Snippet: Chris Brown – ‘They Don’t Know (Featuring Aaliyah)’

Published: Sunday 19th May 2013 by David

Get acquainted with a snippet pulled from Chris Brown‘s forthcoming smash, ‘They Don’t Know’– featuring  vocals from none other than R&B icon Aaliyah.

Following the star’s success with ‘Fine China’, ‘Know’ touches down days after its video was shot here and weeks before its supporting album ‘X’ hits Pop shores via RCA.

Check it out below…


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  1. POP ROYALTY (Bohemian Grove) May 19, 2013

    Sounds More Like Ciara’s ” If I were a Boy” to me.

    Leave aaliyah Alone and stop using her desperately to get Attention , Please.

    How “Fine China” is Doing Btw ?

    • TurntUp4Cici May 19, 2013

      Blake is better.

      • EasyBreezyBeautiful May 19, 2013

        You’re kidding right?

      • TurntUp4Cici May 19, 2013

        No I’m not, name one song that Chris sounds better than him on.

      • FentySoSnatched May 19, 2013

        Isn’t that obvious, Elijah can sing, Chris can dance. There’s no need to start s***.

      • EasyBreezyBeautiful May 19, 2013

        Don’t think Chris can’t sing because he doesn’t sing live sometimes, he’s a much better singer than Elijah.

      • Nicole Doll May 19, 2013

        Are we really asking whose a better singer between Chris and Elijah?

      • POP ROYALTY (Bohemian Grove) May 19, 2013

        I agree 🙂

      • TurntUp4Cici May 19, 2013

        @FentySoSnatched A seat awaits you m’lady. You are the CHIEF s*** stirrer in here, you and that b**** Icki are the worst.

      • JanetXone May 19, 2013

        Of course Elijah sings better than Chris. That’s like asking if Mariah sings better than Beyonce.

      • POP ROYALTY (Bohemian Grove) May 19, 2013

        Chris Brown is a Great Dancer Live With Some Dance-Pop Hits.

        I don’t use his Live Vocals or his R&B ballads Tbh , I use ” Beautiful People/Don’t Wake Me Up” the most and they are Auto-tuned!

        Elijah Blake’s “X.O.X” Is good , But I won’t Put Him on a Pedestal Just Yet.

      • SheAintU May 19, 2013

        They can both sing. End of story.

      • BrandNuStar May 19, 2013

        Why are we having this conversation? The only one Elijah can’t out sing is Miguel.

      • Daydreamin May 19, 2013

        Are you guys serious? Chris Brown can’t sing. At all. His voice is pure auto-tune and majority of his performances are lip synced. He is a great performer though. Like a male version of a younger Britney Spears only with more songwriting credibility.

    • Cupcake May 19, 2013

      “If I were a boy”? Do you mean “Like a boy”?
      Anyways, I agree. These desperate fools are so eager for attention that they have to put a deceased woman’s vocals in the song.
      Leave that girl alone already, damn!

      • POP ROYALTY (Bohemian Grove) May 19, 2013

        yeah , I know it is “Like a boy” , but i was just …. Ugh …. Nvm.

        yeah , but using ‘aaliyah’ for attention became trendy , i’m not amused by that one.

      • James227 May 19, 2013

        So Jay-Z & Kanye were desperate fools eager for attention when they used Otis Redding a dead man song to get that #1 hit. Sit your cupcake ass all the way down

    • 1D>>>>>YourLife May 19, 2013

      Chris is a singer?

      • RoyalNavi May 19, 2013

        1D are straight?

      • 1D>>>>>YourLife May 19, 2013

        The fact that you’re defending Chris is just so sad hun. You like to see your favs heartbroken?

      • TurntUp4Cici May 19, 2013

        @BrandNuStar Miguel can blow but Blake’s belts are stronger.

    • James227 May 19, 2013

      When people go to other sites they can post links. This blog don want you to post links because they want to use your links and post them on their blog themselves. Now see why all the regulars are gone from his blog

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  2. EdwardPonton May 19, 2013

    The random Aye’s in the background make the track sound crowded I can’t really appreciate it yet. I hope he performs this s*** tonight though unless he pre record fine china cause my dawg need to show out. That young n**** than lost too much respect from the general public.

