Beyonce – ‘I Am…Sasha Fierce’ Review

Published: Tuesday 18th Nov 2008 by Sam
Beyonce - 'I Am...Sasha Fierce' Review This week marks the official release of Beyonce’s much-hyped 3rd solo outing ‘I Am…Sasha Fierce’. Preceded by bonafide smash singles ‘If I Were A Boy’ and ‘Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)’, it seems as though the masses are giving a collectivised thumbs up to what the former Destiny’s Child front-woman is serving up this go round.
That said, given how vocal the That Grape Juice faithful have been about ol’ Bouncy over the past few months, we’re gonna handle this review a little differently. We would like to read your own reviews of ‘I Am…’. Head on over to the comment section and let rip…

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  1. Anonymous November 18, 2008

    I like B and all but this cd is over hyped. Sad to say the strongest singles are the ones released with video. B has become the recycle queen because the songs sounds very familiar from the last 2 cds. I don’t see this cd going far outside of first week sales. Maybe B will recruit Maurice Joshua for some serious remixes…..fromdasouth2

  2. Anonymous November 18, 2008

    b’day was more solid cd. here, the songs are uninspired, the beyonce tracks all sound the same, sasha disc was better

  3. Anonymous November 18, 2008


  4. Anonymous November 18, 2008

    @ the commenters above. If you say the songs sound like her last 2 album, you have not listen to those 2 albums.

    Dangerously In Love: R&B, Hip Hop, Pop, Dancehall, Rock, Soul

    B'Day: R&B, Pop, Hip Hop, Soul. In my opion made her grow as a performer, have you seen her doing those songs live?

    I Am…..Beyonce: Pop, Folk, Pop-Rock.

    I Am….Sasha Ferocia: Sinth-Pop, Electro, Hip Hop, R&B.

    I Love the album because it's different. And I it when artist step out of their comfort zone.

  5. Anonymous November 18, 2008

    So as beautiful as Beysus sings “dissapear”, y’all can follow that word. HATERSSS!

    How much did rihyonce paid you guys, to write lame comment about beysus’s album?

  6. Anonymous November 18, 2008

    I hae to agree with 7:50 am . Beyonce’s album is good. I have been listening to it. she step outside her comfort zone and that why its so good. I like all kinds of music so I am not attached to one genre so i guess it made it easier for me to like it. A- review

  7. Shae Mechelle November 18, 2008

    The album in my opinion is lack luster, nothing GROUNDBREAKING! But it is B and the Sasha tracks are catchy, even if she is screaming “Where the bags or the money, you see this mask where the money.” It can grow on you if you don’t realize what the hell you are singing along to. Bey is a good artist but there is nothing legendary about this CD. Point. Blank. Period.

  8. Anonymous November 18, 2008

    @7:55am I am a beyonce fan and I understand you are also one but DO NOt bring up rihanna name in this discussion. this post is about beyonce’s new cd. PLEASE do not bash other artists

  9. Anonymous November 18, 2008

    beyonce can sing but all her songs are either hot angered or soft about being broken hearted
    to me she’s like another mary j blige, mariah carey and janet jackson (their songs are nice but catchy and irritating enough to stick to your head whether you want them or not)
    they will always have great status b/c of their talent and what theyve accomplished but its time for something new and different
    not that pesonality crap called sasha crap she’s talking about
    sometimes you have to make way for new things, new change and new artist

  10. Anonymous November 18, 2008

    I heard the entire album, and from a first listen it was not anything to jump for joy about.

    The 'I Am…' side was filled with a bunch of mediocre really slow and what comes off as boring-YES I said it, songs. A few of them were decent like, "Broken Hearted Girl," and "Halo." [Minus "If I Were A Boy," of course]

    So then I turn to the more upbeat section of the album, the 'Sasha Fierce,' side and it wasn't extrodinarily better either. Best songs from that side were "Video Phone," and "Ego." And that was primarily because they were catchy. Aside from that I would definetly have to listen to the sogns over and over to even start to like them.

    People (including you Sam) are going to blow this album up and make it seem legendary when it really doesn't seem so IN MY OPINION.

    Times like these really upset me because I people don't give the time of day to an artist like Ashanti, whose CD 'The Declaration,' was outstanding in my opinion if you like R&B music, and even Michelle Williams's "Unexpected," [which I haven't heard yet, but…] get over looked just because someone who created a name for themsleves has a cult of fans behind their every step.

    Wow when will music become more about creativity and unique-ness and less of what seems like a popularity contest.



    IN NO WAY:
    Am I trying to compare Beyonce to Ashanti or Michelle Williams or anyother R&B artist/singer.

  11. Anonymous November 18, 2008

    Im really enjoying the song on the cd, specially on the “I am” part… But the sasha fierce part, have some songs that deffff are gonna shake up the clubs..

    Overallll, i think that Beyonce really delivered with this one, Cuzz B-day was a meeeeh ch compared to this..

    I really like this cd, and i really hope it debutes at number one!

  12. Anonymous November 18, 2008

    I would be able to tell because I’m not buying it. I’ll prefer to spend my money on good music. Like a boy is okay and single lady is crap! Beyonce need to sit down.

  13. Anonymous November 18, 2008

    It's almost FACT that Beyonce will debut at number 1 on the Billboard 200 next week, that aside…

    I really agree with the people who are saying that there isn't really anything special about this album and it has (and will continue to be) been over hyped.

    Though I cannot say the sound is exactly the same as her previous albums. Because to me in general 'Dangerously In Love' was a Hip Hop & R&B CD, and then 'B'Day' was a Retro-R&B-Funk CD, and this 'I Am…Sasha Fierce,' CD is 1 disc Pop the other ummm, (Hip Hop/Dance)R&B.

    I do not think this will be the CD to set Beyonce's number 1 singles (amount) way over that of Rihanna's. This CD is filled with songs you have to listen to over and over again to start to like.



    ANOTHER THING-I don't care call me a hater. It's not gonna hurt my feelings that I am telling the truth of how I feel now about this album.

  14. Anonymous November 18, 2008

    Haterish vibes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    *Bish* shut tha *fauk* up!

