Xzibit Mocks Frank Ocean With Gay Slur

Published: Saturday 21st Jul 2012 by David

When recent years have seen your career become a shadow of what it used to be, there is a tendency by some artists to lash out at their younger and commercially potent rivals.

Unfortunately, like many a Hip Hop icon of yesteryear, 37 year old Xzibit has found himself in that very situation this week, mocking chart topping vocalist Frank Ocean over his recent sexuality-baring letter.

Find out what happened below…

When one of the MC’s remaining fans asked if he had any plans to work with Ocean, Xzibit tweeted the following:


Used in slang to negate any comment or action which inadvertently alludes to ‘homosexual behavior’, Xzibit‘s use of ‘pause’ when addressing Ocean prompted one fan to Tweet:


Quite interestingly, the MC’s dig comes hours before news of his new album ‘Napalm‘ hit the net.

Perhaps, in realizing he has lost the pull that turned ‘Pimp My Ride‘ into a ratings smash, taking aim at Frank is his way of generating attention for a project we’re sure is just waiting to gather dust on a street corner near you.

Seriously though, it’s a shame artists like Xzibit continue to endorse ignorant ideas in public while doing the exact opposite in private.

After all, we doubt he’d be against collaborating with ‘someone like Frank’ if it meant aiding what is left of his ailing career.

Your thoughts?

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  1. YesIDIDBITCH July 21, 2012

    I pause everytime i see his gay ass face…VOmit ugh f****** Gay OCean

    • Hoodnigga July 21, 2012

      THere always gotta be that one haiting n****.

      • YesIDIDBITCH July 21, 2012

        I hate that you can’t spell f*** boy….

      • Nacole July 22, 2012

        @ Hood N****

        Actually that person is a gay man in denial because no man secure in his sexuality no matter what his orientation would be that concerned about what the next man does sexually and he is more pressed by the s** act between men as opposed to the love between them……

    • GayAsGayCanBe July 21, 2012

      How would you feel If I told you your dad is on his way to my house right now?
      Hmmm beetch?!!!

      • YesIDIDBITCH July 21, 2012

        I would say YOU FOUND MY DADDY?????

    • BWanna July 21, 2012

      if ever we needed a justification to eradicate homophobia from the world, your comment is it.

      • RitasLipstick July 21, 2012

        xzibit’s comments are funny because he admitted to going to a gay club with diddy once. Didnt mind gay people too much then did he?

      • YesIDIDBITCH July 21, 2012

        OH boy the F*** march on to “I’m every woman”, while great americans citizens like me have watch millions of Gay Oceans with dingy ass head bands promote this finger in the b*** life styles…ugh

      • iOfTheTiger July 21, 2012

        No. We need these soft ass boys to get on they grown man, and for people to stop rubbing these dudes backs and make them into men shiitttt.

  2. LOL July 21, 2012

    “Gay slur”

    • YesIDIDBITCH July 21, 2012

      I know right # Gay PEOPLE

      • BoomBoomIWantchuInMyRoom July 21, 2012

        on its own you’re right in saying pause is not a gay slur but why did he say it in response to a tweet about frank.

      • mobwife July 22, 2012


        So if he had typed #pause in reference to working with R&B artists such as Ne-Yo, Trey Songz, Chris Brown or Usher Raymond would it also be perceived as a “gay slur”?

        #pause simply means “hold up”. I still don’t see why Xzibit (1 of the WORSE Rappers I’ve ever heard), would have a reason to work with Frank Ocean as not all Rappers or Hip Hop acts work with none Rap or Hip Hop artists.

    • Tika July 23, 2012

      Yea I don’t get it. Where is “pause” a gay slur? Maybe he doesn’t want to work with Frank Ocean for reasons other than his sexual preference. Maybe he doesn’t like his style of music. People need to slow down with the accusations. The question seemed like bait anyway. Why not ask him what he meant….

  3. rafik July 21, 2012

    I’m Gay, and I dont get how that is a Gay Slur. You need to research what ‘Pause’ means. Nicki Minaj and her boyfriend says it all the time. do your reseach

    • TrickMeOnce July 21, 2012

      so you tell me what he meant when he said pause. Go on ill wait……

      • Drought September 23, 2012

        Its speaking about the “pause” itself you moron. Did frank ocean being gay have something to do with it? Maybe. he could of said it like ” Pause, hold up im not workin with this guy” #pause itself just means hold up. Thats what they are saying is a gay slur which is stupid.

    • POP ROYALTY ( F*** Yo Fav) July 21, 2012


  4. F*** Your Swag, I’m Dope. July 21, 2012

    So f****** what? Not everybody has to clamor over Ocean. Good on X to the Z for not being fake and acting like that fruitcake is someone to gravitate to.


    • i’m not throwing shade, but… July 21, 2012

      Although i don’t agree with prejudice of ant kind this situation is out of control. The world does not begin and end with Frank Ocean and people will not change their views because the mass media bandwagon has decided that he is the golden child. Racism still exists and we still have to deal with it, homophobia will still exist and we should be concerned about the people in the real world who have to deal with the issue, Frank is far removed from the public, blogs but the everyday person has to deal with it and isn’t getting major support from anyone.
      Also, i don’t see how #pause is a slur

  5. kelly July 21, 2012

    Here goes the gay card in 1 2 3……………..

