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The White House Pulls Plug On Ariana Grande Performance


The Obama administration has often welcomed Pop’s brightest stars to perform at the White House for fun and philanthropic purposes.

Unfortunately, moves made by Ariana Grande saw them pull the plug on a show she was set to deliver to support her latest studio album.


Find out below…


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Lady GaGa To Perform At The 2016 National Democratic Convention


Lady GaGa is determined to support Hillary Clinton’s bid for the White House.

So, after supporting theBlack Lives Matter movement and coming under fire for posing for this problematic picture, the influential entertainer has signed up to headline the National Democratic Convention.


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Rihanna To Star In ‘Bates Motel’

Singer Joins The Cast Of Bloody Show


Rihanna’s foray into the dramatic arts has seen her land a major role in the hit show ‘Bates Motel.’

Details below…


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Retro Rewind: ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Starring Sarah Michelle Gellar, Bianca Lawson & Ashanti)’


In every generation there is a chosen one. She alone will stand against the vampires the demons and the forces of darkness. She is the slayer.”

Welcome to Retro Rewind, the TGJ original feature carved out to celebrate TV and Film’s game-changing past.

Today, we make our way back to 1997, the year in which the world was first introduced to the TV series ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer.’

Named after the widely panned movie of the same name, ‘Buffy’ tells the tale of a sixteen-year old Valley girl chosen by fate to slay the forces of darkness and the evil that can be high school.

The layered character was portrayed by ‘All My Children‘s Sarah Michelle Gellar who led the series to groundbreaking territory alongside its creator Joss Whedon (‘The Avengers’) on a ratings and critical front.

How so?

One academic study of the hit show came to the following conclusion:

In the world of Buffy the problems that teenagers face become literal monsters. A mother can take over her daughter’s life (“Witch”); a strict stepfather-to-be really is a heartless machine (“Ted”); a young lesbian fears that her nature is demonic (“Goodbye Iowa” and “Family”); a girl who has sex with even the nicest-seeming guy may discover that he afterwards becomes a monster (“Innocence”).

Ready to reunite with the demon-slaying cheerleader?

Catch its unaired pilot and a little action from her rival Kendra (portrayed by Bianca Lawson) and Ashanti below…


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Kid Cudi Joins ‘Empire’


Kid Cudi has found a friend in the game-changing creative that is Lee Daniels.

Fortunately, said friendship has seen Cudi secure a role in Daniels’ TV series ‘Empire.’

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New Song: Kehlani – ‘Distraction’


The R&B siren Kehlani strikes new creative ground once again today.

How? By dropping the song ‘Distraction’ to support her Mike Caren-backed studio album which is set to impact retailers on the fall.

The performer is undeniably one of the genre’s leading “newbies” but is yet to move noteworthy sales.

Will ‘Distraction’ change things?

Hit the play button below to find out?


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Odell Beckham Rocks GQ / Opens Up On Drake Brotherhood


Individually, Odell Beckham Jr and Drake reign supreme as leaders in their respective fields.

Together, they make for a scandal-free dynamic duo making major bank on the field and on the charts.

Keen to celebrate their brotherhood was GQ magazine who caught up with Beckham to discuss his ascent in NFL, his unique sense of style and the part he played in supporting his ‘Hotline Bling’ ringing sibling as he recorded his latest project ‘VIEWS.’

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