She Is Diva: Beyonce Honored With ‘Most Desirable Body’ Nod

Published: Friday 21st Dec 2012 by David

For years, it was Beyonce‘s empowering sound that inspired women around the world.

Now however, it’s her shapely figures that have British women singing her praises before the release of her fifth studio album.

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  1. Lax December 21, 2012

    Sorry about that I meant Nicki,,,,

    • mojareanX December 21, 2012

    • truth(i could drag the F*** ouuta icki but y, she did it on herself with reflop and no grammy nods. so ill just stomp her pissy fans p**** in chile) December 21, 2012

      They sl-LAYED da F*** OUTTA ICKI…AS THEY SHOULD chile!

  2. Kat December 21, 2012

    And dang she got a hot body, hips that dont lie with abs to match…..

    # The Queen yes 🙂

  3. Diamonds (Beyonce’s Weave) December 21, 2012

    “For years, it was Beyonce‘s empowering sound that inspired women around the world.

    Now however, it’s her shapely figures that have British women singing her praises before the release of her fifth studio album.”

    So how is she going to inspire her FAT, baby momma, ghetto, hood rat fans to have a nice body when she will be promoting Pepsi to them??

    Also what explanation has she provided to her supposedly friends The Obamas for signing a deal with a company that promotes Obesity?? Or do they not matter now? She just used them for publicity and now that she has PepsiCo, she doesn’t need the Obamas for publicity anymore.

    Also what has the humanitarian done past WHD to help someone in need besides encouraging her fans to drink this Pepsi? I am curious to hear what other Humanitarian activities Mrs Carter has ventured into besides performing a song about herself and peddling it as a humanitarian anthem O_o.

    Now you see why Beyonce is the fakest B**** on the planet. The sheeple will keep denying it though but then again you cannot expect anything less from her fans.

    ** Looks at username “Beysus before Jesus”**

    **Remembers statement by Gilberto, “this blog is a temple for worshiping Beyonce”**

    **Files nails whilst drinking healthy Vita Coco Coconut Water**

      • Lax December 21, 2012

        @DIAMONDS,,,,,,Cosign and so True,,,

      • Gina December 21, 2012

        Because men dont think further then their d**** and they see Rihanna naked ass body more than they see Beys and Nicki fake b***.

      • joe December 21, 2012

        @gina. who wants to see nicki’s b***? 😆 but right. there’re no recent natural shots of bey. she rarely seen chillin at a beach. j’n’b are definetely city homies.

      • KC December 21, 2012

        @Joe now you done know she aint talking about no beach or city! Check out GQ, those firplace shots and the Kate Moss s*** and _/ _/ _/

      • joe December 21, 2012

        @KC it was about seeing more “naked” body. skin is the count. classy bikini pictures are the closest match. and bey’s are rare. that’s just what i replyed.

      • TinaMinaj December 21, 2012

        Hate to be the one to burst your bubble but Beyonce came NUMBER 1 on ask men in a previous year so have several seats. Your fave is yet to come first 🙂

      • KC December 21, 2012

        @Joe that s*** I listed is naked skin!

    • Gina December 21, 2012

      Pepsi alone doesnt make you Obese at the end of the day. Greedy people make themseleves Obese . Bey aint the first popstar to do pepsi stop hating. She doesnt have to explain anything, its a promo deal she is promoting PEPSI not OBESITY. You. Sound. Pressed. Most desirable body heeeeeeeyyyy 😉

      • Amy December 21, 2012

        @Lax Rihanna strips off totally naked in photoshoots and is overtly raunchy and she knows it. Beyonce is can be s*** but aint half as extreme as where Rihanna goes with it come on now, and I love me some Rih too so no shade, no tea.

      • TinaMinaj December 21, 2012

        Exactly an ass cheek. Not almost nude and looking extremely raunchy…

    • Um December 21, 2012

      Vita Coco water is chock full of sugar, btw.
      *sips on green tea and roots for Pepsi’s subservience to the King*

    • mobwife: ummmm….really? December 21, 2012


      I like Bey but I have to pause on this comment…..DAMN! 🙂

    • Gilberto December 21, 2012

      Vita Coco Coconut? Everyone tells me that it tastes like S***. Why would anyone drink to manufactured coco water full of sugar when they can drink real coconut water? I can’t. Only dumb b****** would do that.
      Vita Coco Coconut is made in BRAZIL and we don’t drink this kind of s*** ’cause it tastes nasty. We drink REAL coconut water.

