Watch: Beyonce Praises Michelle Obama

Published: Monday 16th Jul 2012 by David

Earlier this year, ‘A Star Is Born’ actress Beyonce embraced the power of social media by releasing an open letter penned to Michelle Obama, online.

Praising the First Lady for her dedication to the US and its people, the letter marked yet another friendly exchange between the two, after Mrs. Obama named the singer as the one person she would be if given the option.

Now watch the 16 time Grammy winner speak on the well received letter below…

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  1. Latrell4Bey July 16, 2012

    Beyonce is so humble and kind and talented! I Love This Woman and Our First Lady!

    • truth July 16, 2012


      • hood_star_06 July 16, 2012

        took the words right outta my mouth – now i like bey but damn if she writes another letter – sup with this tour for “4” or something – album number 5 maybe?

      • Lalan July 16, 2012

        lol yall are so mean.

        Muppet Baby Creator Tells Tiny (Ti’s Wife) To Change Her Face; Doesn’t Believe Resemblance to Miss Piggy Is an Accident – …this was mean but so funny

      • Lax July 16, 2012

        B Can read and write, “At Last” that 35th street
        school for that “Ged” paid off, thats wonderful.

      • Latrell4Bey July 16, 2012

        lol y yall mad tho?

  2. Benron July 16, 2012

    Is she using a telepromter like she did at “Roseland” to told her when to tell the audience to clap/ when to say “hey” or when to give the mic to the audience to sing? Im just kidding though, but what is with her “letter” obsession. If she likes to write so much she should pay more attention to her fans the DustHive.

    • POP ROYALTY ( F*** Yo Fav) July 16, 2012

      i believe she wrote this one letter tho, one of the few things she did by herself.and also she did the ” thanking the black journalists blah blah ” in the same day , so it was Combo. back 2 back

      Cute of her. but she comes off as an attention seeker releasing it now.

      • Anne July 16, 2012

        I think the president or someone working on the campaign asked her to read the letter or she volunteered to do so for re-election purposes. It was posted today on the president’s website. We’ll probably begin to see more celebs come out to show their support.

  3. Honestly Speaking July 16, 2012

    I really don’t care for Beyonce and her tacky lace-front. She just seems fake and rehearsed all the time, even in casual supposedly “candid” settings. She should really just focus on being a mother and stay away from the cameras until she has something noteworthy and of substance (that wasn’t inspired aka stolen from someone else) to say.

    • Virtuoso Intellect July 16, 2012

      You’re a nobody non-factor. Nobody cares what u think she should do.

      • Honestly Speaking July 16, 2012

        B****, if you don’t like my opinion, you know how to keep that delusional ass scrolling onto the next comment. Don’t hate because she’s irrelevant and you are just as much of a non-factor as Mrs. P**** Popper.

      • Virtuoso Intellect July 16, 2012

        Nah imma say it again. No one give’s a rat ass what ur take on the Queen is. She will continue to make your blood boil and you will continue resorting to blogs to air your miserable ill-wishes.

      • Honestly Speaking July 16, 2012

        B****, no one is upset or pressed but you. You obviously can’t handle the truth so you want to try and come at me any kind of way but I couldn’t care less. Beyonce will still be a p**** popping, illiterate, uneducated h** at the end of the day and you’ll still just be another delusional stan stuck up her tacky wigged ass. Goodbye and continue to revel in that special brand of stupidity that her fans are know for, gurl. 😉

      • Cassie July 17, 2012

        @ Virtuoso Intellect, “You’re a nobody non-factor. Nobody cares what u think she should do.”? You’re such a snob. I mean just because you specifically don’t agree with their opinion doesn’t mean it’s irrelevant.

    • POP ROYALTY ( F*** Yo Fav) July 16, 2012

      ^^ the kind of comments that drive the beyhive wild ……….. U are brave !!

      WW III in the reply area in 4 ..3…2…1. and expect seeing words like “hating’ , “getting money” , ” she’s rich” etc ….

      • Lax July 16, 2012

        @Honestly Speaking LMAO
        u do know how to tap them
        asses just right, Right On!!!!
        That will teach them how to
        talk back to the voices of

      • Lax July 18, 2012

        And no matter what beyonce’s fans are still the most nutty fans/stan in the blogosphere.

    • beyonce Manager July 16, 2012


  4. kelly July 16, 2012

    I never thought I would see the day when Beyonce is becoming irrelevant. Like, all her only claim ti fame is is what Blue Ivy looks like and these pathetic letters to A president who is on his way out.

    Like, what are her latest fashion projects? Rih has just locked a deal to DESIGN FOR RIVER ISLAND.

    Her movie career is stale – she STILL only gets cast as singers / divas, while Rihanna has played a navy seal doing a comedy and might be in the fast and furious.

    What songs is she gonna bring that is gonna shake the world?

    And…..why should we care? Her best beauty years are behind and she has zero s** appeal.

    • kelly July 16, 2012

      She does even own the whole Booty thing – Kim K and Rih have that on lock. And she has not evolved – teh same old blonde lacenet.

      • Gilberto July 16, 2012

        Beyoncé is actually a singer, she doesn’t give a f*** about haircut. She doesn’t need to keep changing her wigs, style, mood just to sell records. Actually, only a basic b**** would care so much about wigs. Her fans and herself appreciate TALENT AND EPIC PERFORMANCES. Since you stan to Rihtad, you can’t appreciate these things. Sorry!

        “Her movie career is stale – she STILL only gets cast as singers / divas, while Rihanna has played a navy seal doing a comedy and might be in the fast and furious. ”
        LOL. LOL. LOL. LOL. LOL. Isn’t R****** on the cast of the biggest flop of the year? I refuse. Beyoncé is working with the Oscar winner and legendary actor and director, Clint Eastwood. U MAD? She has an animation, called EPIC, coming next year. U MAD? She has many #1 movies. U MAD?

        “Like, what are her latest fashion projects? Rih has just locked a deal to DESIGN FOR RIVER ISLAND.”
        DEAD. You’re really stupid. Beyoncé owns her own clothing line, Dereon and House of Dereon. They’re a BIG DEAL. Rihtad is just an employee of that s*** called Shitter Island which I never heard about it before.


      • kelly July 16, 2012

        No you are stupid. Beyonce deron was a flop that only hood rats in aMERICA. Rih will makes millions working with River Island who have 300 stores in the UK and more worldwide. They more respected than any house deron. Every girl in the UK wears River island – this is just more promo for Rih – those girls will then buy her music to boot.

        Who the hell wears House of Deron? WHO?

      • kelly July 16, 2012

        rIH WILL GET a 50% stake in all profits. River island make billions. This capsule line will make hundreds of millions and Rih will have a juicy percentage stake. Bit like 50 cent deal with reebok. She is not an employee, but Rita Ora will soon be, when Jay drops her ass.

      • Virtuoso Intellect July 16, 2012

        Dead at ri having booty on lock. U mean the same rihanna that posted on instagram few months ago that she wishes she has Beyonce’s b***. The same Rihanna that said in her HB interview that her b*** is gone and she misses it. You’ve always talked out of your ass, now you’re just shooting yourself in the foot.

        U wana brag about rih’s acting career. R u serious? The face of the BIGGEST BOX OFFICE FLOP OF THE YEAR? She has a cameo playing herself in some lame comedy movie meanwhile Bey has 3 leading roles lined up already lmao. Whatever she plays at least she’s a box office darling. Her fans can afford more than 99cents monthly allowance.

        Im not even goin to bother dispelling the rest of the tripe that u typed up there. You’re not worth the effort and you’ll continue to be a hater like most rhitards.

    • I Judge FLops July 16, 2012

      you never though you’d see the day and you haven’t.
      LOL if she was irrelevant you wouldn’t be commenting on her post.

      She obviously had enough “relevance” for you to take time out of our day to post a comment about her. So #Winning

      • kelly July 16, 2012

        That is what I tell the Rihanna haters who boost the comments over 100.


    • Ugh July 16, 2012


      Rihanna can sell 100 million records TOMORROW, she STILL wouldn’t be on Beyaki’s level. Hell she aint even on Xtina’s level. Rih and Katy Perry are neck and neck with their basic bitchness. I don’t even know why you brought up Adele and Lady Gaga, Rih aint on their levels LMAO

      • news July 16, 2012

        rihanna never on beyonce is level. we al know rihanna sucks d*** we ca rihanna a sut beyonce is wayyyy honour than rihanna i ie in the UK AND NO EERYONE WEARS RIER ISlAND NAVY ARE SUTS

      • kelly July 16, 2012


        I live in the UK and River Island is one of the biggest brands in the UK. They have shops on every high street and they are in bluewater, lakeside, and both westfields. The biggest shopping mall in in the world.

