Remembering Whitney: Our Favorite 50 Minutes Of The Timeless Diva

Published: Friday 9th Aug 2013 by Rashad

Today marks what would’ve been the 50th birthday of late pop icon Whitney Houston – the larger than life diva whose mere mention evokes memories of incomparable charisma, beauty, and, of course, the voice. 

That voice. 

The one that could, with seemingly little effort, stir souls and chill spines.  Unlike the trail of imitators, imposter, and impossibles she left in her wake, Houston’s launch was devoid of gimmick and, instead, was birthed on a cultured and mastered gift (oft inimitable by predecessors or successors).

In such, today we salute the woman That Grape Juice-faithful voted ‘The Ultimate Diva’ with our “favorite 50 minutes” of her illustrous career.  And, while it was quite the task to narrow down the countless unforgettable moments the ‘I Will Always Love You’ hitmaker lent music lovers in her time, we can say that what awaits below does a fair job of encapsulating the essence of Whitney.

Take a look and weigh in below:

‘Saving All My Love For You Live’/ First Grammy Win

‘How Will I Know’ (Live MTV Awards 1986)

‘I Am Changing’ Live

‘Greatest Love Of All’ (Muhammad Ali Tribute)

‘Didn’t We Almost Have It All Live’

‘Medley’ (American Music Awards 1994)

‘All The Man That I Need Live’

Live At Arista 15th Anniversary Celebration (1990)

Soul Train Awards ‘Bodyguard’ Medley (‘I’m Every Woman’, ‘Queen of the Night’)


Share with us some of your favorite moments of Whitney’s…

Your thoughts?

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  1. Cici slaaaays August 9, 2013

    Happy birthday legend!!

    *Listens to Ciaras I Will Always Love You Mini Cover*

    • Toto August 9, 2013

      Speaking of someone who can’t touch Whitney vocally… LOL

      • FAF August 9, 2013

        ^did u watch the video or are u just hating ? 🙄

    • J August 9, 2013

      But the video of error singing was s***….

    • Toto August 9, 2013

      Yes, I watched/heard the video. Ciara shoulda had more sense than to release that. She wouldn’t have won 3rd place at a karaoke competition.

  2. Ms92 August 9, 2013

    Queen Whitney

    • Don’t_Start_No_Shit!!! August 9, 2013

      YES. That was my Auntie Nippy. She is the BEST to ever do it. I may love other but no one will ever compare. I loved the arrangement on “All the Man I need” !!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Whitney Elizabeth Houston!!!!

  3. Cici slaaaays August 9, 2013

    She is the VOICE.

    Mariah Beyonce& Celine could never touch Whitney vocally.

    • Toto August 9, 2013

      Said a CIARA fan. They come closer than Ciara ever could.

    • The Boy Toy August 9, 2013

      And neither could your monotone fave sis.

    • Fierce & All August 9, 2013

      Yep. But all 4 of the artists you mentioned are still a lot better than this new generation today.

      • MuiMui August 9, 2013

        Whitney the “Voice” Always!

  4. Toto August 9, 2013

    I wish there were more artists today that had this kind of vocal talent. Whitney could make you FEEL it with her voice. Other than Celine and Mariah, there is no one left that even comes close.

    • Toto August 9, 2013

      Aretha too.

    • Fierce & All August 9, 2013

      Some talent just comes more naturally than others.

      • FAF August 9, 2013

        there are dozens of women who sing that way, they just aren’t publicized. Deborah cox, etc

    • HOWYOULIKEIT August 9, 2013

      patti labelle can make you feel emotions

  5. Ciara is everything August 9, 2013

    Ciara, Whitney, & Aretha are my favorite vocalist I cried so hard when I found out Whitney passed she was such a great talent 🙁 happy bday & r.i.p baby Beyonce will never take your spot shes not good enough.

    • stella August 9, 2013

      LOL Ciara is what?That non singing basic voice ain’t s***.

      • Ciara is everything August 9, 2013

        Lol look at this hater if Ciara ain’t s*** then honey what are you? Your mom shoulda swallowed that load tbh.

      • Talia August 9, 2013

        Stop being messy and disrespectful. This is about Whitney Houston only not anyone else. Only Ciara fans would want to start a stan war on a late legends post.

    • Fierce & All August 9, 2013

      Ciara fans are so lame. Like plz gtfo this blog. U heaux’s are such a waste of space with ur grade school comments. I can’t chile…

  6. The Boy Toy August 9, 2013

    RIP Nippy!

    Her “All The Man That I Need” performance still gives me chills! LONG LIVE THE VOICE!!!

