Hot Topic : Is Lady GaGa’s ‘The Fame’ A Classic?

Published: Sunday 5th Aug 2012 by David

While Katy Perry may have won the public over with ‘One Of The Boys’ in 2008, it’s safe to say the only debutante worth paying attention to that year was Lady GaGa.

Indeed, despite hitting the ground to a slow start, GaGa‘s arrival with her debut LP ‘The Fame‘ has become one of Pop’s more romanticized occurrences- hailed a breath of fresh creative air in a time where gimmicks by Rihanna and co. had well and truly run dry.

Ironically, despite boasting her lowest first week sales to date, the album seems to hold a special place in the heart of many a ‘Monster’- some of whom flood videos from its era with comments like the below:

Lady GaGa Honduras:

I Miss This GaGa

Ouroroborobo 747:

 It was simple because of how low the budget was. A lot of artists work best with very little and making something out of nothing. If you have big budget things then it can begin to look contrived if you’re not careful.

 This is the artistic direction she should of kept.. god its a mess now.. I have hope she’ll get back to her roots and her inspired, simple, style.

So with her new LP reportedly boasting a similar vibe, we ask:

Is ‘The Fame’ A Classic Album?

Weigh in below…

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  1. Rob August 5, 2012

    Hell Noooooooooooooooooooooo!

    • therealest August 5, 2012

      How can anyone who enjoys pop music NOT think this is a classic album?

      Its so classic!

      Every track is a stand out and has single potential – thats a rarity in itself.

      Not to mention her style of music was one of the first. ‘redone’ was unknown (in mainstream) until just dance came out.

      Altho im pleased she took a departure with her second album – and she was very vocal about LGBT issues in ‘born this way’ (which i think in years to come people will look back and see she is really making a positive impact in the quest to normalize gays in everyday life).

      Im glad she is going back to her roots with this album. We want fun GaGa! We want innovation. I think she should set herself strict budgets and try and do things in a simple way – like in the early days. Altho its great to be glossy and have massive budgets its not always necessary – as those cute ‘the fame’ vids show….

    • HauteHottness August 5, 2012

      You’re retarded if you don’t realize that “The Fame” is a CLASSIC! It was the BEST album that came out that year.

  2. Lax August 5, 2012

    Lady Ga Ga what can i say Talented, Fashion Forward,
    can play the Piana she’s like alicia to me child Prodigy.
    She know how to take a licking and keep right on ticking
    like many are doing.
    Her “Fame” is undeniable great and Classic will be left up
    to the Music Historians and her many Fans!!!!!!!

  3. kijano August 5, 2012

    All Fame, Fame Monster and BTW are classics in different ways. But the RnB vibe in Fame was amazing

  4. HoneyB August 5, 2012


  5. Bey + MC Slay Your Faves August 5, 2012

    The Fame is responsible for ushering in an era of mediocre American dance-pop that had been burning up clubs in Europe for years previously. Depending on one’s current view of popular music, this can be either a good thing or a bad thing. Personally, I liked some of the songs on the album but I don’t regard it as a classic. Madonna’s 2005 album, Confessions on a Dancefloor, is a classic. The Fame had the benefit of being released at a slow time in music by a white female artist with a somewhat decent voice and gimmicky performance style. Classic or ridiculously lucky?

    • Jose August 5, 2012

      Really? People kill me when they write stuff like this and don’t know what they’re talking about. The Fame was NOT mediocre in any way, shape or form. Sure, the topics weren’t groundbreaking but her songwriting (yeah that must hurt to know she actually writes ALL of her songs) was impeccable. Paparazzi is still one of the greatest Pop songs of the new era and to think this album was lucky is silly. ‘Lucky’ isn’t capable of selling over 10 Million copies WW on a debut. That’s called fate.

      • Bey + MC Slay Your Faves August 5, 2012

        I don’t recall calling the Fame itself mediocre. I called the subsequent era of dance music that saturates popular radio mediocre. I was just giving my opinion as observed by me. I’m no music guru but let’s be honest and candid, the Fame was in no way the groundbreaking musical evolution that you’re making it out to be. Tbqh, it was filled with Madonna/Kylie/Robyn rejects that more innovative artists were creating in Europe when Lady Gaga was still being referred to as Stephanie.

      • FAF August 5, 2012

        Lady gaga was & is groundbreaking she continues to reinvent herself and has the talent of being able to play piano, writes her own songs & put on a show that gets standing ovations. Not to mention her touring & album sales are forces of their own to be reckoned w/ who do you stan for??

    • Umm August 5, 2012

      dance pop started to come about back in ’07-,08 with a house music (R&B started this, ex Neyo closer) then that transitioned to dance pop in’08-’09. The funny thing is that your attempt at dissing it proves the point that it is classic. If an album can change the whole music landscape that shows how good really it was.

      • Bey + MC Slay Your Faves August 5, 2012

        What’s so groundbreaking? Dance-pop has been huge in Europe for years. She isn’t even responsible for bringing it to the US (Madonna has been doing it since the 80s) Not to take away from Gaga’s talent but let’s face it, she’s more image than music. Yeah, she plays the piano. So does Alicia Keys, so does a lot of other talented musicians, that doesn’t make her groundbreaking or revolutionary. Much of her image is contrived and her style of music is in no way novel or the first of its kind. However, there’s no arguing with Gaga fans. I’m sure you’re all convinced that light shines out of her every orifice. God forbid if someone disagrees.