        I can name a river island in practically every high street.

        You are right, no wears ” rier isiand ” That shops does not exist. LOL LOL

    • ahahahha July 16, 2012

      house of frazer, select, new look, h$m thats where people goes not f****** river island i live in Birmingham where u at?

      • Lax July 16, 2012

        Sic them Kelly school these loosers, and we never hear nothing about house of dogggggs, do we.

  5. I Judge FLops July 16, 2012


    While Rihanna snorts coke and parties in strip clubs

    Beyonce is honoring and praising the 1st Lady and you F****** are shading her?

    It’s funny how people praise other celebs for being untalented h** bags, but Beyonce WHO HAS REMAINED CLASSY THROUGHOUT HER 15 YEAR CAREER gets hated on?

    You all can suck a a*** d***.

    Beyonce is the definition of a WOMAN. She has remained a class act and doesn’t depend on controversy to remain relevant.

    Someone had the nerve to say she was “irrelevant” yet 15 years since her debut, you are STILL WRITING COMMENTS ON HER POST. THAT SOUNDS pretty relevant to me.

    Beyonce aka 16 Grammys aka Billboard Artist of the Millennium aka International Artist Award at the AMA’s, aka your fav worships her… is doing JUST FINE if you ask me.

    • kelly July 16, 2012

      I know what she has achieved. I just do think that her 30’s will be her best years. I believe she has peaked. The reason why madonna and MJ had their best work in their 30’s, was because they were unique, daring and original. They set the trends, not jump on them with full force. Beyonce does not set trends, so she cannot come up with something defining in this phase of her life.

      Also her success came before Lady Gaga, Adele and Rih got signed, I am sure if those 3 were signed Beyince would not have been the big star she is. Since 2009, she has really been struggling to remain relevant.

      She respects Michelle Obama? So? sHE IS black american, so I guess she has to. Rih is from the west indies, Obama is nothing to her.

      And Rih lives the rock and roll rock star like that Mick Jagger lives and shits all over beyonce no name legacy. like who is beyonce compared to the Rolling stone?

      • I Judge FLops July 16, 2012


        Beyonce was relevant during the Britney, Xtina, N-Sync, Aaliyah, Ashanti, Brandy, Alicia Keys, Fergie, Gwen Stefanni, and so many other artist who slayed. Beyonce is STILL HERE while many of them are not.

        you young f****** are always stuck on these “new artist”
        Beyonce has been around when people were selling 8 X Plat and Diamond Records, not these flops “rihanna” who only go Plat.

        The three artist you named are “new”. You have to accept that fact that Beyonce has been slaying for 15 years… a time that has seen REAL TALENTED SUPERSTARS FADE. So sorry f***** 🙁

      • I Judge FLops July 16, 2012

        you said Rih has a “rock n roll” image? Really? Because she does drugs and goes to strip clubs? She’s a rockstar ? LMFAO her music is PURE POP. LMFAO

      • I Judge FLops July 16, 2012

        one last thing

        if she is “struggling” to remain relevant.

        how come each of those 3 artist you named… refer to her as Queen? How come they admire her? How come your commenting on a post about her if she is “struggling”

      • kelly July 16, 2012


        none of the singers ou have mentioned are on Adele or Lady Gaga level. Aahliya? She became famous after she died. Britney was not original, we knew her career would slow down when pasted 25. Alicia Keys? Rihanna has murdered Alicia in fame and record sales. They do not refer to her as a queen, they are just being polite. Of course they have to say something nice, but she did not influence any of their careers. Naomi campbell lived a drug fuelled party life…is she not an icon?

        Adele LP has sold over 20 millon globally and gone diamond in America.

      • kelly July 16, 2012


        No one refers to Beyonce as Queen. Mary J blige is the quenn of hip hop soul. Aretha is the Queen of Soul, Madonna is the Queen of Pop.

        I have never head Adele call Beyonce queen. Adele slays the hell out Beyonce without even trying. BEYONCE SAID 4 was influenced by Adele – except it fell short on talent and record sales.

      • Virtuoso Intellect July 16, 2012

        Lol anyone who follows Adele’s interviews knows she looks up to Beyonce whom has “been a part of [her] since she was 11”. That’s one name she dropped when asked who she’d like to collaborate with, then again who doesnt? In this month alone, Bruno Mars and Jessie J have made it public they want Beyonce on their next album. The list is endless. The entire industry cannot be loony. Beyonce represents this generation of talent. Whether u like her or not does not change a thing. Haters will hate. That is all

    • Honestly Speaking July 16, 2012

      Your entire comment is just full of crass and ignorant statements. The last time I checked you don’t know me from a can of paint, b****. Don’t call everyone who doesn’t kiss your p**** popping fave’s ass out of his or her username because you have an issue. I would not call being sued, stripping her way across America and other countries, and openly being catty towards people who are more talented and successful than her “keeping it classy”. There is a reason that she has THE most ignorant, bigoted fans in the world and this comment just continues to prove those estimates correct.

      • kelly July 16, 2012

        F*** you. I will say what I want.

      • Honestly Speaking July 16, 2012

        I was replying to Flops…I don’t know how you took this comment as directed at you when I haven’t even left reply on a single comment that you’ve made in here thus far. Don’t go looking for an argument when someone hasn’t even taken a glance in your direction.

      • kelly July 16, 2012

        I am sorry, At Honestly speaking. I like to make a comment, but hate to abuse – or be abused by others.

    • ahahahha July 16, 2012

      ewwww we sold 100 million records

    • Lax July 16, 2012

      @I JUDGE FLOPS Yes dope she got from
      jay and beyonce.

  6. Gilberto July 16, 2012

    The haters are pressed. Again. Their faves spent the day talking s*** on Twitter. But when Beyoncé speaks about Michelle Obama is a big problem. LOL. You’re so jealous that your fave spends her talking talking with teenagers and f*** on Twitter and Beyoncé is in touch with powerful people.

    • kelly July 16, 2012

      She is on twitter because it keeps her name out there. She has just announced her huge million business deal.

    • kelly July 16, 2012

      They call it marketing.

      • Gilberto July 16, 2012

        So is it okay for use her Twitter to SELL her s***, but it is a problem when Beyoncé uses her OWN SITE to support Michelle Obama. Double standards.

      • ahahahha July 16, 2012

        this sites sucks

  7. TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN!!! July 16, 2012

    Next president will be a Mormon.. we live in a crazy world haha

  8. That B*tch July 16, 2012

    I love me some Michelle & Beyonce. Beyonce is always classy, while Michelle Obama is the best dressed First Lady to ever hit the white house.
    Even the First Lady loves Queen Bey.

    • ahahahha July 16, 2012

      me too i love them

  9. christinastherealtalent July 16, 2012

    Beyonce makes me sick. For the longest time, her and Jay both have been trying to win favor with the Obamas and its annoying. They try so hard to he like them when they’ll never even come close to being on their level. Beyonce is so irrelevant right now that this is one of her many desperate attempts for publicity. Beyonce, just focus on being a mother right now instead of trying to put new music and new movies before what’s supposed to be your #1 priority.

    • kelly July 16, 2012

      Trust me. Beyonce is done. No one is checking for her singing movies and movies.

      I would rather see Rihanna in the new fast and furious with Vin Desel and the rock, than watch Beyonce play an aging diva trying to make it as a singer. Again.

      Music? What sound will she do now? She is getting boring.

    • Virtuoso Intellect July 16, 2012

      Win favour with the Obamas? Lmao

      Remind me again, was it the beautiful Beyonce that serenaded The 1st couples 1st dance as President-elect or XLargeTina FLOPlera?

      Where was PIGGYtina SCREECHlera when Beyonce was campaigning for Obama four years ago?

      Where was STRAINtina when Beyonce was participating in the 1st lady’s luncheons?

      I dont remember the 1st Lady and her kids attending GRUNTtina’s concerts and declaring how much she loves her to death on GMA as she did with Beyonce.

      We will talk about what u can stand when CUNTtina OFFKEYlera makes a comeback to music ok? Now SCRAM

      • christinastherealtalent July 16, 2012

        Wow you make name calling a full time job. Why you so mad baby? We all know Beyonce begged them to let her perform “At Last”…its not like Beyonce performed a song of her own. She was promoting Cadillac Records and her version of At Last. We all know that Beyonce has done whatever she could to stay relevant when she’s not working even if its desperate attempts reaching out to the Obamas like this using the media. Why not call her or email her? Wasn’t Beyonce the one Etta called a b**** and wanted to slap her for butchering her song at the inauguration? Christinas version will always be better and a classic because she has so much of Etta in her. More than what Beyonce has. I remember Etta praising Christina more in her final years than she ever praised Beyawnce.