    • hello July 21, 2012

      Hey thanks for being against homosexuality. God bless you.

    • POP ROYALTY ( F*** Yo Fav) July 21, 2012

      ^^ we all like her comments.

      • Denial July 21, 2012

        the same way you like d*** up the ass gay muslim?

    • Common Sense July 21, 2012

      I know you religious zealots are near brain dead but I’m sure you meant “in 3 2 1… right?

  6. Ej July 21, 2012

    I just gained more respect for Xzibit.

    • Jayla July 21, 2012

      Me too

    • kelly July 21, 2012

      Me as well

    • Benron July 21, 2012

      Me too!

    • YesIDIDBITCH July 21, 2012

      SO did i

    • hello July 21, 2012

      Me too!!!

    • POP ROYALTY ( F*** Yo Fav) July 21, 2012

      me too.

    • Common Sense July 21, 2012

      I’m sure the car wash he works for at the PIMP MY RIDE garage gained respect for him too.

      • YesIDIDBITCH July 21, 2012

        I’m sure people respect you at the burger king you work out…lighten up on the salt on the fries you salty b****

  7. nibbibu July 21, 2012

    Whatever. Next!

  8. Sweetnothings78 July 21, 2012

    Like xzibit some of you really need to grow up to.

  9. lax July 21, 2012

    Who is he again?????

    • Jayla July 21, 2012

      his name’s Xzibit, who are u again?

      • Common Sense July 21, 2012

        Who he is is irrelevant, just like Xzibit.

  10. China July 21, 2012

    Finally someone who isn’t on the Frankie O bandwagon, to bad he’s irrelevant…

    • kelly July 21, 2012

      I know! This man must know who he is in christ and not HOLLYWOOD .

      • Common Sense July 21, 2012

        Christ munched on plenty of c***, so stop sipping the kool aid. One guy traveling with 12 other men and no women at all times. Eating together, sleeping together, spreading the love together…

      • mobwife July 22, 2012


        Wooo, back the f*ck up there boy….girl…..whatever! Support Frank Ocean but don’t run over Jesus Christ in order to do it!

  11. ck1 July 21, 2012

    Who’s Xzibit again?

    • truth tea July 21, 2012

      you are obviously under 15 years old if you dont know who xzibit is. i bet you and the 6 people who liked your comment were saying “whos frank ocean” last month

      • ck1 July 21, 2012

        And you must be old ass s*** cause Xzibits career is dead & his opinion is irrelevant as yours.

      • Nacole July 22, 2012

        I’m 22 and don’t know who he is..

        .Dude is irrelevant so let me get back to getting ready to see Frank tonight.Yeeeessssss!!!!!

      • Angela Wesley July 22, 2012

        I am over the age of fifteen and I don’t who Xizbit is or
        Frank Ocean. I f he had not came out of the closet ,
        I still wouldn’t know because I don’t listen to Hip
        or rapper.

  12. Miguel July 21, 2012

    I don’t know if it is a gay slur or not.

    If it is, it’s a shame, I actually had some respect for some of this rapper’s work

  13. ADC143 July 21, 2012

    Good for X!

    While the rest of the industry is being fake, trying to latch onto devious Frank’s calculated hype and 15 minutes, X was minding his own business and not trying to get involved…then some clown on Twitter just HAD to bring Frank up to him. Why? Glad X didn’t try to be fake. He gave a very short, fleeting response and that was it…he didn’t even blast Frank. Then another Twitter idiot had to be all self-righteous and “PC” over something that wasn’t even necessary. If X doesn’t wanna work with him, then so the hell what? Tired of people acting like you have to like and support Frank.

    And f*** you Sam. Your girlie, gay ass cattiness is getting real old. There’s enough sugar in your tank to make

    • YesIDIDBITCH July 21, 2012

      Yeah but the Oranges won’t stand for that. It’s like if you don’t like us you are a homo phob! F*** out of here

    • ADC143 July 21, 2012


    • kelly July 21, 2012

      You are so right. These misguided tortured demonic possessed souls are worshipping Frank as some kind of prophet. They will regret, one day doing that.

      There is only one GOD!

    • mobwife July 22, 2012

      I agree with everything you stated UP UNTIL your @SAM comment! I understand him wanting to support someone he may or may not identify with (i’m not here to judge). I also know this is a blog and they need traffic in order to exist so I’m chalking this entry up to that! LOL 🙂

      #pause does not = a gay slur

  14. CzarM July 21, 2012


  15. YesIDIDBITCH July 21, 2012

    People need to get over it, not everyone is going to like GAY OCEAN…He is only hurting the world instead of doing good with this gay s***. He needs to find the nearest pool, kittie pool, or OCEAN and drown in it…UGH i just can’t with him

    • Nacole July 21, 2012

      Never heard of this person but those that speak the loudest against gay people are usually insecure about their own sexuality.I’m quite sure Frank is not thinking about that clown.

      The only thing Frank did was to be true to himself in his music and people are actually mad at that man for wanting to live in truth as opposed to living in a lie.Frank is more man than most so called men that judge him…..

