Brick & Lace – ‘Love Is Wicked’ Video

Published: Friday 10th Aug 2007 by Sam

Signed to Akon’s ‘Konvict’ label, Brick and Lace have been trying to break the industry since the release of their debut single ‘Never Never’ several months back. Yet for some reason, unlike Konvict’s other artists such T-Pain, the Jamaican duo haven’t managed to make much noise. This new video for ‘Love Is Wicked’ – a pretty good track, is unlikely to help the situation. The video is extra cheap looking and it felt like I was watching a high-school project. They’re gonna have to do much better than this if they want to be in with a chance of success.

What do you think of the video?

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  1. zachri August 10, 2007

    Love the track…n the video isnt cheap just cause its not all binged out.. its real n dem girlz are fine i hope they blow up… Jamaica needs someone like them to shine… yes im jamaican.. but the song n video 2 me is hot… n different

  2. Nicole August 10, 2007

    Are you kidding??!! That song and video are HOTT!!!

  3. Anonymous August 10, 2007

    love the song! love it! so damn hot! but the video isn’t anything special! i hope they blow up! but my question is why did they drop the third sister? they were even more hot when they were a trio!

  4. Anonymous August 10, 2007

    i tink da song is ai8
    but i have 2 agree dat da vid ain dat wow… with or without any flash effects

  5. Anonymous August 10, 2007


  6. Anonymous August 10, 2007

    how many times is the diwali riddim going to be recylced. Maybe thats why the song isnt charting because, its using the pon de replay beat remixed.

  7. Anonymous August 10, 2007

    The video look like a typical video you see on Hype TV. It is not the type of video you use to introdue you to the world.

    Rihanna had the perfect first video to show the world who she is

  8. Anonymous August 10, 2007

    the best is from 2002.

    The song is hot though, youd think it would make top 10 on billboard.

  9. Angella August 10, 2007

    I did an interview with Brick&Lace a couple months ago. I love them,they can sing. They sounded so focus and loving to the music when I spoke to them. So wha if the video looks cheap (in your opinion). T.I. first videos were not that poppin’ and look at THE KING now. *wink*
    I’m rooting for them to the fullesy

  10. Linda August 11, 2007

    I need this track!! Anybody who got it, willing to send it over?

  11. d’ August 11, 2007

    from the look of the video, they are going to focus on their efforts in building a local jamaican fanbase, cause if you notice, this video my be cheap looking most local jamaican artist succeed with this raw style of videos, hope the new direction works, and cant wait for the crossover, these girls are mad talented.

  12. sidewayz August 16, 2007

    The video is simple and sweet.. Brick and Lace have already crossed over you don’t need a video to do that.. in the video they giving props to their roots and where they come from…they have done it with their music.. these sista have also done some writing for Janet Jackson and Paris Hilton..

  13. TL August 23, 2007

    Video is hot. Looks cheap on youtube (what doesn’t?). Check out this link I found:

    It’s the directors site.

    This looks wicked. Let’s you see how much youube can make things look like crap. Love the way they didn’t do the bling stupid EFX thing. It’s tired. And the dance is the real JA deal. Not like the tired moves in Never Never. They look like fine JA sistas not some LA creation in their other vids.


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