  15. goofi85 November 18, 2008

    stop hatin on my wifey b’s new cd is way better the b-day hello and ego r pure fire halo if i was a boy and smash into u r fire and diva omg the s*** and single ladies so please dont hate on her and put up lame reviews so people wont buy her cd
    cause she is the baddest chicc in the game get over it


  16. Anonymous November 18, 2008

    I really think that the ‘I Am…” portion of the CD was inspired from her success with “Irreplaceable,” and to me the songs don’t compare at all. They are really slow (ballads) and overly boring.

    I enjoyed “Irreplaceable,” it was a nice mid-tempo song, until it got played out. If the ‘I Am…’ section of this album was more like that, I’d def. have a better opinion about this album.


  17. Keynote November 18, 2008

    I have been able to thoroughly listen to this CD, and I think this record is a solid album. Beyonce is definitely going against the grain this go round. Pushing the envelope once again. I knew that when the CD came out, it was gonna get mixed reviews because she is really going left field and trying new sounds and themes for her music. I like the album because of its sincerity and honesty. The lyrical content on this album is really on point and shows her maturity as an artist. I think that we need to get past our “expectations” and just acknowledge the fact that she is grown woman that wants to talk about adult things that people can relate to. I love the record! Favs are: ‘Scared of Lonely”, ‘Satellites”, “If I Were A Boy”, and “Smash Into You”

  18. Renan Kreitlow November 18, 2008

    This album is without a doubt AWESOME!

    The baladas side is deff PERFET! And they aren't R&B songes at all! But thet are GREAT! Disappear grows on me each time I listen to it! Halo will be for sure Beyoncé's biggest HIT around the world, it really reminds us something related to Leona Lewis. Broken-Hearted Girl is very very cute. The refrain is "attached" on my mind! It can easyly have a good performance in the USA! Bee's vocals are INCREDIBLE on Aver Maria. And the Songs Smash Into You, Satellities and That's Why You Are Beautiful are the farthest material from the previous work, If she decided to try something with the alternative/country radios, these would be good track ;P. But they're also wonderful!

    Now, The uptempo side, Sasha Fierce:

    Good songs! Like many are telling, they are catchy! Extremely catchy! For sure, songs like Diva, Ego and Sweet Dreams can hit the radios strongly!

    But there is something that isn't fitting on this side. Like I said, the songs are really good, but they doesn't match! When you start listening to it, you start with a hype, when you go to a next track this hype changes completely (like Radio – Diva) and it goes until the end. I don't feel an "harmony" between the tracks.

    Anyway, IASF is the BEST album of the year!
    I can't say that IASF is better than B'Day or DIL because I'm never able to do that. For me, each album is a different work, of a differente moment of the artist's life, so it is really difficult to compare.

    Well, I hope the album hit the stores and get the number 1 on sales!
    I really would like to live there, so I could feel how this exciting moment is!

    Kisses from Brazil ;**

  19. Anonymous November 18, 2008

    So…I don't wanna comment on all that love & hate above me
    I'm not coming from an english-speaking country,
    but I'll still try to write an understandeable review of the album… which I truly love
    As a huge Beyonce Fan from the beginning I love everything she does. This time around you can really get her all grown up and stepping outta onto another level. Yesterday I read something about "who would listen to Beyonce because of ballads!?" …I tell you: Fans and people who appreciate good music. And after all, there were a lot of slow songs on DangerousyInLove as well, and that album was a criticly achieved success.

    Now to the new album…
    If I Were A Boy: First single, really a new direction for Beyonce, especially as a lead single, since she till now really was known for her club-bangers. I like it, but it's def. not the best song on the album. Still I hope she reaches No.1. 9/10

    Halo: A monster of a Hit. I loooooooooooooove it. The best song on here. 10/10

    Dissapear: Soft & cute, but to be honste I skip it most of the time. Nothing special for me and a normal album-song. 6/10

    Broken-Hearted Girl: Huge Balld, that turns out to be a Mid-tempo. I love it. Over all, Beyonce is right when she once said, this cd has her best lyrics till now. 10/10

    Ave Maria: Beautiful ballad. Sounds very vulnerable at the beginning but round that chorus she kills it with her emotional singing. Fantastic. 10/10

    Smash Into You: Could be a Snow Patrol song or something like that. At first I didn't like it, but it grew on me. Another beautiful ballad. 8/10

    Satellites: Not so sure bout this one. Album filler and nothing special. 6/10

    That's Why You're Beautiful: It absolutely grew on me and regarding the whole CD you really feel she tried something new here, much more instruments and new styles. But no groundbraking song. 7/10

    Single Ladies: First single from this part of the CD and everything a Beyonce fan expects. Catchy and moveable, you just cannot sit around when this tune is on. And by the way, everbody who says this album just has left-overs from BDay, I really do not unsterstand how one can say that. The first disc is nothing she has ever done before and the second isn't BDay at all, too. Why this comes to my mind thinking bout Put A Ring On It? 😉 …cuz, this would be the only song I could imagine on BDAy, but the rest is fresh & new. 9/10

    Radio: For sure, a new style for Beyonce. Everybody loves this song… But I hate it. Cannot listen to it and skip it all the time. Would have been perfect to some little Try-to-be-star-RiRi. Just can't stand this electronic disco sound. 3/10

    Diva: This is my girl B. Pure HioHop. She really rides that beat. 9/10

    Sweet Dreams: Formally known as Beautiful Nightmare. Now after we all know this song for about 6 months now I like it. But it had to grow. Still a hot track. 9/10

    Video Phone: Don't feel this one. One of the fillers on the second disc. 6/10

    Now the rest of the songs is just released on the Deluxe edition and I have to say they are the best of the second disc, so that standard version alone really looses on this disc, but the following songs keep it on the save side and let me love both discs.

    Hello: Hot! Great chorus and a great song from my Queen. 10/10

    Ego: 🙂 do I need to say more… looooooove it. Funniest and best chorus I guess. 10/10

    Scared Of Lonely: Great song. Some kind of a ballad from Sasha.. 10/10

    So one can say I love this album. There are great songs on it and just a few fillers to skip in my opinion. She is new, she is big and maybe better than ever. Support her and go out buy her cd. It's worth its money.

