New Kelly Rowland – ‘Work’ (ft. Fat Joe)

Published: Thursday 31st May 2007 by Sam
As Kelly Rowland preps the release of her sophomore CD ‘Ms Kelly’ (due July 3rd), a new track from the set has surfaced on a Tapemasters Inc mixtape. This version of ‘Work’ features rapper Fat Joe, although it’s unclear whether he will feature on the album version. The uptempo track, produced by Scott Storch, sees Kelly in unfamiliar territory – we haven’t heard anything from her like this before. It’s not what I initially expected and I’m liking some of the other tracks from the set better, but it’s still a good song nonetheless.

What do you think?

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  1. Anonymous May 31, 2007

    It’s alright nothing special. It sound like it could have been for Rihanna, cassie…etc.

  2. Anonymous May 31, 2007

    Sad to say but Kelly nor Michelle will never have the success that Bey has. Kelly is a beautiful girl with talent but she doesn’t have that “it” quality. Just like Diana Ross and the Supremes….there can be only 1 lead and unfourtunately for Kelly she’s not it. I wish her luck in her future endeavors, but with the album being pushed back and material that is too forced I don’t think it will happen.

  3. HotSauce!! May 31, 2007

    I don’t love it. Sounds….BLAH!!

  4. Anonymous May 31, 2007

    I kinda like it , I love Kelly I think she has a great voice and now would be the idea time for her to come out with some really hot tracks, but she don’t seem to have the right material, the sound is right for her but she need HOTTER tracks. someone give her a hit track

  5. J May 31, 2007

    BANGIN’!! This beat is fire. I agree that Kelly doesn’t have that “it” quality. You can work hard to attain “it”. But some people are just born with that X factor that makes then stand out and draws you to them and Beyonce is one of those gifted people and Kelly isn’t. It’s a shame because based on the tracks I’ve heard off of Miss Kelly so far, I really like it. And I love Kelly. She’s just likeable.

    This is a hot track, it should’ve been the first single or be made to be the second. Scott Storch is an idiot, be he came correct on “Work” and “Comeback”.

  6. Anonymous June 2, 2007

    Garbage…Hot garbage. And Fat Joe I just don’t get. Three thumbs (and a big toe) down.

  7. Anonymous June 2, 2007

    I think the track is hottt!!! I hope that this the the 2nd single. The beat and the energy on the track is like FIRE!!!Of course she is no Beyonce’. But why would she want to be when she can be just as good if she apply herself. Kelly is the junk and for those who doubt her just wait and see.

  8. Anonymous June 8, 2007

    the beat is hot! Kelly’s part reminds me of an old song by a N.O. artist named DJ Jimmy (.. do it baby stick it baby … google it)

    anyway, it could be a hot single if she puts out a good video.

    now if beyonce put this single out, it would be a certified hit IMHO.

  9. Anonymous September 8, 2007

    da beat is straight fire and super hot i love it 2 thumbs up …. its crzy good

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