      • Virtuoso Intellect July 16, 2012

        Lol yea she “begged” for it. Keep telling yourself that, moron.

      • Lax July 16, 2012

        @christinatherealtalent,,,cosign You!

  10. I Judge FLops July 16, 2012

    I really don’t see why f****** are made that Beyonce praised Michelle.

    If she was tweeting pics of getting high or throwing money at strippers she would be praised?

    You f****** really need to learn the difference between “class” and “trash”.

    • Honestly Speaking July 16, 2012

      Your comments are the DEFINITION of trash so why don’t you take your own advice before trying to hand it out. BeyHOEce’s awards don’t mean anything at all when they were ALL bought and paid for by Matthew Knowles.

      Awards can’t cover up or buy class you uneducated b****.

      • Lax July 16, 2012

        I judge flop sounds like a air head,
        looser ass wipe.

  11. China July 16, 2012

    All these letters, why?? Are you practicing your speech for your GED graduation.

    • Gilberto July 16, 2012

      She’s teaching basic bithces like you. Did you take some notes?

      • China July 16, 2012

        If you think this functioning r***** can teach me something, I need to be addressing that question to you. Keep sucking beyonce’s gaping c*** b**** and don’t forget to dush that roast beef looking bleached cooch

    • FAF July 16, 2012


      • Lax July 16, 2012

        @CHINA School these ass wipe, lames
        they or Retarded and rides that short bus
        China….they can’t stand the truth…

  12. I Judge FLops July 16, 2012

    F****** STAY PRESSED

    • Honestly Speaking July 16, 2012

      The only thing pressed in here is you. Get out, b**** and change that wack ass dusty avatar.

    • Lax July 16, 2012

      @I JUDGE FLOPS,,,Stop putting yo business
      in the streets, deery.

  13. I Judge FLops July 16, 2012




    • Honestly Speaking July 16, 2012

      You’re the irrelevant one you dusty ass b**** 🙂

    • Virtuoso Intellect July 16, 2012

      It’s the dumbest thing ever. Do they expect her to still be promoting 4 a year later?

      • POP ROYALTY ( F*** Yo Fav) July 16, 2012

        ^^ hmmmmmm … katy perry’s teenage dream anyone ?

      • Lax July 16, 2012

        Rihanna, katy, gaga got hits!

    • LOL July 17, 2012

      300 comments AND ?? It about the same 5 people talking s*** to one an other.

  14. PrettyYoungThing July 16, 2012

    Love it when there’s a stan war.

    *grabs popcorn*

    • Diana July 17, 2012

      Best comment on this post(:

  15. kelly July 16, 2012

    While beyonce cooning Michele – again, she should find why the black unemployment rate is at an all time high – highest in 27 years. I am sure the black community, outside of jay z and beyonce , would like to know where the next paycheck is coming from.

    • FAF July 16, 2012


      • Lax July 16, 2012

        @KELLY ROTF,,,Coooning lmao

    • sax July 16, 2012

      Because the unemployment took a hit with the recession of a war started on a “Credit Card”. She is an entertainer and out to inspire and touch people through her music not through policy. She relates to the First Lady and the President based on that issue alone, of inspiring and touching peoples life. The fact is Obama is not saying “black” unemployment is not an issue, but saying the “unemployment” of the general US is.

      • RichnBlack11(JUST LIKE BEY) July 19, 2012

        tell these damn dummies

  16. DIGGER BEY July 16, 2012

    LMAO I see the Pressed and Miserable Delusional Ones always comment first LMFAO……@ Kelly Girl Stop It. What ass does Rihoeanna have lmao. The only thing thats big and stick out on her, is that Big Ass Sup dom forehead. Too bad that Rihoeanna Reign still havnt pushed TTT 2 platnuim status after 9 months on the charts LMAO. KING B will always remain relevant, because she has become that Iconic! KING B has been casted n two movies that are non musical. And i wonder why Rihoeanna has yet to pass KING B n money making. She has took KING B’s spot, as u C**** say. The Queen B**** should always make more. KING B, 07= 70mill, 08= 87mill, 09= 87mill, 2010= 87mill, 2011= 45mill, 2012= 35mill! Rihoeanna, 05 FLOP, 06 FLOP, 07 FLOP, 08 under 25mill, 09 under 30mill, 2010 under 30mill, 2011 under 40mill, 2012 53mill. Chump change compared to KING B! #Rihoeanna isnt sh*t

    • kelly July 16, 2012

      But Rih is evolving, in both music and other ventures. I do not see where beyonce can go from here. Rih LP has sold 1.6 mill globally and over 5million singles. The units are still there. Beyonce LP and singles flopped. Folks did not even want to pay 1$ for a beyonce song last year.

      She failed to get a single number 1 anywhere on the planet.

      Rih is 24 – she has more to say, her next LP will be something out the box, she is working with Fazer from Ndubs – thsi will be interesting. What can beyonce do? Copy Adele again?

      • That B*tch July 16, 2012

        B**** have a seat! I have both “4” and “21” and while Beyonce did say Adele inspired her they sound nothing alike.

    • Benron July 16, 2012

      Talk that talk has been on the charts for 7 months!

    • kelly July 16, 2012

      A star is born is a musical. That all she can really play. She cannot play a bad ass kick ass sassy female like Rih. There was talk of Rih being the next bond girl. She kick ass. Beyonce is just a diva.

      • I Judge FLops July 16, 2012

        SLAY THEM B****** KILLER BEY!!!

    • FAF July 16, 2012


      • Lax July 16, 2012

        The public do not take beyonce serious in movies
        because she can’t act her way out of her bath tub.

  17. Gilberto July 16, 2012

    Let me see what R****** has been writing on Twitter: “Money so handsome”. “Money so handsome…” DEAD. She’s so deep. LMFAO. I ain’t surprised that Rihtards are mad about Beyoncé’s letter being used on Obama’s campaign. R****** is so irrelevant to any subject. DEAD. But I think R****** could be of any help for Obama, she can give him the support of all the basic b****** and stupid h***.

    • Gilberto July 16, 2012

      Oh! I forgot. R******’s fanbase are made of teenagers. THEY CAN’T VOTE. LOL. R****** is so useless. She can’t sing, can’t dance, can’t sell albums, can’t sell singles, can’t sell movie tickets, can’t sell concert tickets. Urgh! Her career barely started and she’s already achieved so many flops. At least she’s good being Chris Brown’s punching bag. Ooops!

      • kelly July 16, 2012

        She cannot do all those things, but she still made $ 53m at 24. Dang what an easy way to make millions.

        That is why god has cursed Chris Brown. He will never make it. He will be done in year or so

    • Benron July 16, 2012

      Um, was praising God just two hours ago.

    • kelly July 16, 2012

      Obama sucks as a president. And the black community feel it the most.

      • Ugh July 16, 2012

        B**** would you rather have Romney? You self hating c***.

  18. Honestly Speaking July 16, 2012

    BeyHOEce has yet to have an album push past the 5 million mark in the US despite her apparent popularity. She should honestly be considered at the bottom of the food chain when it comes to Pop stars because this b**** is irrelevant and fading faster every damn day. The REAL entertainers that she so desperately wants to be compared to such as Michael, Britney, and Madonna have all enjoyed Diamond album success while this h** is struggling to push Platinum. Adele, just came out with her second album and she is projected to also become a Diamond certified artist, while it has taken Beyonce 4 albums and nothing has been encountered besides hardship, delusional ass stans, and a mountain of unfulfilled and unsubstantiated hype. Stay Pressed.

    • Gilberto July 16, 2012

      R****** has yet to push past the 2 million mark in the US despite her singles apparent popularity. She should honestly be considered at the bottom of the food chain when it comes to Pop stars because this b**** is irrelevant and fading faster every damn day. The REAL entertainers that she so desperately wants to be compared to such as Michael, Britney, and Madonna have all enjoyed Diamond album success while this h** is struggling to push Gold. Adele, just came out with her second album and she is projected to also become a Diamond certified artist, while it has taken R****** 6 albums and nothing has been encountered besides hardship, delusional ass stans, and a mountain of unfulfilled and unsubstantiated hype. Stay Pressed.

      • kelly July 16, 2012

        I agree, Adele was the REAL ONE WHO ENDED BEYONCE CAREER.