    • JP August 7, 2012

      Who is “Stephanie”?

  6. Lax August 5, 2012

    My dam goodness…..
    Beyonce Exposes Her Inner Houston Hoodrat And Posts Photo Of Ratchet A** “Nail Art” Featuring Her And Hubby Hov. Just what else do she have up her sleeves for “Attention”, what?

    • Hello August 5, 2012

      those aren’t her hands imbecile thats a fans nail art

    • Realist : Navy-Nazi August 5, 2012

      you annoys me sometimes, do you really need to bash every other singer on every post you comment :/. you’re always looking for drama. like get a life already.

  7. SDR August 5, 2012

    Well… that album is horrible. her worst by far !!! It all sounds so cheap, BUT definetly going to be a classic cuz it lauched her carreer and had so many hits and inspired so many people.
    Still shitty music though (Sounds kinda like Michelle williams’ last album but michelle had better beats and the LP was well produced)

  8. christinastherealtalent August 5, 2012

    @ LAX

    How dare you insult Alicia like that. Alicia is far more talented than Gaga is without needing to have all the stage theatrics, crazy outfits, and lame ass gimmicks. Alicia doesn’t sing about s** and drugs or come up with ridiculous selling tactics to inflate your album sales.

    Anyway Hell to the noooooooo this album is not a classic. Other artists have been doing dance music for years then here come Gaga and everybody wants to act like she introduced that genre to present say trend. Gaga didn’t innovate anything either. All she did was take from Madonna and Cher wardrobe and add a bit more to it. She’s an attention w****. When people reflect back on Gaga 5 years from now theyre only going to remember her crazy ass outfits not her music.

    • Lax August 5, 2012

      @CHRISTINA,,,,Alicia and Gaga can BOTH play the hell out of a “Piano” Deery!

      • Lax August 5, 2012

        @CHRISTIAN,,,I Want debate about who took what from who,
        but know that there’s hardly anything new under the sun,
        it have all been done before and the one’s who can reinvent themselves and take something that have been done before and make it their own are the big winners, you know.Just because i named alicia and gaga in the same lines do not take away from the respect they both get from me i still like them right on. See use music like the basket ball players
        see how great Kobe and lebron are but look at what Carmelo did for the game and made History. Carmelo
        did what neither kobe nor lebron cpuld do for the American Team, its called shared talents and Alicia cters to her fans and Gaga caters to her’s and to give them both credit for playing the “Piana” i did not see as a bad thing at all, Sorry if i RUFFELED yo Feathers, though i did not mean any harm at all!

      • Lax August 5, 2012

        Dang piano* goodness lax….

      • FAF August 5, 2012

        Lady Gaga’s voice > Alicia Keys

  9. Miao August 5, 2012

    “The Fame” and Gaga changed music industry. Like Gaga or not, that’s the FACT!

    • Lax August 5, 2012

      I agree…

  10. Sam August 5, 2012

    The Fame was brilliant and I loved her then, but Born This Way wasn’t so good, it was a bit tacky and I completly went off her. Her fans or ‘monsters’ really annoy me too!

  11. j millz August 5, 2012

    I don’t think this album was a classic I think it was very good but not a classic. But its funny because I was just thinking about albums in the last 5 years that were classic to me. And one that I think is classic but didn’t get the right recognition was jasmine suvillan album fearless that album right there was the truth and a classic to me. Sorry if I went off topic

    • Umm August 5, 2012

      yea jasmine’s debut was really good but I would put The Fame as classic because of how it crossed-over to all people and artist try to recreate what she did then til this day.

  12. Kyle August 5, 2012

    I think in years to come “The Fame” will always be looked at as a pop culture classic. It introduced the world to a pop phenomenon and the music was simple but fun and catchy…everything pop music should be! I enjoyed “Born This Way” but I agree with the comment that states that it felt a bit contrived. I feel like they tried to make it more than it really was. It wasn’t as revolutionary as they made it out to be.

    • Realest August 5, 2012

      You mean it introduced the USA, not the world.. That style of music is ages old in Europe/Asia.. Not new even in the slightest.

  13. WTF August 5, 2012

    Another day another dig at Rihanna #expiredblogproblems

  14. That B*tch (would you like a rihfund with that)? August 5, 2012

    I loved “The fame” but I think “The fame monster” really takes the cake as a classic. Even though the CD had only 9 songs on it, I believe it was a POP masterpiece from start to finish. That’s when she ditched her generic look and sound and took her artistry into her own hands. Lady Gaga does need to go back to her roots though. Everyone is getting tired of her antics which is the reason why I didn’t even bother buying BTW. Gaga has already become an international superstar in just 4 years, but she is trying too hard.
    I love the fact that she’s finally toning it down a bit and I hope she brings it on her next album.