  20. Anonymous November 18, 2008

    If I decide to WANT this album, LimeWire here I come, becuase I bought both of her B’Day CDs, regular and delux edition, so that pretty much pays for my ‘I Am…Sasha Fierce’ CD

  21. .:: J ::. November 18, 2008

    I think the CD is AALLLright. I am a huge beyonce fan and will listen to it for that fact alone. But staying away from a bias opinion, the cd is ok. She has the songs ppl are going to just love. And then there’s the edgy stuff that not everyone is going to like but it may grow on some. I am Beyonce feels like they are her ideas written by someone else. except for the songs we know she didnt write. I feel the same way about Sasha Fierce. A few of the songs are very different. She could have taken all the good songs and made one CD.

    Tracklist:I am.. Beyonce/Sasha

    1.If I were a boy
    4.Broken Hearted Girl
    5.Single Ladies
    9.Video Phone
    10.Scared Of Lonely

  22. Anonymous November 18, 2008

    Radio surely has hit ptential because many people will like it, but I can’t stand it, either

  23. Anonymous November 18, 2008

    I bought BDay and BDay Deluxe and I also bought I Am… good music has to be supported nowadays.

  24. Dionno November 18, 2008

    this album is great! people talk about its not her best work or doesnt compare to her past. this is a different time in her life, she is mature, married, and not on that silly stuff no more. her vocals are above par, she steps outside the box, and her lyrics are beautiful and sincere. if thats not a true artist then i dont know what is…..if people would get over the fact that they dont like her or they like another artist better or the fact that they think she is overrated and actually take time and listen to her then they would agree that beyonce is fire with a pen, vocally, and performmance wise….

    people have to admit that she is the hottest chick in the game, she is all around talent and constantly tries new styles and types of music, which others dont…regarless of how many singles hit number 1 for some artists they still dont sell records or concert tours like bey! and they diffenently dont try different sounds. so regarless of how you feel about beyonce, She is the Poo, so take a big whiff!!!!!!

  25. Corey November 18, 2008

    CD is nice. People say Bday was more solid. I think not! I think that this is her best Ballard Cd to date! Lol thats the difference. This really dont have an s** driven album to pop the punatty and booty.That everyone is used to from past work ESPECIALLY Bday ( Get Me Bodied Freakum Dress Kitty Kat Check On It and all her videos from that era). Although she manages to do it anyways in SL video. It more inspirational, more substance then any of her past work. But most seems redundant on the album. Vocals are the biggest increase. Unlike Bey who she says this album is her most personal I think not. When you have many of the people writing most of the album. A lot of the songs I see sung by other artist. Not naming any but yeah. Its still a fire CD, Its over hyped as well as Beyonce. But must admit the best this year along with Mariah. It will be a classic for Mrs Knowles-Carter. I’d rate this a C+ album. It shows great growth in vocals but the same songs over and over on Beyonce side. The Sasha fierce isnt the usual Beyonce, its more pop european songs. So yeah. Oh but I beleive HALO will be her biggest single. That song is just perfection and a world smash hit!

  26. Anonymous November 18, 2008

    Beyonce doesn’t write any of her songs anymore.
    When she does write she ONLY gets co-writing credits. Thats not saying much. You could write a line in a song and get co-writing credits…

    So yeah I would not say she’s fire with a pen.

  27. Anonymous November 18, 2008

    The hottset chick in the game got the most haters but the album is hot bee proves why she is one of the best in the r&b games right now and half of you who said the album isnt good are probably still playing it right STFU its Bee season now haters

  28. Anonymous November 18, 2008

    I love the ballads. “Ave Maria,” is beautiful, and no one really comments on that. The Sasha Fierce side doesn’t do it for me at all. Predictable and stale, in my opinion. I don’t feel like dance music is really her craft.

    I wanna enjoy Beyonce, she just won’t let me.

  29. Anonymous November 18, 2008

    This album is a mess. The soft songs is her yodelling vocals which I hate. The fast songs just suck, there are like the same song over and over again. I thought I was going to like the Fierce album b/c I liked Bday but the songs aren’t as good and their are even more frivolous than B day lyrics.

  30. Anonymous November 18, 2008

    The album is horrible. I was extremely disappointed, which sucks because I love Beyonce. I have both her other albums, and this one doesn’t even come close to comparing. The songs are a mess, boring, and the album has no fluidity to it AT ALL. B’day is by far her best album! Beyonce did a terrible job with this album!

  31. Anonymous November 18, 2008

    Very mediocre album, especiall coming off the near-flawless B’Day CD

    It’a alright, but even Michelle’s album was better

    I am a fan and always will be, but I expected SO MUCH MORE…as is it is, this is a **(1/2)-star record, sad to say

  32. Anonymous November 18, 2008

    As a fan of music, I must say I was amped for this album based on the comments her team and record label being her most personal yet revealing album to date. After a careful listen I must say that vocally on the Beyonce side B has shown much growth from the previous two releases. As for the material there are a few standout cuts like; If I were A boy, Halo, Broken Hearted Girl. Other than that the music and material seems boring. She’s not my cup of tea with big ballads other than Irreplaceable. As for the Sasha Fierce side that seems like the winner because Bee seems more at home and comfortable even though it seems to be nothing new or ground breaking as far as material. Standout Cuts; Diva, Sweet Dreams, Hello, But overall music for the kids. Overall an average album at best that could have been one album, but Kudos to Bee for trying a different formula.Rating 3/5

  33. Anonymous November 18, 2008

    An Album full of recycled songs from B’days scrap heap, about 2 good songs on the album and the rest are f****** s*** !


  34. Anonymous November 18, 2008

    I agree with the 2.5 / 5 Star rating 9:49am gave the album [Maybe even 2 / 5 stars].

    It does feature a few good songs, but overall isn’t anything spectacular. Easilly could have been one album. And I still think it would have had filler tracks-which is sad.


  35. Anonymous November 18, 2008

    i like beyonce but this album is too overrated. scared of lonely, broken hearted girl, diva and halo are good, but still do not make the album a standout. and please stop bringin rihanna into this, everytime beyonce post is up, rihannas name is always bought up, pathetic

  36. Anonymous November 18, 2008

    Nice album.

  37. Anonymous November 18, 2008

    well i do not think the album is overhyped.

