Beyonce Covers Marie Claire

Published: Wednesday 3rd Sep 2008 by Sam
Beyonce Covers Marie Claire
Peep Beyonce on the cover of the latest issue on the cover for the October 2008 issue of Marie Claire UK. Sexy, yet classy…great cover. {Randomness: Ms. Knowles is looking  good few hues darker than the infamous L’Oreal ad…can you say damage control lol}.
Interestingly the cover’s tag ‘Beyonce’s back and ready to shock’ seems to be apt time-wise. There is mounting speculation that the ‘Crazy In Love’ singer will be the ‘surprise’ at  next Monday’s MTV Video Music Awards – taking to the stage to perform her highly anticipated new single. I guess time will tell…roll on next Monday!
What do you think of the cover?

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  1. Anonymous September 3, 2008

    WTF? Britney will be the only surprise, Go Brit!! Your gonna rock the show, performing or not…

  2. Anonymous September 3, 2008

    i just hope she really come back hard.
    i want her to shut rihanna down and become a bigger legend then she is.

  3. Anonymous September 3, 2008

    Beyonce looks aweome! And TAN! haha

  4. Anonymous September 3, 2008

    i doubt beyonce will be the surprise because isnt she performing at fashion rocks on friday and if she is going to do her new single it will be there 1st…

  5. Anonymous September 3, 2008

    who cares!

  6. Free Thinker September 3, 2008

    there’s room for more than one superstar Beyonce and Rihanna can both do their thing but we’ll see if she performs

  7. Anonymous September 3, 2008

    good beyonce coming to bring some flavor to this game! but i do love j-hudson and jazmine sullivan doing it too!

  8. Anonymous September 3, 2008

    Beyonce may have a better voice, but Rihanna sticks out for being different, and that wat make Rih the legend…

  9. Anonymous September 3, 2008

    Anyone who thinks Rihanna is a legend must be on that s***. WTF?!?! You won’t see her doing any songs with Patti or Tina anytime soon. Better yet, they never speak highly about her as they do Beyonce. Riri is a bubblegum POP artist.

    Beyonce looks FIERCE on this cover. WE READY BEY! LET’S GO GET ‘EM!

  10. zubi September 3, 2008

    Beyonce might perform her new single @ the VMAs monday… cos she's performing an old single (that we have NEVER seen her perform)@ fashion rocks. & she's performing that 'classic' with a 'very' familiar rapper!
    that's exclusive people!

  11. Anonymous September 3, 2008

    anonymous 9:53 a.m please do us all a favor and kill yourself.

    you are either delusional or dumb as hell to even put the words ‘rihanna’ and ‘legend’ in the same sentence.

    you must be 10 years old. btw there is nothing different about rihanna. everything she has done, beyonce has done years ago. beyonce has 10 grammy’s, 150 awards, sold 130 million records, 183 magazine covers, lead singer of best selling female group ever, and she has made history several times. what has rihanna done besides winning a few awards and having a few hit singles? she is nowhere near a legend so that comment was just ridiculous.

    i’m no hater either but i only support REAL talent. Even britney is on her way to legend status. britney cant sing just like rihanna cant sing but at least britney has made a huge impact. neither one of them are anywhere near as talented as beyonce though.

    Beyonce is the hottest chick in the game and she looks fierce on that cover. She is on her way to becoming a legend. Beyonce has opened the doors for several women including rihanna. Beyonce was the FIRST black female artist to be so huge MAINSTREAM. Some of you young rihanna stans need to do your research. Even rihanna herself has said that Beyonce is her idol.

  12. Anonymous September 3, 2008

    Backtrack – Whitney and Janet were both HUGE mainstream.

  13. Anonymous September 3, 2008


  14. Anonymous September 3, 2008

    Why somebody always needs to mention Rihanna whenever there’s a Bey topic? Don’t even have to compare those 2 ladys because we all know who the real queen is! BEYONCE KNOWLES!

  15. Anonymous September 3, 2008

    beyonce hasnt opened no doors for anyone

  16. katebozz September 3, 2008

    I heard xtina is performing and posssibly opening with her new single.

  17. tia September 3, 2008

    as much as i stan for beyonce this picture scares me a bit,its a little off…ANYWAY

    i pray that she shows up to the vma’s that will really make it a show (unlike the bet awards)i’ll be tuning in just to see if she is the surprise… oh man i cannot WAIT for bee to return.

  18. JAZZII September 3, 2008



    GO BEY!!!