  15. irene46 August 5, 2012

    as someone said on another tgj post, looks like gaga’s gearing up to steal shine from xtina who may be the ‘guess who’s coming’ female artist tgj has been promoting. otherwise, why all this gaga noise and she’s not even doing a damn thing.

  16. Realest August 5, 2012

    Good album but not a classic. A hit filled albu, but not a classic. I didnt even know she was as great of a singer as she truly is until i heard her single live in concert, plus if it wasnt for this album we wouldnt have all those trashy generic pop songs a la Nicki Minaj, Tao Cruz and anyone else with an autotune box. But yes this was a good album

    • FAF August 5, 2012

      Nicki minaj> your fave.. STAY PRESSED #1 on billboard with generic material? U must mean Katy

      • Katy GaGa August 5, 2012

        B**** sit all the way down. You cant call anyone generic when you stan for a b**** who made radio music to sell an album even though it failed. Nicki Minaj is an embarassment to music

  17. Matthew Charlery-Smith August 5, 2012

    Yes, to a degree, I would say so. Especially in Dance/Pop music. Not necessarily in music in general as it didn’t really bring anything too revolutionary. It was the videos that were revolutionary and her image. That’s what made the era so unique, we GOT her.

    The album is good. It’s one of the only few albums of a Pop artist (and non-Black) that I’ve bought in years. The comment above about it being low-budget is also a valid point. Once it gets too expensive there can be too many minds at work and it all sounds over-glossed, shiny but with no real substance.

    Why I don’t think it’s fully a great/classic piece of work simply comes down to the fact that it wasn’t quite thorough enough – quite simply it was TOO MUCH Gaga. Particularly paying attention to the amount of filler on the album one can get easily bored with redundant sounding songs that do not in anyway show her brilliance vocally, lyrically or musically. The album, in my opinion, could have done without Beautiful, Dirty, Rich, I Like It Rough and maybe even Boys, Boys, Boys. It’s not that these songs are bad, it’s that there are other songs on the album that they sound similar to which are far better – less is more. The bonus songs Disco Heaven and Retro Dance Freak have a similar streak running through them too. The album could have been shorter and more intense like “Fame Monster” and had great song after great song rather than peak and trough.

    What stunted the album, especially in those aforementioned songs, is that they needed different vocal arrangements and backing singers on them, maybe different producers too. After a few songs hearing Gaga’s voice alone became too much and it sounded repetitive. Unlike Soul music which tends to be lyrically deeper, Dance music can sound like a lot of banging unless the vocals are interesting. Artists like Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Chaka Khan, Michael Jackson, Luther Vandross and the old school KNEW how to use backing singers, who obviously have different vocal textures, to keep their sound interesting. A classical singer, a musical theatre singer, a Gospel singer etc. Beyonce, Christina Aguilera and Gaga don’t seem to do this and it all gets a bit predictable and unimaginative sometimes. No matter how big your range your voice will nearly always sound the same

    I think The Fame Monster was much better (it’s not every year an 8 track EP is nominated for Album of the Year at the Grammys). There were different producers (Teddy Riley, though I disliked the song, and Rodney Jerkins), collaborators (Beyonce) and it was very clear Gaga had GROWN! It was a concentrated effort which produced stunning results. Even “Dance in the Dark” (which I’m not hot on) sounds like an integral piece of the album and not filler.

    I know people want Gaga to “go back” to this Gaga but she has grown past it, and the circumstances which forged the “Fame” era Gaga persona are too bygone. Instead, Gaga needs to continue to cater to her primary audience who first bought her records while trying out new things. All great artists do this. MJ served first “Black or White” as a Pop single although there was nothing else on “Dangerous” like that, he then gave us “Remember the Time” which was for his RnB audience and there was also nothing else on Dangerous like that. THEN he hit out with the New Jack Swing songs of “Closet” and “Jam”. MJ knew his audience was primarily Pop (worldwide) then RnB (Black/US/UK Urban audience) and then he could experiment. They went along for the ride, clocking up his highest sales after “Thriller” and the singles weren’t even all released from Dangerous.

    I think “The Fame” will go down as a great moment in Pop history but maybe not so much in Dance as it was a bit gimmicky. A real classic is respected and learned from by artists in all genres like MJ’s first 3 Quincy Jones albums.

    Hungry, gotta go eat!

    • Umm August 5, 2012

      In response to your last paragraph she’s the reason why Usher does songs like “Scream.” so i think people did learn it maybe indirectly but learn they did.

  18. JohnVidal(RIP Whitney-truegreat) August 5, 2012

    To me it is NOT a classic
    It is a great debut. In addition it changed what was current at the moment, very few artists have that impact
    But a classic needs to be an artist best body of work, and The Fame is not even Gaga´s best work, specially knowing she probably has a long way to go as an artist

    • Pop Royalty ( F*** Yo Fav) August 5, 2012

      Classics does NOT need to be an artist’s best Body of Work !

      And Sorry , Gaga ruined REAL music along with the black eyed peas and David guetta , i’m dance music junkie as u all know , but let’s be honest !! Electropop” or whatever u gonna call it” was there before gaga even started opening her mouth , and it is not what she wanted to do anyway , it is what BOB FUSARI wanted her to do ! she prefers the jazz/typical pop kind of songs !!

      the black eyed peas ” I gotta feeling” >>>> all the tracks in ” The fame” combined impact – wise !!!!

