Whitney Wows At London Show

Published: Saturday 10th May 2008 by Sam
Whitney Wows At London Show According to reports, singing legend Whitney Houston gave a show-stopping performance at a concert in London this week for the Caudwwell”s Children Charity {Thanks Terrence & Kevin}:

Whitney Houston stunned her critics last night by delivering a spectacular performance in aid of the Caudwell Children charity.

Dressed to kill, Whitney wore Chopard diamond earrings and a diamond ring from the luxury jewellers AND was paid £100,000.

But the real surprise came when the diva brought daughter, Bobbi Kristina, 15, on stage to join her for a rendition of My Love is Your Love.

But Whitney told the crowd, which included Joan Collins and Buzz Aldrin: “This is the love of my life.”

Despite attempts to keep media out, theBuzz sneaked a peek at Whitney’s one hour set at Battersea Evolution.

Donning a tight dress by British designers Bodyamr, Whitney, 44, performed several hits including I Wanna Dance With Somebody, Saving All My Love and, of course, I Will Always Love You.

Whitney, whose career was halted by drug abuse and who in 2006 ended a turbulent relationship with Bobby Brown, told the audience: “I’m back in the studio and working on new tracks.

“It’s an honour to be here. I’ve had ups and downs, but it’s all good.”Sandi Thom, an opening act for the American star, confided in theBuzz: “This is probably the most nerve-racking moment of my life.”

The event raised £1.5m and a dinner date with Joan Collins was auctioned off for £200,000. {Source}

It’s great to see Whitney making progress on the comeback trail. Here’s hoping she delivers with the new album.

Any thoughts?

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  1. Anonymous May 10, 2008

    Great to see Whitney back, but someone explain to me HOW THE HELL she can do a show for a children’s charity, and still get paid £100,000?!?!

    Of course, expenses such as travel and accomodation (and first class at that, she is a megastar after all) is absolutely fine – we expect that.
    But surely she should be offering her services for free for a children’s charity event?

    That has spoiled the whole thing in my opinion.

  2. T May 10, 2008

    Good for Whitney, glad she doing well, i hope to hear some songs from her soon.

  3. Anonymous May 10, 2008

    Whitney getting paid £100,000 is the lowest of the low. She got paid that because it was a charity cause. Whitney just to sing IWALY is normally a 6-7 digit number realting to money.

  4. Anonymous May 11, 2008

    So happay for her comeback. She is fantastic and the dress by BodyAmr was gorgeous.
    11th May 2008

  5. jer. May 11, 2008

    my ass. Her fans aid her performance at the Olympics was “Stunning” and she was practically coughing and wheezing on stage to a backing track

  6. Anonymous May 11, 2008

    The Olympics performance was at the beginning of 2006. She was on drugs then. She stoppped drugs July 2006. This performance was 3 days ago. Duh..

  7. R J Samuel May 11, 2008

    Behold world, you are about to WHITness the complete domination and reemergence of the one and only the TRUE VOICE, not “the voice”, THE TRUE VOICE- the blueprint for diva vocal prowess, there is none other, nor will they’ll be another – Whitney Elizabeth “Nippy” Houston. Ladies and Gentlemen she is back – late 2008 and beyond…Get ready…Stay tuned….

  8. Anonymous May 12, 2008

    Whitney Houston donated most of her fee, and 100K is really nothing to what she normally charges, FYI Whitney is typically paid 1 – 3 Million per performance.

  9. Anonymous May 23, 2008

    cn ya’ll plz stop h8in on ma whitney! who gives a s*** tht she gt paid n hw mch??? SHE’S BACK!!!!!! n tel me hw i MISSED the fact tht she was in LONDON! o WOW!!! kill me now!!! n besydz its nt like Whitney doesnt GIVE more 2 charity thn £100,000. shes gt the WhitneyHouston Child Foundation so SHUT UP!!!
    cnt w8 4 da new stuff! fingers crossed ma Whitney’s comeback is HOTT n shes bk 4 GOOD!!

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