    I have never seen some one put so many different styles of music into one album. Musically this cd is the bomb. I think the people who dont like it are people who are not willing to expand there musical horizons. Disappear, Radio, Smash Into are all songs I probably wouldn’t like but the way Bee sings them changed my mind. And i really think this cd is a reflection of who she really is. I think she is a fan of all music and she wants to share that with us. Be open and stop hating.

    And whoever said the song are recycled and boring. What!!! She has never had any songs like these. Open your earholes and again stop hating…its not a good look homie

  38. djbaps November 18, 2008

    I got the album two days ago & i love it the balance between the i am & sasha fierce of the album, in the i am part her voice is the best ever she is letting it all out vocally especially on halo & i love the feeling behind disappear & ave maria, in the sasha part its the party lets get down bit the bootylicious songs that scream beyonce i personally love radio a lot hope she releases it.

  39. Anonymous November 18, 2008

    I'm disappointed and think too that she could have just taken the best songs – I don't like Radio, Diva, Sweet Dreams and Video Phone…I mean what kind of songs are these??? The lyrics in my opinion are stupid…Especially Video Phone and Radio. I thought she would do something in the style of Etta James because she finished Cadillac Records so I thought it would be more Soul and Jazz and R&B music. I still Beyonce, though. She was born to be a singer and an enternainer, but not an actress

  40. Anonymous November 18, 2008

    I'm disappointed and think too that she could have just taken the best songs – I don't like Radio, Diva, Sweet Dreams and Video Phone…I mean what kind of songs are these??? The lyrics in my opinion are stupid…Especially Video Phone and Radio. I thought she would do something in the style of Etta James because she finished Cadillac Records so I thought it would be more Soul and Jazz and R&B music. I still Beyonce, though. She was born to be a singer and an entertainer, but not an actress.

  41. Anonymous November 18, 2008


  42. Anonymous November 18, 2008

    The Cd is nothing amazing but it will sell because it’s Beyonce. I think the girl is great and a fantastic performer but am GLAD it leaked because free was the only way I was getting this album.

  43. Anonymous November 18, 2008

    Great Album, obviously if i were a boy is fantastic, halo is great,broken hearted girl,ave maria etc form the slow side, from the upbeat side sweet dreams is amazing, single laides, scared of lonely, radio and diva all amazing.

  44. Anonymous November 18, 2008

    To the fans and those of you that just want to hate. I think this album is the s***. Bee really step out of her comfort zone and did a good job. She is reaching across the board with this album to all her fans and she did a good job. Album will good #1 in a day of sales. Beyonce is the queen and her tatent states it. I just love halo and I think it should be her next single. Can’t wait to see her on tour and how she will put together her tour. Oh yes from the trailer of callic records beyonce should get that oscar that she was cheated out of in dreamgirls. Hopefully in getting her oscar she can be home and start her family with husband jay-z. God bless and great job beyonce

  45. Anonymous November 18, 2008

    Yea im LIMEWIRING this album and might just buy Dangerously In Love. As its her best to date! Support REAL Album material and IAm is Crap! I would buy Bday OVER Iam again! Im pissed! I fukin hate new singles. Yeah Single Ladies is catchy but Get Me Bodied/Freakum Dress/Kitty Kat all mashed into one and still doesnt top those songs.

    But Again ALBUM will SELL Crazy because Beyonce is over hyped thats why i will just limewire it and support previous work!

  46. Anonymous November 18, 2008

    I really lik the cd!

    Radio for instance is a very catchy song, with retarded lyrics. Byt who cares about the lyrics, if you enjoy the music?

    i give this CD 4/5!

    It will most likely sell like crazy!

  47. Troy Barrington Lilly November 18, 2008

    Who is Sasha Fierce? More importantly, who is Beyonce Knowles-Carter? Music listeners worldwide are more interested in the latter; more curious about divulging into the mind and psyche of Beyonce, the newly married, former lead singer of super girl group Destiny's Child.

    But with her third solo album, widely publicized as her most personal project to date, does Beyonce really give insight into what life is like behind the celebrity trappings?

    I Am…Sasha Fierce is exactly what was forecasted: a disjointed package of two sounds and ambiences. In what is described as an album illustrating two sides of the vocal powerhouse diva's persona: Beyonce', the artists vulnerable, emotional (sincere) side, and alter ego Sasha Fierce, the domineering, attention capturing diva; the two disc set straddles current music trends of pop on the former, and edgy, street-wise R&B/dance on the latter.

    First disc, entitled, I Am, is an adventure in pop sounds and phrasings for the most part. In the grand scheme of this conceptual project, I Am is more rewarding and convincing.

    Listening to the twenty-seven-year-old sing about her lover's angelic qualities on "Halo" and pondering her actions as the opposite s** on "If I Were A Boy" is actually a bit refreshing. An abundance of acoustic elements (piano, guitar) and soaring restrained vocals reveal a distinctively new approach to music for the Houston native, famous for cramming more syllables and words into a single breath than her other female counterparts.

    Even here, however, the attempts to incite a certain intimacy are futile. Most notably is "Ave Maria", which may have been a decent song without the interpolation of the operatic standard into what is an overly ambitious, under-executed filler track. Conclusively, there is no doubt Mrs. Knowles-Carter has the chords to sing just about anything, and I Am, while pleasant, is almost too easy.

    Thankfully, disc two, Sasha Fierce, finds Beyonce channeling her familiar, sure-footed sexiness. It’s inevitable that most will skip through a couple of tracks on disc one before they trade it in for Fierce.

    With alter-ego in full effect, "Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)" immediately signals the change of pace and prepares listeners to break out in a sweat. "Single Ladies" is about as synonymous with sophomore album single "Get Me Bodied" as any song could be without being an exact carbon copy. Down to the snappy hand claps and steady foot stomping beat —both songs even have accompanying dance routines—"Single Ladies" may sound eerily familiar, but it is among Bey's catchiest songs to date.

    "Radio" and "Sweet Dreams" are clear attempts to capitalize on the techno craze sweeping airplay as of late. "Radio" finds the singer stepping into Rihanna territory, relying on overemphasis of vowels 'o' and 'a' while in the midst of lyrics that sound like they were written for a teenager . On the other hand, Beyonce owns "Sweet Dreams", embodying the song's irony in her vocal delivery against the bass-thumping, rousing synths and sparkling piano. "Dreams", a clear gem, was unfortunately leaked to radio and dance floors in the early part of 2008.