      • Kingphoenix August 5, 2012

        Lol. No @Pop, your are going crazy! Lady Gaga, as overrated and crafty as she can be, is a pop phenomenon. She has three albums back to back nominated for album of the year. She has done in what others took decades to do in half that time. She has worked with legends and has broken records. The Fame was a good pop album, you need to stop. I know you love Madonna but that shouldn’t blind you from Gaga’s raw talent which is greater than Madge’s.

  19. Anon August 5, 2012

    I do believe The Fame is a classic album. Classic doesn’t mean in sales, it’s about the quality of the music involved. Listen to The Fame all the way through. There is not a single song on it that doesn’t have a catchy and hypnotizing hook. You walk away from each song knowing at least one or two lines from it. She ushered in a new era of music with the album. Look at how many artists out now are trying to mimic the style and fashion Gaga created with that album. I feel the album should’ve had at least 2 more videos before calling it quits.

    • Pop Royalty ( F*** Yo Fav) August 5, 2012

      Vanity ?!! summerboy ?!!! bown eyes ?!! those are MEH and forgettable !!

      • Anon August 5, 2012

        “Vanity” is an outtake from The Fame so I wouldn’t include that. Are you serious? “Summer Boy” would’ve been the perfect Summer anthem right next to “Eh Eh”

  20. E August 5, 2012

    I don’t think The Fame is a classic. If anything I would say The Fame Monster is a classic. Sure TF made dance music popular again. But I feel TFM revolutionized pop music in general. From the videos to the songs to the performances during that era. That album or EP, whatever u wanna call it, took things to a whole different level. I mean cmon bad romance! Even u didn’t like GaGa u couldn’t deny the artistry of that.

    • Pop Royalty ( F*** Yo Fav) August 5, 2012

      I agree.

  21. Slayty Perry August 5, 2012

    Hell no. I don’t even like this b**** and I know that The Fame Monster slays and shits on The Fame

  22. tmm90 August 5, 2012

    Ya’ll seem to forget that ‘The Fame’ & ‘The Fame Monster’ should be counted as one? Since the first release all around the world (except for the USA) was promoted as The Deluxe Version of The Fame.

    • Pop Royalty ( F*** Yo Fav) August 5, 2012

      you are Smart 😀

      • prettigurlrockD August 6, 2012

        This comment actually defends gaga to the pop royalty (hater) since she actually puts thought into her music unlike you know who. Starts with an R.

  23. Benron (I sold Bey Her Reborn Doll) August 5, 2012

    Lady Gaga is nothing but a cheap h**. She has done nothing “revouloutinary” or “inspiring” other than w**** herself out for attention (ironic since she was a prostitue from New york.

    Lady FlopGa’s music is very mediocre, she litterally (if you look it up) was struggling to be famous until she followed the dance music trend. She “introduced” everyone to nothing. If you listen to producers RIHANNA and BRITNEY SPEARS were the first POP acts to dare to put dubstep, trance and house on their albums, “lady” flopga just copied.

    Because when you take away her overdramatic stunts and desperate pleas for attention her music is mediocre. It says something when only one of you singles makes an impact. Born this flop was outsould by many albums worldwide (Including music from a non-gimmicky popstar, Loud) and only did well in America because of 2 for 1 deals, gving away 2 with purchases of phones and the imfamous one-dollar amason sales, which added up to almost 500k.

    She is actually quite pitiful as an artist, so no her album is not a classic.

    • Umm August 5, 2012

      She wasn’t the first to do it but she was the first to do it well, thats the difference.

      • Benron (I sold Bey Her Reborn Doll) August 5, 2012

        No, sshe wasn’t she has done so horribly. Copying is still copying.

  24. Umm August 5, 2012

    Let me just say it like this…She is the reason why your faves have to put a dance pop song on their album to sale. Like it or not that one album changed music that’s what I consider to be a classic.

    • Benron (I sold Bey Her Reborn Doll) August 5, 2012

      Not true, Rihanna and Britney started house and dubstep so you can have a seat.

      The only people copying Gaga’s attenion w**** style is newbies who end up flopping!

      • Umm August 5, 2012

        Nope Neyo started the house trend in 07 with “Closer” and Chris did dance pop in ’08 with “Forever” but Chris did give your girl her another #1 with the dance/pop song “Disturbia.”

        I get it if it’s not about Rihanna then it don’t matter but get real she didn’t start dance/pop she just reintroduced black folks to modern pop when we wasn’t checking for! Humble yourself dude!

      • Benron (I sold Bey Her Reborn Doll) August 5, 2012

        What about her dance pop hits Pon de replay, SOS, BREAK IT OFF, and please dont stop the music.

        Rated R molded Born this flop.

  25. Kingphoenix August 5, 2012

    Definely, the Fame and the Fame monster were great pop culture classics. No shade today.