    • THE LEGENDARY LAX December 21, 2012

      But why hate so much!!!

  4. Lax December 21, 2012

    They can keep right on building that Fire Under Beyonce’s Ass and
    it’s going to be very interesting to see how them Charts swings this next
    Year and while many brags about Beyonce making $$$$$ sitting on Her Ass Less see how that works with this “Brand New 360 Deal” with Pepsi Cola,,,,and Company!!!!

    • THE LEGENDARY LAX December 21, 2012

      why do you hate so much!!!!

    • TinaMinaj December 21, 2012

      What has this got to do with charts???

  5. Gina December 21, 2012

    This just b**** slaps all the haters calling fat etc round their salty faces!

    • TinaMinaj December 21, 2012

      YAAASSSS!!! Each time they come for her with plain hateful comments that are baseless they are proved wrong!

  6. Nahjee December 21, 2012

    Guys, lets be REAL! Beyonce, & Rihanna, are both successful artist. They both sold records worldwide sold out arenas!

    Artist like Keri helson, Ciara, rita, wish they was in that lane

  7. the real xoxo December 21, 2012

    you cant deny she has an amazing body – curvy but not FAT with big boobs and ass without surgery.

  8. From the Hive December 21, 2012

    Yas Beyonce is hot and inspiring because she is proud of her curves and doesnt try to have an idealistically thin body that makes young girls wanna sick up meals but still looks beautiful. She reflects the REAL woman and people are obviously recognising this.

  9. Yas Grrrll December 21, 2012

    Yeah Bey stay winning most DESIRABLE body, HOTTEST female singer, most BEAUTIFUL woman, who mad? 🙂

  10. Amy December 21, 2012

    Her body is amazing and signature. Her curves are like trademark lol. AND she had a baby in the same year! #OnlyBey (dont come at me with no lies about no fake pregnancy, that s*** was real, she put on so much weight in her boobs and face I know a pregnant woman when I see one) I am so proud of this strong, beautiful, black woman.

    • Don’t_Start_No_Shit!!! December 21, 2012

      I agree. the folks just want to hate!!!

  11. Um December 21, 2012

    Iconic voice. Mega pull in the industry. Top of her craft.
    A “flop” album that outsold most of your favs. Racks on racks on racks.
    The draw to pull her haters out of bed SO early in the morning, JUST to spew insecure obscenities.
    A loving husband, a beautiful daughter, a swanky New York penthouse.
    Respect and admiration from legends, peers, contemporaries.

    And now, an enviable body. Your fav could, would, should and hasn’t ever.

    • Lets go get em December 21, 2012


  12. Lets go get em December 21, 2012

    So proud of her. She racks up all these compliements so effortlessly.

  13. sweet fight December 21, 2012

    jennifer lopez had a far better and more beautiful body and we all know that

    • Monstarebel December 21, 2012

      Okaaay xoxo

    • quetta December 21, 2012

      But jlo ass is fake

    • Touché December 21, 2012

      J-lo is beautiful but she doesn’t really have any curves, just a big b***.

  14. sweet fight December 21, 2012

    jennifer lopez has a far more beautiful and s*** body,,,, and we all know that …..

    • No Reach Here December 21, 2012

      Well she wasnt even mentioned here so deal.

  15. boopboop December 21, 2012

    this “title” aint nothing but a pr move to get her name mentioned in the press. her ppl prob paid for that made-up title.

    • No Reach Here December 21, 2012

      Thats the only reason people can come up with. Receipts? Its a survey, Beyonces name wasnt the only one that came up. People like Beyonce for different reasons, if it was your fav it wouldnt be a pr move so stop hating.

    • TinaMinaj December 21, 2012

      Stay PRESSED!! You are just a plain hater!

  16. No Reach Here December 21, 2012

    People love Beyonce. She is so respected. Only haters try and surface excuses why she shouldnt be. Beyonce is proving she is that b**** and she aint even said a WORD yet. She is a boss b****.

  17. Hannah December 21, 2012

    This is nothing new. This aint the first time Bey is one of the favourites in this survey, the Brits like their real women. Anne Hathaway, Holly Willoughby and Kate Winslet names are also regulars. Well done Bey.

  18. Hannah December 21, 2012

    You guys are late aswell I swear this came out like the beginning of the week.