    After listening to I Am…Sasha Fierce, one will realize that Beyonce's work with Destiny's Child on their farewell album, Destiny Fulfilled, is the closest we have gotten (or may ever get) to calling an album by Sasha Fierce herself, personal and probing.

    Speaking of the Destiny Fulfilled album, the final track on second disc Fierce, "Video Phone", borrows a lot from "Soldier" off of the DC3 project. Hustlers swagger and pants sagging low are the catalysts for Beyonce to offer a private "video phone" s** tape. "Video Phone" is rather frank.

    We appreciate the notion of trying to present a candid, stripped down Beyonce to the world through music, but this is not it. There are interesting surprises, but this double-disc album package is a lot less compelling than it could have been. Given a recording process that stretched over a year, and a goldmine of seventy songs from which these eleven were selected, it’s hard to determine whether the album's concept diminished the intended introspective feel or if the concept saved the songs from the project's lapse in cohesiveness.

    Beyonce's voice is there. She sings effortlessly. A few good songs are there. Top 40 radio will eat up the catch phrases. But where is the evidence of the singer turned actress and wife blossoming into womanhood and relishing in the bliss of married life?

    If Beyonce fights the inevitable, at worst she could end up like Usher; playing catch up by the time she is thirty. If she reinvents herself, she may never need to live her personal life on stage. Instead she can follow in the footsteps of Madonna or Tina Turner and "Sasha" all the way into her fifties and sixties.

  48. Anonymous November 18, 2008

    can’t believe the best song should have ( now I kno) did not make the final cut, she really improved her singing in that song

  49. Anonymous November 18, 2008

    the more i listen to the cd the more it gorws on me….i didnt like the beyonce disc but its has grown on i like it more than the sasha disc because it shows more emotion if u really listen to it with an open mind….but overall i give beyonce an A- but its pretty good

  50. Anonymous November 18, 2008

    Call it what you want. Hate, Love, or Whatever. Being that i've never really been a fan of hers. She has put out songs that i've liked and these first two singles. I thought i as actually coming around to be a fan of hers. But after PRE-VIEWING this album. I don't like it. I give everybody a chance and yeah, i may come around but off first listen. It's not worth it. Every artist has an experimental stage and being she's a seasoned vet in the game, she shouldn't need one, at this time in her career. No longer bing a fan of Janet, i'd still prefer her album over this one. But i guess we all get to have one flop in our careers

    -You never paper music & movie critic

  51. Anonymous November 18, 2008

    I think this album really shows growth. It will not appeal to those who like the current crop of R&B songs that have hit the charts lately.
    If you listen with your ears and your mind, I think you will throughly enjoy the Entire CD.
    Stand out tracks to me "Halo" and "Hello on I Am
    and "Ego" and "Video Phone"

  52. Joy November 18, 2008

    I have been listening to the cd on myspace all week and I went and brought it today. I think because beyonce has always delivered, we hold her to a higher standard than everyone else. Compared to all the crap thats out today, I am… Sasha Fierce is really good. It’s not as good as B-Day but it was still worth my money….

    Not really feelin too much on the I am… side but on the Sasha Fierce side the bangers are….. Radio, Diva, Video Phone, Hello, and Scared of Lonely…..

  53. Anonymous November 18, 2008


    I loves Dangerously in Love,but then she came with the crap called Bday and now this. She really lost is, some people are made to be stars and stay one and keep delivering good songs, but Beyonce just proved she is not one of them.

    The album is full of boring songs, the only standouts are If I Were A Boy(which gets annoying after several plays) and Halo(I still love that one, beste Beyonce song to date)

    I was ecpecting a WAY better album, since it was so hyped, I think it is already overrated and some fans should realise that not everything Beyonce does is GOOD OR AWESOME, it’s ok to say wow, this is crap or no this one will not work, even if you are a fan.

    she could have deliverd a way better album and she should be happy that there is no oter big asrtist releasing an album this week.

    and for the Battle of The B’s(Britney Spears en Beyonce, I can say Britney is the winner by hearing Circus)

    Beyonce, good luck next time!

    Rating: 1,5/5 maybe 2/5

  54. Demarcos Smith November 18, 2008

    I think all yah haters out there need to stop hating and let her do her thing. I love her new cd and i listen to it all the time am her biggest fan. My favorite songs are radio, video phone, halo, scared of lonely, diva, smash into you. Give her props on making a great album……

  55. Anonymous November 18, 2008

    uuuuh I’m not a hater, but I can give my opinion about her crappy work! sirious some fans need to come to the reality, IT’S JUST OTHER PEOPLE’S OPINION! They asked for OUR REVIEUWS and didn’t say SHUT UP AND SAY ONLY GOOD THINGS ABOUT HER ALBUM, Like Mathew will do to all the expert journalists!

  56. Anonymous November 18, 2008

    I am a HUGE Beyonce fan but this album was a hard pill to swallow. When I think of Sasha fierce I think of Single Ladies, Get me bodied, Freak'em dress type songs. What I got was a pinch of Jordin Sparks with a big dash of Rhianna which was equivalent to a complete mess. I felt betrayed, like she kicked her R&B fan base to the side to conquer the POP charts. I understand she wanted to do something different, but have an equal amount of "B" to your "Sasha." This album shouldn't have even bore the label of R&B. It was Rock/Pop at it's best. Single Ladies was a ploy to get her loyal fan base to buy the album, and now that I have it I feel like she gave me a present with one hand "single ladies" and slapped me with the other i.e.(her whole damn album).

  57. AaronMichael [Songwriter] November 18, 2008

    To put a distinction between the sounds of Beyonce and Sasha Fierce is to say that without her altero ego, Beyonce is flat out boring. I would challenge anyone to dispute the fact that if the first disc was a standalone, it would sell half as well as the second disc. The only thing I got of out of this first disc is that Sasha Fierce is definitely the driving force behind any appeal that Beyonce has. She should be thanking her lucky stars for her split personality.