      • Honestly Speaking July 16, 2012

        I like that little cheap ass copy and paste job you did of my original comment. Be original and come up with a fresh insult instead of using my comment as a template to be twisted into something ugly and untrue. Rihanna has never claimed that she is iconic or legendary, Gilflopo. Beyonce is the one who is running around claiming that she is the female version without the RECEIPTS to back it up. Have a seat and continue to sip on a tall glass of that delusion. 😉

      • Honestly Speaking July 16, 2012

        *female version of Michael Jackson.

      • Benron July 16, 2012

        She has passed the two million mark with GGGB, but never the 3 million mark!

      • truth July 17, 2012

        #DEAD @ reposting HonestlySpeaking and inserting Rhi

      • truth July 17, 2012

        you slayed honestlyspeaking fav with his OWN words!! lolol #DEAD

  19. POP ROYALTY ( F*** Yo Fav) July 16, 2012

    i’m sure everyone , including her die hard fans are tired of these tricks to stay relevant in the public eyes , we are just sick beyonce , give us new music , a killer performance , just anything that is beyonce , we all love your music and stuffs , can u give us something new ? anything to hold ppl who are casual fans/non-stans/ppl who don’t go to blogs ?!!

    and well , i have pollen(s) for the beyhive since TGJ is late as f*** :

    1- Bruno mars Confirmed that he will do a collab with beyonce in his upcoming album #Pollen 1
    2- Beyonce just released a new perfume : #pollen 2
    3- she covered “cosmopolitan” SA. #pollen 3

    u call your self beyonce stans ?! HA HA HA 8)

    • China July 16, 2012


  20. the real xoxo July 16, 2012

    irrelevant? just because she doesnt tweet every 2 seconds and tells the magazines her intimate details doesnt make her irrelevant. she has something called privacy and class.

  21. X,Y,”and Z” July 16, 2012

    @THG Staff —


    Of COURSE she praises FLOTUS! After all, Michelle is a natural woman. *Meh..* These days, not ALL women can say as much, now can they?

    B.K: “First Lady, I’m so proud of you. You and I are both GREAT examples to/for ALL the mothers out there.”

    M.O: “Er.. Beyonce, I actually spent 18-months carrying my children.”

    B.K: “………………………………………..”

    B.K: “Ahh.. Can I send you and the girls an autographed copy of “4”, it’s my best work yet? I’m absolutely sure the you-all would appreciate that!”

    M.O: “Well, I’m good, and both girls both already got autographed copies of “21”, and “Pink Friday”; so thanks, thanks.”

    B.K: “Did you see me on the ‘2012 BET awards’?”

    M.O: “I must’ve missed you, the camera pretty much stayed on Kanye and Kim Kardashian. But I’m sure your dress was cute.”

    B.K: “……………………………………..”

    B.K: “Can I send Barack a campaign donation?”

    M.O: “I think we have enough; though, I’m sure planned parenthood could use a helping hand, Beyonce.”

    B.K: “……………………………………..”

    M.O: “Bey, I’ve gotta run. Tell Kanye the Pres and I said Hello, K?”


    B.K: “………O~0………….”

    X,Y,”and Z” — OUT..!!

  22. Ratedxxx(TEAM “REAL” BAD BISHES) July 16, 2012

    rolls eyes.

    do we need a damn video about you writing some basic letter to your b*** licker michelle?

    my goodness, now she wants to be black again?

    so when all fails,go to the BET AWARDS, and pretend u care about ur black they will buy ur s*** again…

    • Benron July 16, 2012

      After the bleach, wigs, contacts and all that s*** she needs us again.

    • Gilberto July 16, 2012

      If you didn’t notice, it was posted on Obama’s official YouTube account. In other words, he asked for the support of Beyoncé. I really don’t believe she hacked YouTube and posted it without his permission.

      “so when all fails,go to the BET AWARDS, and pretend u care about ur black they will buy ur s*** again…”
      Beyoncé has performed on BET Awards more than any other singer.
      2001 Bootylicious.
      2002 ?
      2003 Crazy In Love.
      2004 She attented.
      2005 Cater 2 U.
      2006 Deja Vu.
      2007 Get Me Bodied.
      2008 ?
      2009 Ave Maria.
      2010 She attented.
      2011 Best Thing I Never Had (Glastonbury).
      2012 She attented.
      In other words, use other argument. That BET thing is completly invalid.

    • POP ROYALTY ( F*** Yo Fav) July 16, 2012

      damn , i missed u tho 🙂

    • FAF July 16, 2012


  23. David July 16, 2012

    Glad to see a black women is conducting herself respectfully. Beyonce has establish her self personally and professionally.

    • WHUT July 16, 2012




      Michelle Obama is the ultimate example of a Truly strong African American


      I CANT DO ITTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




  24. Benron July 16, 2012

    I do not know how wearing booty pads, leotards, bleaching your skin, pretending to be white desperately and have your crazy stans insult every living breathing thing, including eachother.

  25. WHUT July 16, 2012





    AND I QUOTE!!!!

    “Michelle Obama is the ultimate example of a truly strong african amercian…..”



    “a truly strong African American WOMEN.” SINGULAR<—-is a strong African American WOMENNN!!!!!!!




    WHAT A MORON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • POP ROYALTY ( F*** Yo Fav) July 16, 2012

      you are too much 😆 😆

    • NAYAH82 July 16, 2012

      Are you playing or she really wrote that way? Lol…Oh my.

      • WHUT July 16, 2012


        Fossil VOMITTED “a African American WOMEN<———" on ha liltte page!!!

        It was on the FACEBOOK then it was EDITED to WOMAN on ha site!!!!


      • LA BABY! July 16, 2012



  26. JohnVidal(RIP Whitney-truegreat) July 16, 2012

    omg Beyonce, her praises and letters and Sam and TGJ!!! haha It´s so funny

    Seriously, good for Beyonce for supporting the Obamas but Sam, what´s up man? Do u dream about Beyonce every night? Don´t you think there are lots of artists that also espress themselfs (way better than Beyonce for obvious reasons)?

  27. Ratedxxx(TEAM “REAL” BAD BISHES) July 16, 2012

    shes private? whats private about going to an award show and announce to the world ur fake pregnancy?

    whats private about releasing pics on ur website, and telling ur fans ur business

    because shes not on twitter, that makes her private?

    oh please, shes been babbling to the world about her marriage and everything for 1 year now

    oh yes, as a black woman i should look up to beyonce because shes half naked and married, on every magazine or videos..thats classy alright, being married and the whole world seeing ur tits and ur naked ass

    • Benron July 16, 2012

      Speaking of, noticing she is never taking care of “Blue Ivy”. Or as I like to call her “Bey’s ‘Authentico Mexicano Chica’ Doll”

    • Honestly Speaking July 16, 2012

      Nothing is private about this wigged b****. Even that p**** that she insists on popping in everyone’s face has been seen and spread wide for the world to see. She wants attention and since her music is no longer relevant she is trying to leach off the U.S. Government like some hood chick applying for Welfare.

    • POP ROYALTY ( F*** Yo Fav) July 16, 2012

      i don’t think she’s private , she’s hiding stuffs she don’t want anybody to know about.

      what private person is that who i can name all the members of their fam and i know all of their business ?!!
      so britney spears is private now ?!!
      no celeb is private !! some just CHOOSE to stay away of the tabloids and drama ! celine dion for example ?!!!

  28. Benron July 16, 2012

    Beyonce is irrelevant though, nobody cares if anybody comments on her post. The only reason people are comment is because your all starting debates.

    Beyonce is Fading away quick. Ya’ll will wallow in her past sucsess from 2008 but we are in the present now, and its been downhill from the times your talking about.

    • Gilberto July 16, 2012

      “Beyonce is Fading away quick. Ya’ll will wallow in her past sucsess from 2008” DEAD
      IASF album #1 / 3x Platinum / +7 million sold
      Single Ladies – #1 US
      Boy – #1 UK
      Halo, Sweet Dreams, Diva, Ego.
      +100 million I Am… Tour
      Best selling DVD I am… Yours
      VMA, BET and EMA’s Video Of The Year
      #1 Obsessed
      IASF DIAMOND in Brazil
      Billboard’s Decade End List: Most Successful Female, Most Played Artist On Radio, Destiny’s Child on the top 10 of the most successful acts.
      6 Grammys including Song Of The Year
      Best selling DVD of the year I Am… Tour
      4 #1 (2 weeks) / Platinum
      Run The World on BMA
      Millenium Award
      Love On Top on VMA + iconic pregnacny
      Second best selling DVD of the year Elemends of 4
      Revel concerts

      She’s been busy. Beyoncé >>>>> your fave.