    • brie May 19, 2013

      This is from the video shoot. So the ‘ayes’ won’t be on the track.

    • CBE May 19, 2013

      I heard rumours he might use an Aaliyahgram…ooooo ooooo! I hope he does perform it

      People need to stop acting like they care aboutartsist so much that there cant be tributes! I wont make this Drake vs CB but people are saying its better then enough said…lets hope CB doesnt take shots etc…I hope Timbaland is involved and the family was consulted.

    • Oh Yeah!!! May 19, 2013

      Thanks Ri-H** for that!

  3. JARED (WHITE DUDE) May 19, 2013

    I only like it because Aaliyah is featured on it & even then, I don’t really like it because she isn’t here to vow for it.

    Ugh. It could have been better >>>

    R.I.P Aaliyah.

    *Plays ‘Miss You’

    • CBE May 19, 2013

      judging a 2 minute clip ok…fans of her will support it regardless…especially if it comes out the family gave it the green light.

  4. WILD DEBUTANTE May 19, 2013

    Wait, Fine China was a success?…..*Crickets*

    And how Original sampling Aaliyah, like….really?

    I can’t with CB, him and Ciara both mind as well hang it up and be judges on a dancing competition show, THAT would be better for them then constantly flopping…there NOT gonna be music icons by any means anyway.

    • CBE May 19, 2013

      Fine China

      RnB songs- Top 10
      RnB hip/hop- Top 10 hit
      BB hot100- 40(hopefully it climbs)

      Radio OVERALL US- 16(over 60 million audience, this important)

      So I dont think it has peaked yet. As for this song we will see what Aaliya’s family say.

    • rihanna fan is it tru?? May 19, 2013

      Rihanna fan … too obvious, and btw, they are NOT flopping! what has Ciara has to do here exactly?? They already are music icons , not everybody can sell massively doing cheap dance music!

    • ADAM May 19, 2013

      How original is Aaliyah? WTF? If Aaliyah wasn’t around there would be no Timbaland and Missy. SHE GOT THEM ON. No one would know s*** about them if it wasn’t for her having them produce her second album. She wanted something unique and different. And how many black female R&B singers were on that dark gothic s*** back in 2001 with snakes and s***. Get the f*** outta here with that busllshit.

  5. WILD DEBUTANTE May 19, 2013

    Wait, Fine China was a success?…..*Crickets*

    And how Original sampling Aaliyah, like….really?

    I can’t with CB, him and Ciara both mind as well hang it up and be judges on a dancing competition show, THAT would be better for them then constantly flopping…there NOT gonna be music icons by any means anyway.

  6. Rosie May 19, 2013

    “Fine China” a success my ass. Song flopped to the pits of hell everywhere except 106 & Park.
    And he needs to stop using Aaliyah for attention.

    • CBE May 19, 2013

      shut your face…all of a sudden you are concerned about Aaliyah?

      • Rosie May 19, 2013

        Are you concerned about Felon getting outsold by Lana and everyone else in almost every f****** country?

    • James227 May 19, 2013

      So I guess Jay-Z & Kanye used Otis Redding was for attetion also

      • James227 May 19, 2013

        correction attention also

    • P.O. May 20, 2013

      Oh sit down and shut up, you talk as if your up there sitting next to him on the 106 & Park couch. People on this blog need to stop using the word FLOP, it’s a damn shame.

  7. 2bad2bme May 19, 2013

    his album collection will just sound like one full song…everything is generic R&B…a microwave hit for the moment!

    • Anniej May 19, 2013

      Microwave just like Beyonce & Rihanna’s musi. F****** fast food bull s***.

      • Anniej May 19, 2013


  8. HOWYOULIKEIT May 19, 2013

    Will these thugs just let the precious babygirl rest?

    • James227 May 19, 2013

      Tell that s*** to Jay-Z & Kanye when they used Otis Redding song that went #1 for weeks. Hating ass m************. Just because it’s Chris now it’s about R.I.P.


  9. OVOForever May 19, 2013

    Desperate punk.

    • James227 May 19, 2013


  10. Nichole May 19, 2013

    Not sure if I’m feeling this one.

