Beyonce Launches ‘B Phone’

Published: Friday 12th Oct 2007 by Sam
R&B superstar Beyonce was on hand at the Samsung Experience store in New York City yesterday for the launching of the ‘B Phone’ – a ‘Beyonce’ branded Samsung model. Not feeling the phone myself. Whatever the case, Matthew and co are really prepping her for total world domination. I mean, in between her mega-star music status, these endorsements just keep pouring in. I can’t hate on her hustle.

Any thoughts?

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  1. Anonymous October 12, 2007

    She looks hot!

  2. Anonymous October 12, 2007

    Beyonce you go girl. You are definitely a business woman from the beginning to the end. God bless you.

  3. Anonymous October 12, 2007

    I have a couple more things she can hock !
    1.The unbeweaveable glue! Never leave home with out it
    2.Spicey Creole dinners
    3B` Creole cornmeal@ Fish Fry
    4. B maxi pads super absorbent
    5 House of dekkion funture at nearst Wal Mart
    6. Beyonce and house dokkieon home furnshings . only solw at Wal-Mart on line with those badazzler ass pillows

  4. Anonymous October 12, 2007

    When you get into the entertainment industry you definitely don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket. It is good to branch out and get involved in other areas and definitely take on endorsments, but at what point does it become over-kill? She may not be into as much as it seems, but everytime I look up she seems to be selling something … credit cards, perfume, make-up and now phones. As people have been saying, she can wear the hell out of a weave, so she may as well endorse or come out with her onw line of weaves.

  5. Anonymous October 13, 2007

    not hating on my girl bee but this s*** is just to much i want to lock her up and then release her in 10 years im pretty sure people could surivive without her

  6. Melissa October 13, 2007

    Actually Bee will still be here in 10 years

  7. Anonymous October 13, 2007

    It’s cool she making money but I’m feel like what some else said where do you draw the line? Before you know it she’ll be on the cover of cereal boxes. I’m personally tired of this chick and all her greedy way’s.

  8. Anonymous October 14, 2007

    When Bey starts selling clothes in wal-mart, and skates I will know that it is over. I mean damn she is all over the place. I’m not going to buy a phone cause Bey says so, but obviously a lot of people do. I guess she is getting her money, which I am not mad at. On the other hand she could stand to be a little more selective, and she could stand to say no from time to time.

  9. Anonymous October 15, 2007

    The phone is nothing special but the fact that she’s endorsing it will make fools go buy it.

    Why don’t she endorse something we all know she uses – LACEFRONT WIGS!

  10. Anonymous October 15, 2007

    wow what a year with rhianna and b stuffing them selves in our faces and you no what i would like to see b promoting weaves lol

  11. Anonymous October 20, 2007

    Beyonce is the best and her haters are proof b/c they stay hateing which is their job. Beyonce is doing it big as usual. Keep killng these other chicks Bey!

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