      People kill me always trying to judge someone while committing the sin of “judgement”….

      • YesIDIDBITCH July 21, 2012

        NO b**** the only thing GAY OCEAN did was come up with a way to move albums. You people are too damn simple minded, and no that mofo is not more of a man than people who judge him. Than dude is a b*** f*****, finger in the b*** ass mofo

      • Nacole July 22, 2012

        You da b**** B****!!!!!!!

        It’s clear to me that you are gay your damn self because no straight man would be as obsessed as you are by using terms such as “b*** f*****” . You even mentioned “finger f*****” and as a straight Black woman myself I have never heard of that as it pertain to a man but YOU sure as have has so the next question a smart mind would ponder is “How do you know about those things”?

        It’s clear that my comment touched a nerve.Frank is not even thinking of you fools……………There is nothing wrong with people having their opinion on this issue but when people get personal with insults especially as it pertain to homosexual men,I will say that is a closeted homosexual.

        Best Buy is the only major retailer that sold his cd physically and he is doing better numbers than your faves….Do it Frank!!!!

      • YesIDIDBITCH July 22, 2012

        B**** i’m a straight woman do you know what that is h**??? Lol You seem so mad, and it’s my post but yet you keep coming back so which of your nerves is that touching?????? You seeing red, or orange b****?? Gay ocean is full of s***, that mofo aka homo selling better than the rest, because he giving his fellow f*** life, and they sucking up frank gayness….FOH

  16. Darianna Jones July 21, 2012

    Okay, let me “pause” and think for a minute. This website is run by a gay male, and there’s homophobes in the comments complaining about this post and it’s “pro-gay stance”? #HaveACoke

    *Takes a Nap*

  17. Suicide Blonde July 21, 2012

    He didn’t say anything wrong, Gay people are like Black people, they take a small words like an insult, get over it, we are in 2012 but doesn’t mean that murderers, p*********, racists and homophobes will no exist, there will always be bad people, no matter how many critics they have, they always will exist, if you are gay, you just have to surround yourself with people who really care about you, f*** the world, don’t waste your time, thinking in what other think about you, live your life without regrets.

    • Kingphoenix July 21, 2012

      Your a dumb ass c*** that ain’t worth s*** as usually…If this don’t prove how racist you are I don’t know what does. Your trying to be cute starting s***, but you just look like a complete waste of s**** and egg. “gay people are like Black people…” Yeah but i bet if somebody was to come up to you and randomly call you a f**, you would be offended wouldn’t you? Yeah i know you would.

    • Benron July 21, 2012

      Don’t compare gays and blacks.

      Its not the same.

      • Suicide Blonde July 21, 2012

        Gays can be black too.

    • kelly July 21, 2012

      GAYS RACIALLY ABUSE THE F*** OUT O blacks – even gay blak men.

      • Suicide Blonde July 21, 2012

        I know.

    • mobwife July 22, 2012

      B**** you must high, crazy or suffering from a lack of sleep? Did the country “Hoedown” at your TRAILER PARK keep you up all night? GTFOH

  18. Benron July 21, 2012

    No, this is s***.

    He didnt diss him because he was jealous, by that logic this guy is way more famous than every1 in this comment section so we must be hating him cuz we are jealous.

    I looked up Pause and the sentence used to demonstrate it was “I just like really good nuts, pause” and then it compared itself to no homo. Stop reaching, even if it means what YOU said its not a slur.

  19. leslie arnelle July 21, 2012

    how is saying pause a gay slur..geez. this world is crazy

  20. 16GrammysAndABabyToMatch July 21, 2012

    everything has its context and in the context he was being homophobic.

    the fan asked if he would collaborate with frank who just came out and his response was pause, how can that NOT be in reference to his sexuality.
    You guys need to wake up and realize that prejudice isn’t always as obvious as having the word f***** yelled out as you cross the street or n***** as you walk your dog.

    • YesIDIDBITCH July 21, 2012

      B**** please you are another Super f** running to save the day of another overly gay. He was not being homophobic, not everyone has to like that finger in the b*** life style. People are pushing this gay s*** like the drug cartels push cocaine through mexico, and U.S.A boarders…F*** out of here

      • Kingphoenix July 21, 2012

        B**** sit your ass all the way down, ain’t nobody trying to hear that.

      • wesley July 21, 2012



      • YesIDIDBITCH July 22, 2012

        @ Kingphoenix, your f***** ass wish you could take a seat, but you still hurting from being f***** in it gay ass…ugh

    • Kingphoenix July 21, 2012

      Its clear he was being slightly homophobic, but people say that all the time not neccesarily being aggressively homophobic like @sam is trying to make it out to be. Saying pause is not a gay slur. @sam has little to know integrity. Instead of making an article addressing the how hurtful a phrase like pause can be to the gay community, without heterosexuals even knowing so, @sam tried to paint exhibit to be this huge homophobe so that he can get a better story and paint frank as a martyr. Mind you franks friends Odd future say increasingly damaging homophobic slurs that both Frank and Syd (lesbian member of the group) excuse.

  21. Vandrea July 21, 2012

    Wait a minute, what?

