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Published: Monday 30th Jul 2007 by Sam
Again, I know it’s kinda short notice, but I will be interviewing Island Def Jam/So So Def artist Johnta Austin on Wednesday (August 1st). Following a label switch (from Virgin to Island), the talented singer/songwriter is set to drop his ‘Ocean Drive’ album on September 4th. Please drop any questions you may have for Johnta in the comments section. Note that only genuine and reasonable questions will be considered 🙂

*The Jagged Edge interview will be up soon*

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  1. Dawo July 30, 2007

    Wow I cant wait for hes album!!!!

    Im interrested of how many songs he will produce for Janet for the new album ?

  2. Anonymous July 30, 2007

    I am a songwriter? What’s a good way to submit songs & get into the industry? Also, how can I start my own publishing company for my songs? I heard you can start one with as little as $100.

  3. Anonymous July 30, 2007

    who is johnta austin, and why should i pay attention to him? what is going to bring to the music game to separate himself from the other acts out there?

  4. Darion July 30, 2007

    What were your influences lyrically growing up?

    When did u discover music was your calling?

    How do you relax?

    So many people don’t know the label politics that come with releasing an album, why has his album been pushed back constantly?

    Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

    Who would you love to write for that you haven’t yet?

    Issues he would love to address on his personal album.

    His favorite artist to write for.

    How does he describe his writing style?

    Does he collab on songs and if so how much collaboration goes on.

    Maybe I need to be your assistant interviewer lol

  5. Anonymous July 30, 2007

    What was it like being in the studio with Jermaine working on your album opposed to working on other artists album? Also who else are you writing for currently?

  6. Anonymous July 30, 2007

    Whats a good way to break into the industry through songwriting? And whats a good way to get signed, when there are not much resources around you?

  7. Ru July 30, 2007

    With the current news of neyo and other singer songwriters speaking up for themselves (
    about artists taking more or undeserved credit for songs..did you ever feel the pressure or need to give up some things first starting out to get your name known? do you regret any artists that you wrote for being famous for something you created??
    *you may need to fix that sounded good in my head but now i dont know.

    2. what is your style? What can we expect from Mr. Austin?
    Are you a perfomer where you sing, dance, play all the instruments during a concert and sell t-shirts after the show ( a mr. do everything)?? lol
    or do you stand and deliver to the audience beautifully crafted songs or club bangers that will stand the test of time against whats happening in the music world right now?
    3.Who would you like to work with in the future?
    Dream Collabo if it hasnt happened already?

    How did it feel getting that all those awards (grammy, Ascap etc) and people knowing your work but not really knowing who you are yet?

    Biggest hit you wrote: Monetarily? Notoriety?
    What song would surprise us you wrote?
    First song you wrote?

    When did you have that moment where it *clicked* for you and you realized that you were good enough to really make it in the business?

    Who were your mentors?
    Are there 2 sides to this game? Do you have to be a businessman first or a artist first or both so you wont get taken advantage of?

    (man I am really excited about this interview!!!)

  8. Ru July 30, 2007

    Earliest musical memory?

    First time you heard a song you wrote on the radio? How did it feel?

    Seeing that your hardwork and perserverance is paying off now..would you change the path you took to get here?

  9. ru July 30, 2007

    Ideal girl? ok thats cheesy but dammit people might wanna know lol

  10. Anonymous July 30, 2007



  11. Anonymous July 30, 2007

    1.What Female artist Would you like to duet with.

    2. Did You ever go to college.And if you wasn’t songwriter what would you do.

    3.If you had a choice to make a group that you was in. What R&B singers would you put in the a group.

    4.Are you single don’t lie and what type of girl do like whats turn ons and offs.

  12. RoJay July 30, 2007

    Who has been the hardest artist to write for and/or work with in the studio?

    How many tracks should we expect for “Ocean Drive”?

  13. Bianca July 31, 2007

    Have you ever written a song for someone and afterwards wished that you had kept it for yourself?

    Since you have had so much success as a writer, what finally made you decide to become an artist? Which role do you like better?

    How do you continue to remain positive when you have an album that gets delayed numerous times?

    Why did your project get pushed back so many times? Did you throw away everything and start from scratch?

  14. Anonymous July 31, 2007

    What other producers do you respect and wish for a chance to perhaps collaborate with them?

    What’s your favourite song on the album? Mine has to be ‘turn it up’

    I’m so jealous you get to interview him!

  15. Jamie July 31, 2007

    there have recently been alot of music that has been leaking from his up and coming album?are these tracks just to give a buzz for the album or are they actually tracks??

  16. Quinno July 31, 2007

    Not only what would you advise for aspiring/up and coming artists trying to break into the biz, but how would one go about contacing him for things like fan mail or even unsolicited demo submissions

  17. MissVicious July 31, 2007

    Has there been a song that you have written that you didn’t want to give away to another artist?

  18. Anonymous July 31, 2007


  19. Anonymous July 31, 2007

    1.He’s been spotted with aubrey o’day whats going on there?

    2.Also would he be willing to work with Danity Kane on their next album in any capacity(duet,writing etc)

  20. WillY August 1, 2007

    How’s working on janet’s new album? is he working with JD on janet’s new album or just him along with janet and other producers?

    I love Johnta’s voice. He’s very talented. maybe he can do a duet with janet and that would be AWESOME!

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