New Songs: Kelly Rowland – ‘Broken’ & ‘Unity’

Published: Wednesday 19th Mar 2008 by Sam
Kelly Rowland - 'Broken' & 'Unity'R&B singer Kelly Rowland’s revamped version of her sophomore effort ‘Ms. Kelly: Diva Deluxe’ is out now on iTunes. ‘Broken’ and ‘Unity’ are two of the new tracks that feature on the album.

Produced by Stargate (Rihanna, Ne-Yo etc), ‘Broken’ is a piano-driven mid-tempo cut. The track’s laid back vibe is both its strength and weakness; solid overall, I was kinda left feeling as if the song would have benefited from Kelly vocally exerting herself more – especially on the adlibs.

‘Unity’ sees the former Destiny’s Child star embrace a more Pop/Alternative sound. With its rousing chorus, the song takes on a anthem-like form. I’m liking this one quite a lot.

Hit(s) or Miss(es)?

LISTEN: Broken // Unity {Links Removed As Requested}

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  1. mike March 19, 2008

    After hearing Love Again, i was expecting more from Kelly vocally on these joints. But they are good ones.
    My favorite’s still Love Again, the best Kelly Rowland track ever!

  2. Anonymous March 19, 2008

    kelly out does herself on the re-release all the songs are hot.

    i knw ppl thnk thatshe shud of exceded herself on broken bt it is a guarenteed hit, the song js sticks in ur mind.

    unity is also a hot track bt i thnk that the big hits on the record are btoken and love again!!

    yall download the album coz it is available on US itunes nw. 1 week prior to other legal download sites……..

    get downloading!!!!!!

  3. Anonymous March 19, 2008

    Unity is amazing, big pop tune right there.

  4. Anonymous March 19, 2008

    Kelly’s voice is so versatile. The girl can sing R&B,pop,jazz,and any alternative music. I love it all. However,I must say, it still seems at times like Kelly holds back. I don’t believe we’ve really heard what this girl can do vocally. She has a much higher register than the one she’s using on these songs. I feel like she’s suffering from a bad case of vocal laziness. “Broken” leaves alot to be desired. “Unity”,although a great song, does not have much variety. I kept waiting for the key to change,the chorus to crescendo,SOMETHING. Just once, I would love to be surprised by Kelly. To hear something from her that I’ve never heard before. I believe she has that “chill” factor;you know,when you hear someone sing and it gives you chills. I’m waiting for some chills,some goosebumps. Just once,I would love for Kelly to sing without any inhibitions. I know it may be a little hard for her because she’s been trained to play second fiddle,to be “second lead”,but that was then,and this is now;and now, I want Kelly to blow me away. As of late,she hasn’t even begun to do that. I just wish she would challenge herself for real.

  5. Anonymous March 19, 2008

    Why are you posting her songs out like that. Some people will not buy the album b/c of you leaking the tracks!! She gave you an interview and you post her new songs like this. I just think it is unfair….she isn’t doing to well with album sales as it is why make the situation worst by posting her songs?

  6. March 19, 2008

    not 2 be rude .. i love this site and u say u support Kelly but her album is out now if ppl wanna hear the songs let em buy em … i just got my copy

  7. March 19, 2008

    i may be overreacting but i’m really upset of the posting of these songs w/ her album already out and official release next week… trust me its worth buying

  8. Abigail March 20, 2008

    let me start by saying I love these songs. Unity sounds like a hit.

    I think what’s unfair is that some expect Kelly to be judged by another standard here. When Sam posts tracks on Mariah, Janet, or anyone else for that matter, most of us happily go and “listen”..its something something I noticed, the option to obtain the songs is ours, as when you clck it brings up the stream first. The way I see it, like all the other songs placed here to be “listened to”,it simply acts as a promo tool for the artist/album. I’ve never seen whole albums posted here or any of the other credible sites – that’s what I see would see as crossing the line. Otherwise, I don’t see any problem. Keep doing your thing Sam, you’re taking Grape Juice higher and higher.

    Abigail x

  9. Anonymous March 20, 2008

    Thanks Sam!!! All respect has been restored now b/c that wasn’t sitting right with me. You had that huge interview with her and I just felt as though it would be more hurtful to her than helpful!! Also, to Abigail Kelly is no Mariah or Janet if she was selling records like them then I wouldn’t mind b/c people would by regardless. Kelly is struggling to sale albums and the release was only 7 tracks and more than 50% leak before….if it was a promotional thing then he should have posted snippets instead!! Thanks again!!

  10. Too_True March 23, 2008

    Oh so their BITCHING made you take it down, but yet other Artist’s music will continue to be posted? These b****** are going around to every damn blog checking to see if her WACK ass music is posted, but guess what?? NO ONE GIVES A F*CK ABOUT KELLY AND HER WACK ASS, SO EVEN IF THE MUSIC ISN’T POSTED, NO ONE BUT YOU ASS LICKERS WILL BUY IT!!!! I KNOW I FOR DAMN SURE WON’T BE BUYING ANYTHING FROM HER FAKE TIT ASS, YOU CAN WATCH A MOVIE ON HER FOREHEAD AND THAT IS WHAT I WOULD PREFER TO SPEND MY $10 ON, A MOVIE!

  11. Too_True March 23, 2008


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