    How exactly did Xzibit slander Frank? By just saying “#Pause?” Please.

    Sam, you’re pathetic. Just because Xzibit isn’t on Frank’s scrotal sack like you are, suddenly he’s “mocking” him with a “gay slur,” and he’s “lashing out” at someone “younger” and more “potent.” 🙄

    Seriously man, shut the f*** up.

    People like you, who’re bent on trying to make everyone love Frank, are actually turning me against him. Not everyone has to be enamored with him and think that he’s some kind of wonderful because he dared to come out the closet.

    I’m almost tempted to go on Twitter and send X a message of support for not being a bandwagoner.

    • kelly July 21, 2012

      LOL LOL AT the ” Scrotal sack ”

      It is true, Sam is on Frank’s scrotal sack…..or Rita Ora’s labia.

  22. BEYONCE’S WEAVE July 21, 2012

    “‘pause” = gay slur??? Yep, this is the quality of the Beyhive fans…smh.

    • Benron July 21, 2012

      Start is a straight slur!

      • POP ROYALTY ( F*** Yo Fav) July 21, 2012

        lolz 🙂

  23. YesIDIDBITCH July 21, 2012

    B**** please you are another Super f** running to save the day of another overly gay. He was not being homophobic, not everyone has to like that finger in the b*** life style. People are pushing this gay s*** like the drug cartels push cocaine through mexico, and U.S.A boarders…F*** out of here

    • M July 21, 2012


      • YesIDIDBITCH July 21, 2012

        B**** not like you’re f***** ass know a c*** when you see one!

    • wesley July 21, 2012


      100% CO-SIGN

    • Common Sense July 21, 2012

      Did you just compare homosexuality to smuggling drugs? God damn you christians get more brain dead every day LMAO! And for not approving of “finger in the b*** life styles” you sure love to talk about nothing else but fingering assholes.

      • YesIDIDBITCH July 21, 2012

        Christian b**** please!!

  24. Viciousss July 21, 2012

    …really Sam?

    Bad enough people have to deal with your obsession over Beyonce, Rita, Kelly and all the others now were gonna have to deal with this Frank Ocean s*** on the daily aren’t we?

    F****** pause, gay slur YOUR ass.

    I don’t judge Frank for his sexuality whatever it may be but humans ARE allowed to have opinions. You know…opinions…which is a you got. If Xzibit isn’t into him? Fine. Trying to bring up his entire music history in your little hissing catfight turns me off more than the ‘supposed’ gay slur.

    I’m already sick of this s*** with Frank because I see where this bum-ass site is gonna take it.

    • Common Sense July 21, 2012

      People are allowed to have opinions sure but some of those “opinions” are wrong. And in some 10 years when homosexuality is no longer an issue all the idiots that disagreed with that “life style” will have to DEAL with the fact that their viewpoint was WRONG. Better that they adjust sooner rather than later.

  25. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) July 21, 2012

    How is “pause” a gay slur? It’s just a word and it has nothing to do with sexual orientation. It does show that he snubs Frank Ocean, but it doesn’t prove that he does not condone his sexuality. Maybe he simply does not like his vocals or his style. How did you assume he’s a homophobic by the word “pause”?

    Anyway, I don’t condone Twitter shade, but I’m glad someone kept it honest. Going against the grain is always better, so, much like I applauded Frank Ocean for releasing his open letter, I will applaud XZibit for being brave enough to not kiss Frank’s ass like everybody else is doing right now 😉

  26. Liam July 21, 2012

    Sigh. This is not a ”gay slur”. The real “gay slur” is Frank Ocean trying to capitalise on bisexuality and the media building his music with preconceived notions as they did with Lady Gaga. I loved Nostalgia but the reviews for Channel Orange are really outrageous. It isn’t fractionally as good. By metacritic standards, Orange is supposed to be better than Nirvana’s Nevermind which is a load of bull.

    • kelly July 21, 2012

      Nevermind, went diamond in the USA and sold 30 million worldwide * sighs* I MISS those days when music was that seller.

      Let see if Frank can 20 5 million.

      • mobwife July 22, 2012

        The advent of digital, quick, easy and illegal boot-legging has ended that era! Coupled with the fact that the MASSES will follow what the media supports and not the artists or groups the media doesn’t support! It is what it is at this point!

    • Suicide Blonde July 21, 2012

      Nevermind is one of the most influential albums of all times, Nirvana was the birth of Grunge.

    • mobwife July 22, 2012

      That’s TOTAL BULLSH*T as Nevermind was 1 of the best CDs Nirvana made!

      You have to remember that the medis is ALWAYS FULL OF SH*T! I remember when Rollingstone Magazine (a trusted source back in the day) completely GUTTED NIRVANA and the entire Grunge Movement. They said KURT COBAIN’S voice was awful and the music was garbage. LOL….. Now they consider them ICONS!

  27. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) July 21, 2012

    Reading some of the comments, I realized that some of you so-called “open minded” people who defended Frank are more homophobic than you blame Xzibit to be. The ONLY thing the man’s tweet proves is that he doesn’t want to work with Frank Ocean and you just assumed that the reason for that is Frank’s sexuality. SMH.