  26. Lady Gaga: The Quintessential Pop Star of Our Generation August 5, 2012

    Of course it is a classic. And Gaga has done thing with all three of her musical efforts that other artists could only ever dream of.

    And while people didn’t like Born This Way. It was a very solid effort and it remains unparalleled by anyone of her contemporaries.

    • Pop Royalty ( F*** Yo Fav) August 5, 2012

      Adele says HI.

  27. Benron (I sold Bey Her Reborn Doll) August 5, 2012

    Her music is nothing more than over produced, gimmicky dance-pop, Madonna rehashes not to mention and trend following.

    Who stared dubstep/house music on pop albums? BRITNEY and RIHANNA!
    Who managed to get Ciara, Rita, Willow and other flop b****** trying to imitate her Carribean twang and signature style? RIHANNA!
    Who somehow managed to get hits and sell almost as much as Gaga WITHOUT the majority of her songs being dance-pop. KATY PERRY.
    Who is still singing R&B with her singnature “Im a Diva and cocky b****!” (No shade intended) and great vocals? BEYONCE
    Who is known for being a fake-booty h** who is always rapping on everyone elses songs? NICKI MINAJ

    What is signature about Lady Gaga? Nothing. She will be known as a crazy outfit girl and not known for her 3 #1 songs and tricks to get herself to number one on the album chart.

    • Kingphoenix August 5, 2012

      Gaga is a big influence on pop culture, her signature is fun dance pop and avante garde fashion…with pretentious activism in the mix. You really shouldn’t discredit her she is very significant in the pop force…more so than Katy and Nicki Minaj. Beyonce, Gaga, and Rihanna are the most prevelant out of the “pop” girls today…

      • Umm August 5, 2012

        All he read was “Rihanna is the most prevalent out of the pop girls today”

      • Benron (I sold Bey Her Reborn Doll) August 5, 2012

        Seeing as Beyonce isnt doing anything and neither is Gaga people ar not paying attention to them. I haven’t heard her on the radio with a new song (from 4) more than 2ce (Love on top both times) and Gaga has been quiet for months aswell so Nasty-like-nicotine Garbaj, Francine SideHOcean, Katherine perry, and IJustine Beiber changed it.

      • Kingphoenix August 5, 2012


        You seem to forget that most normal artist with heaps of talent don’t have to keep their self out there time after time. Beyonce is raising a family, heading her own business, staring in a movie and a lot of other things. The 4 era was great, but its time for her to move on and do other things, which takes time and care. She is not putting out an album every year because she doesn’t need too. She will be suceeful well up into old age, she can afford the time. Gaga is doing a tour, Btw came out what a year ago or something, she is putting the finishing touches on her new work as well she has a healthy relationship and other ventures. Rihanna is a ticking time bomb, she is always everywhere doing everything…people are getting sick of that. Its something she and her stans will learn soon enough. You act as though you are ignorant of music knowledge and how the industry works. Just because something is trendy at the moment, doesn’t mean it will have staying power.

      • Benron (I sold Bey Her Reborn Doll) August 5, 2012

        Rihanna wasnt trendy for 7years.

        Bey just released her least sucsessful album, why take a break to raise her reborn doll.

        Lady gaga released her most sucsessful She may take a break.

      • Kingphoenix August 5, 2012


        Yeah Rihanna only got trendy after Umbrella….

        Bey released her least sucessful album, but her most critically acclaimed. The woman has 16 grammy’s at the age of 30, she can take her time.

      • Benron (I sold Bey Her Reborn Doll) August 5, 2012

        King, Im not dissing bey im saying she shouldnt take a break.

        Rihanna was never trendy, never doing the it thing. What she does BECOMES the it thing. I am not trying to argue with you though.

    • prettigurlrockD August 6, 2012

      Rihanna is prevalent? Yeah maybe from 2007-2010. Nothing she’s done these days is worthy of much. Just her media escapades of her sexual endeavors. It sure keeps her in the spotlight. 😉

  28. Benron (I sold Bey Her Reborn Doll) August 5, 2012

    Im confused, if Rihanna is a gimkick 9according to sam) what is FlopGa?

    Rihanna has been known her whole career for her monster hits (like Umbrella to name one), Carribean twang, bad girl image and s*** style. It has sold her over 8.4 (not given away) U.s albums. over 120 million (November 2011 Estimate) records worldwide (30 million of which are albums) and given her a worldwide name!

    Gaga was known for wearing crazy outfits and standing up for Gay rights (probably after she heard Rihanna’s Te amo… Just kidding but still) And nothing else. She sold over 80 million gimmicky, cheap Madonna remixes for discounted prices and did so with long pointless videos.

    What does that have to do with her music? Cheap dancepop aint cool

  29. Benron (I sold Bey Her Reborn Doll) August 5, 2012

    Im not hating, her music is ok. You and I, Marry the night, and Just dance were pretty good songs. But when you dive into her you see how shallow she is.

  30. Pop Royalty ( F*** Yo Fav) August 5, 2012


    how you gonna say it is a Classic only 4 years after release date ?

    and if “the fame” is a classic , i guess Ke$ha’s “Animal” is a classic as well , as long as “teenage dream” and “LOUD” !!!! right ?