      • Benron July 16, 2012

        Iconic pregnancy, it wasnt even real LMFAO, and she performed like 5 times LMFAO! stop naming every single bey performance, rihanna performed like 150+ times!

    • Latrell4Bey July 16, 2012

      “Even In My Years To Come Im Still Gone Bey Here!!!!” WHAT!!!!!!!

  29. Gees July 16, 2012

    That’s my girl! *in Whitney Houston voice*
    2 beautiful black women doing big things .. Love it & such a beautiful inspiration…*cheers!

  30. WHUT July 16, 2012




    Michelle Obama is the ultimate example of a Truly strong African American


    I CANT DO ITTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




    • China July 16, 2012


  31. Ratedxxx(TEAM “REAL” BAD BISHES) July 16, 2012

    this is not about album sales, whos flopping…

    i know how her stans loves to bring up how somebody is a flop…..thats the only way they can make this chick seem better

    i wouldnt have my kids look up to michelle or beyonce….are u serious?

    i have zero respect for michelle who have daughters and praising this let me show my ass and tits so call classy lady

    there are alot of woman out there who my kids can look up too….if i have kids..

    • FAF July 16, 2012


      • FAF July 16, 2012


    • truth July 17, 2012

      but u a dike B**** so you won’t have any kids so your point is MUTE! U CHEAP W****!!!!! #TEAMB

  32. WHUT July 16, 2012

    YESSSSSSSSSS!!!!! Now reading some of these comments and my ENTIRE SOUL’S NOURISHMENT RUNNETH OVAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!




  33. NAYAH82 July 16, 2012


  34. Suicide Blonde July 16, 2012

    Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are friends with the Obamas and Michelle has praised J.Lo many times, they have invited them to watch Football in the White House but i don’t see J.Lo, Marc Anthony and any other celebrity who is friend with the obamas LICKLING THEIR ASSES SO MUCH like this chick does, it’s really funny how she is always inspired by someone else, she admire everybody with more power than her, her mother should have named her Fakeonce.

    • Virtuoso Intellect July 16, 2012

      Thats cus the Obamas dont care to put J-low and her beast-looking ex on their campaign. They are worthless. Bey on the other hand is the real deal

      • Suicide Blonde July 16, 2012

        The real WHAT hahahaha.

    • JohnVidal(RIP Whitney-truegreat) July 16, 2012

      I agree. Mariah also supports them. Even wrote a song only for a recent private performance for obama campaign. But she is not this tacky about it. The problem is more about Sam and his obsession with what Beyonce does

      • Suicide Blonde July 16, 2012

        Maybe the problem is Sam but Beyonce is licking their asses too.

  35. Virtuoso Intellect July 16, 2012

    These weakass wasps ….. STAY MAD

    Yes Beyonce is a mum now. She will still go about her business like every other hardworking mum. Stop using motherhood as an excuse, you b****** are threatened. If she’s so irrelevant and you’re tired of her, you wont be posting paragraphs upon parapgraphs, posts upon posts. Beyonce is not irrelevant and will never be irrelevant even while on her maternity leave. Saying it doesnt make it any true cus we saw all of u tryin leave ur shady opinion when she was named World’s Most Beautiful. U’ll have to deal a few more decades. Beyonce is music royalty for life and your fav agrees 😀

    • Honestly Speaking July 16, 2012

      You must not have gotten the memo about her not being relevant or having any kind of hit since 2008. It’s sad that you want to attack other people because you can’t see the truth due to being so horribly blinded by your beloved p**** popper in a wig’s antics. She isn’t a legend nor is she iconic. She is just another “artist” who hasn’t had half the impact that the media and delusional people like you would have others believe. Get real.

      • Virtuoso Intellect July 16, 2012

        Keep telling yourself whatever’ll help u sleep at night booboo. She has been irrelevant since 2008 ? Ok. I could put the effort in to negate that i just dont think im bothered enough Judging by the amount of repeatitions, it seems you’re trying to convince yourself rather anyone else. Whatever u post, whatever u believe …. Bless ur heart. I know everytime Beyonce’s name is in the headlines, it sinks a lil lower HAHA

    • Latrell4Bey July 16, 2012


      • RichnBlack11(JUST LIKE BEY) July 19, 2012

        yes he does …..reah em for the bloods!!!!!!!

  36. Peguy July 16, 2012

    Beyonce is so BEYTIFUL and nice so humble and talented I love this women she is great!!! Greatest entertainer of our time!!!! Got much respect for her!!! So how’s beyonce 4 a flop albums compares to who? Rihanna AHAHAHHA I catch jokes ok lets do albums comparison: 1st albums rihanna Music of the Sun sold 1.5 million copies world wide produced pon the replay which enter the top 10 world wide second and third single failed to enter the chart critics 40/100 (FLOP) Beyonce dangerously on love sold 15 million records world wide won 5 Grammys and 45 other awards world wide produced a smash hit crazy in love chart number1 in 55 countries produced baby boy number 1 in 10 countries top 33 countries me my self and I top 10 in over 55 countries dangerously in live top 5 naughty gal top 5 over 35 countries critics 88/100 ( super success)

    • FAF July 16, 2012


  37. Honesty July 16, 2012

    You can’t use Adele or Lady Gaga as defense against Beyonce. Both Adele and Gaga have made it clear that love them some Beyonce. Beyonce will forever remain supreme. Nobody can do Beyonce. No matter if she copies or steals nobody can do what she has done.
    Madonna has been reproduced by Gaga.
    Micheal has almost been reproduced by Chris Brown, Usher, Justin Bieber and Timberlake.
    Janet Jackson by Ciara.
    Britney by Katy Perry and Rihanna.
    Nobody can even attempt to try and be similar to Beyonce.

    • Gilberto July 16, 2012

      I completly agree. I’m really happy to see Adele and Gaga’s success, I love these girls, but let see what will happen to them in the next ten years. Beyoncé made her own sound and image, she didn’t follow the steps of anyone. She is definitely inspired by Tina, Michael, Diana Ross, Whitney, Mariah and Janet, but she doesn’t try to emulate their dance moves, songs, style etc, she found her own personality.

    • Chateau d’eau weave July 16, 2012

      you comment doesn’t make any sense, cuz if u watch tina turner’s performances u’ll see a lot of beyoncé there..she is great, a great performer, but sayin nobody can do beyoncé sounds delusional and immature… if nobody could do her, she would never take inspirations from legends of the past. so keep it real people

      • MC July 16, 2012


  38. Peguy July 16, 2012

    F*** u haters f*** u navy rihanna had 4 flops albums beyonce have 4 number1 albums 6 attempt without a number1 go suck ur mothers

  39. Gilberto July 16, 2012

    Rihtards have more to worry about than Beyoncé’s letters. Flop singles. Flop album. Katy Perry. Rita Ora. Lady Gaga. Hell, even Ke$ha is competition. R****** is fading so fast that she’s already doing reality shows. LOL. LAME.

    • Gilberto July 16, 2012

      I forgot flop movies. No #1 albums. No major Grammy.

      • Benron July 16, 2012

        Shes only in one movie, seems like your struggling with plurals just like Beyonce was in that letter!

    • Benron July 16, 2012

      What reality show, she produced a show, something beyonce ass could never do… her album is doing better than 4 and WHYB resides in the top ten, something bey is hasnt seen in a long time…

  40. truth tela July 16, 2012

    Beyonce 4 sold 3.5 million copies world wide rihanna TTT sold 2.4 million copies world wide ahahaha who’s winning Sasha fierce albums sold 7 million single sold 18 million loud sold 6 million world wide I still loosing c**** RATED R 1.5 million world wide FAILED Bday single and albums 10 millions world wide a girl like me 2.5 million world wide FAILED MUSIC OF THE 2 million world wide failed CRAZY IN LOVE 15 million world wide beyonce leads

    • LA BABY! July 16, 2012


      4 has sold 2.75M worldwide, and TTT is at 3.25M and still doing.

    • Benron July 16, 2012

      Beyonce 4 is at 2.7 and TTT is 2.8

      • AHAHHAH July 16, 2012


      • AHAHHAH July 16, 2012


    • MC July 16, 2012

      “4 sold 3.5 million” lol

  41. LA BABY! July 16, 2012

    I’m a Latina, but I’d really love to praise such a successful African-American #WOMEN too!!!

    But NOT 84 TIMES A DAY!!!!!!!!