    There are countless reasons why an artist wouldn’t like to collaborate with another artist. If your mind went straight to sexuality, then you need to work on your own homophobic tendancies and leave Xzibit alone.

    • Bobbyjonesgospel July 21, 2012

      By saying the word “Pause” in it’s slang meaning. He is suggesting that he is not gay or he doesn’t want to work with him because he is gay. Or else there would have been no point of ending sentence with pause. Other than to make a joke about a gay moment.

      • ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) July 21, 2012

        I get what you’re saying, but the word “pause” is not necessarily a homophobic reference. Maybe Xzibit hates Frank Ocean’s vocals or his sound or maybe his lyrics to the extent where he thinks a collaboration is 100% impossible. It doesn’t have to be about sexuality. And even if it was, it was just ONE word. It’s not like he tweeted a 4-page homophobic manifesto.

    • mobwife July 22, 2012

      People keep forgetting that Frank Ocean is not NEW to the music industry! This is his first studio CD! YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW MANY BRIDGES HE HAS BURNED? His decision to reveal that he’s been “FOOOLIN’ WOMEN” *Khia voice* doesn’t change that!

  28. PYTFROMAL July 21, 2012

    “taking aim at Frank is his way of generating attention for a project we’re sure is just waiting to gather dust on a street corner near you”

    Lmao. I needed that laugh.


    I didn’t see a homophobic slur. Does the word “pause” also translate to a homophobic slur that I’m unaware of?

  29. Bobbyjonesgospel July 21, 2012

    Pause in slang is used whenever a gay moment presents itself, whether it’s how u say something or a way somebody may be acting, as far as stereotypes of homosexuality anyway. So when asked if Xzibit would work with Frank Ocean, sounds to me like somebody wanted a funny or rude response. That’s exactly what happened. The response is clearly saying “No” I don’t wanna work with him because he is gay which could be a hint of homophobia or just not wanting to be grouped with him. No different then me not wanting to be associated wi hanging around with a drug dealer or a known h**. Is it right? No it’s not because in that moment I feel like I’m better than that person or much to good to even be mentioned I the same sentence. He is wrong just as I would be.

    • YesIDIDBITCH July 21, 2012

      Sit your sensitive GAY ass down somewhere, ugh i just can’t. S*** if someone says Stop, or go you will probably say the s*** is homophobic ugh

      • Bobbyjonesgospel July 21, 2012

        You dead granny! Lol

    • Bobbyjonesgospel July 21, 2012

      Sorry I meant yo dead ass granny!!! Rotfl

  30. im July 21, 2012

    so because he isn’t riding the ocean gimmick all tangle up in the ocean web of lies like others in the world,he is getting hated on,he have a right to is opinion like everyone else,all this hype around ocean and none of it is pertaining to is music,all this hype isn’t about is music it,s about is sexuality,imagine what would happen to is record sales[all this is about record sales no matter how you want to go around it] if he didn’t come out with this i am gay tip,no one would have mess with him especially the gay people who he is using.

    • Bobbyjonesgospel July 21, 2012

      He is def entitled to his opinion and his is no, that foo gay, lol

  31. Girrrl July 21, 2012

    You mock Rihanna and lil kim all the time. Don’t try to be self righteous now.

  32. christinastherealtalent July 21, 2012

    I’m gay and don’t see how “pause” is a a gay slur. If that’s the case, I’m homophobic towards my own class of sexuality because I use that expression all the time. At first I didn’t understand what izibit had said that was a gay slur till I saw the comments and realized its tgj having a slow news day and just like Toya, posting random stupid s*** just for hits.

  33. Mark July 21, 2012

    Apparently ‘Pause’ is a cousin to ‘No homo,’ but I never totally understood why (or how.) I’m just guessing here, but I think “pause” indicates not being comfortable around something gay-related or implied that’s happening at the moment. Like “PAUSE on what’s happening here…” It’s more of a gay “snub” than a slur.

    Anyway, who cares? Not everyone has to be comfortable around gay people, or on Team Frank. Sam, you need to stop. You’re doing Frank no favors by being this overeager and obnoxious where he’s concerned. You’re overhyping and overexposing Frank so much that I can see backlash ensuing here where he’s concerned.

    • mobwife July 22, 2012

      Mother: Jimmy, get up and wash the dishes.

      Jimmy: #PAUSE I washed the dishes last night. It’s Mimi’s turn to wash the dishes!

      Mimi: My bad mother, I forgot! I’ll wash them now!

      Please tell me how #pause represents “No Homo” or a “Gay Slur” in the above scenario?

      • mobwife July 22, 2012

        I totally agree with your last paragraph though! 🙂

  34. pat July 21, 2012

    He’s a non fukknn factor

  35. QueenSize July 21, 2012

    Frank Ocean. Hhmmmmmm….I heard them waters run deep. LMAO. Looky here. Not everybody is gonna jump on the bandwagon of gay pride just because one negro admitted he was bisexual. What is bisexual. GTFOH. pick a fruit….banana or plum? Bravo to X for not lying. Ocean is one of many d*** suckers. Just because Drake embraces him doesn’t mean X has to. Should his album be called channel rainbow?

