Kelly Rowland Early Show Concert Series

Published: Friday 3rd Aug 2007 by Sam
R&B star Kelly Rowland performed a mini-concert as part of the Early Show Concert Series in Dallas yesterday. Though she performed a number of songs, the televised performances were of new single ‘Comeback’, ‘Bad Habit’ and ‘Like This’. Check Out the performances:


Bad Habit

Like This

More vids:


No, No, No


Aside from a few vocal snags, Kelly did her thing – I especially liked the ‘Comeback’ and ‘Bad Habit’ performances. In other, somewhat puzzling, Kelly news, ‘Ghetto’ from her ‘Ms. Kelly’ CD is going for adds at Urban radio. I’m kinda baffled as to why, when ‘Comeback’ has been confirmed as the official next US single (with a video already shot too). My only guess would be that the label want to put out as much possible from the album – video or not?

What do you think of the performances?

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  1. Anonymous August 3, 2007

    kelly preformed great … comeback was my favorite

  2. Anonymous August 4, 2007

    Lovely lovely!, She looks great too.

  3. Anonymous August 4, 2007


  4. Anonymous August 4, 2007

    BIGGEST SELLING GIRL GROUPS in descending order

    Dixie Chicks
    Destinys Child

  5. JoeJoe August 4, 2007

    She got some bomb ass legs!

  6. jer. August 4, 2007

    why is she singing those retarded songs? “The Show” is the only song off her album worth listening to.

  7. Anonymous August 4, 2007

    ghetto is actually doing really well on the radio, i think that’s why they released it…it’s officially her third sinlgle…i think they want it to do well before releasing a video so that it can blow up. hopefully live performaces of comeback like the early show will help comeback because it’s HOT, fire marshals can’t contain it! go kelly!

  8. Anonymous August 4, 2007

    she rocked it!

  9. Anonymous August 4, 2007

    dig great… love her!!!

  10. Anonymous August 4, 2007

    She is getting more and more confident with performing on her own. I am loving the new Kelly!! Her CD is on point!!!

  11. Anonymous August 5, 2007


  12. Johnny August 5, 2007

    She looks and sounds incredible. She is confident on that stage and confidence is s*** as hell. Destiny-who? I forgot about them after watching her.

  13. Anonymous August 5, 2007

    She still has her work cut out for her b/c she still ain’t no Beyonce on stage. Not hateing b/c she does her thing but some of ya’ll who like to support the underdogs a lot get delusional sometimes. She’s good but she’s not that good.

  14. Anonymous August 7, 2007

    She is well on her way to being a top star, though.

    Quick question for those who went to the Dallas taping, and got an autograph afterward. Did you win a radio contest, and if so, which radio station?

  15. Anonymous August 7, 2007

    kelly has the most sexiest legs and she was the bomb cant wait for her new videos

  16. d’ August 8, 2007

    i was there at the performance and kelly absolutely amazing and beautiful

  17. Anonymous August 9, 2007

    Did you get an autograph, and if so, was it because you won a radio contest?

  18. Anonymous August 11, 2007

    All these songs sound like stuff Beyonce sings. But I do like the “Comeback” song a lot.

  19. Anonymous August 11, 2007

    she is still not much of a good performer anyways her album is boring sucks as hell and the chart tells it all number 83. such a weak darkie

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