    • Monstarebel December 21, 2012

      lol tgj is late on they favs yet always on time with new Rihanna info

  19. Monstarebel December 21, 2012

    what a

    • LaLa December 21, 2012

      Yeah it is, but we all know Bey already has enough of those under her belt 😀

    • KC December 21, 2012

      What like ‘rockstar’ of the year was?

    • TinaMinaj December 21, 2012

      Loool you are the only one who is considering this an accomplishment. It certainly is not to Bey. Its just a COMPLIMENT! Such accomplishments are for basic artists with no proper accomplishments to look at.

  20. LaLa December 21, 2012


  21. Sierra December 21, 2012

    I already got the boobs and the ass just give me her trainers phone numbers and I’ll be good lol :-).

  22. ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ December 21, 2012


    Best of 2012: TGJ Commentators Awards will be today, December 21, 2012 at 9:30 P.M. EST be here to witness who TGJ commentators have crowned! Nominees are expected to be here. 😀

    A lot of meltdowns will happen…….its guaranteed….and I am pressed about a couple of the winners in some categories lol…..

    • Touché December 21, 2012



    only the KING

  24. KC December 21, 2012

    Well Duh! Love you Bey x

  25. December 21, 2012

    fake parts yes..nautaul woman realness….NO

  26. Oh Yeah!!! December 21, 2012


  27. wrinkle flop ora December 21, 2012

    Who would want to be short and fat like her? Brits women are known as ugly. Go TO France, Sweden etc and no one out there, would want this fat pork body.

  28. Teacher December 21, 2012

    Booty pads booty pads rockin everywhere!!!

  29. CBS December 21, 2012

    Ciara is much finer than Bey. IJS!

    • SLAYRIAH CAREY December 21, 2012

      eww, NOT EVEN CLOSE

    • Ashanti December 25, 2012

      Yes, Ciara’s legs are so amazing and because they are so long, I love long legs. I go to the gym but want to know her leg workout and she is always so toned…. I wish I was as toned as she is. Ciara’s body seems natural as well, there are a lot of women in Hollywood (including Beyonce) who get plastic surgery to have the body they have. Ciara seems to have worked hard for hers though. There is also a lot of things used to make Beyonce look the way she does (along with many others). B*** pads, shapers etc

      I am confused why the title reads as it does, since Beyonce landed around 30. Nicki minaj was ahead of Beyonce. But I don’t agree with that though.

  30. TinaMinaj December 21, 2012

    Some of you haters are just dumb. Call her all the names you want coz she doesn’t need validation from you. The compliments flow on their own.

  31. fatu sankoh December 21, 2012

    suicide blond thx for saying nice things about bey bey is all that and more talente classey beautiful god bless her for life long

  32. DIGGER BEY December 21, 2012

    I like how KING B got u raggedy bum h*** PRESSED AND MAD over a survey lmaooooooooooooo Your fav will never lmaoooooo. And lmao @ the Pressed Rihcunt that said a lot of British women are out of shape. If so, then that’s while they’re desiring to get an body like THE KING! U c**** must b mad that Rihanna wasn’t named n the survey. Nobody wants to desire to look like a crackhead lmaoo. #2013……THE YEAR OF BEYONCE

  33. Kate middleton December 22, 2012


    Desired by the British slaggs. fatties only like beYAWNce’s body. even she herself does not like her own body. why else would she shave off her thunder thighs?

    fatties look upto fat celebrities so they can feel good about themselves. these same fatties will hate on skinny slim women because they can never be that size. so looking upto whale is very much ccomforting to them.

  34. Kate middleton December 22, 2012

    why I’m i not surprised.

    its only desired by the British slags. this should be telling, fatties look upto fat celebrities so they feel comfortable with their fat-selves.

  35. Kate middleton December 22, 2012

    sorry, i double….well similarly posted. i thought me first comment did not go through.

    sorry for the inconvenience of re-kinda reading my post.

  36. Kate middleton December 22, 2012

    To the person who said she is proud of her curves.

    go take a look at those pic she did for house of doo doo winter collection. those thighs do not belong to her.

  37. Kate middleton December 22, 2012

    Chiniffer Maniston also got the title for the most…*shrugs* “beautiful title. a year before Jlo? a title that anyone can buy. beYAWNce felt jealous of jlo, one woman she copied and envies. did you see beYAWNce’s old granny mug on the cover? they forgot to fluff off and photoshop her deep wrinkle/laugh line.

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