    • POP ROYALTY ( F*** Yo Fav) July 21, 2012

      channel rainbow ? 😯

      😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

    • Speechless July 21, 2012

      are u mad he’s smashing billboard and you’re just typing away on a keyboard? I think you are…

      • Dollar$ign$kills July 21, 2012

        His single isn’t even top 40 and his album is only #2. How is he smashing Billboard?

    • FAF July 21, 2012

      What is it w/ these FLOPs using new Artists to Attempt their relevancy?? If your last hit was in the ’60s or ’70s, I need you to have a seat! XFAGGOT sit yo $5 ass all the way down, were not here for you!! It didn’t work for lil kim vs. Nicki!! You have been PUNCHED OWT THE GAME!!

    • Common Sense July 21, 2012

      I suggest you educate yourself. Bisexuality does not mean confused as many of you seem to be. It simply means attracted to both genders. Nothing more nothing less.

  36. POP ROYALTY ( F*** Yo Fav) July 21, 2012

    hahahahahahahahahahaah 😆


    • Denial July 21, 2012

      #Pause a gay muslim trapped in the closet. Open the door you gay muslim.

      • Meh July 21, 2012


      • POP ROYALTY ( F*** Yo Fav) July 21, 2012

        #pause a nosy b**** wanna feel my d*** in his throat.

      • Denial July 21, 2012

        What d***, aren’t you a post op tranny by now homosexual muslim?

      • Dollar$ign$kills July 21, 2012

        #pause You know so much about Pops life….

      • Denial July 21, 2012

        #pause what’s there to know he’s a homo in denial bout sums it up

  37. theman July 21, 2012

    Just because someone isn’t doing music doesn’t mean that their career is failing. All he said was pause. That wasn’t anything negative.

  38. 87zErI July 21, 2012

    I believe everyone has a right to there own opinion but also believe in the saying if you cant say it nice dont say s*** at all I dont know what pause means but its seems more respectbul then negativity but again say he was trying to get tabloided for all the work he has not done.i salute frank the world she be more like him..thanks for being honest with yourself helping the yoinger generation know that is ok to be who u are…

  39. MACHAVIEL July 21, 2012

    “homophobic Slur” Lllololol SamyBoy Don’t Be So Sensitive Since We All Know How Biased Your Ass Can Be!:-)). Yeah Keep Posting About Frank Since He Said Loing F*** Men And Women!!!

  40. RancorNV July 21, 2012

    Gays are becoming uppity. It’s starting to get to the point where if someone has any slight hesitation, reservation or discomfort about gay people, no matter how passive that person is in displaying it, militant gays and militant gay-friendly people wanna drag them to the carpet and preach.

    F*** all that. I’m not out killing any gay people, I’m not beating up any gay people, I’m not making life harder for any gay people…but I don’t HAVE to be comfortable around gays, nor do I have to support their plight or interests. I don’t have to be an ally or friend of the gays. So if I want to change the station when a Frank Ocean song comes on or avoid him and his music, then so be it. If Xzibit would rather not work with Frank, then so be it. You’re blowing this up like he just slandered and slurred him to hell and back, when all he did was drop a quick reference indicating that he wouldn’t be comfortable working with him. Is it because he’s gay? Maybe. But so the hell what? Who’s gonna die because Xzibit may not be a Frank enthusiast, even if it’s for no other reason than because of his sexuality?

    Get off your high horse.

    • POP ROYALTY ( F*** Yo Fav) July 21, 2012


      This this and ONLY this comment for this stupid post.

    • Common Sense July 21, 2012

      See that was a well written post. As long as you’re not hindering anyone’s cause you don’t’ have to help it. It’s perfectly fine to be uncomfortable by certain types of people. I myself can’t say I’d be comfortable if I were in an African American neighborhood but that’s probably because I was reared to be wary of them.

    • RICHANDBLACK11(JUST LIKE BEY) July 22, 2012

      Thats how it should be

  41. POP ROYALTY ( F*** Yo Fav) July 21, 2012

    gays are sensitive and drama queens.


    • Kingphoenix July 21, 2012

      But your gay…..

    • Denial July 21, 2012

      Spoken like a true sensitve homosexual man.

      Because you are the most sensitive homosexual on this website gay muslim.

      Didn’t you have a meltdown and quit the site then came crawling back 2 hrs later cause you realized no one gave a f***?

      Drama queen homosexual indeed.

      • POP ROYALTY ( F*** Yo Fav) July 21, 2012



      • Denial July 21, 2012

        AND you are a gay muslim.

      • POP ROYALTY ( F*** Yo Fav) July 21, 2012

        hahahaha , no.

      • Denial July 21, 2012

        If only you could say no to d**** up the ass gay muslim

    • Meh July 21, 2012

      LOL yes he run from site and run back quick just so he can be homosexual online again. Hypocrite muslim homosexual man no learn lesson last time ok will make you cry again homosexual hypocrite.

