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Published: Tuesday 18th Nov 2008 by Sam

After a calling it a day with the US labels (following the complete and utter mishandling of her last album ‘Liberation’), R&B songstress Mya has turned her attention to Japan. Now signed with Manhattan Records, the 29 year old is set to release her new LP ‘Sugar & Spice’ over there this December. The video for ‘Paradise’, the LP’s lead single, made its debut this week and what can I say other than…appalling. Cheap, uninspired, trashy…did I say cheap?

Hell, with £50.00 and Windows Movie Maker, I could have done a better job myself. Not a good look.

What do you think of the song/video?

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  1. Anonymous November 18, 2008

    I have one word…..BORING.

  2. Nika November 18, 2008


    That was whack as hell. The song/vid everything about it. Start over! Better yet, go sit down, for good! Your done!

  3. J. Formiin November 18, 2008

    The song and video is garbage!! I like Mya but someone lied to her.

  4. Anonymous November 18, 2008

    I like Mya, but this song is BORING.

  5. Anonymous November 18, 2008

    nice i must say, the video could be much better, but i love the song its different

  6. MRSJONES November 18, 2008


  7. tia November 18, 2008

    its cute…..corny but cute and she looks really pretty. I actually kinda like the song,i heard it was a song for overseas and it wasnt supposed to appeal to americans

  8. ND November 18, 2008

    Looks like she paid for it herself…. & the song has no thrills!

    Sad, what a shame…

    I still love my 'Fear without Flying' album!!!

  9. Anonymous November 18, 2008


    ‘Fear Of Flying’ LOL!

  10. Anonymous November 18, 2008

    Now yall know yall wrong for callin that video cheap! Beyonce's 'Single Ladies' was shot in front of ONE background in black & white. This is damn near the same minus the back up dancers and with less dance moves. Smh thats a damn shame that yall would bash it like that.

  11. Anonymous November 18, 2008

    Still a beautiful girl with an amazing body and great singing voice.

    …but…that was so low budget…Why do I say low budget? there was no serious angle shots, the tub was dirty, and it was like she used a tripod.

    That being said, still thinks she is great and I wish the best.

  12. Anonymous November 18, 2008

    What was that? This can’t be a real video. From the fish tank she was swimming in, to the “like two animals in a jungle making love” lyrics (leave that to Kellz), to the flailing arms (Mya started out as a dancer – choreography?). With that said, she looked pretty.

  13. Anonymous November 18, 2008


    You can’t compare the two. The point of Beyonce’s video was Fosse inspired. Also, the focus was to be the dancing.

    This is just…I don’t know what it is…

  14. Anonymous November 18, 2008

    I don’t know what planet this video would be hot on….Certainly not Earth!!

    Poor Mya…literally and figuratively.

  15. Anonymous November 18, 2008

    That was the cheapest s**t I’ve seen in a long time. They could have at least filmed on a beach. This is sad, I was actually rooting for Mya, but….

  16. Anonymous November 18, 2008

    well….the pink outfit was cute.

  17. Anonymous November 18, 2008

    Her body looks amazing!!!

  18. Anonymous November 18, 2008

    put simple, the video is good

  19. Anonymous November 18, 2008

    Love Mya but the song and vid are boring…the comments are hysterical…LOL!!!!

  20. Anonymous November 18, 2008

    yeah that video was horrible…song horrible…I like fear of flying album and the remix of best of me wit J and thats about it. Sorry Mya u gotta come a little harder then that!

  21. Anonymous November 18, 2008

    heck this was better than the cheap video Khia did in the damn house

  22. Anonymous November 18, 2008

    It was good.. This not for the US ppl this is for Japan.. If the song is so crappy why its it #1 on Japans Itunes followed Beyonce and Britney Spears excuse u.. Now when she does the US release then we can talk about it

  23. Bryan November 19, 2008

    I’m gonna need Mya to come harder than this. . .”Liberation” was my s***. . .its still on heavy rotation. Is it me, or does it seem like ppl make the best albums w/ a broken heart??. . .hmm. . .food for thought.

  24. Anonymous November 19, 2008

    is it just me but i love this song it takes me to another place and its so relaxing i think u guys to really listen to it

  25. Anonymous November 19, 2008

    Oh yeah fyi…you shouldnt call something cheap if you cant aford it. Lol…..

  26. Anonymous November 19, 2008

    Okay I listened to it for a second time (i love Mya) and it still sounds like sh*t. Oh and the video is BORING as Hell!

  27. Jay November 19, 2008

    Mya can do better than this!!!!

  28. Anonymous November 19, 2008

    ummm she’s giving me Sade..can we do better Mya??

  29. Anonymous November 19, 2008

    Mya u look amazing. The song is on point. Don’t let these haters kill your vibes. LOVE IT!!

  30. Anonymous November 19, 2008

    #1 spot in Japan. I can’t wait to hear the one with s*** Sean Paul. (keep the flame burning girl.

  31. Anonymous November 20, 2008

    Stop hating on the girl

  32. Anonymous November 20, 2008

    Love it, Love it, Love it.

  33. Quiia November 20, 2008

    Mya… so s***.. but sweety you need new writers or something. The song is str8 wack… I love you..but I dont like this song..

  34. Anonymous November 20, 2008

    Two words LOW BUDGET!!!!
    And I hate that for Mya, I like her. 🙁

  35. MzJGaines November 20, 2008

    Okay . . . if Paradise is her, then I get it . . . but if Paradise is an island, we should have at least seen an island. Her body is banging but the song needs a little umph to it . . . I’m not a Mya fan, but I did love her on Girls Dem Suga with Beanie Man.

  36. Anonymous November 21, 2008

    I love the video and I love mya. She looks great, and I am a woman. She is absolutely gorgeous, and her body is so s***. I like the song because it is light hearted and I love the feel of the song. It just makes me want to sing. I don’t know, I live in the U.S., and I like it!

  37. Anonymous November 23, 2008

    Well she looks very pretty. I can’t say that I like the song or video. But I hope that she can get some momentum. I’m not going to bash her, because at least she’s trying. She can sing and of course she dance her ass off. She just needs the right production.

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