  11. . : : h 2 o : : . May 19, 2013

    . . Didn’t Aaleyighah–whatever the name is– the one who died in the 3rd week of August 1925 or something?

    Seriously, I’m confused AF TBH..

    • Tisha May 19, 2013

      So many shades of pathetic as f***.

    • Daydreamin May 19, 2013

      That shade was weak and tired.

  12. Remey May 19, 2013

    This era for CB is confusing me. I thought he said this was going to focus more on his vocal growth. Fine Chine was a decent start… was different. However, he’s not really promoting it. The album comes out really soon, so I don’t really have a lot of faith in it if this is all he’s giving me.

    Think You Know seems more like a tacky PR scheme to get people interested in the project. It has Aaliyah on the track so of course people are going to be interested in it: whether they approve or disapporve of CB using her on the track. The only reason I bothered to listen to it was because I wanted to see how he used Baby Girl on the track.

  13. Heauxsitdown May 19, 2013

    Somewhere out there, Drake is seething. Aaliyah is his girl lol.

    The song sounds promising though. I see it doing well on urban. I believe all the random yelling in the background is coming from the extras in the video. Sounds like someone recorded random bits and pieces from the video shoot.

    • James227 May 19, 2013

      The noise in the background? This song is only a snippit

      • James227 May 19, 2013


    • Heauxsitdown May 19, 2013

      Re-read my last sentence babe. 🙂

  14. carried May 19, 2013

    if you guys dont know, he sampled the chorus to his song from jon b.’s they dont know…..this song is mad unoriginal but i guess thats what you gotta do if you need a good hit

  15. Drew May 19, 2013

    Why is he using Aaliyah now?

    • Heauxsitdown May 19, 2013


      • Drew May 19, 2013

        Lol. Yeah. It was rhetorical question.

    • James227 May 19, 2013

      Why did Jay-Z & Kanye use Otis Redding in their rap song?

      • Drew May 19, 2013

        Certainly not for s*** stirring, bitchy purposes.

  16. Lmao May 19, 2013

    I thought CB was using unreleased Aaliyah, but this is just a verse taken from another one of her songs. I’m underwhelmed, and it doesn’t sound like anything she’d be on. The beat is too much. Her music was usually simple because her voice wasn’t overpowering. Maybe I’ll like it when I get the HQ version since I like Chris well enough.

    • Dev May 19, 2013

      Aaliyah’s music wasn’t simple. I think that you need to either listen to or revisit her albums. If you’re saying that she wasn’t a powerhouse vocalist, fair enough, but the beats and construction of her songs were not simple. Are you that somebody isnt’ a simple song

      • Lmao May 19, 2013

        I don’t necessarily mean a simple composition. Her music was never overdone. I own each album by her and at one point, I was a “stan”. I loved Aaliyah because her music overall was very relaxed and smooth. That was her style. Even her dancing was smooth and fluid. She wasn’t the crunk, gaudy-beat type of singer.

      • mark111 May 19, 2013

        He just chose the wrong word, I’m sure he meant that her misic was more crisp and well produced.

      • James227 May 19, 2013

        Aaliyah vocals was like Ciara, Janet Jackson and their beats on a song worked with their voices.

  17. CBE May 19, 2013

    Im just waiting for the full song realy, I hope its good and one thing I will say is I would be disappointed if he used this to spite drake but if Timb is involved then maybe I can be ok.

    What I have witnessed is that real fans of an artist(especially deceased) love to hear their voice being played on today’s radio regardless who’s paying tribute if its done classy and right, doesnt tarnish the name I wouldnt have a problem with it.

  18. KEY May 19, 2013

    I’m good. You can keep that.

  19. Jackieyonce May 19, 2013

    Chris Brown??? Didn’t bother listening

    • James227 May 19, 2013

      Don’t bother listening to Beyonce either (children story) and I really love Bey but that song is qestionable?

  20. MRTOOINCREDIBLE May 19, 2013

    Just get back to Rihanna already. You’re slippin’ badly.

  21. eric May 19, 2013


  22. LA LA May 19, 2013

    I like it so far.

    And it would of been great if Aaliyah was present to do a dance part in the music video with Chris.