  58. Anonymous November 18, 2008

    this is what i dont understand….people want their favorite artist to out do themselves with every project but the truth is its not going to happen!!!1

    Mj- thiller was his biggest album to date and he never have nor will he out do that album…that album has put him in his rightful place in music history

    Usher- conffesions was his biggest album to date and he will never out do that album

    A Keys- Songs in a mionr…same…her biggest album to date and she will never out do that album although i think AS I AM was her best work, she wont out do her first lp

    Beyonce- DIL she will never out do that album so i wish people would stop comparing her future projects to that…it was her biggest album to date and she wont out do that album sorry

    If you see where i am going all these artist have already peaked…YES we are still going to love them for what they do but they will never live up to their definding lps im sorry…and y would u want them too? Dont you want them to venture out and try new things? THEIR ARTISTS!!!!!!! They cant stay the same forever!!!!!! Name one artist that hasent changed their approach at music and is still revelent?

    YOU CANT so stop saying y cant it be more like DIL…SHE’s done it already and have moved on so you need to too. YOu got the dam album so listen to it and just be ready for what she brings new to the table…are you going to like all of her choices no but who cares for every fan she loses she gains 10,000 more with her new sound!!!!!

    People cant be stuck in there same grove they have to evolve….sorry

    Besides MJ because he is already an icon, all those other artist will continue to acheive sucess and one day will be an icon themselves….and the record books will show that there biggest albums are these…these albums is what help establish them and mark their place in music history now lets just sit back and see where their trains stop!!!!

    I AM is a great album IMO I like it alot it shows that bey is not afraid to step outside of the box and trust that her true fans and sum new ones that she might pick up will understand…

    go get the album it great!!!!!

  59. Anonymous November 18, 2008

    ^^^^^^ SO TRUE!!! they are right beyonce can’t stay the same, she has to change her sound!!! If she keeps releasing LP’S like DIL, or Bday back to back then people will be like why hasent she changed and im getting tired of the same old songs

    I LOVE the new album…beyonce you out did yourself

  60. Soulstar November 18, 2008


    I listened to the entire album, and I have to say she is regressing. Not at as a vocalist (because she’s growing in that department), but her songs are becoming more and more embecilic.

    On to specifics:

    I LIKED:
    1) If I Were A Boy: A great melody and message. Overall the best on the whole album

    2) Sweet Dreams: Catchy Euro-Pop song without sounding like all the others

    1) Radio: I couldn’t get over the fact that the first line is “I be on the hotline like er’day”… The track is decent enough; the lyrics blow.

    2) Halo: She sounds like she’s trying too hard. Beautiful song… just sounds a bit forced.

    3) Ave Maria: Maybe I’m biased because I like the original aria, but this sucks. She could have done it like Pink’s “Ave Mary A”, but she just made a beautiful aria into a sappy ballad.

    I HATED:
    1) Diva: Complete and utter b*******… a grown ass woman singing with the swagger of a 16 year old…

    2) Ego: It was the ignorance of “Check On It” and “Bootylicious” combined and multiplied by 100.

    3) Video Phone: See “Diva comments”

    I actually like Beyonce as an artist and songwriter (case in point “Dangerously in Love”, “Yes”, and especially “Listen”); however, this album doesn’t showcase that at all. Not trying to be mean, but I call it how I see it.

  61. Anonymous November 18, 2008





  62. Anonymous November 18, 2008

    @ 8:05PM,

    Shut da hell up.
    It is alright to question why other artist do not get to see the livid stardom that Beyonce gets. It’s not a comparison at all. No dissing either artist! I mean if people were going to compare this time around they would have brought Britney Spears into the picture.

    Second fans HAVE THE RIGHT to expect past sounds on current albums. This doesn’t mean expect for the entire album to sound to sound like their past album/hits, but a few songs should bring back memories of these times. It’s completely fine to switch it up at times but fans are behind you because they like some aspect of you-not simply because they like every got-dang[edited] thing you do.

    So why don’t you, Mr./Mrs. 8:05 Anonoymous-GET THE HELL OVER this!
    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

  63. miss mae November 19, 2008

    Why is it that when you express the fact you don’t like a song or an album you are a hater? Damn’t if you don’t like it you don’t like it.It’s okay to post accolades but not constructive criticism? I am a Beyonce fan, have been, am now, and will continue to be, but I DO NOT LIKE THIS ALBUM. Yes, she has to reinvent herself. Yes, it’s her album and she can do whatever the hell she wants to.If I felt it was a part of her artistic growth I’d probably feel better about it, but it was a conscience strategic move to crossover and broaden her NON-URBAN fan base. This album was a plotted attempt to compete with Rhianna’s success,and it missed the mark completely. I keep reading, “She had to change and be different”, but you shouldn’t evolve so much that it’s a complete damn mutation. Had I known it was an all out pop album I would never have purchased it. The song,”Smash into you,” WHAT IN THE HELL? …. I WANT TO RUN AND SMASH INTO YOU! Now that is RiDAMNdiculous. I just can’t get with it I can’t. No matter how hard I try.I feel hoodwinked, and bamboozled for purchasing this album because there was no and I mean no sign of Beyonce in it.

  64. Daw November 19, 2008

    The people that don't like the album obviously and not really musically inclined. I agree that it's not the "Normal" Beyonce but I LOVE the album. It's different and shows growth and that's what we all want right? Instead of the same R&B music that she has done. We want an artist to grow and release music different from the previous. I give Beyonce an A for effort cause this album is great and It has touched me already, I can literally feel the lyrics and feel where she's coming from plus there are a few songs on the album that hits home for me! This album will prevail cause it is great work!!!!

  65. Anonymous November 19, 2008

    I love the album. I know most people prefer Beyonce’s upbeat tracks, but I think it is a beautiful album. I feel like she put a lot of effort and work into this one. The tracks are amazing and beautiful. I agree it’s very different from her other albums, but I think that is a good thing. Halo is my favorite track. Very nice. I think she did a great job and I hope it does well for her.

  66. Anonymous November 19, 2008


  67. Anonymous November 19, 2008

    Listened to it. I am a bee fan but this album is truly overrated. I also agree with the 2.5 out of 5 rating. This album is at best ok. I’m sorry to say but Michelle’s album is really way better than this. If you haven’t already, buy Michelle’s album. It would be well worth it.

  68. Anonymous November 19, 2008

    Listened to it. I am a bee fan but this album is truly overrated. I agree with the 2.5 out of 5 rating. I hate to admit it but Michelle’s album is way better than this one. If you haven’t already, buy Michelle’s album. It would be well worth it.

