they all have Beyoncé’s name on their mouth.
    I just wonder if Katy Perry thinks that those shitty remixes that she’s done just to get a #1 hit is iconic. LOL.

  65. Perryperryperry March 21, 2012

    @gliberto Katy’s most iconic songs r firework and I kissed a girl!!! Have they been remixed? NO….go f*** ur self please

  66. King A March 21, 2012

    katy shity 00100
    f***k u ..u r so jalouse ,,,,

    luv u Queen B <3

  67. Perryperryperry March 21, 2012

    When has Katy EVER dissed bey anyway??? She’s been praising her for the last 2 f***** yrs and nobody has been payin her any mind!!!! All she said was compared to other “super collabos” BL isn’t I conic which it’s not!!!! U can’t put a side the facts…,the facts r the facts

  68. jill March 21, 2012

    Katy is TRASH………. Many artists thinks so…..Pink is so much better than this b****…….. Remember Linda Perry calling Katy Trash? LOL

    These young dumb artists needs to shut their mouth!!!!!!!!

  69. Minajesty March 21, 2012

    Damage control… you said it, not us.

  70. mel March 21, 2012

    Trying to diss Shakira and Beyonce? They have more talent in their left thumb…Stupid b****. Katy can’t even sing and rihanna career is almost up………

  71. fatu sankoh March 21, 2012

    thx sam you said it all caty have no love for bey she give love to riri kayon jay and say hotful thing about bey and the only time nasty caty say nice thing about bey is when bey former band mate lotoya was with the same lable with her to make lotoya mad bey god will continue to bless protect you aganist this hatters we your fans love you they will never take that away from you long live the queen

  72. ITAINTYOBABY March 21, 2012

    If Katy Perry and Rihanna put out a number 1 single and perform that song on an award show, Bey and one of her backups could perform Beautiful Liar that same night and shut the hold show down Katy need to get her stage game together I can’t wait until the studio singer era is over

  73. dezi March 21, 2012

    PUBLICITY STUNT! And katy is not the only one involved

  74. LARRY March 21, 2012

    RIP king MJ

  75. KillBill92 March 21, 2012

    Rihanna has 6 albums and only 23 million WW averaging 3.8million per album, most of her record sales are from singles not albums. so @ROCKSTARR don’t bring sales in it.

  76. ITAINTYOBABY March 21, 2012

    Katy is a Bey fan though you can tell so I don’t think she was coming at Bey or Shakira but mentioning her and Rihanna name in the same breathe of two other females with more talent than them is just funny

  77. Geees March 21, 2012

    Yep damage control …you did say it ms Katy …. There are plenty of female artist Collabs that have taken place & you felt the need to pick BL … Lol chile you just had to have beyonce name in your mouth …someway somehow #woop #PubStunt

  78. K ANDB4EVER March 21, 2012

    yall people never have anything better to do but diss anybody every chance yall get…. Just cause you a BEE or Rih fan and you dont like what someone said yall try to go in before you no all the facts ( now thats something to talk about)… At the end of the day, Katy Perry can say what she wants they all is the people with the money not us so on the real, our comments dont even matter..

    How people going to get mad when she respond talking Beyonce wouldnt repsond.. News flash Beyonce did respond to things people said before so dont try that..

    And im a die hard Bee fan but yall need to get a life….

  79. REALTALKBSWALK March 21, 2012

    Mannn f*** Beyonce Katie Perry just saying how she feels it’s her opinion I can dig that keep that s*** real and f*** who don’t like it!

  80. christinasalmosthere March 21, 2012

    We need more guy anthems. I’m so over all these female empowerment songs. So sick of females thinking their s*** don’t stink and that their p****** are aligned with gold. Get over yourselves.

  81. aishaaguilerakeys March 21, 2012

    TGJ and

  82. aishaaguilerakeys March 21, 2012

    TGJ and anyone else who got a pb w/ what KP said- GET A LIFE.

  83. King Tasha March 21, 2012

    Nope dont blame the Hive, Shakira fans was getting her together in spanish…and that tweet was for the press/media

  84. commanderofthedancefloor March 21, 2012

    rihanna is an icon whether people believe it or not!! and no iconic songs!! umm umbrella people!!!! top song of 2007 it was a monster hit! and everyone here knows the lyrics to it whether they admit it or not and rihanna just had another iconic song with we found love!! nice try and yes i said iconic try to prove me wrong go and ask some random people what a rihanna song is and those two will be named!!