    “The fame monster” gotta be her classic tho. that was so “gaga” and she was clearly in her element , but she’s just so dumb !! so f*****’ dumb.

    ONLY “21” will be labelled as a classic and “The album Of the decade” !!! it has that ” amy winehouse – Back to black” kind of longevity !! seriously who gonna play ” lovegame” in 5 years from now ?! LOL.


    she will just keep on repeating herself and her beginnings, and to me , this is how you end your career , ask ciara !!!! her and beyonce are truly struggling ” both artistically and relevancy-wise” while ppl like Rihanna and katy found their paths and they just keep on winning.

    • prettigurlrockD August 6, 2012

      It’s more classic than anything Rihanna ever made. Just being honest.

  31. WATCH YO’ MOUFF August 5, 2012


    But “Born This Way” is. It’s one of the best albums of all time. It was so mature, so artistic, so special.

    Here’s some examples of a classical album.

    Adele — 19:
    Because musically, it speaks of the truth of love, and is so down-to-earth.

    Adele — 21:
    Musically and lyrically, it defines every kind of heartbreak.

    Beyonce — 4:
    Refreshing, youthful, and just speaks of simplicity and just being a normal person, with no complications inside you, nor even much achievements in your life, and being happy for JUST where you are.

    Highlights: “Dance for You”, “Love on Top”, “1+1”

    Rihanna — Rated R:
    It speaks of inner power, which comes from nothing but being heartbroken.

    See: “Hard” video.

    Beyonce — B’day:
    It speaks of the‏ ‏variety, multi-tasking of someone very talented.

    So………..The Fame had nothing real to be considered a classic.

    “LoveGame” is one of the best songs I ever heard, but damn, it was so f*****’ CHEAP!!!

    • Benron (I sold Bey Her Reborn Doll) August 5, 2012

      I think Loud should be included.

      • That B*tch (would you like a rihfund with that)? August 5, 2012

        @ Benron
        Child stop reaching. Rated R is the only classic album Rihanna has released thus far. While Loud was a really good album it will never be able to touch the lyrical masterpiece of that CD. Loud was filled with far too much fillers to be considered a classic but it was a good CD nonetheless.

      • mobwife August 5, 2012

        Please, you ppl must be on dope! I don’t even like Rih *fill-in the blank* and even I know “Good Girl Gone Bad” is the best CD chicky HAS EVER produced!

    • JohnVidal(RIP Whitney-truegreat) August 5, 2012

      None of Beyonce´s and Rinahha´s albums are classics

      • Kingphoenix August 5, 2012

        Dangerously in Love is a classic bew, s*** it had the best song of the 2000s on it, won the girl five grammy’s and spawned of the greatest performer of our generation. How is it that not a classic?

        And in time, 4 will be a classic because of the its wonderful musicality and the vocals Beyonce performed were genious.

        Rated R was a great album as well and for many people its a classic, its just not your cup of tea…Stil, you can’t deny the impact or the quality of the record.

      • JohnVidal(RIP Whitney-truegreat) August 5, 2012

        Crazy in Love is a classic yes. Best Beyonce´s track by far. But the album as a whole is not, half of it is really boring
        Classics are “Back to Black”, “Jagged Little Pill” or “Thriller”. Maybe my standards are too high I don´t know. But nobody can tell me a Rihanna album is a classic cos it´s NOT.
        Like I said not even the huge “The Fame” is a classic to me. “21” has become such a classic by now without a doubt even if there are some better ones in the last few years

      • Benron (I sold Bey Her Reborn Doll) August 5, 2012

        Nobody can tell you Rihanna had a classic album because she didnt. If she didnt people wouldn’t be trying to tell you that dumb b****.

      • Kingphoenix August 5, 2012


        To you DIL is not a classic, just like to me 21 is not a classic…But the general public and music critics agree that both are so hey….

    • prettigurlrockD August 6, 2012

      Loud is Rihanna’s only good album. Rest are mediocre crap. If you talking about rated r being a classic. BARELY. Ppl only remember two good songs from that album rude boy and Hard.

  32. facekick August 5, 2012

    She and that album changed the music industry…it’s FACT!

  33. Mad-On-Her August 5, 2012

    Of course it’s a classic. Anything that has that much influence on popular culture and music should obviously be hailed as a classic. And people are way too harsh on Born This Way. If she had released another album of Just Dance style tracks everyone would have slated her for not evolving. It was a great album, her problem was building up such a ridiculous amount of hype that nothing would have been able to live up to it. Also it’s really annoying when people bang on about Born This Way ‘taking itself too seriously.’ It’s a fair enough criticism of the title track, but doesn’t apply to the album as a whole. Government Hooker, Schise, Heavy Metal Lover and Americano are some of her most wonderfully silly songs.
    I think Gaga is the only artist in the last ten years to produce more than one classic album. Very rarely does someone become an icon so quickly. She deserves her success.