    Just because Michelle Obama is such a solid example of a successful #WOMEN doesn’t mean Beyonce must give HER ENTIRE POWER trying to stick that nose up her Powerful African-American ASS.



    Even THE WORLD’S #1 BDSM/SUFFOCATION CHAMPION aka. Blue Ivy Carter refuses to have her nose all that DEEP pressed under her mother’s 890 y.o. saggy, sweaty tit.

    I swear Blue Ivy has the first copy of The Official American Flag for BED SHEETS just one look on that Michelle Obama-asslicking her mother is doing.


    • Suicide Blonde July 16, 2012


    • POP ROYALTY ( F*** Yo Fav) July 16, 2012

      “Even THE WORLD’S #1 BDSM/SUFFOCATION CHAMPION aka. Blue Ivy Carter refuses to have her nose all that DEEP pressed under her mother’s 890 y.o. saggy, sweaty tit.”


      omfg omfg omfg !! U GOT ME AT ” SUFFOCATION CHAMPION” !!! *dead and buried and repeat*

    • POP ROYALTY ( F*** Yo Fav) July 16, 2012

      kat had a new single though called ” wanna see u dance” ! great one.

    • FAF July 16, 2012

      DEAD @ BSDM CHAMPION BLUE IVY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SUFFOCATION!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. That B*tch July 16, 2012

    Haters STAYYYYYY mad. You go Bey, just shows how relevent you still are. If you guys hated BEY so much y’all wouldn’t be here writing ESSAYS [yeah I said it, ESSAYS] about her.
    Y’all need to sit your hatin asses down, & I don’t even stan for Bey like that but y’all are MAD.

  43. truth tela July 16, 2012

    Rihanna loves beyonce so why stupid navy goes and chat like they hates each others r*****

  44. Ugh July 16, 2012

    Why does this Kelly chick think that Rih has taken Bey’s spot? LMAO She’s the “HOT” chick of now, in a few years she won’t be HOT anymore, ask any of your faves.

    • news July 16, 2012

      which wi never happen beyonce is the leader

  45. Rihanna Navy July 16, 2012

    Beyonce is the best say what u wana idiots

  46. VFB July 16, 2012


  47. news July 16, 2012

    beyonce soooo wonderful

  48. Rihanna Navy July 16, 2012

    I’m laughing my ass out

  49. news July 16, 2012

    e is the star of President Obama’s latest campaign ad. In the spot – released online Monday – the singer reads a letter she wrote in April that praises First Lady Michelle Obama.

    Peter Grier
    Washington Editor

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    What’s really driving veep buzz about Condoleezza Rice?
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    Beyonce is the star of President Obama’s latest campaign ad. In the spot – released online Monday – the singer reads a letter she wrote in April that praises First Lady Michelle Obama.
    In the letter Beyonce praises Mrs. Obama as “the ultimate example of a truly strong African-American woman”.

    “No matter the pressure and the stress of being under the microscope she’s humble, loving and sincere. . . she builds and nurtures her family while also looking out for so many millions in so many ways,” says the Grammy-winning performer.

    Michelle Obama’s fashion

    How did the campaign get Beyonce to do this? It wasn’t hard, apparently – she and the First Lady have had a mutual admiration society for some time. Beyonce performed at the presidential inauguration in 2009. Michelle took daughters Malia and Sasha to see a Beyonce concert earlier this year, and in May the First Lady told People magazine that if she could be anyone else, it would be You Know Who.

    “Gosh if I had some gift I’d be Beyonce, I’d be some great singer,” said FLOTUS.

    Of course, not everyone thinks that the White House-celebrity culture link is a good one. Republicans have run a number of ads portraying the president as show-business wannabe who doesn’t understand the problems of regular non-Grammy winning folks. When Obama attended a fundraiser in May at actor George Clooney’s house, the Republican National Committee put out a press release saying the “celebrity-in-chief” was raising big Hollywood bucks from his celebrity pals.

    That said, we’ll note that the Beyonce ad does not appear to be designed for wide release. It’s on the campaign’s YouTube channel, and online ads tend to be aimed at narrow, specific audiences. It’s probable that the Obama folks will be promoting this by email among demographic groups to which they believe it would appeal. That means young voters, single women, and women in general, most likely.

    We’d also hold that the real star of this ad is not Beyonce, but Michelle Obama. Sure, the singer appears at several moments, reciting her letter aloud, but most of the ad is devoted to video of the First Lady

  50. news July 16, 2012

    The mutual admiration between Beyoncé Knowles and Michelle Obama is now playing a part in the President’s re-election bid.
    In a new video released by the Obama campaign, the singer, 30, explains the reasons she wrote an open letter to the First Lady in April.
    She says: ‘I wrote a letter to the First Lady because I wanted her to know that I’m very grateful for everything she’s doing for our country, and also for women around the world…
    Scroll down for video

    Read more:

  51. news July 16, 2012

    She wrote that she was ‘proud to have my daughter grow up in a world where she has people like you to look up to.’
    Among the attributes of the First Lady that Beyoncé most admires are the fact that she is ‘humble, loving and sincere’ despite ‘the pressure, and the stress of being under the microscope’.
    She also praised Mrs Obama for being a caring mother, and a loving wife, while at the same time being First Lady.

    Read more:

  52. truth tela July 16, 2012

    Navy suck ur mothers

  53. Chateau d’eau weave July 16, 2012

    Say what u want abt this woman, she is the definition of greatness… i used to hate her cuz i still think back in the DC days her parents only gave her the spotlight while the other ones remained in her shadow..but i admire her drive, i love the fact she remained relevant while other artists like britney brandy monica ciara christina flopped…rihanna came in the industry after her but she saw rihanna flop a couple of times while she got better album after album… so say what u want, but this woman shouldnt be compared to artists like rihanna….

    • Gilberto July 16, 2012

      “DC days her parents only gave her the spotlight while the other ones remained in her shadow”
      First, they girls were fine about Beyoncé being the star of the group and, actually, Kelly had her moments on the spotlights as well. The whole problem with DC was about money and Mathew Knowles. Today, LeToya and Latavia have only good things to say about Beyoncé. If they aren’t mad, so why are you? Kelly and Michelle started to sing more on Survivor. Kelly was even the lead singer of Bootylicious, which is one of their most iconic songs. They sang even more on Destiny Fulfilled, I’d say they sang as much as Beyoncé.

      • Chateau d’eau weave July 16, 2012

        Look if u got nothin to do, go n sleep ok?? did i write somewhere i was mad?? i could just careless abt their management !!! i can see u tryin so hard to make people believe it was okay for beyoncé to sing all the songs or all the major parts…i live in the real world n if u leave ur delusional life to ask people they’ll agree with what i said : back in the DC days beyoncé had all the spotlight, she would wear a different outfit while the other girls would don the’s called the truth!! it’s also the truth she had all the spotlight n it was no secret…what i like abt her is the fact she didnt stop to get better, her performances are much better than they were 4 or 5 years ago!! that’s it !!! i’m here to keep things real

  54. truth tela July 16, 2012

    Beyonce is badly winning

    • LA BABY! July 16, 2012


      • f*** rihanna July 16, 2012

        f*** off

  55. Rihanna Navy July 16, 2012


    Beyoncé might be ready to overlook Kim Kardashian’s questionable reputation and give her a chance at friendship, but not with Solange Knowles’ approval.

    Younger sister Solange is apparently none-too-pleased that her big sister has been keeping company with Kim, whose short-lived marriage, s**-tape exploits and serial dating deem her undesirable in some circles.

    “In Solange’s eyes, Beyoncé is a stand-out star, a premiere singer of our time, whereas Kim is just a reality star who only got famous after a s** tape was leaked,” a source told The National Enquirer.

    When Kim first began dating Kanye West, a good friend of Bey’s hubby Jay-Z, it was rumored that Bey was keeping her distance. However, the ladies were seen partying together at a Watch the Throne tour stop, and at the BET Awards.

    “She called Beyoncé out on it, and they had a fight over Kim. It culminated with Beyoncé telling Solange she can be friends with whomever she wants,” the Enquirer source said.

    • Gilberto July 16, 2012

      Beyonce and Kim aren’t friends. Kim dates Kanye who is very close to Jay-Z and Beyoncé. Bee is a classy lady, she wouldn’t treat her impolitely. She’s courteous. Kim didn’t do nothing to give Beyoncé reasons to hate her. Why would she be rude when Kim did nothing to her?
      When Kanye dated Amber Rose, which is another c-list celebrity, Beyoncé treated Rose well. But you don’t see them hanging out today.