  85. Rihanna is Queen March 21, 2012

    @Commander i don’t think Rih has yet reached iconic #IMO But she has some good singles!

  86. TheOuyonB March 21, 2012

    @TGJ, ya’ll are some HATERS!!!!!! Guess y’all wanted and interview or a performance on “The Splash” and she declined the offer. She is a Pop Rock artist. And anyone who listened to her Teenage Dream album and didn’t enjoy the content, must be deaf, dumb, stupid. It appears ya’ll dislike her b/c she is linked to Rhianna. Stop taking people’s words out of context and report news that actually matters. No frivolous b.s.

  87. DTG March 21, 2012

    Okay, first of all…it’s true that “Beautiful Liar” isn’t iconic, and is probably one of the more forgettable Beyonce songs. That being said…

    F*** KATY PERRY.

    As boring and uneventful as BL was, it’s 10x better than any and every Katy Perry song I ever heard. Her music is terrible. I gotta laugh when people come here and say that she’s make “great pop”. There’s no such thing as ‘great pop,’ pop music sucks. It’s generally corny and dorky and her s*** ain’t an exception. And her voice is terrible. All she does is shout, while sounding like a damn robot. She hasn’t come out with a decent song yet. Even those songs with Snoop Dogg and Kanye were a bunch of b*******. The only people who like Katy Perry are 14 year old white girls and 20 year old white gay guys.

    Furthermore, I don’t give a s*** if BL isn’t iconic…it was rude for that talentless, dime-a-dozen b**** to call out another artists work as being beneath her own. There was a much more tactful way for her to promote her b******* collaboration (which is going to be a bunch of garbage…mark it) and to wish for it to be a higher quality (lol) work than to call out another artists work. I’m willing to bet this Katy/Rihanna s*** is gonna be s***; worse than BL. How do I know that? Because all of Katy and Rihanna’s music is s*** respectively, so the likelihood of this being any better is not good.

    F*** a Katy Perry. That b**** ain’t s*** but a here-today-gone-tomorrow pop tart.

  88. Arthur March 21, 2012

    These b****** are crazy. Just add Britney and Madonna’s duet to the game and we’re done with this b*******.

  89. Inlovewithbey March 21, 2012

    Beyonce RULEZ!!

  90. Inlovewithbey March 22, 2012


  91. kevv March 22, 2012

    so this is what they call “news” -.-


  92. 19 is muthufukkin’ Underrated March 22, 2012


    Did you see her “Fart of Me” vid?? LOLious..

  93. F*** Katy Perry _I_ March 22, 2012

    Wow she is sooooo stupid to let an opinion like that get on her :D. Man I think either she doesn’t have a job or has too mush free time and doesn’t know what to do :D, b**** get a life :*

  94. Bobby Bulgaria March 23, 2012

    Katy Perry is RIGHT…

    Anything iconic in “Beautiful Liar”…???


  95. Ange March 25, 2012

    I like Katy Perry’s songs, she writes her own music and it’s good. However, why did she even have to mention Beyonce’s name? However questionable some of Beyonce’s actions are (i.e. claiming that she is “French” in a L’Oreal advert), no-one can deny that Beyonce is exceptionally talented. So Katy Perry was only ever going to make herself look foolish with her comments.

  96. Lax March 27, 2012

    Thats right katy speak your minds dont let them tell you
    what to do or say.

  97. Lax March 27, 2012

    Keep working as hard as you or. Remember “I Kissed A Boy”

  98. Lax March 27, 2012

    You and Rih just keep giving it all you have got. They keep trying
    to say who can earn the money, but money dont care who owns it.

  99. Lax March 27, 2012

    Forget whats Iconic just keep dropping your music
    and by all means keep doing you.

  100. Lax March 27, 2012

    They often times bring up how much beyonce made sitting on her
    ass but you or both getting there. She have done this with her many
    endorsements and ads, you and rih will just have to keep snagging
    those endorsements and you have to multi task. Britney made 64 m
    going back and forward to star bucks. You and Rihanna can work
    your way up there where they or.

  101. Lax March 27, 2012

    They see your names on that forbes list in the top 5
    and that just kills them. Therefore they have to try and
    say something negative about how bey didnt work, but
    who give a dam.

  102. Lax March 27, 2012

    See how they keep calling Rihanna the queen
    of flop and she is breaking new ground all over
    the world, the devil cant stand the truth and others
    out doing anything beyonce does at all.

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