    The only thing I am worrying about is if Chris Brown made a Drake reference in this song, I think it would be terrible if he added Aaliyah on a track to diss someone.

    I’m still hoping that do something crazy with this music video by having Chris Brown & Aaliyah (As a Hologram) dancing together or something lol.

    We Miss You Aaliyah

  23. Dev May 19, 2013

    I like what i hear so far. Usually i dont like Chris’s music, but i liked Fine China and this sounds okay so far. I’m glad Aaliyah’s music is being sampled and i hope that people continue to do it with artists that have passed on to keep their music alive but as long as it’s done tastefully

  24. Daydreamin May 19, 2013

    This song is alright. Fine China is better in my opinion.

  25. CJ MoNique May 19, 2013

    I like it keep doin u Breezy f*** all these got damn negative
    Ass people. S*** u don’t need attention if anything u keeping
    Her legacy goin’ and that’s dope now it’s ok for people to use MJ
    Why not Aaliyah smh wow think before y’all say s***. Damn
    Grow the f*** up and get a life. Leave this man alone.

  26. SLAY_HIVE May 19, 2013

    I LOVE the vibe to the song! Good to hear Aaliyah on a fresh track! Good job CB, i think he’s starting to realize his potential!

    P.s. Its always the dam navy talking about chart positions! *yawns*

  27. Aaliyah Fan May 19, 2013

    I am not a chris brown fan, however i am glad he is putting aaliyah’s name out there.

    This song was originally recorded with another rnb group.

    The only think Chris Brown did is add his vocals on instead of dru hill (i think its them)

    One thing i didnt like about the drake is that he tried to change the beats to the song he out out,

    This one with chris brown is more realistic because he just added his vocals to the same song.

  28. Rashyb May 19, 2013

    Who let this stupid c#nt sample the amazing Aaliyah. I hope his next album flops HARD!

  29. Tallb May 19, 2013

    i’m a fan of chris brown but his music doesn’t convince me this time around. fine china was okay but nothing new, i think he’s more creative than that but he just has to focus on his music and let the music speak for itself and stop with all the drama

    • Coy May 19, 2013

      Then your not a Chris fan? Ask the Navy about being a true fan. Even if they don’t like what Rih is doing you wll never hear them sayin it just like you did.

    • James22 May 19, 2013

      Cut the bull @Tallb you are NOT a Chris Fan

      • Tallb May 19, 2013

        just because i don’t support EVERYTHING he does, doesn’t mean i’m not a fan. i have many songs of him on rotation but i am sceptical about this new project.

  30. mark111 May 19, 2013

    I rather just have the original version with Digital Black. I miss Aaliyah tho, my favorite since 1996. “R&B icon” Damn right! Princess of R&B, Queen of Urban Pop.

  31. Suicide Blonde May 19, 2013

    I like it.

  32. nobitchassness May 19, 2013

    I need to here the CDQ version but I love it; Aaliyah sounds amazing.

  33. Teflon Boy May 19, 2013

    I absolutely loved Aaliyah when she was alive and while people tend to get it twisted regarding the whole ‘she wasn’t a powerhouse so she couldn’t sing debate’, hearing her voice again just reminds me why I preferred her to every other chick in the game past and present. Her voice was gorgeous and charismatic…, she caressed your ear, while the bulk of today’s best singers Xtina, Beyonce, JHud, Jessie J etc. have been lead tyo believe that battering the ear into submission is the only way to prove you can sing. Aaliyah could belt when she wanted to (see: Giving Up) but mostly she just really knew how to convey an emotion. But trust me when I say that ‘Restraint’ is one of the most under-used skills in the modern game.

    re: the track I have to say she is the best thing about it. Tbh, as irritating as Drake’s obsession is with her is (and CB’s use at this point is suspect proven otherwise) 40-40’s sound does remind me of her at times enough for me to see him as a genuine fan of what she brought to music. However, Aaliyah despite being roughly around their age was infinitely more sophisticated than either of them and she was never gassed by her success unlike either of them.

  34. ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) May 19, 2013

    Huh…..bye Chris. You just lost your touch. The music as of Graffiti and beyond just ain’t it… R.I.P. Chris’s career

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