  42. Channel Black July 21, 2012

    Sam, sit your wanna be Perez Hilton ass down somewhere. To say that Xzibit was trying to use “slurring” Frank as promotion for his new album is dumb, considering all he did was provide a very short, non-detailed, retort to a question someone else asked him. Beyonce, 50, Busta, Brandy, Jamie, Solange, etc., etc. writing long winded valentines declarations to and about Frank are more “potent” examples of celebrities wanting attention from this Frank’s buzz. I just have to laugh at how someone not being on Frank’s bandwagon and showering him with praise makes them deserving of your petty vitriol. Grow up. I know Frank’s coming out and media acceptance probably makes hopeful that someday your gay ass can be something other than a hack blogger, with no staff, and who has to sensationalize news, bait fan bases and instigate drama for clicks and comments, but seriously man…f*** you!

    • kelly July 21, 2012

      * Giggles while sipping tea*

      You are right!

    • Common Sense July 21, 2012

      Speaking of vitriol…

    • mobwife July 22, 2012

      No, Brandy was being genuine and her comments were in the context of his songwriting ability. I honestly don’t tink she was trying to jump onboard the “Ocean Expess”!

      50 Cent kept it real as well. He peeped the “bisexual sheme” to sell CD scam that was played. I also agree with the positive statement he made concerning the situation!

      Those other others though…ummmm, *side-eye*

  43. the real xoxo July 21, 2012

    LOL at people saying “whos xzibit” you are obviously 14 years old.

    2 weeks ago y’all would have been saying “whos frank ocean”

    i like both of them and this isnt a gay slur.

  44. White girls mob July 21, 2012

    Would ya shut the f*** up! Ya was the same people tripping over v nasty saying the word n**** like its 2012 s*** everybody says the word n****. All them black people all over youtub saying they gonna beat her ass over it smh

    Ya took that s*** to fare and come to find out nobody did s*** just all talk… V nasty ain’t call ya a n***** she call ya a n**** two different words and meanings s***.

    Now ya tripping on this s*** smh

  45. C.R.E.A.M. July 21, 2012

    Hip-Hop/R&B is all about man being men, and women being women. . . so what he don’ t like Frank Ocean d*** in the booty self. . . .it is what it is. . . he has the right to an opinion, and just cause Frank Ocean gay now don’t mean the whole block is gon rock with that s***. #jussayin

    • Common Sense July 21, 2012

      Where exactly does Frank Ocean talk about “d**** in booties?” He songs are just like all other R&B songs. The only difference is that he uses “he” instead of “she” You people need to stop being so petty and admit that him being gay is the ONLY reason you are against him.

  46. Greg F July 21, 2012

    Who is this n****??
    He hasnt been hot for centuries so he can gtfo of twitter with his dinosaur ass

    • Dollar$ign$kills July 21, 2012

      I’m pretty sure more people know of Xzbit fromPimp My Ride then they do Frank…

      • Common Sense July 21, 2012

        Unfortunately more people know Xzbit as “that black guy from Pimp My Ride” than they do for his rapping.

      • wesley July 21, 2012

        Whomever don’t know Xzbit must be young.

    • Tee July 23, 2012

      I find your language and you offensive!

  47. bigboi July 21, 2012


  48. DTG July 21, 2012

    The jealously claim is beyond reaching. Frank isn’t even in the same genre as Xzibit, and Frank’s success hasn’t been substantial. If X was gonna be “jealous” of anyone, I would think it would be a Drake…a J. Cole…a Lil Wayne…a Rick Ross…hell he could have even shaded Flo Rida’s pop ass. But not no damn Frank Ocean. They don’t even play to the same type of music fan. LOL F*** outta here with that. Sam was just pressed on how to attack back and couldn’t come up with something better than some weak ass “you’re old/past your prime” nonsense.

    • DTG July 21, 2012

      …oh, and by the way…


  49. Dollar$ign$kills July 21, 2012

    #Pause Since when was Frank Ocean a gangster rapper? How is he in Xzibiit’s lane
    #Pause Why would Xzibit be jealous of Frank Ocean?
    #Pause Since when did pause mean something homophobic in slang. You gays are over sensitive. Pause in slang is basically saying “hold up”. It has nothing to do with sexuality.
    #Pause Since when was Xzibits career even poppin?

  50. Dollar$ign$kills July 21, 2012

    #Pause Why isn’t my Gravatar working?

  51. joker July 21, 2012

    ohh my…

    this’ Xzibit. i’d not expect him to fall into the pit of a accepted “modern” gay business for anything. he’s just doing his.

    cool. feel’s like a OLDSCHOOL buddy. ilike. 😀

  52. Queen Brit Brit July 21, 2012

    They are both irrelevant tbh. Xzibit is a “has been” and Frank Ocean is a “never was”

  53. Queen Brit Brit July 21, 2012

    All this buzz around him and he still couldn’t land a number one album. SMH

    • PYTFROMAL July 21, 2012

      Silly statement. And a “never was”?””Irrelevant”? No one who is irrelevant debuts at #2 on the Billboard 200. He debuted at #2 basically from digital sales alone and with no major single and no major promo. That is what most real artists aim for. His album has received critical acclaim from all music critics. He’s doing Usher and Chris Brown numbers and he’s not even a mainstream artist, Chris Brown(135k, Usher 128k, Frank 131k). ..and they debuted at #1. He’s doing pretty good for himself

      • Westley July 22, 2012

        Excuse me but Chris Brown is not doing mainstream numbers. If he was then his numbers would have been much more than what it was and you know that. Because of that one time fight alot of the mainstream audience are not buying Chris’s music. They spend most of their time talking s*** about him while their life is at a stand still in 2009. So compare the sales of Frank & Usher not Chris.

