Christina: "I Would Never Work With Timbaland"

Published: Tuesday 6th May 2008 by Sam
Christina: 'I Would Never Work With Timbaland'Pop star Christina recently spoke on the direction of her fourth studio album (due in the Fall), insisting that the LP would not follow trends:

“This record is going to be very different from my previous record ‘Back To Basics.’ I’m working with a lot of different people so it’s a little hard for me to really go for a specific theme this time around, but I can assure you that it’s going to be a very very interesting record. Am I nervous? Of course but I’m also very excited. I never like to play it safe so it’s always a little risky to release a record that doesn’t sound like everything else out there. I mean, I love Timbaland’s music for example but I would never work with people like that because everyone else is doing it already” {Source}

It’s great to see Christina not jumping on the Timbaland bandwagon. Granted he’s undeniably one today’s top hit makers, his ‘sound’ is becoming increasingly dated IMO. I’m kinda hoping Christina keeps pushing boundaries, yet also sticks with a tried and tested direction; as that ‘Back To Basics’ record, though not the pits, was certainly several steps back from the solidness that was ‘Stripped’.

Any thoughts?

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  1. Ivan May 6, 2008

    Stripped is my favourite album ever… it was soooooo good. i liked and B2B but i hope the new album will be more like Stripped…

  2. Danny May 6, 2008

    I totally love and respect this woman!!! She is a true artist. I love that shes not gonna work with Timbo. Its good to see an artist stand up for herself. She has had a VVEERRYYYY successful career and i am ampted for her new stuff!

  3. We Are Pop Slags May 6, 2008

    Timbaland’s sound is kind of generic. He’s producing for so many people and they’re all starting to sound the same.

    The Pharrell tracks on Madonna’s album are the interesting ones as they fresh. Although Pharrell had a phase where everyone started to sound ‘samey’.

    Looking forward to some fresh sounds from Christina.

    We Are Pop Slags

  4. Anonymous May 6, 2008

    The “timbaland/pop international” sound is becoming dated to me too…

    It’s getting real tired…

    I’m glad christina ain’t tryna jump on the band waggon.

  5. Mark May 7, 2008

    Timbo’s music is about as far as you can get from dated, he is so far in the future… It’s a shame people can’t see that…

    Granted, he should stop whoring himself out to everyone & their mother (Madonna)… But the man is a genius!

    Timbo The King!

  6. Anonymous May 7, 2008

    I know its probably not gonna happen, but i’d really like her to work with scott storch again and create something in the same veign as stripped.

    I wouldnt mind hearing christina on a darkchild beat or maybe something by RedOne/Akon aswell.

    Writing with Linda Perry & Ne-Yo would be good too.

    What i loved about that album was that it was so varied. You could listen to the whole album and not think ‘god this all sounds the same’.

    I thought Back2Basics was a poor album in comparison 2 stripped and i hope she can deliver something special with the next album.

    After hearing Hard Candy, im too beginning to agree that Timbo’s sound is getting overused and its becoming very predictable now.

    If i were Timbo, id stop whoring myself and just stick to JT & Nelly Furtado (aswell as hes own projects like shock value 3 etc).

  7. Ashley May 7, 2008

    Justin is from Tennessee. His sound will always be different because it’a soul. As far as Christinia is concerned, she’s okay but don’t knock something/ someone until you’ve tried them. This (those people)comment could come back to haunt her in the worst way. Say what you want about Timberland, he’s a hit maker, so keep hating.

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