  69. Dae’ November 19, 2008

    After listening to the album I wasn’t disappointed because my hopes simply weren’t high at all. I’m not that big of Beyonce’ fan and really haven’t been once since her Dangerously in Love album. I want something more along the lines of that. The “I Am…Sasha Fierce” album was a great idea but it just didn’t work out for me. Sure she has an alter ego but it didn’t seem to make much of a difference to what side you listened to. I’m not saying it was all that bad there were some tracks that stuck out “Broken Hearted Girl”, “Diva”, “Video Phone” and “Sweet Dreams” the rest of them just seemed like other tracks. I feel this and her Bday album weren’t albums everyone liked because they were good it’s because after hearing “Single Ladies” (which I still can’t stand) it’s like you have no choice but to like it. I almost want to say we’re being force fed Beyonce’s music. This album wasn’t anything special it was just another Bee album which will probably go platinum because she’s Beyonce’.

  70. Anonymous November 19, 2008

    This is not about Rihanna! These posts are suppose to be about Beyonce. Stop knocking other popular artists down and just give a friggin review on this album. Some of these folks sound as if they’re obssessed with Rihanna. WTH???

  71. Anonymous November 19, 2008

    I totally agree with Dae. The album was a great idea, but it just doesn’t do anything for me. The album is definitely being force fed to us through the media and radio. It’s just too much. I love beyonce but all of this overexposure is getting me sick and tired of listening to her.

  72. Anonymous November 19, 2008

    The concept was good; a double disk. But I have the same feeling about this album as I did Nelly’s Sweat/Suit. They both broke their albums up and put the same sounding songs on one disk, which when played gets boring to hear the same sound repeatedly.

    People that love Beyonce are just gonna say it’s great because they love Beyonce regardless of how bad the album came out, and it is a very poor album. I thought BDay as a whole was mediocure because they sounds were very similar but that album was a whole helluva lot better than this Sasha Fierce mess. But she can try again.

    And to those that will say I’m “hatin” I LOVE MUSIC, not Beyonce or Mariah or Rihanna so if you make a bad song or album, you don’t get a f*****’ pat on the back just because you once had a hot album.

  73. Anonymous November 19, 2008

    Here single choices for making this album a hit:

    1. If I Were A Boy / Single Ladies (October)
    2. Halo / Sweet Dreams (December)
    3. Broken Hearted Girl / Scared Of Lonley (March)
    4. Smash Into You / Hello (Promo in the Spring )

    At least..5 million

  74. Joe November 19, 2008

    People can say what they want about this album but Queen Beyonce hit it out of the park with this one. I really love the I AM part of the album she really showcased her vocals but on some of the ballads esp. Ave Maria, Smash Into You, and Scared of Lonely you can tell the she held herself back vocally and she could’ve hit higher notes! But I LOVE HER AND I LOVE THIS ALBUM. Can’t Wait for the Tour and I think the next singles should be Halo/Scared of Lonely

  75. Anonymous November 19, 2008

    This album is great!! Bey shows that she can do any type of music. Halo has become one of my favorite songs ever!! Diappear and Ave Maria are beautiful..Sasha is indeed fierce!! Ego is crazy!! I love it!! Hello is hot, one of her best songs, Radio, Diva, and Sweet Dreams are great too. Bey did it again!!!!!!!

  76. Anonymous November 19, 2008

    I love Beyonce’s album. My favorite songs are Sweet Dreams, Radio, Broken Hearted-Girl, Scared of Lonely, Hello, Halo, Disappear, and Smashed into You. Also, I like the two singles that she recently released. I really like her ballads a lot, and I am surprised because I prefer to listen to dance music.

  77. Anonymous November 19, 2008

    I like Beyonce’s album. My favorite songs are Sweet Dreams, Radio, Broken Hearted-Girl, Scared of Lonely, Hello, Halo, Disappear, and Smashed into You. Also, I like the two singles that she recently released. I really like her ballads a lot, and I am surprised because I prefer to listen to dance music.
    I just want to add that I expected Beyonce to have more dance songs on her album (similar to Get Me Bodied). When I first listened to it, I did not like the album. I thought some of the songs were boring too. However, the more I listened to the album the more I started to like it. She displays her emotions in these songs and she showed her strengths as a vocalist in these songs. When I want a change in pace to the music I usually listen to then I play this album. Some of the songs on this album sounded stupid to me like Diva and Video Phone. Maybe they will grow on me, but for right now, I just skip them.

  78. C.COOP November 19, 2008



  79. Anonymous November 19, 2008

    this cd is SADD in a negative way..its horrible only 1 good song(halo)..and wats up with the i am sasha fierce?!!!…its sooooo buying CIRCUS(britney:)) over this nonsense

  80. Sasha’s Minion November 19, 2008

    The Album is thoroughly WHACK! I've been a fan of Bey's since the DC era…. and this is by far her WORSE CD to date… she tried to hard with the crossover appeal and in effect STRIPPED her ENTIRE album of any R&B, Soul, or meaning!!!

    I am TRULY disappointed and I will NOT purchase this latest effort!

  81. Anonymous November 20, 2008

    It was something different from B that is good to show a different side but I would say not as good as her last couple…The first CD I love a lot but the second one maybe only 1 or 2 tracks. But I love her voice and anything thing she does is always beautiful

  82. Anonymous November 20, 2008

    Love Beyonce, Love the album….but only because its Beyonce’s. It is wack, by far her worst effort to date but it will be a hit. Plus the more ya listen ta it the more you’ll like it but it does have to grown on you. Single Ladies and If I Were A Boy are TOP tracks and I love Smash Into You. She’s got a variety of vocals on it which is great but the whole albim just sounds messy, like she tried to do everything at once. N theres a lot of noticable sampling on the album. Still despite it lacking the usual quality I Love it and I been a DC/Beyonce fan since the beginning so can everyone stop with these hater comments. Its just silly everyone, can have their opinion and they can still be Beyonce fans and HONEST about her music even if the opinion is negative!! jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez!

