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Hot Topic: Is There An Absence Of Black Men In Pop Music?

jason derulo august alsina that grape juice 2014 600x353 Hot Topic: Is There An Absence Of Black Men In Pop Music?

With roots that run deep in Black culture, it’d be safe to say Hip Hop & R&B remain the go-to genres for most African-American males hoping to try their hand in the game that is music.

Leaving the genres’ lovers with enough testosterone to last if a few lifetimes, the US’ frequent delivery of new “Urban” blood has proved to be quite successful for the labels behind said “blood”, with each and every major label housing at least one of categories’ leading acts.

Miguel at ‘Sony.’

August Alsina at ‘Universal.

However, while labels seem to have no problem making exclusively Pop acts out of Black females, it would seem that the same can’t be said when it comes to Black men.

Indeed, while backing from ‘Top 40′ and ‘Rhythmic’ radio has seen Rihanna and Beyonce  has seen them dip in and out of genres at will, one would be hard pressed to find a Pop-pushing African-American male being marketed as a Pop act by their supporting label.

This, after the Black British force that was JLS failed to rock any US charts with their inoffensive brand of ‘Backstreet‘-inspired Pop despite soaring in the UK with the very same material.

Interesting, when one remembers Jason Derulo topped the UK’s R&B singles chart with the outrightly Pop ‘Whatcha Say.

With the above in mind, we ask…

Is there an absence of Black boys in Pop?


Does race matter when it comes to genre?

Please share your thoughts below!


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Behind The Scenes: B.o.B – ‘So What (Ft Mila J)’

Mila J that grape juice 2014 8 600x354 Behind The Scenes: B.o.B   So What (Ft Mila J)

You’ve seen the video, now peep behind the scenes footage lifted from B.o.B‘s ‘So What‘ visual, featuring rising star Mila J.

Released minutes ago, the footage gives fans a fly on the wall look at the work that went into making the clip, dropping as Mila continues work on her EP ‘M.I.LA’, set to feature a collaboration with ‘Black Widow‘ rapper Iggy Azalea.

Pop open the lid below!


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Hot Topic: Would You Pay To See Mariah Carey On Tour?

me i am mariah album cover. that grape juicejpg Hot Topic: Would You Pay To See Mariah Carey On Tour?

It’ll take more than a tanked album and negative press to stop Mariah Carey from reaching her fans.

Sure, though their decision not support her new LP ‘Me.I Am Mariah…The Elusive Chanteuse’ may have the star’s fan base face criticism from rival fan bases, this year will give them a second chance to prove their loyalty to the star once tickets for her new tour go on sale!

So, taking the above and recent tours launched by Madonna, Lady GaGa and Beyonce in mind, we ask…

Does Mimi have it in her to launch an arena/stadium tour?


Would you attend it if it arrived in your city?

Share your thoughts below!

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SWV Announce New Album / Eye TLC Collaboration?

SWV that grape juice 2014 19 600x478 SWV Announce New Album / Eye TLC Collaboration?

As their old pal Pharrell Williams pens another brilliant chapter in his career’s story, SWV have announced that they are currently hard at work on a brand new studio album!

Teased two years after the release of their comeback effort ‘I Missed US’, the project’s arrival was confirmed by member Taj George on Twitter yesterday.

How she announced the news?

Find out below…


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Must See: Rita Ora Covers Coldplay’s ‘Magic’

rita ora vg lista that grape juice 600x388 Must See: Rita Ora Covers Coldplays Magic

While a number of Pop & R&B’s new girls shiver and shake with fear when tasked with singing living, Rita Ora continues to put many of them to shame with performances that are faultless to say the least.

Sure, while one wouldn’t know it should their knowledge of her stem no further than the gossip-fuelling headlines she’s been faced with recently, we’d say Ora‘s voice and her skilled use of it will stand as her strongest asset when forced to prove her worth as a performer.

Want proof?

Peep her performance of Coldplay’s ‘Magic’ during her recent ‘Donauinselfest‘ set to see just why we can’t enough of the chart-topping stunner, and weigh in below!


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New Video: Sean Sahand – ‘She Want That’

sean sahand that grape juice 2014  600x381 New Video: Sean Sahand   She Want That

New artist alert!

Hoping to enter territory currently occupied by August Alsina is Sean Sahand, the Urban Contemporary newbie behind the steamy new single ‘She Want That.’

Sizzling onto the scene with a video just as hot as the cut itself, Sahand‘s debut comes after the spent last few years working LA’s songwriter circuit, fuelling material he now fronts himself.

Is he any good?

Press play and weigh in below…


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Nicole Scherzinger Earns 7th UK Top Ten With ‘Your Love’

nicole scherzinger that grape juice 2014 19 Nicole Scherzinger Earns 7th UK Top Ten With Your Love

Success a solo act may have evaded her since her split from the Pussycat Dolls, but it would seem Nicole Scherzinger‘s days as Pop’s underdog are well and truly over!

For, thanks to a branding campaign that’s seen her plastered all over UK TV as a ‘Muller’ spokeswoman, the singer’s stock in the market has remained at dizzying heights, and has seen her soar on the ‘Official Charts’ with her brand new single!

Details below…


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August Alsina On Artists Spending Beyond Their Means: “I’m Cautious”

augustalsina that grape juice 2014 19 August Alsina On Artists Spending Beyond Their Means: Im Cautious

While the likes of Kandi Burruss stands celebrated for turning her ‘XScape’ water into publishing wine, the last two decades have seen many a Hip Hop & R&B staple find themselves in financial hot water.

Indeed, as the writers and producers of their material make beaucoup bucks in their shadows, the likes of TLC, Toni Braxton and Rihanna have all spoken out on their financial woes of yesteryear, revealing- in Toni’s and TLC’s case- that they were forced to declare themselves bankrupt once their money wells ran dry.

Pretty sad, when one considers how “lucrative” things appear on the surface.

Now watch August Alsina weigh in on the matter with The Lift Off, below!


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