  19. Anonymous September 3, 2008

    ‘beyonce hasnt opened no doors for anyone’

    yes she has many people have stated her as there inspiration..
    rihanna,jojo.. katherine mcphee.. even Kelyy herself said when recordin ms kelly she trieed 2 go for that beyonce fiyaah

  20. Anonymous September 3, 2008

    Of course Tina will speak highly of Bey because Bey has patterned her stage act after Tina’s. Someone mentioned about what Rihanna has done and that Bey did all of that before her….well, several have come looooong before bey. She is a combination of Tina and Shakira. So, there is always going to be an artist who has been there done that and THEY are the ones who paved the way for some of the mess you see today.

  21. Anonymous September 3, 2008

    Rihanna is NOT a legend! She is a single’s artist; however, her albums do not sell well…WHY? because her talent is looking good…perfect for a model..not so much for a singer. Btw, legends are people with careers that shine over decades not 1 to 3 years! Dayum youngins believe anything these days!

  22. Miranda Priestly @ Runaway Mag. September 3, 2008

    umm… it’s not that serious ppl, chill out… I hope brit brit is the surprise, not beyonka. I love her, trust me I do, but I need more of a break… =P

  23. Anonymous September 3, 2008

    MONDAY the vmas is coming on sunday september 7th no no dam monday!!!

  24. Nick September 3, 2008

    I AM JST HAPPY RITE NOW, I hear sooo many things, Fashion Rocks new single, then old song wth Jay-Z, VMAs same story, I JST WNA C BEYONCE perform – PERIOD !!! SHES THE BADDEST LIVE, NO NEW CHIK CAN TOUCH HER!…cnt wait, I hear the new single is pure FIRE!!!

  25. Anonymous September 3, 2008


    LOL, You can bore yourself with these singles and Ringtone artists if you want to. You can have Soulja Boy, Flo Rida, Rihanna & T-Pain!

    I cant wait for this Genrations REAL Entertainers & Stars to come out, Bring on Justin, Beyonce, Christina, & The Black Eyed Peas! And if she's at 100%, I'll even take Britney BUT only if she's really ready, and not the Zombie we saw last year. The break is over & the industry is DESPERATE & IN NEED! BRING IT ON BEYONCE LOL!

  26. Anonymous September 3, 2008

    Britney is gonna knock them all down to the floor when she comes back!!! Just wait and see!

  27. Anonymous September 3, 2008

    Britney Spears ass aint going to do anything because she will not be performing at all. Now our girl BEYONCE is going to do the damn thang, and that’s the truth!!!!!!! QUEEN OF MUSIC IS BACK! THANK YOU LORD!!

  28. Anonymous September 3, 2008

    Britney Spears reps have confirmed that she isnt performing. The Surprise isnt known. I think it will be BEYONCe but it could also be XTINA. I hope beyonce opens the show, she has never done that beforee!! shes opened almost every award show except the VMAS this is her chancE!

  29. Anonymous September 3, 2008

    The thing about the cover is that it dont look different so how is she ready to shock same blonde hair light skin booy shakibng self if she open the show the overposedness will start again just when she was calming down

  30. melissa September 3, 2008

    All I have to say is “When you that girl comming back up…..she ain’t the average chick, she’s the baddest chick” Yess Beeeee! let’s go!!!

  31. Anonymous September 3, 2008

    While airbrushing her eyebrow, they kinda messed up her mouth on the left side. Also, I know she has a small waist, but here it looks as though she has worn a corset most of her life.

  32. Anonymous September 3, 2008

    She’ll shock us by her music and talent; uhh, she is a MUSICian, is she not? Or are yall just fans of “singers” who dress nice.

  33. Anonymous September 3, 2008

    Damn some of you females are a f***** celebrity crazy psychos LOL!

  34. Anonymous September 3, 2008

    Minus that “a” LOL

  35. KNOX September 3, 2008

    she classy 4 sure!I feel she shud have waited til nxt yr 2 release the new album so dat Michelle and Solange can shine….but WTF…who cares…Bey is BACK!!!

  36. Anonymous September 3, 2008

    Speaking of Solange, how come Beyonce and Jay-Z didn’t buy enough copies of her album to at least help her make 100,000 copies LOL!

  37. Anonymous September 3, 2008

    She looks okay but I can’t say I’m looking forward to her coming back. Not a fan.

  38. brownsuga diva September 3, 2008

    That is her natural color. She looks fabulous.