  83. Sasha Fierce November 20, 2008

    Does it really matter what we think of the cd??????????????????????? If you are a die-hard beyonce fan like myself you are going to buy I AM SASHA FIERCE regardless if we like the cd or not! Like all music it has to grow on you. Having a review on miss beyonce is absolutely ridiculous. Beyonce is the best thing to step into the music industry since time began. The woman is hard working, passionate, creative, and fierce! GO BUY HER ALBUM! lets get the Queen to her #1 position and lets try to buy 2 million copies this week. It has been 2 days since her release, you have 5 more days to buy it before cd release total tallies in! I got mine on the 18th! There is only one queen and that is Beyonce.

  84. Anonymous November 20, 2008

    Honestly the CD is just OKAY. When i first heard the song “Single Ladies” on the radio, I did not like it. After hearing it a few times on the radio, it started to grow on me just like the “Diva” song. I bought the CD when it came out and I think I listen to it for like 30mins cause I wasn’t blown away with the songs overall. I think she was trying a little too hard with disc II and they were all sounding the same. Disc I was too slow and borderline boring to me. I def. think this CD will not do as well in the 2nd week. I think this might be her turning point.

  85. Anonymous November 20, 2008

    Hmm the CD was average maybe below…she actually tried that’s the sad part or did she? Well the album is very Rihannaesque and it fails… Why the double disc? It all seems like a Gimmick…

  86. Anonymous November 21, 2008

    Ok I have to say this cause it is getting down right ridiculous if I read one more person say “if you dont like this album you’re just a hater” WTF kind of s*** is that!! Forgive someone for having a damn brain and being a individual!!!! This is why people are turned off by her! I f**** with Bey LOVED DIL and still bump some of Bday so don’t call me no f***** hater cause I dont like what you say I should I’m not a follower I make up my own mind and Im not feeling this CD all that much I like some songs but I didn’t go buy the album I heard it and wasn’t that impressed some of you need to really grow the f*** up I wish I could find the idiot who came up with that fking phrase “hater” I’m so f****** tired of hearing and reading that word cause people not hearing what they want to hear! I’m not putting her down no doubt she gonna do her thang and make that bread BUT everything aint for everyone DEAL WITH IT!!!!!!!!!

  87. Anonymous November 21, 2008

    LOVE Sasha Fierce disc, apart from 'video phone' but all the others r fab. Pleased I got the deluxe edition as bonus song 'scared of lonely' is brill. Only like 3 songs on I AM, 'boy', 'halo' & 'disappear' the rest is annoying.

    Overall album is 'ok'… not her best work IMO. Am really enjoying listening to it at the moment but I have a strong feeling I'll get sick of it soon as the songs don't make a massive long lasting impression on me.

  88. Anonymous November 21, 2008

    The Deluxe edition is so much better! I dont know why she would release the album without songs such as “Smash into you” and “Ego” I hope it doesnt hurt her as most people do not pre-order and the deluxe edition is first come first serve.

    Overall I like the album and prefer her Ballads over her fast tempo songs, “Save the Hero, Scared of being lonely” and “Smash into you” again should have been on the standard edition. It’s a new sound for her that i think she should stick with. Nothing wrong with a club banger every now and then though.

  89. Anonymous November 21, 2008

    Two discs were not necessary. All the songs only add up to a little over an hour of music and this is with the additional songs on the deluxe edition. The first disc is stronger than the first but half way through it I find myself bored with the monotonous ballads. Stand out tracks on the first album include “If I Were A Boy” and “Halo”.

    The second disc is the downfall. Can you say ghetto? “Raido” and “Video Phone” are straight up trash and “Diva” is an alternate version of Lil Wayne’s “A Milli”, which is trash to begin with. “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)” has grown on me but still sounds like leftovers from B Day which is just as bad as her third effort. Standout tracks on the third disc are “Sweet Dreams” and “Scared of Lonely”. Many of these songs should have been cut. I would have only included these songs and then come up with the other half:

    If I Were A Boy
    Ave Maria
    Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)
    Sweet Dreams
    Scared of Lonely

  90. Joe November 21, 2008



  91. Anonymous November 21, 2008




  92. Anonymous November 21, 2008

    no 1 is goin 2 make me bow down 2 “sasha fierce”..lmao..worst Cd ever!!

  93. Anonymous November 21, 2008

    I love Beyonce but this cd is garbage!! I paid $15.99 for the deluxe edition and can’t help feeling robbed? What was in that CD that was not in the $9.99 CD? I still don’t know what I paid for. I have two CD’s one with 6 tracks and one with 5. Now I know I am no genuis, but isn’t that one CD split into two? One top of that the CD is all over the place. I am disappointed.

  94. Anonymous November 22, 2008

    I’m in the mental health field. I see this type of thing every day. When an individual wants to escape responsibility, let’s say for hitting a fellow patient. It might go like this: “Bob, why did you hit Andy with that stick?”
    Bob’s response is “Joe, why did you hit Andy?” Classic avoidance of guilt and/or blame. Classic schizophrenia.
    So – Beyonce, why are you stealing all those -creative song writers- songs? oh I see Sasha Fierce is doing it.

  95. Anonymous November 22, 2008

    I was never a big fan of beyonce but after i heard a friend playin the album i was kinda interested nd went out and got a copy….i love it which iz hard 2 admit different from what i am usually hearin from her…she really earns my respect as a songstress.

  96. Anonymous November 23, 2008

    Love: Diva, Video Phone, Broken-Hearted Girl (grower), Smash Into You, Ego, Hello
    Really like: Sweet Dreams, Halo, Scared Of Lonely, Single Ladies (grower), If I Were A Boy
    Hate: Radio, Ave Maria, Sattelites, Disappear

  97. Anonymous November 23, 2008

    Singles Choice

    IIWAB/ Single Ladies
    Halo/ Diva
    Broken Hearted Girl/ Ego

  98. NurseT November 24, 2008

    I just wanted to say that calling people haters is unnecessary as this is a comment line and everyone has different opinions. Now, about the album I have listened to it many time and I have to say that I think it sucks the best sonds are the two that have been released already, as I understand it 75 tracks were recorded and this is what she and her record company came up with, I guess her alter ego is ghetto b/c that song “Diva” screams ghetto as well as the second song after Single ladies, Beautiful nightmare is also good. I guess the reason why I am dissapointed is b/c I am use too such quality work from her and this was just inequality. Not a hater just giving my honest feelings and oppinion

  99. Lottery April 1, 2015

    Lol at the same avis

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