New Songs: Ciara – ‘Explode’ & Toni Braxton – ‘Melt’

Published: Sunday 16th Nov 2008 by Sam
With Ciara still hard at work on her 3rd studio LP ‘Fantasy Ride’, a new cut titled ‘Explode’ from the album has surfaced. Earlier this week we posted the 22 year old’s performance of the song at the Wild Jam concert – this is the studio version. Check it out below:

I’m really liking this one; the seductive production and delivery are very in the veign of ‘Promise’ (which IMO still stands as Ciara’s defining track). That said, of the new material I’ve heard from her thus far, very little has stuck out as single worthy – this included. Here’s hoping she comes out with bang when it’s time for the album’s official lead single drops (unsurprisingly, her team are now referring to ‘Go Girl’ as a ‘buzz single’…could its poor performance on the chart have anything to do with it? Pretty self-explanatory LOL).
As previously reported, Toni Braxton is set to make her return to the charts in the coming months with a new label – Atlantic – and partnership with hit-maker Rodney ‘Darkchild’ Jerkins. A new song ‘Melt (Like An Iceberg)’ has surfaced as is believed to be from the recording sessions for her as yet untitled new album. You can listen to it below:

Real chill and laid-back, which though sufficient for some, isn’t really cutting it IMO. For Toni to make her mark in the current industry climate, without compromising her sound, I’d be looking for her to channel the sound/vibe she was working with on 00’s hits such as ‘He Wasn’t Man Enough’, ‘Spanish Guitar’ etc. Either way, I’ll definitely be paying close attention to Toni’s new material.

Hit(s) or Miss(es)?

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  1. Anonymous November 16, 2008

    Both songs r really nice, but it seems like music these days r all at once!!

    Everybody r trying really hard to put there name back on the map. Toni is the best example of what the hell they play on the radio, Toni has real talent, with songs that r not mediochore.

    Ciara has a really nice song also, everbody always say that she dance around to much, so now she has a slow jam out, so people eat it up!!!

    Beyonce is not the only person out there with talent, the proof is here!!

  2. Anonymous November 16, 2008

    ciara’s song is better than promise

  3. Anonymous November 16, 2008

    this will probably be ciara’s next single along with the other one she performed at wildjam

  4. Anonymous November 16, 2008

    they really need to stop leakin this girls songs on to the internet cuz thats the reason her album keeps getting pushes back now.i love ciara and people just need to wait till the cd comes out point blank

  5. Soufian November 16, 2008

    i got Explode on replay now, love it

  6. Anonymous November 16, 2008

    Explode is the hotness. It’s like Promise but better. That’s saying a bit since Promise is such a classic. Loves it!

  7. Anonymous November 16, 2008

    toni braxtons song is nice

  8. Tonisloverboy November 16, 2008

    Toni’s song is written by Claude Kelly. Love Toni.

  9. Anonymous November 16, 2008

    Lovin the Toni B. song, so nice to hear somebody really sing a song without trying to over do it.

  10. Anonymous November 16, 2008

    Not a fan of Toni’s but the song is okay. Not really feelin’ Ciara.

  11. Anonymous November 16, 2008

    I like Toni’s song the best. Ciara sucks. Toni is a true talent.

  12. Anonymous November 16, 2008

    I love the ciara song.

  13. Anonymous November 16, 2008

    Love Toni’s song. Her voice is like butter, so smooth.

  14. Jamil Fordmiin November 16, 2008

    I don’t like either song. I hope that they don’t make their albums, respectively.

  15. Corey November 16, 2008

    I love Ciara song and shows her recordings is bringing HOT Material! Super S***!
    I hope songs like Echo Go Girl Yearbook( Goodies days) dont make the cut. Lover’s Thing/Keep Dancing Maybe need soooo much fine tunning. Supernatural Perfect. High Price perfect! Two songs Explode and Im On Perfect. Only album material and Im On is VERY single worthy!

  16. Corey November 16, 2008

    I like Toni’s I forgot both are hot laidback and chill!

  17. Anonymous November 17, 2008

    Ciara is like the female dream/prince. She is sooo hoot! Its like a hot feel and old skool rnb especially in the 90’s were baby makin music was hot. She is so much like Aaliyah in a good way but very much all so much like herself! Good pure music. like a Maxwell song!

    Toni is on fire too! Good music!

  18. Anonymous November 20, 2008

    Toni’s song is so chill, I absolutely love it.

  19. Anonymous November 20, 2008

    she has done it again i love this song luv it luv it.she is the best! that would b Toni

  20. Anonymous January 6, 2009

    welcome back toni good the here your voice again good song. ciara this girl is on fire the be so young she proven a lot for her age give her credit she’s doing a great job.

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