  56. Rihanna Loves beyonce July 16, 2012

    “She is a caring mother, she’s a loving wife, while at the same time, she is the First Lady,” Beyoncé gushed. “No matter the pressure, and the stress of being under the microscope, she’s humble, loving, and sincere.

    “Michelle, thank you so much for every single thing that you do for us. I am proud to have my daughter grow up in a world where she has people like you to look up to.”

    Michelle is also a huge fan of Beyoncé. She thanked the 30-year-old star for her letter when it was published on her website in April and has revealed she admires her successful career.

    “If I had some gift, I’d be Beyoncé,” she said. “I’d be some great singer.”

    Beyoncé and Jay-Z are known to be big supporters of US President Barack Obama, having attended fundraisers in his honour.

    Read more:

  57. Rihanna Navy July 16, 2012

    The video doesn’t open stating it’s a product of the Obama campaign. Even so, you wonder why Beyonce would participate in something so treacly and Dear Leaderish.
    Once you come to the end of the video, though, and that Obama-Biden logo rolls up, things get really bizarre.
    The self-referential cult of personality this administration fosters has always put a chill up my spine.

  58. KAT DELUNA FAN July 16, 2012

    She is wearing Rita’s gift 🙂

    But lord she is so bored lately 🙄

    • news July 16, 2012


    • Gilberto July 16, 2012

      “She is wearing Rita’s gift”

      I didn’t notice it. Thanks. It shows that she liked it.

    • ahahahha July 16, 2012


  59. Virtuoso Intellect July 16, 2012

    Lol. It’s a full house today. Al the reps of Beyonce Haters Association, TGJ branch are out to smear.

    Do u wish it’s The Obamas endorsed ur fav and vice versa?
    Is it that she was named world’s most beautiful woman?
    Is it bcuz a rare species insect was named after her not ur fav?
    Is it bcuz she’s happily married and blessed with a beautiful daughter meanwhile ur fav is baby mama or cant keep a man or worse thirsty for her abuser’s pencil d***?
    Is it bcuz all ur favs and the industry respect & show love to the Queen Bey?
    Is it bcus she has more talent in her bootylicious booty than ur fav has in all of their body?
    Is it bcuz Bey carries herself with class stayin away from drugs & profanity unlike ur fav?
    Is it bcuz even on her underperforminf LP, she still racks more awards & noms than ur fav?
    Is it bcus the Pop Queen is the subject of not one but two US universities?

    U dont like Bey? Aww wait a million years maybe she’ll go on twitter rant letting u know how much effs she gives 😀

    Yall should meet weekly and discuss how much u hate her. I think you’ll feel good 🙂

    • Benron July 16, 2012

      She does NOT stray away from profanities, and Beyonce is not happily married, she got married for attention

    • RichnBlack11(Beyonce keep em MAD) July 16, 2012

      Shut it down babe … did I miss this post ….headed to MIA to get a tan when I touch down it’s on and poppin

  60. Rihanna Navy July 16, 2012

    BEYONCE IS THAT B****! And it will remain that way! @Sucide I guess ur made that the Obamas didnt call on Mandonna! Stay Pressed F*****! @Navy BEYONCE IS THE QUEEN! This will not change n the next decade! My Riri has not one multi platnuim! Beyonce has 3!

  61. F*** YOUR FEELINGS July 16, 2012

    Say what you want…she’s worth 350 mil and doesn’t need to record music another day in her life. Continue to be pressed while she continues to do better than everyone that has something negative to say.

  62. AHAHHAH July 16, 2012


  63. AHAHHAH July 16, 2012


  64. AHAHHAH July 16, 2012


  65. AHAHHAH July 16, 2012


  66. Back2Business July 16, 2012

    Why do y’all have a problem with Beyonce writing letters? Beyonce isn’t hurting nobody by writing these letters! Damn give her a break

  67. I swear July 16, 2012

    Why people have to be negative all time?

  68. Girrrl July 16, 2012

    When is she gonna write her daddy a letter?

    • WHUT July 16, 2012

      OH MY GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. Navishit July 16, 2012

    British boys The Wanted have got the chance to demonstrate how well they’re connected in the pop world by unveiling some gossip about their new album.

    Siva told Radio One’s Newsbeat “We are working on the next album and it’s going to be a worldwide album, so everyone can hear it. We have been working with Rita Ora, Dappy [and] LMFAO.”

    Although Rita Ora is one of the biggest artists to emerge this year, Siva revealed that the band managed to hook up with her just before everything took off.

    “She is a lovely girl. She wasn’t big when I worked with her – she was just about on the cusp, but now she has just exploded,” he explained.

    “I am very proud of her, and she’s a nice girl, and it’s good to see good people doing well.”

    However, even a megastar like Rita won’t be included on the album if the track doesn’t come up to scratch.

    “Unless they are really, really good they won’t be on the album. A few songs are definitely going to make it, but some songs are a bit too extravagant. But it’s all good, we are just excited.”

    These guys know how to put a tune together, so we’ll let them be choosy. We can’t wait to hear the result!

     The fans were out in force to see The Wanted when they came back from their recent tour. Check it out here:

    • kelly July 16, 2012

      That is right. That sums up Rita Ora, she is a basic British act. Rita also said she is working with Professor greene ( a loser wigga white boy rapper with no talent ). She will back in the UK when jayz drops her ass.

      Rih, works with nothing but Alist: Britney, Katy Perry ( on the horizons) Drake, Chris Brown, Coldplay Jay Z , David Guetta. Nothing but platinum worldwide acts for Rih. Keep these no name losers fro Rita Ora……she will be joining them.

  70. Bey July 16, 2012

    PUBLISHED: 21:09, 13 July 2012 | UPDATED: 16:19, 14 July 2012
    Comments (22)

    Rita Ora believes Beyonce Knowles ‘can’t be human’ because she is so successful.
    The R.I.P singer is signed to the record label of Beyonce’s husband Jay-Z and while Rita is grateful for the rapper’s backing, it is his wife who impresses her the most.
    Rita, 21, grew up listening to the music of Beyonce’s Destiny’s Child and says the singer  – who gave birth to her and Jay-Z’s daughter Blue Ivy in February – is out of this world for being so successful in both her personal and professional lives. 

    Read more:

  71. LA BABY! July 16, 2012


    From the way she has been teaching her fans HOW TO USE PHONES, VIDEO PHONES AND WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY since DEST CHILD DAYS.

    List of songs she has recorded mentioning telephones and TECH:

    “Bug a Boo” – ALL about telephone.

    “Survivor” – I won’t diss you on the #INTERNET

    “Video Phone” – EXTENDED Catalog.



    “Love on Top” – Yo the one I always #CALL

    MORE and MOREEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    SHE SINGS IT PERFECTLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    “YawWwWw ….. Love tooooooo hooooooo watch.. TIIIIII VIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!! and IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII love to UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUse……………. the PHOOOOOOOOOOOOONEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ARTISTIC LADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. Bey July 16, 2012

    We live in a motherfucking free world we all got different opinion and we all have different ways of expressing our feeling beyonce has done nothing wrong at all she just says her mind out haters deal with it

  73. Bey July 16, 2012

    Ahahahah 25 top 10 hits in the UK HOW’S THAT BEY BEING BORING ?

  74. kelly July 16, 2012


    why have you failed the latest showbiz news, about Rihanna designing a capsule line for River Island?

    Are you jealous that a big brand like that, is working with Rih – and she has that Armani deal too!

    Don’t get mad, Rita Ora is still trying to beat that dead horse.

  75. leslie arnelle July 16, 2012

    I couldn’t get past 1 minute..

  76. im done July 16, 2012

    lol 1 more

  77. July 16, 2012

    I’m getting sick of these 2 b****** with the compliments back and forth. We get it you both love each other.

  78. im done July 16, 2012

    navy chat s***

    • f*** rihanna July 16, 2012

      who cares if rihanna working with river island?????????? navy are tooo f****** broke to shop there her clothes wont sell most navy i know wear primark cheap asses

  79. f*** rihanna July 16, 2012


  80. f*** rihanna July 16, 2012

    beyonce is the leader

  81. f*** rihanna July 16, 2012

    beyonce is a leader rihanna is a h** facts

  82. ahahahha July 16, 2012

    what wrong with yall its a f****** letter

  83. ahahahha July 16, 2012

    once again beyonce is winning

  84. LORD July 16, 2012

    She’s just praising another woman who’s successful like herself.

    Rih-TURDS can choke on a fat black d***.


    “4 is at 2.7 and TTT is 2.8”

    wh.. wha… WHAT ARE YOU GONNA SAY AFTER THIS LINE??????????

