Cardi B Celebrates Nicki Minaj’s Run In Hip-Hop

When she isn’t owning the charts with R-Rated smash hits, Cardi B can be found at the centre of a debate on female rappers and their place in Hip-Hop.

Today she appeared to celebrate Nicki Minaj‘s unmatched run in the game during a conversation hosted by Apple Music in which she praised a female rapper she believes filled the the void left by Lil Kim and Missy Elliott and has been dominating the scene ever since.

Cardi’s compliment below…

Minaj is the highest-selling female rapper of all time with more singles, tickets, albums, merchandise and streams moved than any of lady lyricist in chart history.

Cardi’s compliment arrived years after the ladies almost came to blows at the MET Gala (see here).

Your thoughts?

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  1. CardiB+is+a+Virus+🦠 August 7, 2020

    Pay your dues you better acknowledge the Queen

    • #WAP August 7, 2020

      Nicki is a has been. She had success because she was the only female rapper out. But the second Nicki has competition, we all saw how much she actually sucks 🤣 Cardi is dominating with competition, and winning Grammys with competition. Nicki won BET awards for 6 years while she was the only female rapper. 🥴🤣 GRAMMY AWARD WINNER CARDI B IS THE QUEEN OF RAP

      • ME+YOU+US August 7, 2020

        Take your pills dummy…cause u tweeking heavy…your queen of lies just spoke truth even tho her face was very upset🤣🤣🤣 follow suit dummy..history will show nicki minaj is the best rapper of all-time when it comes to every option to judge from..dummy..let alone the female side..

      • Meme August 7, 2020

        No she had successful because she was extremely good at her job and was and still is the best. She was never the “only” female rapper, there were other female rappers releasing music. They just weren’t good.

      • E Jai August 7, 2020

        I agree it’s easy to reign when there is no competition…..but it’s who dudes to the top when competing against someone

    • Diabetes UNBOTHERED August 7, 2020

      cardi b isnt even prasing Nikki Simply stating a FACT, Nikki DID dominat but only due to everything @WAP said because… is Nikki dominating RIGHT NOW???

      It’s 2020 not 2014 lol

      • #WAP August 7, 2020

        It’s 2020 not 2014 🤣😂🤣 YASSSS! You just WAPPED these idiots

  2. #WAP August 7, 2020

    Cardi was cordial, like true royalty. Old lady Nicki is a has been. Grammy award winner Cardi B is the Queen of rap. Deal with it

    • ME+YOU+US August 7, 2020

      If all it takes to be something is fakes and wonder your mother kept you..

      • Yea i said it August 8, 2020

        Well if she is the queen! Meg done snatched the crown. Meg made the song Wap with out Meg that s*** is trash # factz

  3. ME+YOU+US August 7, 2020

    Now that Cardioke B the queen of reject rap admits who the real queen is fans of Cardioke b..need justet it go like she has..nothing you can lie about or make up will change the fact that these hors can get hot for one summer and the queen will still reign…was video was interesting bt the son was a reject..

    • Tyrone Pollard August 7, 2020

      Barbz are just as delusional as their minimally talented fave. Nicki Minaj was always the bothered party. Cardi had been trying to give the bitter betty her 10s but because Nicki Minaj was triggered by the idea that the new girl would do to her what she did to Lil Kim, Nicki missed an opportunity for an alliance and sent herself down a tirade of looking BITTER while releasing flop after flop after flop (8 consecutive flops). The only time she amassed any chart success solo was when she used the press of Invasion of Privacy to boost her release of the lyrically trash “chun-li.” Now, she’s trying to align herself with the very few people left who will collaborate with her to remain relevancy. Yet, you idiot plastics have convinced yourself that Onika is the victim when she is simply reaping the karma of her foul entry into the game. Do like your faves solo chart success and disappear.

  4. FMcL August 8, 2020

    It was a Harpers Bazaar NYCFW party Cardi & Nicki came to blows, not the MET Gala

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