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Published: Friday 10th Aug 2007 by Sam
In what appears to be a sudden twist, Kelly Rowland will now release ‘Ghetto’ (ft. Snoop Dogg) as the next single from her ‘Ms. Kelly’ album; the singer confirmed the news when interviewed on Atlanta’s V103 radio station. What’s more is that a video for the song has already been shot by director Andrew Gura. Prior to now, the Scott Storch produced ‘Comeback’ was set to be the next US single and a video was shot – alongside a video for the European single “Work’ – back in July. ‘Ghetto’ has also been sent for ads at radio and is receiving healthy spins on the Urban format.
I don’t know what exactly is going on; however, with it now being almost 6 months since ‘Like This’ premiered, Kelly needs to release a new single – any single – now.

What do you think of the single choice?

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  1. Anonymous August 10, 2007

    WTF is going on? I don’t mind Ghetto but it ain’t all that, Work is the best track on the album, Comeback and Still In Love With My Ex are also my favourites,

    Now I heard she was already shooting the Work video there was even captions of it on Concrete Loop so as i said WTF is going on?

  2. Anonymous August 10, 2007

    well work for the UK and ghetto for the US but i just hope that all her videos won’t be fast songs.. she need to use still in love with my ex for a nice slow song because personally i think that out of all her songs will help her album out the most.. lol i think she should even release her album and add the original still in love wit my ex wit that rapper young texxus and gots to go.. and i dunno like 5 new songs maybe.. and dis time with WAY better promotion.. maybe that can help her out.. but that is just my opinion…

  3. Anonymous August 10, 2007

    correction to the last post…i meant RE-RELEASE her album…

  4. Anonymous August 10, 2007

    this is my song i’m glad shes releasing it its already moving up fast on urban adds

  5. Anonymous August 11, 2007

    Bad single choice,

    In my opinion, Ghetto is the weakest track off the album & wont help get the album over whatsoever.

  6. Anonymous August 11, 2007

    ^^^^^ that may be true but ghetto is doing really well on the us airply charts. ghetto is doing better than comeback and better than work, so i think it’s a matter of what the radio likes. hopefully ghetto does the trick for her album!

  7. Anonymous August 11, 2007 She should release Still In Love With My Ex. I actually wasn’t thrilled with that song but now that I listen to it, it should be the second single then Work for the third single. The release This is Love. haha! Kelly needs to get her act together or whoever makes these decisions. I hope it works out for her thou. =/

  8. Anonymous August 11, 2007

    Ghetto is Most definitely not the right next single. I have the CD and I skip that song everytime. Work,Comeback,Still in love with my ex.Actually still in love with my ex because it will generate more interest in the album. People are nosey and are going to want to know who she is talking about. Hence, Usher and “Burn”. It worked for him it can work for her. I like the album I’m not sure why nobody else does. Maybe because she ain’t screaming and shaking her tailfeather with 16lbs of weave in her head!!

  9. Anonymous August 11, 2007

    I wish Kelly come out with another single already. I was happy that comeback was gonna be the next one b/c that’s my song, but now I just wish she would come out with one.

  10. Anonymous August 11, 2007

    ghetto still in love with my ex comeback. whatever she releases would not boost her slaes. people are not just interested in her. so far like this is the only song that can catch people’s attention

  11. Anonymous August 11, 2007

    yeah people are nossy but really dont forget it is not janet jackson and jermaine nor beyonce and jayz nor kelis and nas. it is kelly rowland nobody cares about who she is dating on the real, so many people dont even know her ex man like me i dont know him and besides no body cares cos really kelly is not that important in the society neither is her ex dude.

  12. Anonymous August 12, 2007

    Just liek janet jackson her album failed due to poor singles! If she would have released “Work” first and then flipped it and released track 10 “love” she would have been better off. “Ghetto” is just that ghetto and will only get airplay on urban radio, teh other singles would have been played on both pop and urban radio….hense boosting her album sales and career(just like Rihanna, once she went pop her career took off

    Bottom line though is that she need to get away from Pappa knowels management

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