  34. THE GREAT LACEFRONCE. August 5, 2012

    You asked the same question about 4closure 😕

    No Tranny Cacas album is not a classic. It didnt do anything to change the music industry or pop in general

  35. LTM August 5, 2012

    Sorry but if anyone should be credited for bringing Dance pop to mainstream it should be The Black Eyed Peas and Ke$ha. Like an interesting article on said, plenty of artist have infused the sound in their albums before but it didn’t blow up until 2009. B.E.P’s The E.N.D and Ke$ha’s Animal were the first major pop albums to have dance music incorporated in the entire album. GaGa did before with The Fame, Britney with Blackout, and Rihanna through all her albums but 2009 was the year everyone did. People saw B.E.P slay with the sound and saw K$ become an over night star so they took notice. Katy Perry, Pink, and Kelly Clarkson are the only major acts who haven’t made full dance pop album and still have slayed

    • Benron (I sold Bey Her Reborn Doll) August 5, 2012


    • prettigurlrockD August 6, 2012

      You might have a good point.

  36. john August 5, 2012

    the fame was one helluva alumb. but i dont consider it a classic. but i o consider the fame monster a classic. btw was a very creative and artistic alumb but i dont consider it a classic. forbidden fruits by Isiah Hurts available on, i wish ppl will quit callking btw a is btw consider a flop when it sold 5.5 million copies

  37. DIGGER BEY August 5, 2012

    Yes it is but only n the pop world. The Fame changed the landscape of pop music when it started selling! That album had some of the biggest pop songs ever charting great around the world. The Fame probably was one of best pop albums since Madonna’s reign! Gaga had music insiders calling her The Queen of Pop after one album! Thats just goes to show u how much she changed pop music! So i would call it a Pop Classic, unstead of Music Classic. Like Thriller or Songs to Key of Life by Stevie Wonder. @ John Vidal….Stay Pressed LOL….. @ LAX I really thinking u are really delusional. Rihoeanna is the one always changing her color from orange to gray to stay relevant. KING B doesnt pull gimmicks f*****. Who is the one always on twitter showing her c******. Rihoeanna = GIMMICKS!

    • Benron (I sold Bey Her Reborn Doll) August 5, 2012

      But…………… Lady gaga just litterally showed her c****** the other day in “leaked naked pics”

      RIHANNA dosent need gimmicks, Gaga does.

  38. the real xoxo August 5, 2012

    it wasnt a classic, but it had alot of impact on pop culture.

  39. mobwife August 5, 2012

    LOL, Classic based on what a fake, biased media blitz proclaiming her the new, best, blah, blah which lead to it’s usual PUBLIC HYPNOSIS (see, Justin Bieber, 1 Direction, etc. for details)?

    Don’t get me wrong, I actually enjoyed this CD but its far from say MADONNA’s:
    Like a Virgin,
    True Blue,
    Like a Prayer,
    Erotica or
    Bedtime Stories”

    LOL, I’m just saying…… haters 🙂

  40. Suicide Blonde August 5, 2012

    It’s not a classic just because her true fans, like more that record, most of then didn’t like Born This Way, i know people who like Born This Way and they’re not even Gaga fans, you can say her little monster don’t know nothing about good Music. What makes me put my eyes on Gaga was the EP The Fame Monster, that was a good album with already classic songs like Bad Romance (to me Gaga best single ever), however, i don’t think she has done yet a classic album, Madonna first album is a classic songs like Holiday, Lucky Star and Borderline would never get old. she is just following the trend that others veteran like Madonna and Michael Jackson settled 30 years ago, don’t get me wrong, her impact in Popular culture is undeniable but you can see their influence in her videos, music and image. The phenomenon og Gaga is very rare because she has the biggest impact in Music since Madonna and Britney Spears with the different that Madonna and Britney’s album sales were impressive, more than 20 million ww, more than Adele’s 21, i know our times are different but what about Adele, i think she is fading before reaching the top and this is her own fault coz she is too much exposed, she wants to do everything in a short time and that is the wrong part, the public get tired of you, that’s why i think as much as i dislike her Beyonce would have a long career because, she takes her music seryously, she don’t need all this holloween costumes to catch people attention, Gaga needs to reinvent herself, her image and stay away as possible she can from Madonna’s sounds and iconic looks, i’m afraid she would join the club of Cher and Cyndi Lauper (I could have been like Madonna but didn’t happen). Her best body of work is Born This Way and it’s not a classic either. Classic albums in Pop Music, remember Pop Music, just Pop: this are example of this.

    MJ – Thriller – Bad – Dangerous
    Madonna – Madonna – Like a Virgin – True Blue – Like a Prayer – Erotica – almost her entire discography.
    Janet Jackson – Control – Rhythm Nation 1814 – Janet – The Velvet Rope – All for You
    Britney Spears – …Baby One More Time – Oops!…I Did it Again – Britney – In the Zone – Blackout.

    And don’t forget the likes of Christina Aguilera, Beyonce and Justin Timberlake.

    • GagaFraud August 5, 2012

      Exactly. They don’t know about music or playing the piano. They ALWAYS talk about her piano skills as if she plays it so well like I said (and my piano teacher and my friends in piano class)in my comment below all know she has very basic piano skills. Also even though it’s OK to sing about s** to make your whole album about s**, getting drunk, just awful/basic lyrics is not a good album. People who consider ANY of Gaga’s album’s Classic have awful taste in music.

