Toccara Goes Berserk On Celebrity Fit Club

Published: Sunday 16th Mar 2008 by Sam
Check out this video of BET host and former America’s Next Top Model contestant, Toccara, going nuts on a recent episode of ‘Celebrity Fit Club’:

Whoa! She was really heated. According to many who watch the show, Toccara has been singled out by the judges and picked on constantly. I guess one can only take so much. Haven’t watched the show myself, but her body was looking g-o-o-d.

Any thoughts?

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  1. Anonymous March 16, 2008

    WFT???? I don’t see anything wrong with her, but with that panel, it’s always something. Dr. Ian is a B____!

  2. Ehrenboi March 16, 2008

    I am so proud of her. I’m glad she took control and told them assholes off. They are always putting those people down. Especially when they have worked they’re asses off. And the nerve of him to say, have some class. Tocc Tocc (i like the nickname) told his ass off and that white woman, LOL.

  3. Anonymous March 16, 2008





  4. Anonymous March 16, 2008

    first of all i would’ve hit that lady in the mouth if i was T, clappin’ her hands all in her face, i don’t watch the show so i don’t really know what’s going on BUT she didn’t have to get in T’s face like that, even if she was trippin. Then talkin bout have some class, T is one of the classiet ladies i ever seen, a classy lady knows when she needs to get loud, and let people know what the hell is up! go ahead T!! & she looked beautiful as always.

  5. Anonymous March 16, 2008

    i thought she was justified. first of all her body is fabulous, she is in no way obese and she has lost weight from her top model days, i dont agree that she is unhealthy cuz she obviously works out…do u see how toned she is, her stomach is flat in the pics where they have her in a swim suit. she may be a little bigger than other models but she is in no way, i’m sure going to suffer from a weight related sickness like they are letting everyone on to think, so she gain 14 pounds, thats why she came back to lose them..sorry for the long post. i was so heated at how they attacked her, like she hasnt done wonders to her body and she’s right. theyre letting people at home think that her weight i.e. the majority of regular women is not good

  6. MissOMyGoodnezz March 16, 2008

    I dont know if this episode aired yet or not but I think Tocarra was out of line in a sense. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of reasons to cuss people out but she was kinda wrong on this one. On the previous episodes it was expressed that they were disappointed by her weight gain since she had lost a lot of wait the last season. All she could say is how happy she was with her body and how she felt she was too small before. Then why come back? If you’re happy the way you are (which she looks fine) then why come back to CELEBRITY FIT CLUB? It’s like you’re asking for confrontation. Everytime they mentioned her weight she would get defensive and say she was happy. Its fine to be happy, but don’t waste peoples time. I feel she just went off because she is fighting an inner battle. She doesn’t want to outright admit that she wants to lose some weight because it would make her look like her self esteem is low (and she’s not known for that). She has been making this same “I’m happy” statement since America’s Top Model yet she still loses weight. She’s not happy and she just won’t admit it. She needs to check herself before she attempts to check other people.

    lol sorry for the long rant but stuff like this makes me heated. why embarrass yourself?

  7. Ase March 16, 2008

    you embarrass yourself. To be toned is not to lose weight. They come on this particular show to tone and build muscle, not lose weight. They have overly promoted weight lose and that does not necessarily equate health. A lil over the top from her but needed

  8. Guadalupe March 17, 2008

    Yeah very true comment MissOMyGoodnezz.

    On another note shes s*** when shes angry. GRRRRR!!!!

  9. MissOMyGoodnezz March 17, 2008

    @ Anon 1:11 PM
    If you watch the show you would see that she is 38% body fat. That is NOT healthy by any means. She may be athletic to the point she can pass the challanges, she may have a flat stomach..but her BMA is not healthy and she could die if she doesn’t get healthy. The way she was acting (if you watch the show) was ridiculous. She’s eating on twinkies and snacks at CELEBRITY FIT CLUB and then gets mad when she has one of the highest BMA’s

  10. Daniella March 17, 2008

    I agree with MissOMy…
    Toccarra isnt realy happy about how she looks. When she was on ANTM, she was always screaming I’m reppin for the big girls. Now, everytime I see her, she looks smaller and smaller. I dont know, but I am glad somebody had some sense to tell those people off. they do tend to be a little harsh sometime.

  11. Anonymous March 18, 2008

    Go Toccara!!!!! Sometimes you get fed up with people…I’m glad she spoke up and said what she wanted to say. And DR. I talking bout have some class that man can kiss my ass too.

  12. Anonymous March 18, 2008

    UM…..MissOMyGoodnezz, its called

    BMI Body Mass Index, please look up this stuff before you post it!


  13. Anonymous March 20, 2008

    She does look good! Go Tocarra don’t let anyone tell u you need to change.

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