  39. Ant from cleveland too cali September 3, 2008

    Yes!!!!…in my eyes beyonce can’t do know wrong…she gave birth to rihannas teairra mari and ho** that wanted to dance and feel bearuful performimg…she made Ho** step up there game…work young tina turner

  40. Ant from cleveland too cali September 3, 2008

    i just wanted to post this comment but it about the wonder women movie… i think beyonce would be the right person and i had an idea for the script…when she wore those silver braclet and that silver thing around her waist she look like a goddess…so any movie producer get at me…

  41. Anonymous September 3, 2008

    wonder woman is white. hollywood aint f***** wonder woman up for no beyonce lol

  42. MzJGaines September 3, 2008

    You Beyonce haters kill me . . . for her generation, she has one of the biggest and best voice. She is an awesome performer, even when she fell down flights of stairs, she still handled her business. Name one female artist that can sing, dance, and out perform Beyonce, that is under 27 years of age? Yes Christina can sing as well, but can’t out perform Beyonce. Yes Jennifer can sing, but not out perform Beyonce. People keep it real and give credit where credit is due, the girl is at the top of her game. The only person that comes close to Beyonce’s stage performing is Shakira . . . but she is technically in another generation.

  43. Anonymous September 3, 2008

    actually i love beyonce
    but beyonce is not a huge star like britney
    beyonce has the voice but britney has the appeal
    who do you here more about beyonce umm no its britney
    anyways i cant wait for my girl bee to perform

  44. Anonymous September 3, 2008

    I cant wait for fashion rocks
    I cant wait for to hear her perfrom the Just Stand Up for Cancer song (even though I will be in school :((((((()
    I cant wait for the first single
    I cant wait for BEYONCE to come and take back the throne and reclaim her title.
    I doubt she will be the surprisee at the VMA’s but that just drags the anticipation.
    I’m totally confused on the mysterious fashion rocks performance because I’ve seen bonnie and clyde performed live so it wont be jay but hey it might be
    I’m just soooooooooo excited

  45. Anonymous September 3, 2008

    F*** Bee with her screaming a**
    I hope that she is not the surpise
    She needs to go away, far far away
    and take solo with her
    and that pic looks crazy

  46. SUFC September 3, 2008


  47. Anonymous September 3, 2008

    I really hope this album don’t be a B-Day type of album. That album was a flopper!

  48. Anonymous September 3, 2008

    To the person who said B-Day was a flop well it outsold every young female album that dropped in 06 other than Nelly Furtado so what the hell you talking about. And Beyonce should perform who wants to see Britney perform and embarrass herself again. If anyone needs to sit down it’s her and that damn annoying non singing over saturated famous for a hair cut Rihanna.

  49. Anonymous September 3, 2008


    Straight up she looks like a barbie up on that cover. Happy Birthday Beyonce, fellow Virgo, but esides that, bump.



  50. Anonymous September 4, 2008

    @ SUFC
    I wonder how you look. You must be very very “gorgeous” if you dare to call Beyonce ugly.
    Get a life you jealous freak!!!

  51. Anonymous September 4, 2008

    LOL @ “Britney is on her way to legendary status” UMMM NEWS FLASH! Britney already IS a legend , way before all these b****** were.

  52. Anonymous September 4, 2008

    Just b/c singers like Jojo and Katherine Mcphee said she is an inspiration to them does not mean she opened up any doors. Are you kidding me? MADONNA opened up doors. Beyonce just jacks what everyone else is doing and calls it her own.

  53. Anonymous September 4, 2008

    Well, I see some people are quited disturbed by Beyonce’s success. Get over it, she’s on her way to becoming a legend. And for someone who’s so boring, she sure has a lot of people on her topics. Keep hating…you’re just making her more famous.

  54. Anonymous September 4, 2008


  55. Anonymous September 4, 2008

    when does Jazmine Sullivan’s album drop?

  56. Anonymous September 10, 2008

    Beyonce is fugly. All that airbrushing on her old ass is not cute. She’s damn near 30 and needs to sit her tired ass down and pop some babies out with her ugly ass man. Riri may not be a legend, but she looks 10 times better than Bey, BODY AND FACE. If Bey eats another cheeseburger that’s the end of her fat ass. And would someone please tell the b**** she can’t act. Must we see another one of her non talented movies? Thank you J. Hud for saving Dreamgirls with your amazing voice and incredible acting abilities. Now that’s talent!!!!

  57. Anonymous September 10, 2008

    i’m a man and agree with the post above. Bey is kinda cute and all, but rihanna is fukin hot. Bey is way to overated and i’m fed up with her music and style. Move on Bey, lay on your back and make jigga some more rugrats.

  58. Anonymous September 10, 2008

    Beyonce has earned her fame & fortune…but for some to say that rhianna wont be a legend..i disagree, when beyonce 1st came out she catered to her audience…and honestly the messages of her songs sucked! eventually she grew into what she is today. Rhianna is only doing the same thing. She is starting out in her age group, and pretty soon she will be an icon…she has her own style ..dnt hate her or hate on her 4 it. Everybody has to start out somewhere but obviously she is doing something because people are talking about her…as long as her name stays in people's mouths she will continue to be keep hating and she will keep getting paid.

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