    • prettigurlrockD August 6, 2012

      I actually enjoyed her first two albums the most. Her 2nd studio album the fame monster built anticipation that her third would be even better. But it took a different twist. I didn’t like the third that much.

  41. JER August 5, 2012


  42. GagaFraud August 5, 2012

    LOL. Isn’t this the album that had songs about the paparazzi, a song about a disco stick and a lyric that says something my hand on your HA!, or a song about getting drunk and being in playboy?

    Again LOL, at people saying Gaga can play the piano yes and so can half of the world population. Gaga has VERY BASIC piano skills she does not challenge herself when it comes to playing the piano. I play the piano, I also go to a piano class full of piano players I asked my piano teacher about Gaga’s piano skills (let him listen to paparrazi acoustic) he and the rest of the class agreed her piano skills are extremely basic. Alicia Keys (I don’t like her) but her piano skills aren’t super challenging but they aren’t basic at all.

    • Saetana August 6, 2012

      Gaga is also a classically trained pianist – but I’d like to see you sit there and sing whilst playing something complex, it just ain’t happening and doesn’t go with pop music in any event. When she plays piano on stage she is like the lead singer of a band who plays rhythm guitar, enough to accompany but not the whole complexity of the tune as frankly I don’t know anyone who can sing really well and play really well at the same time. She does what is necessary on stage, it doesn’t mean she isn’t capable of playing more than that.

  43. HauteHottness August 5, 2012

    “The Fame” was pure pop at its finest, every lyric was inspired, fun, and carefree. . . it was definitely a classic. xD

  44. MACHIAVEL August 5, 2012

    Yeeees It’S A Classic Since The Album Bring Back DanceMusic! But BTW Is Classciest!:-)!!!!

  45. Katy GaGa August 5, 2012

    It is classic and you will deal. Just like Teenage Dream. Both albums slay your fav’s entire discorgraphy

  46. mc the place to be!! August 5, 2012

    Calling gaga piano skills basic is pure crap if she was so basic the she wouldn’t got in nyu tisch school of art at 17 and that’s one hell of school to get into I like all of gaga albums because when you think she’s talking about s** she’s actually talking about something else she herself explains her songs in a totally different way but ppl fail to realize this because they don’t look into her and another note she’s been playing piano since she was a child and hated learning how to

  47. Timago August 5, 2012

    I just dropped a MASSIVE poo bomb in my toilet!!! LOVES IT!!!!!!

  48. Peter Griffin August 5, 2012

    I always thought this album was a rip off of Britney Spears’ ‘Blackout’, so did a lot of critics!

    • prettigurlrockD August 6, 2012

      How? I thought it channeled Gwen Stefani’s “the Sweet escape” a lil bit.

  49. VINNY August 5, 2012


  50. VINNY August 5, 2012


  51. Hd live August 5, 2012

    Blackout is a classic

  52. Saetana August 6, 2012

    I’m a massive Gaga fan and I don’t think The Fame (as opposed to The Fame Monster double album) is a classic. It has a few classic songs on it, a few good songs, and a few frankly crap filler songs. My playlist has Again Again, Disco Heaven, Summerboy, Brown Eyes and Eh Eh removed as they are generic pap and not up to the standard we know she is capable of. The Monster EP added 8 great tracks and without that I would never have bought The Fame on its own. Born This Way is even better and I’m curious to see what she will come up with for her new album which is to be released early next year. The Monster EP is a classic though and so is Born This Way – her fans liked BTW well enough but it wasn’t commercial enough to appeal to the general public on the scale of TF and TFM. Apparently her next album will not be so personal, looking forward to hearing the first single already ;o)

  53. xxx August 6, 2012

    personally speaking, no

    it’s already dated

  54. Xadax August 6, 2012


  55. prettigurlrockD August 6, 2012

    What can I say? It’s one of pop’s biggest indulgences! Songs were great catchy danceable fun! The album itself actually told a story and had a theme. Not only that. It reflected lady gaga’s BG in actual reality. Classic? Well, it hasn’t been that long for a yes or no. But I will say it is what made gaga that star she is today!

  56. BeyNATION August 6, 2012


  57. Musiclover August 7, 2012

    It’s so funny reading comments dissing GaGa with incorrect information. If you are gonna try to shoot someone down, at least have the proper info to do so.

    And I noticed a lot of people talking about how Brit and RihRih started dubstep craze in mainstream. Yeah, so?

    GaGa hasn’t/barely used any dubstep in her music. So how the hell is that even relevant?

  58. alison August 7, 2012

    this one was a CLASSIC she went into a total different direction with BTW and thats why it didnt sell! people were expecting more of the fame and got a bunch of mixed of songs that had overproduced beats and sappy lyrics. it sounded nothing like the fame and in a bad way! the first single was not only a mainstream pop song you coulld hear from any other artist on the radio but it was generic in lyrics as well…the fame is her best album to date & i think its going to be hard for her to return to this sound if she wanted to, people will think shes desperate! but if she continues with more of the BTW slop then she going to lose relevance and the fame will be her one and only album will remember from her.

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