  7. Talia August 9, 2013

    RIP Whitney I love you!

  8. TurnUp4cici August 9, 2013

    Dont do drugs kids!!!! This will be Rihanna 10 years from now!

  9. ROSEGOLD August 9, 2013

    Ciara would be very disappointed of she knew how disrespectful and delusional her trolling ass stans are!!! Back to the subject at hand…there will never be another Whitney! OFTEN imitated, NEVER duplicated. That voice, that f****** voice <3 Happy birthday baby. May you FINALLY rest in peace.

    • Faf August 9, 2013

      Worried about ya Damn self… Ciara loves her stans unlike R**** & Beyugly.

    • Fierce & All August 9, 2013

      @Rosegold finally someone gets the picture. Thank you.

  10. Daniel Teflon August 9, 2013

    Lawdy I have 1,000,000 GRAND THINGS TO SAY ABOUT WHITNEY HOUSTON BECAUSE SHE IS & WILL ALWAYS BE THE VOICE!! She just had that KRAWL that would get all up into my spirit & move me!! MAMA WHITNEY JUST SANG 2 US ALL!!

  11. #HIVE August 9, 2013


    • XXX August 9, 2013

      Troll you aint a Hive member. Bye.

  12. cake like lady gaga August 9, 2013


    Today alone I have spotted numerous spelling and grammar errors!!! This isn’t the TGJ I know

    @Sam you need to fire some people, just like you did with that other guy (who wrote very well by the way)

  13. XXX August 9, 2013

    RIP to the late great Whitney. Gone but never forgotton her music will live on forever.

  14. Brazilian Beyonce!!! August 9, 2013

    Angelic Voice …. She is a Vocal God.

    Why is beyonce thrown to this now?

    Leave bey out of this we are celebrating Whitney Houston!!
    Just stop!

    • RoyalKev August 9, 2013

      Thank you! It seriously need to be given a rest sometimes.

  15. Rhythm Nation August 9, 2013

    The voice will never be duplicated rip for eternity

  16. Fierce & All August 9, 2013

    It’s ashame she didn’t even make it to 50 years old. I feel sorry for her daughter. I know Whitney was a positive influence in her life minus her dark addiction. But she’s in a better place.

  17. stephy the lambily August 9, 2013


  18. RoyalKev August 9, 2013

    Queen Whitney = Greatest Voice of All Time …

    I’ve been listening to Whitney non-stop since last week and she still makes the hairs on my arm stand up with that voice. It’s the finest human instrument I’ve heard in my life! I actually love so many of those moments in those clips above, Whitney’s live showings are all outstanding.

    I’m not sure how to add videos on here, but one of my favs would be when she performed I Have Nothing on the Billboard Music Awards. Stellar! She’s truly one of a kind! It took me a moment to play some Whitney music since we’ve loss her and it’s still hard hearing certain songs. I’m finally learning how to let go, while holding on. I just love celebrating her memory now and I know she’s in a better place. I discovered a few new songs from her and I recently fell in love with her all over again. She’ll always be one of my few favs! I could go on and on, but I won’t.

    R.I.P Nippy!

    • JOHNVIDAL August 10, 2013

      It happened the same to me. I couldn´t listen to her voice and songs for a while. Then I just started to celebrate and enjoy her greatness just like I did before her death.

  19. J August 9, 2013

    Love you whit one of the best female singer of all time. May she rest in peace.

  20. J aka rihking August 9, 2013

    And ci error stans should be ashamed to bring there mute sounding flop fave on this post smfh

  21. Grande The Way August 9, 2013

    She is The Voice. No one can compare to her. Absolutely no one. The Greatest Love of All and I Will Always Love You performances are untouchable. R.I.P Nippy

  22. SooGlam August 9, 2013

    The Greatest Voice Of All! Whitney was the total package! Her class, grace, confidence, tone, vibrato, runs, easy transitions from chest to head voice, power, stage presence, emotions. Everything about her was perfect! We will never see another performer like her in our generation. So sad that she couldn’t conquer the demon of addiction. God bless her rich legacy.

  23. Dev August 9, 2013

    This woman had everything but look what happens when everything isn’t enough, or too much. When you see the first video of her winning the grammy and then remember her nearer the end its so sad

    I believe that she was killed or committed suicide.


    • Dev August 9, 2013

      Thank you TGJ. That last video is the truth!!!!!!!!!! And she sang that with the look of ease.

  24. Dave August 10, 2013


  25. JOHNVIDAL August 10, 2013

    RIP Whitney The Voice Houston. Too great for words.

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