From the Vault: ATL – ‘Make It Up With Love’

Published: Sunday 20th Jan 2008 by Sam
It’s been a short while since the last ‘From The Vault’ posting, but it’s back this week in the form of ATL’s ‘Make It Up With Love’ video. Released back in 2004, I remember playing this song over and over. In a time when B2K were ruling (I’m using the term very loosely) the charts with their cookie-cutter songs, it was real refreshing seeing a group of same-aged teens, who were all vocally talented, putting out great music. Check out the video – see if you can spot a certain ‘Goodies’ singer:

Following the release of this song, the 2nd single from their LP ‘The ATL Project’, the group disbanded, were dropped or something…they basically disappeared lol. Still, with such good material, it’s a shame they never lasted the distance.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Anonymous January 20, 2008

    its so weird…ciaras in this video and it was before she was famous…now, its like ATL have vanished and shes gone big! weird

  2. Alexis January 20, 2008

    This used to be my JAM!! And I didn’t realize that was Ciara.

  3. Anonymous January 20, 2008

    I remember them being in her Goodies video.

  4. T January 20, 2008

    NEVER HEARD THIS B4 OR OF THEM LOL maybe i did and don’t remember, i’ll investigate about them some.

  5. JasonStein January 21, 2008

    I agree they were a lot more talented than B2K and they could have gone on to do great things.
    I actually still love both singles (Calling All Girls and Make It Up with Love) but haven’t heard the whole ATL project album.

    But looking back it was a time of boy bands with ridiculous names –
    ‘b2k’ – it’s almost as if they knew they wouldn’t last
    ‘ATL’ – so what if they’re from Atlanta!

  6. Anonymous January 21, 2008

    That couldn’t have been your jam – it was my jam! ciara is a goddess ; )

  7. Anonymous January 21, 2008

    acutally they where form in atl talent search so that how they got the name. and i heard that they are working on a new album. i got that source from wikipedia and some other site

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