    How are you gonna talk about Beyonce being washed and no one checking for her while THE NAME “TALK THAT TALK” IS PROUDLY TATTOOED ACROSS YOUR FOREHEAD FOLLOWED BY “2.8” IN ROMANIAN?????????

    and How is Beyonce declining since 2008?????????


    In 2008, Beyonce relesed I Am… Sasha Fierce, and it’s close to 8M worldwide. WHO declining?

    Lemme see:

    Since 2008–

    IASF: 7.5M cops.
    4: 2.7M cops.

    Rated R: 3M cops
    LOUD: 6M cops
    TTT: 2.8M cops.

    WHO had the biggest hit album???????

    NOT your FLOP ASS fave for sure.

    So FEEL COMFORTABLE with a seat under yo’ Rihanna Forehead–sized ass.

    • AHAHHAH July 16, 2012


  85. Quetta July 16, 2012

    If she’s so irrelevant then why are y’all here reading and posting your opinion? Obviously, she’s doing something right..she got y’all hating..from a paper#DEAD ..smh, shame..shame. And so what if she’s doing a movie playing a diva or singer..movies like that meanings to them. Fast and furious is just about racing And making money

  86. POP ROYALTY ( F*** Yo Fav) July 16, 2012

    the post is getting ugly and bloody !!! 😆

    = Grabs popcorn and play “Cake”

    cake cake cake cake !!

    • AHAHHAH July 16, 2012

      F*** YA RIHANNA

  87. Quetta July 16, 2012

    If she’s so irrelevant then why are y’all here reading and posting your opinion? Obviously, she’s doing something right..she got y’all hating..from a paper#DEAD ..smh, shame..shame.

    • AHAHHAH July 16, 2012


    • AHAHHAH July 16, 2012


  88. China July 16, 2012

    Beyonce reminds me so much of Marilyn Monroe, she has had so much plastic surgery, she wears layers of cake formula on her face, she is always either high or drunk, she bleaches her hair, has a flat ass white woman, and oh how could I forget, she is also f****** the president.

    • China July 16, 2012

      *is a flat ass white woman*

  89. jeminookgirl July 16, 2012

    Oh thank you !!!!! I just could not stand to hear all the hateful comments about beyonce or rihanna. I am a sixteen year old girl from la martinique, i have been listening to beyonce since i was 5. I love listening to rihanna, Adele, and anyone else but to me Bebe is the epitome of greatness, I don`t care what HATERS say no ONE can top beyonCE!!!

  90. fatu sankoh July 16, 2012

    you go bey you are classy smart talented their is no one like you thax for your beautiful letter to the first lady hatemongers have a life and live bey alone is not her fault your favorite are lame have no talente and are droge user bey may god continue to bless you jay blue ivy c and your family for life long happy life ever lasting long happy married more success in your business long live queen bey

  91. WHUT July 16, 2012

    YESSSS IN-F******-DEEDDDDD!!!!!!!

    I SLAPPED the P*** outta my LIKE BUTTON which the AMOUNT OF PURE WIN I read in this POST!!!!!!!




  92. Rihanna Navy July 16, 2012

    QUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEYONCE KNOWLESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! IS THE QUEEEN OF THIS MUSIC S***! Between 98 – 2012 she has won more awards than any artist! Between 98 – 2012 she has sold more records than any artist! Thats why Billboard honored her last year with The Millinuim Award! NO ONE has yet to pass her record sales throughtout the years! BEYONCE will reach Legandary status with her 5th Era, along with the Iconic ASIB Sdtk! U Wasps will die of no air, once the POLLEN become Full Fledge bwahahahahahahahaha #LOOOOOOOOONG LIVEEEE THE QUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN

  93. Rihanna Navy July 16, 2012

    She just sounds so unintelligent

    • CRAMPED July 16, 2012

      Just like Rihanna,,,who didnt finish high school, but Beyonce did.

  94. CRAMPED July 16, 2012

    This is a campaign by the Obama administration and not Beyonce.. If you look at the end of the Video you will see credited for it.

    Again I cant see what the hate is about. Beyonce is so irrelevant that you are all over her post writing you non-logical, stupid comments over and over again. It takes a fool to be believe his own hype and there are alot of fools on here.

  95. CRAMPED July 16, 2012

    Rihanna fans has no shame just like their fave.

    How can you talk about movie when Rhitard had one the biggest flop of all time, studio and all lose so much money. Did Battleshit even break even? AND she is given like 5 seconds in each movie.

    How are gonna criticize another singer when you fave fail to go platinum and cant even sell 4M albums in her prime?

    How are you gonna criticize another singer when your fave is a hot ghetto a*** mess on twitter? The most attention-hungry pop star there is right now.
    Really you cannot be more brainwashed and deluded this much.

  96. Rihanna Navy July 16, 2012

    U bishes need need to thank ur lucky stars she didnt promote 4 but for 5months, unstead of a 8 to 10 month promote machine. And no World tour! Good Lord! Yall lucky 4 sold less because of the all over the place promo, due to Blue Ivy. Shes gonna muder bishes next era, just because she couldnt promote 4 like should could! These are the facts : DIL 4.8mill US! BDAY 3.3mill US! IASF 3.1 US! 4 1.2mill! MOTS 1mill! AGLM 1.3mill! GGGB 2.2mill! Rated R 1mill! LOUD 1.5 mill! TTT 900k! Now looking @ those numbers, its clear BEYONCE IS STILL THE REIGNING QUEEN! Beyonce lowest selling album has sold more than some of Riri’s albums with top tens and #1s!

    • That B*tch July 16, 2012


  97. That B*tch July 16, 2012

    The Rihanna navy is in for a rude awakening because when Bey gets back to the studio and start releasing some new material you all will just have to deal!
    Get ready to take the first flight back to Barbados Rih, Queen Bey will murder your ass.

  98. CRAMPED July 16, 2012

    LMAO @ Beyonce claim to fame being Blue Ivy AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH FOOL!!!

  99. LORD July 16, 2012

    OK at least change the e-mail address so that your Gravatar CHANGES. @ahahahha / @f*** rihanna / @im done / @bey.

    That RITA ORA’S ASS juice DOES works with invailed e-Mails.


  100. Bey July 17, 2012

    Everyone in the business respect Bey everyone awards shows honour her name her music her video and her way of being!!!! No1 will ever insult bey on his music!!!!! But RIHANNA EVER INDUSTRY N**** DONE HAD HER AHHAHH NUMBER1 s**** in the business everyone f*** her her p**** s big like ocean i guess m************ call navy are all virgin like in American pie that’s y they are so interesting to watch rihanna s p**** and listing to her music to know how s** works!!! Rihanna a winning now thanks to TTT AND LOUD AND CHRIS BROWN FOR BEATING HER UP COZ IF IT DIDNT HAPPEN ROHANNA WAS STILL IRREVELLENT JUST LIKE SHE IS IN MY FACE!!!! Rihanna can’t sing live they only save her is her model look navy doesn’t know how to dress so they look that r****** gal for hair style. And w**** fashion!!!!! Do u really need #1 when you have over $340 million in bank? And ur the most honour female of our time?

  101. GLYNNJE July 17, 2012

    and beyonce how much did they pay you to do this??? i feel sorry for you. the end days are here. you should giVe your life to christ ASAP. You should know by now that michelle and her husband obama are rulers of darkness.

    • LORD July 17, 2012

      I’m not even gonna start doing my own ADVANCED RESEARCH entitled “Who’s that FLOP in yo’ Gravatar”

      But YOU REALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLY need to tell me something: SINCE WHEN does Beyonce get PAID????

      AFTER filling all FILE EXTENSIONS–formatted internet databases about HOW MUCH SHE PAYS for everything going on the Planet Earth. SHE IS GETTING PAIDDDDD?????

      By THE OBAMAS?????????

      Take a HOSPITAL full of SEATS with GranGranDOLLY for Dear God’s SAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      CHILDREN of these days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  102. BeyNATION July 18, 2012

    its f****** pathetic how people ACTUALLY ARGUE on such a dis credible website HAHAHA go get a job. ‘blog debating’ not included

  103. Latrell4Bey July 18, 2012

    I Love The Carters And The Obamas!

  104. RichnBlack11(JUST LIKE BEY) July 19, 2012

    bad b**** ……the haters can’ take it that a BLACK women is the HBIC IN THE GAME. I LOVE THE WAY THE LIE AND CRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  105. RichnBlack11(JUST LIKE BEY) July 19, 2012


  106. Blue July 23, 2012


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