  54. AmandaB July 21, 2012

    Dear Xzibit, you are a fool and btw your gayness is showing!! I find it quite odd that Xzibit is making homophobic remarks being that he himself is GAY too ! SMH! Controversy= cash. Xzibit’s music sucks and no one really cares.

  55. Tiana washington July 21, 2012

    Nobody cares about Xzibit he his washed up ass frank ocean is the truth and he want to make gay slurs about people he says he a G but this n***** was on extreme home makeovers n**** please with you r hating ass frank ocean album is selling more and more every day cause of people like him he should go pick up a copy it’s great.

  56. Nichole July 21, 2012


    Anything else?

    Sam is such a f*ckin b*tch. Talk about a drama queen. #Pause

  57. Tbozfan10 July 22, 2012

    “OH boy the F*** march on to “I’m every woman”, while great americans citizens like me have watch millions of Gay Oceans with dingy ass head bands promote this finger in the b*** life styles…ugh”

    Do you know what a “great American citizen” is?? You probably ride around in a white hood at night . Save your patriotic bullsh*t America is a breeding ground for hate and intolerant people like you in the world.

  58. truth tea July 22, 2012

    nobody can say xzibit is trying to diss frank for publicity,
    considering frank oceans “coming out” has been one of the best publicity stunts in years.
    i like frank and xzibit. if you dont know who xzibit is, then you must be born after 1995.
    2 weeks ago alot of you never knew who frank ocean was!

    • James227 July 22, 2012

      Frank’s next stunt will be he getting married to a woman.

  59. mobwife July 22, 2012

    WAIT…..WHAT? ¯\_(*_*)_/¯

    How is this a HOMOPHOBIC rant or diss about Frank Ocean revealing that he’s been “FOOLIN’ WOMEN?” *Khia voice*

    The #pause at the end of his tweet does not indicate that Xzibit doesn’t like Frank Ocean because of his BISEXUALITY. How many R&B artists has Xzibit worked with in the past and for what purpose? Frank Ocean, despite of media claims, IS NOT A RAPPER/HIP HOP ARTIST! Why would a rapper need to work with him?

    Damn, this is really sad. If ppl don’t want to work with Frank Ocean, they DON’T HAVE TO WORK WITH FRANK OCEAN! It doesn’t mean that they DISLIKE or HATE ALL gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered ppl!…….geez louise 🙁

  60. B. MIke July 22, 2012

    I know this non-muthafuckin-factor is not trying to diss Frank. I don’t think it was a gay bash, but he is in NO POSITION to turn down any collabos with anybody that’s hot for ANY REASON. With his irrelevant ass!

    • WizKey July 22, 2012

      F*** Frank. Oh, I forgot…he actually likes that…so to reintegrate, T’Hell with Francine Rivers.

      Whether or not Xzibit is irrelevant, at least he’s not a homosexual exploiting his desire to suck d*** in order to get attention from the media.

      • Pucci July 25, 2012

        Um, Frank only made one statement about him being gay & that’s all everyone seems to want to talk about. The only ones pressed about Frank being in love with a man are ignorant small minded sewer rats like yourself.

        I think you might have some hidden desires about sucking d*** since you so effortlessly and colorfully described it for Frank.

  61. Pause July 22, 2012

    I stand with Xzibit. You couldn’t pay me to listen to Ms. Frank’s music and if he was playing a free concert right up the street from me, you couldn’t drag me to see it. Frank IMO is a very disturbed individual and instead of praising him, people should be trying to get the fool some help!

    • Tee July 23, 2012

      And im pretty sure Frank couldnt be paid to come see you flip burgers at Mackie dees on the night shift.

    • Pucci July 25, 2012

      You mean like someone needs to get you help.

  62. Lalala July 22, 2012

    Iggy Azalea used the words ‘Slave master’ & the entire black community went ape s*** & claimed she was a racist & practically tried to have her lynched. Now the same thing happens to another minority & the black community are the first to jump on it & tell them to ‘get over it’ & saying they’re ‘drama queens’ & start using offensive slurs. It’s somehow socially acceptable for people to use slurs to insult gay men when they make drama, but it’s not acceptable to drop ‘N’ bombs when black people make similar drama? Hypocrisy at it’s finest.

    Luckily most of the negativity is coming from people who can barely spell or string a sentence together so I shouldn’t worry about them ever managing to get into a position of power were their opinions would actually make a difference.

  63. Pucci July 25, 2012

    Um, I really didn’t see a homophobic slur, though it always puzzles me with these rappers? I mean they have to know that they have as many gay fans as they do straight fans. And they have to know that not only are they attractive to woment but they’re also attractive to gay men. smh

  64. Storm Lattimore July 25, 2012

    Who the f*** cares, it’s not like Xzibit will sell 5 albums… this is the most press his ass will get. I don’t think dude has ever even had a top 10 hit! WHO THE F*** IS HE? #PAUSE nobody cares!

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